Inuyasha (2000) s01e101 Episode Script

Episode 101

Here we come! It's the start of Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Miroku's a bit lecherous, but he carries the burden of Naraku's curse, the Wind Tunnel.
Did he sense the same sadness in her? Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! Poor thing.
You got lost in the snow.
Father You'll be fine now.
Who are you? My name is Koyuki.
Did something happen to your father? My father passed away.
I have no kin anymore.
If you have nowhere to go, come to my house.
She was a beautiful woman with skin as white as snow.
Wh-What are you doing?! A mosquito.
And? Anyway, because I once trained here, I know these parts well.
And what about that woman? Nothing more.
It was seven years ago.
When I was still a rosy-cheeked child.
See? Got it.
Huh? What's that? Hang on! Open your eyes! Don't die! Hang in there! Snow at this time of the year? Hey! He's regained consciousness.
How wonderful! What a relief! - Excuse me.
- Huh? What happened? Will you tell me? Oh, monk! Lately, a snow demon has been appearing hereabouts.
Several village men have been found like this.
Better to return to the hut and tell everyone about this.
What about you? I'll put an end to the demon, so it won't make any more trouble.
I don't sense too much evil.
Don't worry.
That monk was quite a young man.
I wonder if he'll manage.
The demon is supposed to be a vision with skin as white as snow.
Most men would be mesmerized and follow her.
No sign of Naraku here either.
What're you doing? I was cleaning out my backpack and found it.
I brought it to play with everyone.
I forgot all about it.
Huh? I wanted to make sure it didn't get damp.
Wow! What's that? A sparkler.
A sparkler.
Isn't it pretty? Umm that so? Snow now? But why? Miroku! Miroku! Miroku! You're a traveler? You seem to be having trouble in the snow.
Is there anything I can do? Yes Miss will you bear my child? Have you forgotten? I already have.
Huh?! Please hold him.
Your child.
Miroku! Where are you going?! Miroku! Miroku! Kirara, let's eat this together.
No work, no food.
We don't need to share with the others.
Wow! Looks good! What a greedy guy! Followed the smell of the fish, didja? Are you kidding? It was the snow.
No wonder it's so cold.
Where're Sango and Miroku? Not yet.
They'll get hungry and come back soon.
That fish belongs to Kirara and me! Don't be stingy! C'mere Kagome and eat.
It's good.
Sango! Miroku! Sorry for making ourselves home like this.
Don't worry about it.
It's snowing so hard.
Boar meat.
It'll warm you.
It's good! It's still raw.
He's so uncouth! Better to stay here until the Snow Maiden passes through.
Snow Maiden? Yes.
If a young man walks alone on a day like this, a young woman stops him.
And if he follows her, it's the end.
The next day, he's found pitifully frozen.
And this woman is as fair as the snow.
And so beautiful.
Even if I end up frozen, I'd like to see her just once.
Miroku is in danger! But isn't Sango with him? Oh, then it's all right? You don't understand at all! Huh? As if Miroku would leave such a woman alone.
The question is: How will Sango react.
Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.
Why? Isn't it obvious?! Sango has feelings for Miroku.
It's useless.
How many times have we discussed this and he never gets it.
That's true.
But If this one's another demon who's causing trouble due to Naraku's disappearance, we can't ignore it.
I'm going! Inuyasha, I'm coming too! Wait! Take this.
It's a special restorative.
Miroku! Sango! What's the matter, Kirara? Everyone! - Sango! - Sango! Drink this! It's a restorative! It's supposed to work wonders when you're chilled to the bone.
Wow! It does work! It's a mixture of potent wine, viper, newt and worms.
I'm so glad you're all right.
Where's Miroku? Miroku! Have you forgotten? I've already borne him.
Please hold your child.
By now he's living happily the family of three! A barrier Now please come, my husband.
This woman is not of this world.
But why does she harm humans? Does she kill men and suck out their life spirit? Welcome home, Father! They're? Dear, please keep them company.
I will prepare rice gruel.
Huh? But The diapers are over there.
But all these children Certainly You have not forgotten? They are your children.
M-Mine? So many? I heard it with my own ears! About his child! Hah! Maybe it's time for him to settle down.
This may be the perfect time.
What?! Stupid! You two! Don't take a demon's words so seriously.
A barrier? The miasma is coming from inside here.
Damn! I'll tear it apart! Now! There, there! There, there.
Don't blow your nose on my kimono! My staff is not a toy! Monk! Yes? Yosaku needs to be fed.
Sutematsu's diaper needs to be changed.
And please sing Otora a lullaby and put her to sleep.
All right.
Okay, okay.
Don't cry now.
Is it good? Let's change your diaper.
Rock-a-bye Don't pee over there! Huh? The toilet is over there! Thank you.
You've been taking care of all these children alone? Every mother does that.
But are they all mine? Children whose villages were burned down in the war.
Children who were parted from their mothers right after birth.
As I took care of such children, they grew in number.
Such a burden on you.
All of them are so pitiful.
Be careful it's nearby.
Isn't that Miroku singing? I guess even he will dote on his child.
Inuyasha! Look! A mansion? So there it is.
She's sleeping soundly.
Good girl.
You're a good girl.
Grow up quickly.
Such a good baby.
There, there That's! Miroku is under a spell.
Snap out of it, Miroku! Hushaby Miroku! What the! Inuyasha! You there You cannot pass! Oh, Sacred Jewel shards.
Appear! Snow panther! It's so cold, Kirara can't transform to full strength.
Defeat them and take possession of the Sacred Jewel shards! Why you! I'll kill you! Done! Such an easy prey! Inuyasha! Huh?! What! Inuyasha, run! There you go There, there - Umm - Yes? Was there some disturbance outside? Some stray dogs got in.
Oh Do not worry.
We'll chase them out in no time.
Blast you! The children! Miroku! Inuyasha? Come to your senses! I have my senses! Then look good and hard! This is! You won't get away.
You resemble a woman I remember So I didn't want to be rough on you.
I don't taste good at all! Hiraikotsu! - She's so fast! - Leave it to me! Wind Scar! She withstood it! Hatred Full of hatred! Why would one so kind-hearted deceive men and do harm? I hate I hate this world.
I hate being born into a world like this! Find eternal peace.
Forgive me! What's that? What's happening to it? Heat! Their weakness is heat and fire! All right! My fox fire! Take that! It's not working at all! Huh?! I know! This is it! Over here! I'll take you on! Kagome! Hiraikotsu! Now! Wind Scar! Is that a snow demon, too?! All right! All at once! Wait! That spirit isn't possessed by the Snow Maiden any longer.
That is the soul of a woman who died because of the war.
She gathered the spirits of the children who left this world and took care of them.
A snow demon took possession of that spirit.
How tragic.
There's too much suffering in the world of wars especially for women.
Still Why did you follow her when she told you she had your kid? You must've remembered her.
Inuyasha! He IS a fool, after all.
Well Miroku purposely fell under her spell in order to save the poor demon.
Huh? Yes that's just it.
Miroku would never make such a mistake.
Right? Another mosquito.
Mosquito? Let's get going.
Yeah, let's.
She really resembled her.
No but The one who saved me that day when I was still a youth That Koyuki I'm sure she's living happily somewhere in this world.
Parting snow The northern mountains just ahead of where Naraku disappeared The Wolf-Demon tribe who live there have been attacked by a specter, by the name of Kyokotsu who possesses a Sacred Jewel shard.
Why you! You rose up from the grave?! I'm gonna take your Sacred Jewel shard, too! Neither human nor demon.
What is the goal of this resurrected specter? Next on Inuyasha: "Assault on the Wolf-Demon Tribe!" Forget it! We avenge my comrades first!