Inuyasha (2000) s01e102 Episode Script

Episode 102

Here we come! It's the start of Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Naraku's enormous miasma disappeared in the direction of the ox-tiger.
Just beyond that, a mysterious specter- neither human nor demon appears.
A new battle is about to start! Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! Ox-tiger it's this direction.
The enormous, evil miasma flew away in the direction of the ox-tiger (northeast).
There seems to be no mistake that the miasma is Naraku's.
Damn that Naraku! Where'd he disappear to?! He probably went into hiding because you broke through his barrier.
But we're talking about Naraku.
It can't be only that.
Maybe! What is it, Inuyasha?! Maybe Naraku is luring us in the direction of the miasma and has laid a trap! A trap? He's laid all kinds of traps until now.
If we keep going and get close to Naraku, you think he'll do something? But what awaits us? The demons are running away As I thought, this scent is Elder, our dens in the valley have all been destroyed.
Our burrows have been burned, too.
It's devouring everything in sight.
Half of the demons in the mountain have become its prey.
Our fangs and claws are useless.
To fight them, we need the Sacred Jewel shard! Hmm Grandpa! It's coming! So it ate everything in sight on the other side of the mountain and has come down to the borders? Our comrades have been devoured! Only Koga can stand up to it! Damn! If only Ayame dragged him by the neck and brought him home! The ogre! Run! We'll be eaten! Grandpa! Let's split up! Why are these demons attacking us?! The ogre has eaten all their prey, and they're hungry.
Damn! Before the ogre eats us, we become fodder for demons?! Why you! Everyone, hurry and cross the river! How could the ogre descend the mountain so quickly? A giant miasma flew over? The area's abuzz with talk about it.
But it disappeared.
Disappeared? Where? No one knows.
The river upstream connects to the mountains in the north.
We've come close to Ayame and the Elder.
Ayame said the ogre had come and everyone was nervous.
So she came to take me back.
But I chased her away.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Blood! Great Elder! Grandpa! S-Sorry I'm just a bit tired.
Grandpa! Hang on! They're closing in on us! I'll be a decoy and attract the demons.
Make your escape during that time.
But then, you'll! Protect the Great Elder and find Koga.
And defeat the specter! Don't worry! I won't get killed by small-fry demons! Elder! No, Elder! Please come back! Elder! It's impossible! You're wounded, too! Let's go, Ayame.
We can't dally.
You must honor the Elder's wishes.
Why you! Koga! Sorry.
Do you belong to the Wolf-Demon tribe? Old man, can you speak? You saved me, but I think it's over for me.
Old man, aren't you the elder of the Northern Mountains? Ayame came to get Koga just recently Koga? Is Koga here? I'm Koga.
I'm glad I got to meet you, Koga.
We abandoned our territories and descended from the Northern Mountains.
The demons are the same.
Ran away? From what? The specter.
Specter? It came from way beyond our northern border.
It's not a demon.
It's not human either.
But its body reeked of dead people and graveyard dirt.
And it started to eat the demons in close proximity to it.
What'll we do, Koga? I'm going.
To find the specter? Aren't we searching for Naraku? This isn't our business.
That's why we're going to confirm the facts.
Our brethren were slaughtered.
How can we ignore it?! Besides, the mutt is heading this way.
Inuyasha? I'm sure of this smell.
I don't want him getting any glory.
Let's go! Wait up Koga! Stinks of wolves! Wolves? This cocky smell Koga must've passed through! Koga is also headed in the direction of the ox-tiger? I wonder if he found some kind of clue.
You said Koga just now?! That voice! Huh?! You're! It's Ayame! Ayame! No doubt about that! She's the Wolf-Demon girl who detested you! Here! Thank you.
Didn't you go back to the Northern Mountains? I did, but But? The ogre came after us, so we ran.
Ogre? An ogre who devours demons.
Huh? An ogre who devours demons? Master, we must reach the mountains or we'll end up sleeping in the open! Shouldn't we turn back towards the village and find an inn? Why such a coward? Let us go! I heard that lately, a giant ogre appears in this area.
Nonsense! I shall suppress any demon with my spiritual powers.
A demon eating another demon! Master! Hurry, please use your powers! Namu ami It's useless! M-Master Priest! A specter? Probably it's neither demon nor human.
It came from the northeast.
Northeast? From the direction of the ox-tiger.
In no time at all, it devoured the demons, spirits and ogres that lived in the mountain.
Then it descended to our borders.
Many of our friends were devoured.
The Wolf-Demon tribe aren't such a weak tribe, right? It's about the size of a small mountain that specter.
Is there such an ogre? It's said since ancient times, that dead men who carried grudges and transformed without ever letting go of their hatred are ogres.
Who is capable of resurrecting such an extraordinary ogre who would devour demons? Hah! It's gotta be him.
Naraku? I must go and take the Great Elder and the remaining Wolf-Demons to safety.
But I know.
If we ever see Koga, we'll tell him that you were able to escape.
Don't worry.
Kagome! Thank you! Be careful! Take care, Ayame! Listen up! The specter smells of dead people and graveyard dirt.
Master Kyokotsu.
They're very close.
The ones with the Sacred Jewel shards.
I see.
It was worth heading over here before my brothers.
Kohaku, right? You can go now is what I'd like to say.
But I want the shard on your back as well! Do not try anything funny.
Heh heh So I'm under surveillance, huh? All right.
I value my life.
Especially since I've been resurrected.
Don't touch my wolves! Is it you the one who has the Sacred Jewel shard? I'm taking it and your life.
L-Look at that huge body! Huh! So you're the specter? Just as the Elder Wolf said.
You smell! You're neither human nor demon! You smell of dead bodies and graveyard dirt! So I still smell? It's been some time since I emerged from my grave.
He didn't blink an eye! Is he really a specter?! I'll have to eat more and put on muscles.
You over there, the muscular one You can become part of Kyokotsu's flesh! Damn you, ugly bastard! You also reek with the smell of my comrades! I see Your leg, huh? You have a shard of the Sacred Jewel in your leg.
Kyokotsu, you say? Just what are you?! I don't smell Naraku on this one.
So I'm certain that he wasn't borne out of Naraku's flesh.
Just what am I, you say? I'm human, what else? No way! Impossible! So you're an average Joe who emerged alive from the grave?! Thanks to this Sacred Jewel shard.
I feel much better than when I was alive.
A Sacred Jewel shard! A real one! Hey! How did you get a hold of that!? Why ask? You're only gonna end up as my meal anyway! Think you can capture me with such clumsy moves?! Here's what pesky guys like you get.
Where're you aiming? Aim straight! Missed again! Koga! A dead man shouldn't act so smart! As if the same tactics would work! I'll send you back to your grave! Look Kagome! That light! It's the glow of the Sacred Jewel! But such a strong light is Could Naraku and Koga be fighting? But I don't get any scent of Naraku.
That's! The glow of the Sacred Jewel.
Sacred Jewel Could it be Koga! Koga! Hah! Where're you hitting? You clumsy bastard! H-He did it! Amazing! Serves 'im right.
And you think you beat me? Why you! Koga! Koga! Before you! K-Koga! Too bad.
I'll devour you, Sacred Jewel shard and all! Shut up! You! Doesn't hurt at all.
It's over! W-Wh! My Sacred Jewel shard! Koga! Koga! Where are you?! Are you alive? What?! Naraku's saimyosho! So the one manipulating Kyokotsu was Naraku! Mere bones.
I guess he revived after the Sacred Jewel shard was imbedded.
Thank you, Koga.
You avenged my comrades and friends.
Those who died can now rest in peace.
Naraku's miasma disappeared towards the ox-tiger direction.
Yes, that's what Kagome said.
I see.
See ya.
Take care.
That's just what Kagome said.
Same as Kagome, huh? So Kyokotsu died? Yes, Jakotsu.
Damn him stupid fool.
Oh well He was the weakest of us all.
So what's he like, Kohaku? My opponent Inuyasha.
Is he really handsome? Please ascertain that for yourself.
I can't wait to see you Inuyasha! Mercenaries who've been executed for their inhumane acts! We encounter a man who manipulates a bending sword, near the graves of the Band of Seven.
Well?! This is my Jakotsu snake sword! Even when repelled, it bounces right back just like a snake! Damn! I can't tell where the blades will appear! Next on Inuyasha: "The Band of Seven, Resurrected!" Inuyasha, your cute dog ears give 'em to me!