Inuyasha (2000) s01e103 Episode Script

Episode 103

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel.
and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! We face another attack from the legendary Seven Spectres.
What's their connection with Kohaku, Sango's lost brother who is being controlled by Naraku? Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! Hmm.
so Kyokotsu died? Yes, Master Jakotsu.
Stupid fool! Oh, well.
Can't be helped.
He was the weakest one among us.
Tell me, Kohaku.
Huh? Is this Inuyasha handsome? Please ascertain that for yourself.
I can't wait to see you, Inuyasha! I wonder what color your blood is? Inuyasha.
Another battle? I don't think so.
I didn't sense anything like that around here.
I wonder if they're going to subdue something? So pretentious! We had such a scare! Hear ye! That was a lesson from Buddha! You have seen the fear in your heart! Hmm.
Huh? There's a mountain shrine over there.
Talk about heaven in hell! This is heaven sent! Fool! You always try to depend on others.
Your weak heart is why you see illusions! Yes, sir! Now then, let us seek shelter.
What? You intend to depend on others, after all.
I heard that the border patrol was totally annihilated.
It was terrible, I hear.
No way man could've done it.
Are the rumors true? That phantoms of the Band of Seven mound have been resurrected? Phantoms of the Band of Seven? Err.
may I inquire? You're gonna ask? We can't just pass through.
The Seven-Man Mound was a mound to quiet the Band of Seven.
Band of Seven? Over a decade ago.
They came here from the eastern province.
They were seven mercenaries.
They served no lord.
But worked from war to war.
And they were so strong.
They could do the work of a hundred men.
But their killing style was too atrocious.
Those who were slain by the seven mercenaries were cut up, burned.
They were a group of evil men who loved to kill.
Oh my And the warlords who feared their strength.
sold them out and ordered them hunted down.
I heard they put up a hard fight.
I would think so.
The seven mercenaries escaped into the mountains.
But there were totally outnumbered.
And just a bit further north, they were finally captured.
Each one was beheaded and buried.
Still, the villagers feared their curse and decided to quiet the seven souls.
And erected a mound at the base of the sacred mountain.
That is the Seven-Man Mound.
I see.
We heard that those spirits have been resurrected.
It's said that the mound broke apart into two.
And there wasn't any lightning, either.
So it's believed that the seven souls escaped.
Right? Yeah, yeah! Hmm.
dead souls.
What do you think? It's possible that with Naraku's evil gone from here.
all the rabble have become free.
Specters or demons.
I dunno.
But we're just walking in that direction.
If we come across them, we just kill 'em! What's the matter? I sense a Sacred Jewel shard.
What's the matter? Kirara! Huh? Kirara is acting strange.
Huh?! Sango! Sango.
Kirara! You sensed Kohaku's presence? He must be somewhere in this mountain.
Huh? Saimyosho.
Kohaku! I wanted to erase it but it wouldn't go away.
That face But Kohaku! Who are you? You're still under Naraku's spell.
Why? Why is your face.
?! Just remember a little at a time.
We'll be together from now on.
Kohaku! Stop! Die! Kohaku! Wake up! Kohaku! Kohaku! Kirara?! That's.
! Kohaku.
! Don't be hasty.
You're being watched.
You were late, so I came instead.
That woman.
you know her? You there! Make way in the road! Huh? Hey! Stop your horses! Did you say something? W-Who are you? You look strange.
If you're going on ahead, be careful.
I hear a frightening specter appears.
Fool! We're on our way to exterminate it! I guess you have no idea what it's like.
And you know? Huh? I'm that.
specter! What?! Gun battalion! To the front! What's that? Hmm.
A specter over a decade old wouldn't be familiar with these.
Fire! Huh?! What were those sounds just now? Maybe.
gunfire? Guns? Hmm.
So this is the matchlock guns I heard about.
Evil spirit! Second battalion! To the front! Not again? I get it, you know! Enough! The smell of blood! Yeah.
and lots of it.
Impossible! He just swung his sword.
from that distance! This brings back memories of the past.
Damn! Do not fear him! Surround him! He's using hypnotic magic! I don't use such a thing.
Neither then nor now! This smell It's weak, but Yes! The smell of graveyard soil! Huh? What happened?! Don't come! Huh?! Hmm.
This is unusual.
I'll take it back to Brother Renkotsu.
These are the warriors from the crossroads earlier They were slain by that one person? Huh? Could you be.
Inuyasha? How'd you know my name?! So cute! W-Wh! I love those ears! Give 'em to me.
Who is he? Just who are you?! You don't smell like a living person.
Just of dead bodies and graveyard soil! Huh?! Hmm.
Inuyasha, could he be.
? Yeah.
The villagers were talking about you.
That some disgusting specter appeared from his grave.
A group of seven evil men who loved to kill.
Mercenaries who were later hunted down and beheaded.
You must be one of the seven! Answer! Inuyasha is cute.
But you're pretty sexy yourself.
Can I suck him up? Sure.
Huh? Wait! He has a Sacred Jewel shard.
Huh?! Maybe he revived through the power of the shard.
Who gave you the Sacred Jewel shard?! I love that angry face, too.
Shaddup! Why you! I'm gonna make you talk about everything you know! Hmm.
Interesting sword you have.
Which is stronger? My sword or yours? Inuyasha! Get back! It's a trick sword! Heh-heh.
I thought it was strange the way the soldiers were slain.
They were all downed in one blow Without any time to repel him.
I figured it would be something tricky But not only that His sword is Inuyasha! It's a bending sword! How's that! This is the Snake Sword of Master Jakotsu of the Band of Seven! Enough of this! Even if he repels it, it comes right back! That sword.
it's like a snake! Run some more! Damn! Go! Isn't this fun? Damn! I can't tell where the sword will appear next! Good.
That face turns me on! Show more fear! Hiraikotsu! Inuyasha! Sango! Are you all right? Inuyasha! Yeah! Woman.
! You! Don't interfere, woman! Stay out of my fun with Inuyasha! You make me sick! So cold! Shaddup! Who gave you the Sacred Jewel shard!? Confess now! - Are you all right?! - Sango! You're bleeding! It's just a graze.
But the Sacred Jewel shard was probably from Naraku.
Huh? Earlier, when you sensed the Sacred Jewel.
it was Kohaku.
Huh? Near Kohaku, I saw the saimyosho.
So he's still under Naraku's spell? Sango.
Why, you! Yeah.
he's at it.
Jakotsu hasn't changed one bit.
Oh, the poison has paralyzed me.
What could he want with me? There's a poison barrier all around.
No one will come to help.
I'm so blessed.
To have such a cute girl.
I'm not perfect, but please accept me.
Are you kidding?! I must do something! Next on Inuyasha: "The Stealthy Poison Master: Mukotsu!" Sesshomaru? What're you doing here?!