Inuyasha (2000) s01e105 Episode Script

Episode 105

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Mukotsu's poison has three of us in a paralyzed state.
Now the Band of Seven lays another trap! With spine-chilling noises, a steel mecha-human approaches.
Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! In order to defy you, I'd have to do THIS at least! Learned your lesson? Even demons will die with this.
Why won't you dissolve? It's toxin made by the Poison Master Mukotsu! I see.
First Kyokotsu, and now Mukotsu is dead.
The Band of Seven is down to four.
Seven minus two is five! Huh? Wait.
one, two, three.
Never mind that, Jakotsu.
You said Inuyasha's companions were exposed to Mukotsu's poison? Yeah Mukotsu's poison is very persistent.
By nightfall, they may be dead.
This is becoming interesting.
Actually, Ginkotsu is headed towards Inuyasha and his gang.
a pretty formidable foe for a demon.
That's not fair, Renkotsu! Inuyasha is my prey! Enough of that, Jakotsu.
I have another mission prepared for you.
No fair! No fair! No fair! Listen! You're not a child.
But Renkotsu.
Inuyasha is my.
! Stop whining! Go on and finish up yourjob.
If you hurry back, you may make it in time.
For Inuyasha's death.
Are you in pain, Kagome? Hang on a bit longer.
Sango, Miroku! Hang in there! I must get everyone to a safe place right away! I must! Master, isn't it a fine day? Yes.
We need not fear demons or ghosts in this weather.
I'm not sure what your reasoning is, but the thought makes me feel very much at ease.
Let us go, Shoji.
We must leave this dangerous place as quickly as possible.
Yes Master.
Huh? What is that? A demon, after all! Will die.
Won't die.
Will die.
Won't die.
Will die.
Won't die! Geez! Just when I confronted Inuyasha.
How could Renkotsu be so mean? Inuyasha Hah.
Oh well, it can't be helped.
I guess I'd better finish up my work here before Ginkotsu kills Inuyasha.
I hope Inuyasha stays alive until I get back.
But against Ginkotsu.
Inuyasha, it's not wise to move them any further.
The poison will only spread faster.
I know that! But we can't stop now! The moment I left to go after Jakotsu, the Band of Seven attacked Kagome, Miroku and Sango.
If they know that these three inhaled poison, they're bound to come after us.
But Inuyasha! Left untreated, the poison will.
That's why I'm searching for a safe place to stop! Huh?! What's wrong, Inuyasha? Inuyasha! W-What's that?! Get down! Shippo! Kirara! The Band of Seven.
There's no way I can fight like this! Come, Kirara! Hah! He won't be able to use aerial weapons in the forest! Wha? What?! Damn! Does he intend to blow up the whole forest?! Inuyasha! Don't panic! The enemy is attacking at random.
First, I have to get these three to safety! Huh? So it's begun.
I'd better hurry, too! This way! Inuyasha! Damn! The poison is spreading fast.
At this rate Kagome.
Shippo! Stay here and watch over them.
And don't come outta here.
What're you going to do, Inuyasha? Do? Hah! Isn't it obvious? Inuyasha.
I have to be strong! I'll crush 'em without fail! That Inuyasha! I leave him for just a while and look how far he's come.
But what on earth is he doing coming so far north? Perhaps.
! They all came for the hot springs? Yay! Feels great! A typical sulfur bath.
Helps those susceptible to chills, shoulder aches and ringworm! Aghh! Such a pleasant journey.
and they left me behind! I swear I'll catch up to you, Master Inuyasha! Hey! What if I fall?! Where?! Where is he?! Damn! The smell of gunpowder's all over this place! How am I gonna find him?! There! W-What is that? Damn! It was a trap to lure me away! Kagome! This is bad! We'll all be buried alive! Kirara! I'll turn you all into mincemeat! Wind.
Scar! Inuyasha.
! You okay? Kirara's okay, too.
Hey! How dare you trick me! Inuyasha! You don't look human, that's for sure! I'm called Ginkotsu! I'd like to hear your stories.
but I ain't got the time! 'Cuz I'm gonna take care of you! So you can help your friends who were poisoned? You're right.
Leave 'em like that and they won't live beyond sundown.
Sundown? Didja say sundown?! But don't worry.
Before the poison kills them, I'll send them to hell myself! Kirara! Take them and get away immediately! No, you don't! I'm the one you're gonna fight! Inuyasha! Shippo, I'm counting on you! Hurry, Kirara! We must get them to safety quickly! A safe place.
A safe place! Aghh! Where is a safe place?! A.
A temple! Kirara, head over there! U-Um.
Dammit! Inuyasha.
You helped your friends escape, so you should have no regrets.
Die in peace.
You're the one who's gonna die, Ginkotsu! What?! Kagome! Shippo.
Where is this? A temple.
They've given us shelter.
Miroku and Sango are still unconscious.
And Inuyasha? You've awaken.
I'm glad.
Put your mind at ease and rest.
A Sacred Jewel Shard! Then this man belongs to the Band of Seven? W- Wha! My Tetsusaiga! Steel threads! I was warned not to let you wield that mutant sword.
There are steel threads all over the place! I'm sure of it.
He belongs to the Band of Seven.
My body Huh? My voice is gone What a pity.
I understand you inhaled poison.
Perhaps you shouldn't have been moved so soon after that.
All three are very weak.
They won't be getting up for some time.
Shippo! Please! Take notice! You should sleep a little more.
I have to get away from this place! This smell It couldn't be! Hurry Do not worry.
I will not kill you right away.
After all, if Inuyasha comes and finds you all dead, we wouldn't be able to have our talk.
Damn! W-Why you.
! What do I do?! I can't use the Wind Scar.
What can I.
? I may as well try.
Giving up at last, Inuyasha? Shaddup! I'm about to tear you into bits! Prepare to die! Accept your fate and die! It's useless! Over here, creep! I can easily apply the Wind Scar here! Die! No! Wind Scar! I've gotta hurry to Kagome and the others! Kagome! Kagome, wait for me! Hey Shippo! The temple is surrounded by fire! This is no time to be sleeping, Kagome! Huh? Why won't they wake up?! Everyone has been sickened by Mukotsu's poison! We gave them the antidote! Didn't it work? Put out the fire first, Shippo! Right! Demon fox magic, smashing top! No, it's having the opposite effect! Next time on Inuyasha: Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: Desperate Situation! I will protect everyone!