Inuyasha (2000) s01e106 Episode Script

Episode 106

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! The battalion of resurrected specters The Band of Seven appear one after another.
We've taken refuge in a temple, but we're attacked by a merciless rogue.
Inuyasha rushes to save us, but he finds himself in a bind, too.
Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! W-What is that?! Get down, Shippo! Kirara! What?! Inuyasha You helped your friends escape, so you should have no regrets.
You've awakened.
I'm glad.
Put your mind at ease and rest.
A Sacred Jewel Shard! Then this man belongs to the Band of Seven? What do I do?! I can't use the Wind Scar in these conditions What can I? I may as well try.
Accept your fate and die! It's useless! Wind Scar! Kagome! Kagome, wait for me! What's this smell? The smell of dead bodies and graveyard soil Are the Band of Seven up ahead? No It's different! This smell is Perchance, are you Inuyasha? I have been waiting for you.
What? Ahh She's all right.
You're being pursued? Who are you? As you can see I am the monk of this temple.
There has been talk in the village that the dead spirits of the Band of Seven who died over ten years ago have somehow been resurrected, bringing calamity to this region.
Band of Seven? The dead that I buried just a while ago were also burned to death by them.
And you're the only survivor? I was so frightened, I hid myself behind the Buddha statue.
I understand that you are being pursued by the Band of Seven.
Hey Monk! Get one thing straight! We're not being pursued! We're the ones doing the pursuing! If you know will you tell me the answer? Why have the Band of Seven been resurrected? And what'll you do if I tell you? I serve the Buddha.
But I was helpless against the killings committed before my eyes.
I wish to make amends.
If I am able, I want to settle those dead souls.
This smell Forget it.
This isn't something a monk can handle.
I guess he's not one of the Band of Seven.
I'm catching the smell of a living person.
Hmm? That's! Fly lower! Oh there's no mistake! That's the after-effect of Inuyasha's Wind Scar.
I guess Inuyasha didn't come north simply to enjoy the hot springs and the mountain scenery.
Huh? Fly higher! Much higher! Fly away! Get away now! Crow! Wait, Koga! When it comes to Kagome, he gets so excited! Which way is Inuyasha's scent? Huh? This is the smell of graveyard soil? Someone named Naraku called forth the dead souls? Who is this Naraku? Sorta like a demon.
Which means? He's not completely a demon.
Right now, he's hiding himself somewhere.
He's undergoing a transformation and increasing his power.
The Band of Seven is being used as a decoy to buy time.
That Ginkotsu's attacking! He's still alive? Monk! If you wanna live, stay hidden! Damn Ginkotsu He should've taken his time in coming.
But I've learned one thing.
That Naraku cannot be trusted.
You three can die now.
Inuyasha! Ginkotsu! Still wanna fight?! That's useless! Steel threads! I gotcha! Stupid fool! As if this can hold me down! Take that! Serves you right! I smell smoke! Kagome! I am Renkotsu of the Band of Seven.
Why you! That monk What's going on? I smell human blood! What's wrong, Inuyasha? You look so shocked.
Your nose is extremely sensitive, right? I thought you were on to me earlier.
But what? My body didn't emanate the scent of dead bodies or graveyard soil? I get it! Damn it! It's this place It seems taking over this temple was a wise move.
It's surrounded by graveyard dirt.
It overpowered my own scent.
Furthermore, I took over the raiments the live monk wore.
Your scent is so sharp, you caught that smell right away and it put you at ease.
Why you! You killed the monks of the temple? You saw me earlier burying those bodies.
If only I had seen through him earlier! What's that smoke? Aghh! Oh no, it's Kagome! Wake up, Shippo! It's me! It's Myoga! Shippo! What happened to me? I got sleepy from the smoke from the incense the monk brought.
Aghh! Miroku! Wake up! Sango! Kagome! No! They're not waking up! It's that poison! Poison smoke! You can't get away from Mukotsu's poison.
Kagome, hang on! You're the one who has the Sacred Jewel shard.
Kagome! Kagome! Run away! Shippo No, I won't! I gave you an antidote, but it didn't work! That's right! First, I must put out the fire.
Something Isn't there something? Huh?! I'll use the wind from the Smashing Top.
Fox magic! Smashing Top! Agh! It's having the opposite effect! Kirara! You set the temple on fire Those flames will send them to the netherworld.
They were half-dead from the poison anyway.
Move! What! I cannot let you pass.
Why you! I've been picking up the smell of dead bodies and graveyard dirt You're Koga of the Wolf-Demon tribe.
Another strange one! You! You must be a pal of that demon, Kyokotsu.
I pick up the same scent.
Have you come for some revenge? Hmm I like the waist wrapping.
But that is just not my taste.
Hey! What's this fool talking about? I dunno! Now I'm gonna take care of you quick.
Hah! That's my line! What's that sword? It's wiggly like a snake! I'm in a rush, so quit resisting! You'll make me miss Inuyasha's death.
What? Hey! Whaddya mean by that? What'd you just say about Inuyasha? Huh? What's your relationship with Inuyasha? Forget Inuyasha! There's a cute girl with him.
She's not in any danger, is she? Shaddup! Who cares about a girl She's long dead.
What?! You! Kirara! Kirara! Snap out of it! It's that wound I'll move the wooden post off you! They've all stopped breathing! Everyone, wake up! Please wake up! It's not working! That's right! I can't stand around and cry! I must be strong! Until Inuyasha comes, I'll protect them all.
But I don't have the strength to drag them all out.
What'll I do?! Use your head! There has to be a way! Ummm! Kagome Wait! I'll be right there! Give up, Inuyasha.
It's over for your friends.
They'll die from my flames or from the poison.
Either way, there's no saving them.
Shaddup! What?! I must be strong! I must be strong! I must be strong! Ginkotsu I have another trick.
I'll skewer you! As if I'd let you! What! Arghh! If you lose your sword, it's over.
Shaddup! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! What?! No you don't! I don't have time to waste with you! Wind Scar! The temple Miroku! Sango! Kagome! Move, you! Staying to kill me wasn't worth his time? How dare he take me lightly! Still, I've heard enough about what Naraku is like.
And I now possess the Sacred Jewel shards.
Well it'll do for today.
Kagome! Kagome! Whoa that was scary! It's the first time anyone's sidestepped my thrust.
This guy's becoming a problem! Hey! I don't have time for a kid like you right now! But be prepared to die when we meet again! Fool! Hey wait, Koga! He sure doesn't hesitate to retreat, huh? Kagome! Kagome! Kirara! Kirara! Kirara! Kirara! Shippo! l-Inuyasha You're alive! I knew I knew I had to be strong I tried so hard! I know! You protected everyone from the heat with your fox fire.
But but but Even though I tried so hard Everyone stopped breathing! But everyone stopped breathing! I messed up! If I had seen through Renkotsu's true self What are you cursing yourself over, Inuyasha? Sesshomaru! After all, you're only a half-demon.
You can barely take care of yourself and yet you wield the Tetsusaiga which was forged to protect others.
It was impossible from the start.
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