Inuyasha (2000) s01e111 Episode Script

Episode 111

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! The Band of Seven are all together.
Their leader, Bankotsu, is their strongest.
His huge halberd and Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga are about to clash.
Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale Inuyasha! You must be the Band of Seven! So the wolf comes before the dog.
I'll kill you! Stay still! Move it, you wimpy wolf! Huh? I found you.
Band of Seven! Hey Inuyasha! Shaddup! So you're Inuyasha.
I see you have brute strength.
You must be the last of the Band of Seven! Yeah, I'm Bankotsu the leader.
Ganging up on one wimpy wolf, huh? Hey! No one's ganging up on me! Shaddup! Who's the one who almost lost his Sacred Jewel shards?! I'm not that stupid! Inuyasha! Koga! Yo! You're late! So they've come.
They're all here.
You bastards.
You've had your way for long enough.
I'll send you back to your graves.
Same here.
I'm going to avenge Mukotsu and Kyokotsu's deaths.
It seems the one with the large halberd is the leader.
Yes, although he looks like the youngest.
What's the matter, Kagome? Be careful, Inuyasha.
That man has three Sacred Jewel shards in his neck.
What? Yeah.
The shards Mukotsu and Kyokotsu had.
Hah! I wondered why you were so feisty.
Is that what it was? Naraku must have given him the Sacred Jewel shards! What? Cripes! Leave it to Naraku to revive a bunch of murderers like you.
Yeah, and he told us to use the power of the Sacred Jewel shards to kill every one of you.
Hah! I'll tear you apart! Fine! Just try it! They're locked together! Are they evenly matched? Don't just stand there! Kagome! Kagome! Kagome? Kagome! Where're you looking? Look out for yourself! Are you okay, Kagome? Y-Yes.
She's safe? Hey, Koga! I'll compliment you for saving Kagome at least! I don't need your thanks! Thank you, Koga.
Go and hide somewhere.
They're after the Shikon Jewel shards in my legs.
That's Renkotsu The one who stole the shards from me.
He still has them! I get it.
That girl can see the Sacred Jewel shards.
Damn! Why you! If Bankotsu finds out that I kept quiet about them, there'll be hell to pay.
Ginkotsu! Get that girl! What?! Kagome! - Huh?! - Run, Kagome! I'll kill her in a flash! As if I'd let you fire! Koga! What?! Those cannonballs won't touch me! He's away from the cannon.
We must get the shards back.
Shards? He took my Sacred Jewel shards.
Go, Miroku! Leave it to me! I can't let you go any further.
Suikotsu! I'll fight you.
I can't stand doctors and monks! You're a doctor yourself! Not again! Everyone's so selfish! Are you the only one left for me? Well, excuse me! It's no fun fighting a woman.
So just die! Not so fast! Being a half-demon, you're stronger than a human.
But why couldn't Naraku beat you? What?! Is that all you have? If you know where Naraku is, tell me now! I don't like to be questioned! If you want to know Naraku's whereabouts.
Ask this.
Such a large mountain, isn't it, Jaken? Why did I have to come to a place like this? What's the matter, Jaken? I feel awful! From what? Mt.
Hakurei is a sacred mountain.
It's so pure, demons have a hard time approaching it.
Rin, you don't feel anything because you're human.
But I feel like I'm being dragged.
Hey! Let's go further and explore, Jaken.
Wasn't she listening to anything I said?! H-Hey.
no! I can't go further! I'm going this way! Huh? There's no way a mass of evil like Naraku would be here.
So why would Lord Sesshomaru.
? A sacred barrier? I can't get near.
Naraku had a servant I came here following the scent of that boy, Kohaku.
But the scent stopped.
Like it was cut off.
Lord Sesshomaru is late.
I want to get away from here.
I wonder where he went? I hope he comes to rescue us.
Huh? Kohaku? There's no mistake! It's Kohaku! Rin, don't go off on your own! Lord Sesshomaru will scold me! I was so close to being purified.
Huh?! Rin! She's gone! Kohaku! Kohaku! You?! I'm so glad I get to see you again.
Rin, why are you here? Last time, we didn't part in a nice way.
It bothered me.
Go back.
This is no place for you! What's the matter? Quiet! Go back slowly.
Before they notice you.
Kohaku Hurry! If they see you, they'll kill you! Kohaku.
What about you, Kohaku? They won't attack me.
Now go! Uh-huh.
Kohaku! Die! Monk! Not if I have my way! Miroku! Pay attention! My flames of Hell will roast you alive! That kind of thing won't work on me! Naraku's poison insects! Saimyosho! Retreat? Has something happened? Don't bother me! I want to deal with them first! I wanted to have a little more fun.
Inuyasha, say your prayers! Hey, that's my line! Take this! Wind Scar! You're too late! So this is the Wind Scar?! Bankotsu! He did it! Serves you right! Damn! You scarred my Banryu! Good job, Ginkotsu.
You saved me.
All right! I heard you! Inuyasha, that's all for today.
Quit joking around! Break's over! Damn! Just that girl Kagome! Before she says too much.
I'll shoot! Kagome! Kagome! Renkotsu! You won't get away! Kagome! This is too much! He really wants us back quickly.
See ya! You're not getting away! Inuyasha, it's been a while.
N-Naraku! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me, Lord Sesshomaru! Rin ran off before I could stop her.
Rin is.
inside the barrier? No, you mustn't, Lord Sesshomaru! If you enter sacred grounds, you'll instantly be purifed! Silence! Look behind you.
Huh?! Wha?! Rin! Lord Sesshomaru! Kohaku was inside, wasn't he? Be honest! Tell the truth.
You can't deceive Lord Sesshomaru's keen nose.
Does Lord Sesshomaru intend to kill Kohaku, after all? Umm.
Kohaku helped me escape.
There were lots and lots of demons in the cave.
What? Demons? Kohaku protected me from the demons.
Demons inside this sacred place? Lord Sesshomaru? Now I understand Naraku's trick.
I give you credit for coming this far.
Why you! Inuyasha, this Naraku is.
What else? It's one of his demon puppets.
Buying time for the Band of Seven to make their escape?! Huh? What's this? That's a demon puppet, right? Yes.
It has to be a decoy that Naraku created.
Why do you ask, Kagome? This one is different from the others he's used.
I ain't got time for fakes! What're you doing, Koga! I can't let you pass.
He's gotten so big! Kagome! Sango! I'll just use.
The Wind Scar! Huh? Can't.
let you.
All right! Koga, trying to get ahead of us?! Shut up, Mutt! An incompetent like you would only let the Band of Seven get away! They can't have gone far yet.
They won't get away! Hey, hold it! Wait, Inuyasha.
Kagome, you noticed it, too? What's up? There's something strange about this demon puppet.
Somehow, it seems.
Whaddya mean Naraku's puppet seems clean?! It's similar.
It's like Mt.
Hakurei? Huh? It smells nice.
This demon puppet smells of water and flowers.
Water and flowers? You're right.
But why does Naraku's puppet smell like this? Where are you?! Where'd you go?! What the hell.
?! A barrier? D-Damn! We can see it, Bankotsu.
It's Mt.
Geez, what's with this air? Made me sick the last time we came, too.
We couldn't feel it so far out before.
The barrier has been made stronger.
This way, neither Inuyasha nor Koga can come after us.
But it'll be tough for us, too.
Even though we're human.
Seems we won't have to go up to the base of the mountain.
Who's this albino kid? Kanna.
What's this? Huh? That's.
! You know him? No mistake! He's the one who killed Mukotsu! It's Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru.
Huh? So he was Inuyasha's older brother? I see.
And? You are to go after him and kill him, too.
Hey! Is that all? We were in the midst of fighting Inuyasha.
If you had continued fighting, you would have been killed.
What?! What're you saying, kid?! Your halberd cannot defeat Inuyasha's sword.
You mean because of this scratch on Banryu? This scratch is.
It can become much stronger.
Huh? Huh? Oh, I get it.
Hey, Renkotsu.
Hand it over.
I'm on to you.
What're you talking about? I knew all along.
That you took Sacred Jewel shards from that girl, Kagome, and hid them from me.
Or should I cut the shard out of your neck? Don't be mad, Big Brother.
I've been meaning to give it to you.
That's a wise decision, Renkotsu.
You're smart, after all.
Remember that there won't be a second chance.
I know.
All right! Suikotsu.
Huh? And Jakotsu.
Go get this Sesshomaru.
Huh?! Not happy? I thought you liked handsome men? I keep telling you, I want Inuyasha! It's a one-sided love.
Forget it.
I'll kill Inuyasha.
All right then.
This is great.
I know where Inuyasha is headed.
Ninja are clever, after all.
I'm not a ninja.
Damn half-demon Wash your neck and wait for your death.
Look for water? Do we look for rivers and marshes? Yup.
Until we find the same kind of water and the same smell of flowers.
It was the first time I ever smelled that flower scent.
What about the Band of Seven? If we keep following Naraku, they'll show up.
Naraku, we'll find you without fail.
Hakurei's barrier has become even stronger.
The clean scent of water and flowers lingered from Naraku's demon puppet.
Is there some connection? Hijiri Island.
a sacred place.
It's said that a century ago, an illustrious monk became a Living Buddha and is enshrined there.
It bothers me! Let's just go! Next on Inuyasha: "Floating on the Water: The Barrier of Hijiri Island" Why? Why can't I use my Wind Scar?!