Inuyasha (2000) s01e112 Episode Script

Episode 112

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! The battle is about to begin on sacred grounds.
Having increased the power of his giant halberd Banryu with the Shikon Jewel shards, Bankotsu, the leader of the Band of Seven stands ready, awaiting our arrival.
It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! Father, it hit Hijiri Island.
You stay here.
What about you? I must check to see that Saint Hakushin Temple is safe.
This is the staff entrusted to our ancestors by the wise one.
Take me, too! Shintaro, you must go home.
Understand this.
If anything should happen to me, as the son of the village headman, you are the only one who can protect Hijiri Island.
Don't worry.
I'll be home by morning.
Huh? Well, Inuyasha? This isn't it.
It didn't smell like this marsh.
It was the scent of water and flowers that I sensed from Naraku's demon puppet.
And it was pure like Mt.
Well then, let's try checking other lakes.
I wonder if Sango and Kirara are okay? Mt.
Hakurei! Huh?! Kirara, it's painful for you to cross the barrier, too? I'm sorry.
forcing you like this.
Everyone! Sango! How did it go? Not good.
The barrier around Mt.
Hakurei is even stronger than before.
It's impossible to enter through it then? I'm sure of it.
Naraku has been close by.
Let's check every waterway around the mountain.
Please, take me out! No, you have a duty to take the place of your father as headman.
We can't place you in any danger.
But Father has been gone for two weeks! Something must have happened on Hijiri Island.
But the only ones allowed on Hijiri Island are the village headmen.
Which means only you.
Just give me a boat.
I'll go alone.
Your father didn't do anything to raise the wrath of the Saint, did he? We can't have the village cursed, too.
My father has lived his whole life fulfilling his duties as headman! He wouldn't do anything like that! We'll be punished if we go there.
Hiriji Island is a sacred place.
Hey! Did I just hear something about a sacred place? Will you talk to us? Close to the center of this lake is an island which is forbidden to common folk.
The duty of village headman has been passed down through my family.
And only our men have been allowed on the island to tend to Saint Hakushin.
Saint Hakushin? He was a great, wise priest who lived over a hundred years ago.
Pure is impure.
Impure is pure.
Good is evil.
Evil is good.
To live is to die.
To die is to live.
He became a living Buddha To live is to die.
To die is to live.
and is enshrined in a temple on the island.
To live is to die.
To die is to live.
To live is to die.
To die is to live.
A living Buddha? A living Buddha? It's called sokushin-butsu.
A priest of great virtue meditates and fasts until his body mummifies and attains Nirvana.
In other words, a dried-up priest? Watch what you say! You said your father hasn't returned home.
Yes, it's been over two weeks.
A strange light fell on the island.
Huh? Father was concerned about the temple.
Strange light? Probably Naraku.
Shintaro, it's impossible for you alone.
But Father told me to take care of things if anything happened to him.
The villagers said something about a curse? The villagers are wrong! Father protected the village all his life.
There has to be a reason for his failure to return! Yes.
We're worried about our father, too.
And the villagers fear a curse.
We're at a loss.
Let's go, Inuyasha.
There's got to be something about that sacred place.
You'll go? Really? Of course.
It's only natural for you to worry about your pa.
Thank you! I'll guide you across the lake.
The island is always covered with mist and can be dangerous.
Please take care of our younger brother.
Shintaro is the only male left in our family.
That must worry you.
If you'll agree, I can help you and your sisters bear some males.
Can we really entrust our brother to you? No complaints, right? Inuyasha! Don't threaten them! I'm sorry.
We just want to borrow your boat for a while.
We'll return it! Don't worry.
It must be the sacred aura from Hijiri Island.
It's so strong, even Kirara can't transform.
To live is to die.
To die is to live.
Saint Hakushin beneath the earth Mt.
Hakurei will return to Hijiri.
What is that? It's a children's song that's been sung around this region for a long time.
From the time he was alive, Saint Hakushin had amazing spiritual powers and saved many people of this region.
There! You can see Mt.
At the base is a place of purification.
Place of Purification? It's a temple built by the wise one.
If you pray there, any and all sins are absolved.
Hakurei again? Listen.
I wonder who put up the barrier around Mt.
You're right.
Someone had to put up the barrier.
But it's the total opposite of the kind of barrier Naraku would use.
It seems as if a holy person put up the barrier, but why? Hijiri Island.
Be careful.
There are craggy rocks everywhere.
If the boat hits against one of these rocks.
Huh?! Arghh! Say that sooner! Geez! This was a borrowed boat! Shaddup! Keep complaining and I'll leave you! I can't swim.
Shippo, I can't see in front of me! Huh? This is.
Are you all right, Miroku? You saved me! This is.
The same barrier as Mt.
Although not as strong.
I'm sure of it.
These flowers.
smell the same as Naraku's demon puppet.
There never used to be flowers like these.
Are you all right, Shippo? Yeah.
The scent is overpowering Kirara, too.
This is all too convenient Why did that Naraku create a damn puppet just to help the Band of Seven escape? And then leaving this strong scent of the flowers It's like I was lured to these sacred grounds by it.
What's that? The Wise One's temple! It's destroyed! But why?! Aghh! Father's clothing.
Huh?! F-Father! His father came to the island two weeks ago.
It's too soon to turn into bones.
Could it have been Naraku's demons? I'm sure of it now.
But why? This island has the temple and.
Huh? I sense a Shikon Jewel shard! Damn! About time! Making me wait so long in here! What?! This place makes even a human like me feel sick.
It must be even more trying for a half-demon, Inuyasha! Bankotsu! Damn, it was a trap! Did you do this, Bankotsu?! Don't look at me.
I was only told to wait here.
Be careful, Inuyasha! Bankotsu's halberd has Sacred Jewel shards in it! It got scarred during our little match the other day.
So I used them to mend it.
Let's do it! This time, I'll cut you to pieces! That's my line! Inuyasha is on the defensive! Because of the Sacred Jewel shards in Bankotsu's halberd.
Dammit! I'm sick of this! Wind Scar! W-What.
?! He couldn't invoke the Wind Scar?! No wonder he told me to fight you here.
Damn! Why can't he use the Wind Scar? Tetsusaiga's demonic power is being purified by Hijiri Island.
Huh? Furthermore, no matter how evil Bankotsu's spirit may be, he was still a mere human.
Compared to Inuyasha in whom courses demon blood, the effect of Hijiri Island on Bankotsu is minimal.
Inuyasha, you're much weaker than when we last fought.
Now hurry up and die! I want to get off this uncomfortable island as soon as I can! There has to be someone putting up this purifying barrier.
Just as I thought It's over there.
Huh?! Shintaro! Saint Hakushin! Please help Inuyasha! This is.
Shintaro! Saint Hakushin isn't here.
Not here? He was enshrined in there! What's going on?! Does this mean Naraku attacked this island to Miroku, Saint Hakukshin's mummy is gone! Naraku may've stolen it! Gone? Then it wasn't Saint Hakushin who.
? Then who is putting up this sacred barrier on Hijiri Island? Yahh! Arghh! Inuyasha! Damn! Miroku.
I thought Saint Hakushin was putting up this barrier.
What're you saying?! The Saint was someone who saved people! Why would he put up a barrier?! The strange light you and your father saw was a demon named Naraku.
Naraku? Your father fought Naraku and tried to protect the Saint.
Saint Hakushin! So then.
that skeleton was my father.
Naraku was planning to use Saint Hakushin's spiritual power.
Your father tried to stop him.
That is the duty of the village headman.
Father didn't die because he was cursed.
Isn't that right? Yes! Then where is Saint Hakushin's mummy? Who put up this barrier? Damn! One more time! This is the end for you! Inuyasha, hang on a bit longer! If I can find the core of the barrier.
Shippo, lend me your powers! Huh? Shippo's demonic powers which I transferred to the sutra charms should produce a reaction! They've been purified! It's over there! That's an altar ornament Saint Hakushin always used! This is it? I'll use this staff that Saint Hakushin once owned.
We'll try together! Miroku.
Let's try.
Give me strength, Father! The flowers have disappeared! The Wind Scar is back! The barrier is broken! This is what created the barrier.
But this vajra was locked up in the temple.
Does this mean that Saint Hakushin is lending his powers to Naraku?! Don't think this'll save you.
With the barrier gone, I'm feeling much stronger, too.
That disgusting barrier is finally gone.
So let's settle this once and for all, Inuyasha! Take this! Dragon Thunder! Multiple lightning bolts!? Damn you! Involving Kagome and the others! There's nothing unfair in war! I'll kill you if it kills me, too! Inuyasha fights Bankotsu! During their battle, Saint Hakushin's power saves Bankotsu! Next on Inuyasha: "The Sacred Vajra and the Mystery of the Living Buddha" Could Saint Hakushin be helping Bankotsu?!