Inuyasha (2000) s01e114 Episode Script

Episode 114

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! The Band of Seven have disappeared through the sacred barrier.
Furthermore, Koga of the Wolf-Demon Tribe and Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older brother, gather at the base of Mt.
Hakurei to destroy Naraku and his followers.
It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! You're mine! That's Saint Hakushin's! Hold it! D- Damn a barrier! Miroku, you sure Naraku is hiding in Mt.
Hakurei? Sango and I will go check out Mt.
Inuyasha and Kagome, wait here.
Just look around.
Don't take any risks.
Exactly our intent.
Will they be all right? We just have to have faith in them.
There! Damn! No luck here either.
That Koga never listens to anyone! Nope.
Once he makes up his mind, that's it.
There he is! Koga! Wait! You're too slow! What took so long? You've gotta be kidding! We're not slow.
You're too fast.
Koga, let's call it quits already.
We've been searching around the mountain for days, but there's no way to get past the barrier.
Besides, this mountain gives me the creeps.
It's not easy running around back and forth.
So why don't we.
give up already? Shut your trap! The Band of Seven are here.
I'm sure of it! Even if it's only outta pride, I'm gonna break this barrier.
It seems they can't see us, after all.
How convenient this barrier is.
Although I don't find it pleasant, I'll have to take advantage of it.
All right, Ginkotsu.
First, the legs.
Blow his legs off.
But Koga.
Shaddup! The Band of Seven are hiding in there! I'm gonna find them and kill them all myself! Are you able to, I wonder? I intended to have your legs blown away.
Why you! Inuyasha.
What? It's useless getting all worked up.
Calm down, will you? I'm not worked up.
Then stop it.
your fidgeting.
Will they be all right? Huh? Those two.
Will they really be all right by themselves? Hah! They're more dependable than you, that's for sure.
Stupid! I'm not talking about that! Then what? Well.
This and that.
This and that? I wonder how far this goes? There's no demonic aura, and nothing out of the ordinary here.
If it weren't for what happened on Hijiri Island, we wouldn't have thought to check this place.
But Sango, we must not let our guard down.
I know.
Do not let your guard down.
I can't believe this! I had one lecherous thought, and I'm feeling sick.
Is the barrier of Mt.
Hakurei so strong? Is something wrong? Err.
No, nothing.
You're so strange, Miroku.
They appeared outta nowhere! So you've been hiding behind the barrier.
We've been here before your very eyes.
Hah! So our searching the mountain wasn't in vain.
I never thought you'd appear on your own, though.
That may be true.
But Koga, you have the Sacred Jewel shards.
Damn, he got my legs with the first shot.
I'd better end this quickly.
K-Koga! Stay away! Koga You sure you can destroy that metal monster? They're just like that Kyokotsu.
They were resurrected with the jewel shards.
If I take them away You bastards.
I'll turn you into bones again! Ginkotsu, pull back.
Running away?! Not running.
What? We'll destroy you from a safe distance.
They're gone! This is ridiculous! How can he defeat an enemy he can't even see?! Koga, we're sitting ducks! Let's get outta here! As if I'd run away! I knew what I was getting into.
But what do I do?! I have to lure them outta the barrier! W-Whaa! I will not give in to this! What ARE you doing?! Err.
Damn! There's nothing I can do at this point! Steel threads?! This is bad! If he gets caught in that, Koga will be dragged into the barrier.
and he'll be purified! Take that! I wonder how long you'll last? I know! The time has come.
Ginkotsu, finish him.
Is he dead? Or.
Either way, I need the Sacred Jewel shards.
Ginkotsu, go forward.
He was blown to bits.
No way.
Why you! You fell for it.
You aren't going back into the barrier now! Why're you celebrating, idiot? What?! We don't need to escape.
You're the one who can't escape.
H-He's right! Besides just what can a wounded wolf do? He knows about my legs.
Finish him, Ginkotsu.
Let's see you try! Fool! We'll see who the fool is! It's somewhere in his body.
Where?! Here?! The bastard! He aimed for the shard in my neck.
Ren kotsu.
! H-He talks?! You dare.
You dare.
! Ginkotsu, you.
I stuffed the armor I ripped off into the barrel of the cannon.
What?! He's still alive.
Why you! Ginkotsu, you're not going to use that? W-What?! Hah! Where're you aiming?! I'm over here! Why you! I've had enough! Ginkotsu! Now you're the only one left.
I won't let.
Renkotsu be killed.
What?! Huh? Inuyasha? What's the matter? Let's go.
Never mind.
C'mon! Where're we going, Inuyasha? Hey, Inuyasha! This time.
This time.
my hands will reach her! I.
it! Oh.
come on.
! Just what are you doing?! Suikotsu, I really mean it.
When we're in a battle, don't you turn into a good person on me.
Shut up.
That's why we're moving away from the barrier.
That damned doctor.
Appearing whenever he has the chance.
It's hard to push him back inside.
Oh yeah? Then let's follow our plan.
I know.
They're coming.
Lord Sesshomaru! A sword? One of Naraku's followers? How perceptive of you.
T-This is.
I refuse to die in a place like this! Say, we should wait for Miroku and Sango.
I can't wait around like a fool.
This is the disgusting smell of an explosion.
Not only that, I smell the blood of a wolf! Huh? Inuyasha.
Koga is.
Koga is.
Koga! Koga's legs were wounded.
He couldn't get away.
He must have been caught in the blast fighting Ginkotsu Is he dead? Don't be stupid! Inuyasha.
Koga is a Demon! He wouldn't die in a place like this! Hey Koga! Quit lying around! Get up! Koga! Koga! Koga! Koga! D-Damn it, I let one get away.
Koga! Koga! So he's alive.
Koga, I'm so glad.
I'm sorry for making you worry.
What a relief! I'm so glad! Koga! Hey you skinny wolf! If you wanna stay alive, take that hand off of! Inuyasha.
Band of Seven.
No, damned Naraku! I'll get you without fail! Suikotsu and Jakotsu are sent by Naraku to kill Sesshomaru.
If you look away, your head will fly.
For a dead person, you talk too much! Don't run away! And Kikyo meets Bankotsu.
The fate of a dead mortal.
Has this man's heart been totally taken over by darkness? Next on Inuyasha: "Lured by the Black Light" Does sadness lie beyond the blackened light?