Inuyasha (2000) s01e115 Episode Script

Episode 115

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! As though lured by the Sacred Jewel shards, we continue our search.
Sesshomaru is assailed by Jakotsu and Suikotsu and two dead mortals, Bankotsu and Kikyo, meet.
It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! Mt.
Hakurei I am certain that Naraku is there.
However Why there? Kyokotsu, Mukotsu.
How does it feel to be back in that world again? Ridiculous! Once you're dead, that's it.
There's no afterlife! Huh? This man Are you Kikyo? And you're one of the Band of Seven.
You there! What? Aren't you supposed to kill me? Naraku never told me to.
I heard the stories.
But I never thought you'd be this pretty.
Want to fight? Interesting.
I'll take you on.
This one's Sacred Jewel shards exude tainted black light unlike Suikotsu's clear one.
Does that mean he has been completely overtaken by the dark? Well? Aren't you going to shoot? What do you intend to do in this world? Why do you continue to kill even after being resurrected? What reason do you have? Now that's a strange question.
I don't need a reason to kill.
I've always been this way.
In death, and after I was resurrected.
In the world we live in, it's sometimes necessary to kill in order to survive.
But you died once.
So why not try to change the way you live? Hah! I'm a mercenary to the core.
And I enjoy it.
People talk about heaven and hell.
But once you're dead, you're dead.
I don't care about the other world.
While I live, I'll do as I please.
You say that to convince yourself, don't you? You're trying to make excuses for what you're doing.
Say, Kikyo.
dead people like us will probably share the same fate.
So you should worry about yourself instead of me.
Well, whatever.
Let us both live as long as we can.
The fate of the dead.
I'll see what happens.
One of Naraku's followers? How perceptive of you.
Like that poison user, you smell like the dead.
You have a sharp sense of smell.
What I'd expect from Inuyasha's older brother.
That was close! Silly human! Stay still and be killed! Hey dwarf, didja say something? "Dwarf"?! What?! Jaken! Y-Yes! Let's get away from here, Rin.
We're of no help.
We're only in Lord Sesshomaru's way.
You don't want the girl in harm's way? So kind.
Huh! You talk a lot for a dead person.
Quit harping on and on about me being dead.
But now, you won't hold back when you fight.
Let's do it! I hope Lord Sesshomaru will be all right.
Fool, Lord Sesshomaru would never fall to a human.
You might though, Jaken.
How dare you! I am a demon, too! No way will I lose to a human! What is that? He looks strong.
An opening! Look away and your head will fly! You're not getting away.
Get back, Rin.
If anything happens to Rin, Lord Sesshomaru will kill me! Here goes! Staff of Two Heads! Did I get him? Err.
Jaken, the bridge will fall.
I know that! Run! He's alive! I won't be killed so easily.
What're you doing, Rin! Hurry! 'Kay! W-Wha! I heard that girl was his weak point.
My plan was to kidnap the kid and use her as a hostage.
I never thought he'd leave his back wide open for me.
Take that! And that! And that! You're mine! Gotcha! He deflected my Jakotsu sword and sent it back at me! Damn.
I barely missed killing him.
Damn, he's strong.
Couldn't die in peace if I'm killed by Inuyasha's brother before I kill Inuyasha.
Isn't that right, Inuyasha? How far are we going, Inuyasha? Well, Inuyasha? Who knows?! I'm just carrying this puny wolf to a safe enough place.
Safe place? The Band of Seven are after Koga's Sacred Jewel shards.
Who knows when they'll come after him.
I guess you're right.
Hurry it up! You heard him, Kirara.
She was carried away by the river.
The water is washing away her smell.
Are you pretending to be dead, Jaken? Ohhh.
Please forgive me, Lord Sesshomaru! If it kills me, I shall find Rin and Huh? Lord Sesshomaru.
Wait for me, Lord Sesshomaru! He's angry, after all.
So, you're awake.
What's the matter? Why do you run? Do not fear me.
I am a physician.
He's different from that other man? I see.
You had companions? Yes.
I'm sure they'll come looking for me.
So I shouldn't move around too much.
This forest is dangerous.
You should stay with me until your companions find you.
All right.
He doesn't seem like a bad man.
There's nothing here.
I don't sense any demonic aura either.
I wonder if Naraku is really here.
But we have no choice but to keep going.
But being separated like this, you feel grateful for Inuyasha's presence.
Yeah, he's convenient to have around.
especially with his nose.
If we let him, he'd spend the whole night running around.
that cave.
Let's check it out.
It's her I hope she leaves without noticing anything.
I don't want to fight her.
You're a doctor in the village? Yes, I live in a house at the base of Mt.
And Rin, there are lots of children about the same age as you who don't have any family either.
You can see it.
That's my village.
I sense the presence of a Sacred Jewel shard.
It's approaching the village.
It's different from that other man.
It's Suikotsu.
But this presence Pure is impure.
Impure is pure.
Good is bad.
I'm home.
Suikotsu! I'm sorry I left like that.
Are you really Dr.
Suikotsu? Yes.
What's the matter? Uh-uh.
Oh, that's right.
This girl is Rin.
Be nice to her, everyone.
Geez! This is bad.
Suikotsu has returned to his old self.
My hunch was right.
Good thing I stuck around.
Oh well, can't be helped.
I'll have to open his eyes.
It IS Dr.
He's back.
What's the matter, everyone? Dr.
Suikotsu, we beg of you.
Please leave the village.
Wasn't it your fault that the Band of Seven attacked this village? And your expression at that time.
You looked like a demon.
What ingrates! After all my ministrations.
Wait up.
I knew it! He's the same one who attacked us on the bridge! l- I have to run away.
Yo! I can smell them those specters.
They are at the base of Mt.
L-Lord Sesshomaru.
It could be my imagination, but the barrier seems stronger than before.
He won't answer me.
But this fur feels so wonderful.
The battle still continues.
To walk this path once more only confirms my cursed fate.
And beyond this darkness what awaits Once more just once more Ascertain the fates of those men who are dead mortals.
Suikotsu, what's the matter with you? Jakotsu, you're here.
Before, when you had that face, you would never hurt a fly.
Just which Suikotsu are you? Who knows? But I feel much better than before.
Half of me used to be in a daze.
I was never sure when I would lose myself.
This time, it's different.
I'm me.
Does that mean even if you near the barrier, you won't change into a saint? Yeah.
I came here to the base of Mt.
Hakurei just to test it out.
That fool doctor hasn't appeared.
I'm fine now.
Suikotsu! He's not Dr.
Suikotsu! H-He looks the same, but.
Everyone, run! A bunch of orphans.
I'll send you to the other world, too! Die! Forgive me, my Soul Collectors I must hurry.
That Sacred Jewel shard is completely enshrouded in black light.
Suikotsu's heart has closed down.
He will likely harm the children.
! Hey, what's wrong? Shaddup! Pure in impure.
Impure is pure.
What's happening? Why can't I move? These damn kids are Dammit! Why am I seeing her face now? Curse it all! That Sesshomaru can barely stand.
Hey Suikotsu.
Don't let him escape! Well, you'd better hurry and get rid of that guy.
I'm itching to kill this kid.
At the base of Mt.
Hakurei, Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru, engages in a death match with the Band of Seven.
Next on Inuyasha: "The Exposed Face of Truth" I just remembered.
I already died once.