Inuyasha (2000) s01e116 Episode Script

Episode 116

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Koga is seriously hurt during his desperate battle with the Band of Seven.
Furthermore, the power of the sacred barrier around Mt.
Hakurei has the power to even hinder Sesshomaru.
It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! Here.
Watch out! Koga is hurt! Can't you be more gentle with him? Be gentle?! By rights, I should take the Sacred Jewel shards from his legs and leave him here.
Yeah? So why didn't you? Like I would take advantage of a guy who can't defend himself! Inuyasha.
D-Dammit! What's going on? Why can't I move? These damned kids Hey, Sesshomaru's coming.
Really? Take care of the kids later.
We need to lure Sesshomaru into the barrier.
I've found them.
They're just beyond this point.
P- Please wait, Lord Sesshomaru! It's a trap.
They're using Rin as bait to lure you into the barrier! If you proceed any further.
Huh? Lord Sesshomaru! Doesn't Lord Sesshomaru feel anything? Am I the only one feeling weak? Well then, I must be strong.
If I really set my mind to it, I can do anything! I can't do a thing.
Lady Kikyo.
You're all right? All this.
Did Suikotsu do all this? Uh-huh.
Suikotsu had the same kind face as before, but.
inside, he's.
Hakurei has no effect on Suikotsu anymore.
The Sacred Jewel shard has become more tainted.
That Sesshomaru isn't coming.
I guess the barrier is too strong for him to come this far.
Don't seem that way Huh? Lord Sesshomaru! You anticipated our moves? Damn! You're a demon, yet the barrier's not affecting you? Take this! Lord Sesshomaru! Thought so! His moves are dulled.
You must leave this village, children.
Lady Kikyo.
But where will we go? Listen well.
If you linger any longer, other misfortunes may befall you.
Well, Kikyo dead beings like us all end up with the same fate.
So let's both live as long as we can.
I don't care about the other world.
I'm gonna do as I please while I live.
What's the matter, Sango? We've been on this road before.
Perhaps we're lost.
You think so? The faster we turn around, the easier it'll be to get back.
This cave is quite deep and complicated.
D-Don't tell me you don't know the way back? Well then, what about you? All I did was follow you! There you go again! Blaming others! Nothing here.
Huh? You saw that, too? Yes.
It seems to be luring us in.
It may be a trap.
I don't sense any demonic aura.
Oh well.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I can't let those two go any further.
Please follow me.
Lord Sesshomaru! Stay still.
Boy, you're so proud.
You can barely stand, can you? Because of the barrier! The bastard Acting like he's perfectly fine, when he's not.
He's steadily trying to move away from the barrier.
It must be hard on him.
Suikotsu, don't move away from the mountain.
I don't need to be told that.
Hurry and take care of that bastard.
I'm just itching to kill this kid.
I couldn't kill those village kids because that doctor interfered.
This time I'll do it.
Lord Sesshomaru! Now do you get it? Make one wrong move and this kid is dead.
Although, it's all a matter of time.
Matter of time, you say? Why you! What's so funny?! Should you be laughing like that?! He threw his sword away! Lord Sesshomaru! I'm not letting you go.
Up close, you sure are good-looking.
But you've made a mistake.
We can't be killed like a normal man Jakotsu, can I kill her now? Could be because I've been injured, but the bastard doctor is too scared to come out.
Right now, this urge to kill is overwhelming.
Fool! It's too late.
Die! Suikotsu, the light from your Sacred Jewel shard is tainted black.
You're no longer Lord Sesshomaru! That woman.
She scares me the most! Lady K-Kikyo.
I was finally able to come back.
A dark light interfered and I couldn't come out.
Did my sacred arrow purify the shard? What am I to do with him? Must I kill him? Lady Kikyo.
please remove the shard from my neck.
Then I will return to bones.
I wish to be released.
You would choose death? Yes.
I finally remember.
I died once before.
Pure is impure, lmpure is pure.
While I lived, I was confused.
About what was right and what was wrong? I'll save her! I promise to save her! Doctor, she's beyond help.
Let's just leave her and run! Don't be ridiculous! There's hope still! The samurai will come! We must flee or they'll kill us! Then run.
I'm going to save Why you! How could you? I put her out of her misery.
You should be grateful.
Our lord's orders to kill every single person in this village.
Stay away! And I.
I who was sworn to save people's lives.
killed someone with my own hands! Looking back.
I was unable to forgive myself.
I didn't know what to do.
It was then.
that I heard the voice.
Why don't you quit the good-guy act? The real you isn't interested in helping people.
Deep inside, you want to kill.
You're itching to kill and kill and kill.
And I finally realized.
that the one speaking was myself.
I'm finally free! I'll kill anyone who gets in my way! A totally different evil lurked in my heart.
And that evil made me kill again and again.
Not long afterward, I met Bankotsu and joined the Band of Seven.
And killing felt like such a natural thing to do.
The other me has killed so many, many people.
And the doctor in me was helpless to do anything.
No matter how many lives I saved.
No matter how I tried to make a difference.
my soul cannot be redeemed.
Good and evil coexist in all men.
You must not give in to the evil in you.
No, Lady Kikyo.
I would probably do exactly the same thing.
And I cannot endure that thought.
Please, Lady Kikyo.
remove the shard and release my soul.
Please Lady Kikyo.
I beg you.
Well, Kikyo Dead beings like us all end up with the same fate.
I'll take it as a memento.
Suikotsu! This is fine.
This is as it should be.
See ya! Suikotsu, may you find peace.
Thank you for saving me.
You're not hurt? You must've been scared.
But this person.
Good-bye! I must leave this place, too.
Before the souls within me fade and I cannot move.
The priestess who put Inuyasha under seal.
She is just like those others.
The undead reeking with the smell of bone and grave dirt.
Did she get a glimpse of her own fate? Lord Sesshomaru? Rin, let us go.
Okay! I want them to return.
We must not let them get away.
I guess we were walking around all night.
But I don't understand.
Why did that apparition make us do that? This.
! This can't be.
! What is it? A cape made from glowing moss.
A Demon Slayer uses it for night raids.
Kohaku was here! Sango.
Let's go, Miroku! Koga.
Koga! Don't die, Koga! What's Inuyasha thinking? Beautiful weather.
To avenge Ginkotsu's death, Renkotsu has his eyes on Koga's Sacred Jewel shards! The river is covered with oil.
There's nowhere for you to run! He has exploding bombs! He's gonna blow up this place! You won't live either! I will not die! Only you will die! As if I'd let you! Next on Inuyasha: "Vanished in a River of Flames" Did the mutt get blown to bits?!