Inuyasha (2000) s01e117 Episode Script

Episode 117

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! The battle continues to rage against the Band of Seven who are hell-bent on avenging Ginkotsu's death.
And Renkotsu tries to steal the Sacred Jewel shards from Koga who has sustained serious injuries.
It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! All right.
I should have mounted this on him as well Your time is up! Wha.
?! Damn it, I can't move.
What should I do with Ginkotsu's Sacred Jewel shard? If I carry it around like this, that Bankotsu will just take it from me.
No way I'm letting that happen! Not for that brat! The wound is healing! Dying won't do anybody any good, you know.
Isn't that right, Ginkotsu? You found him? Good! Don't worry about reporting to Bankotsu.
I've got one more job for you.
I swear to you, I'm going to steal Koga's jewel shards! Look! He's awake! Koga! I'm so glad! You were unconscious all night long.
K-Kagome? Koga? Do you remember anything? You were caught in the explosion of that iron monster, Ginkotsu! Are you all right? Somehow.
Jeez! I stink to high heaven! How come?! My whole body just reeks of dog!! That's because Inuyasha carried you here.
What?! Kagome asked him to do it.
How could you two let him do that to me?! You two should've carried me! Well, you see, we also.
Were hurt some.
See? I told you we should have left him where he was.
But, I never actually expected him to show me any gratitude.
Whatever happened to you, Inuyasha?! You're soaked! Can't you guess? I had to wash off that stink of wolf on me! Say what?! Makes me sick!! Hey, that's my line! Simmer down, Koga.
I'm outta here, Kagome.
Huh? I carried him to a safe place.
Now it's no business of ours if he lives or dies.
Hey, Inuyasha! Don't talk like that! You! You're always chastising me but you never say a word to that thankless Koga there! I'm sick of your whining about that! All right! I'll say it.
Thank you, Kagome.
You saved my life.
You should be thanking me! All you did was carry me.
He looks like he's feeling all right to me.
Leave him.
But it looks like he can't move yet.
Well, what about Miroku and Sango? Yeah! What's going on with those two who went to Mt.
Hakurei? They should be back soon.
Yes, probably.
Okay, let's go.
It's a poison insect! You guys stay here! I'll get him before he gives this place away! Hakkaku and Ginta? How are you two feeling now? I'm still a bit.
We got hit pretty hard.
I'm sorry.
I lost the first-aid kit so I can't do anything for you.
Don't worry about it! It's enough that you even thought of us! Unlike Koga, they're very humble Huh? Do you smell it, too, Kagome? No, I sense the presence of a Sacred Jewel shard nearby.
What is it you smell, Shippo? Smells like gunpowder.
Huh?! The river!! What's that?! What's wrong?! Why you! Gotcha! Kagome!! What is this?! It must be the Band of Seven! I've poured a lot of oil on the water! You can't escape now! It's Renkotsu! It's him! Better go! Koga, it's too dangerous here.
Why that.
! I'll kill him this time! Koga.
! No! Don't, Koga! You're too badly hurt.
I'll get him! Is that.
?! Hah! Kagome!!! Inuyasha!! For that Renkotsu to show up so soon means he's really anxious for me to kill him.
! Wait a minute, Inuyasha! You should wear this! Right! The Robe of the Fire Rat will protect you from fire! No, you two wear it.
You can't depend on that damned wolf to help you.
Keep your hands off him, mutt! He's after my jewel shards! I'll be the one to settle with him! Ah, shut up! If your shards fall into his hands, we're in big trouble.
Why, you.
! But please be careful, Inuyasha! That fiend is using two jewel shards! That's fewer than Bankotsu had.
So! Inuyasha is back already! What's wrong? A little too hot in that hole? Shut up! I'm coming to get you so just wait there! Wow! In one leap.
! Why would I wait for you?! A cannon.
? You can't dodge this in mid-air! Inuyasha! It's Kirara! Great! Kirara can't be hurt by fire! Way to go, Kirara! Now let's go get him!! I have no time for you! Kirara! Get above him! Here I come, Renkotsu!! And here I go!! Heh! Inuyasha! Inuyasha!! - Kagome! Get inside! - Hurry! Did I get them.
? Humph.
Looks like they've been incinerated.
I'll take those Sacred Jewel shards, if you don't mind.
! You fool! No one's dead in here.
You should be grateful, Koga.
It's because Kagome managed to cover you with Inuyasha's robe.
I'm not crazy about it belonging to that mutt.
So you think you've bested me, huh? What.
?! This isn't over yet! I'll blow you to hell!! Those are fire bombs! Are you crazy?! If you set one of those off inside here, it'll kill you, too! Shut up! There's no turning back for me! It's true I've been using the shard that Ginkotsu left without permission and Bankotsu will kill me for it I'm on to you, that you've been hiding the Scared Jewel shards you got from that girl, Kagome Please don't be angry.
I was going to hand them over to you My, aren't you cooperative I knew you were a smart one.
Just don't let it happen again.
Koga, I'm going to have those shards in your legs, no matter what it takes.
Why you.
! Yeah! With those I can battle with Bankotsu and defeat him.
This is no empty threat! He means it! I won't fall for that twice! You won't get away from here, either! I won't die!! I shouldn't die as long as I have the shards The only ones to die will be you!! Don't push your luck.
Inuyasha! Why you! Do it now, wolf! Huh?! He got him! He's up again, mutt!! Take this.
! Inuyashaaaaaa!!!! Why, you! Inuyasha?! Inuyasha? Inuyasha.
? I'm sure we'll find him soon.
He must've washed up on the riverbank.
provided the mutt isn't in a million pieces.
Hey! Koga.
! But it's true! Come on! If that idiot hadn't.
Inuyasha wasn't even wearing the Robe of the Fire Rat, even though it's like armor to him Kagome.
? Now you've made her cry! Don't cry, Kagome.
It's all my fault! It's because he let me wear this.
It's not your fault, Kagome! I saw the whole thing! He forced it on you even though you really hated to touch it.
Hey?Ah! Listen, wolf.
Who hated to touch it? Inuyasha! You're all right! My body is built differently than yours.
And in addition to that, sure enough, that punk Renkotsu valued his life, after all.
At the last minute he threw the fire bombs away.
Humph! That's what I thought he'd do all along.
They say that idiots don't die.
You think I'll let you get away with that? You gonna try it? Today is the day I'm gonna put your lights out! How? With that beat-up body of yours? Inuyasha! Huh.
? I'm so glad! You're not hurt, are you? You're okay? Kagome.
I'm sorry I caused you to worry.
Are you really, truly all right? Yeah.
Koga? You're just walking away? I'll walk away for today, seeing as how Kagome is upset and all.
But listen up, mutt.
Don't think you've won! I'm never giving up on Kagome! Can't you tell that you've lost, stupid?! You get all smug just because she hugged you? Stupid! It gets you, doesn't it! You deserve it! Stupid!! Somehow somehow it's getting harder and harder to cry The one calling the other stupid is stupid.
They're both stupid.
- What?! - What?! I can't cry with all this Nothing in here, either.
No sign of demons at all.
However, there is some kind of connection between Naraku and the Band of Seven.
And it's a fact that Saint Hakushin was protecting the Band of Seven.
But we don't know why.
If he is helping Naraku out by putting this barrier around Mt.
Hakurei, then.
I wouldn't be surprised if Naraku were around here.
Anyway, let's go on to the top of the mountain.
If we go back empty-handed, we'll hear about it from Inuyasha.
You're right.
On top of that.
I have to do something about this barrier.
Here we are, finally alone together, and I can't make a move! At this rate, I'll never.
Huh? Okay.
Damn it! I failed again! I didn't manage to steal Koga's Sacred Jewel shards If it gets out that I'm using Ginkotsu's Sacred Jewel shard, then Bankotsu will kill me What should I do now? Saimyosho.
? It's Bankotsu.
! Hey, Renkotsu.
I heard from the bugs here.
Ginkotsu bit the dust, did he? Um.
Too bad.
After all the time you spent reconstructing him.
But at least you're still alive.
Suikotsu, who was after Sesshomaru, is dead, too.
Suikotsu is? And that means that finally.
it's just the three of us: you, me and Jakotsu.
So, I guess I'm going to be depending more heavily on you.
All right, let's go.
This creep Bankotsu isn't aware of Ginkotsu's jewel shard? Well, anyway, I guess I'm still of some use to him I guess I got a reprieve this time What is it, Miroku? The path.
It's gone.
It's almost like someone destroyed it.
Look, Miroku! A cave! It looks like this path led up to that cave.
- Wanna go in? - Can we? I'll give it a try.
Good! Now.
My word.
! Here! Catch this, Miroku! You're impressive, Sango! It leads deep into the earth.
It's faint, but I sense an evil aura here.
Let's go, Sango.
No doubt about it, Naruku is deep inside! Right! Damn that Naraku! How long is he going to keep me shut up in this place?! Kagura.
Oh, it's you, Kanna.
Boy, you've got it good.
You don't emanate any demonic aura so you can come and go on sacred ground as you please.
But if I make even one step outside, that annoying barrier will will purify me! Damn it! They're coming.
These two! The monk and the Demon Slayer.
? Well, isn't this fun? We're long overdue for a little rumble.
There's a demonic aura deep inside the sacred Mt.
Hakurei! Naraku is in here.
I can't believe two lone humans actually came in here.
Kagura! You're brave, I'll give you that.
But you're not getting outta here alive! Naraku's poison insects! Miroku! If you suck them up, the poison will.
! If in doing so, my beloved will live longer, I don't care! Wind Tunnel! Next on Inuyasha: "Into the Depths of Mt.
Hakurei" Forgive me, Sango.
But you, at least, must live!