Inuyasha (2000) s01e120 Episode Script

Episode 120

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! The events which occur at Mt.
Hakurei cause the sacred mountain's barrier to collapse and returns Inuyasha's demonic powers.
The time for the final showdown between Inuyasha and Jakotsu has come! It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! I'll take those dog ears as a souvenir! Hah! If I pull my sword back, you'll end up in bits and pieces.
So long, Inuyasha! Of all the men I've killed, I liked you the best.
Damn fool! I'm not what I was a while ago! Wind Scar! It's over.
You're still alive.
? Well? What're you waiting for? Go on and finish me.
I don't mind dying at your hands.
Are you sure about this? If you don't kill me now, I may just appear before you again.
I'm pretty stubborn, you know.
Then I'll just beat you again and kill you! This is Naraku's scent! It's coming from the direction of the demons! Naraku's in the core of this mountain! That Inuyasha.
What a naïve guy.
I guess this is it.
This is the Snake Sword of Jakotsu! How dare you! Don't screw up.
Is that right? You're Inuyasha, huh? You're cute in your human form, too.
What the heck.
I had a lot of fun.
Forgive me, Jakotsu.
Be it only one more, I need your Shikon Jewel shard.
I will use whatever means necessary to remain alive.
It's close Whatever it was that escaped Mt.
A barrier? And it's a pure barrier.
The same kind that encircled Mt.
Then Is this the person who put up the barrier? Huh?! Demonic energy is seeping out of the broken barrier.
This is Naraku's demonic aura.
You seem to have been most virtuous in your lifetime.
First a monk, now a priestess? Do you also pursue Naraku? Did Naraku hide himself deep inside the barrier you created? What is that look you give me? Are you trying to look into my heart? I do not even have to try.
Your heart is plain to see.
It is okay to be bitter.
Those fools revered you and called you holy, and made you promise to become a living saint Then they buried you alive in solitary darkness.
Hate them! Hate all humans and this world.
Do you scorn me? I, a saint who saved people and forgave their sins, became lost and died suffering.
Then Naraku, a demon, saved my soul.
Was it saved? Then what is this sadness? This sadness which permeates out of the barrier? I was not a saint.
While I was on the brink of death, I realized it.
And in that place, his soul became bound.
And into the darkness of his soul, Naraku appeared.
However, But hating people protecting the evil Naraku Was that really your desire? Your soul will not find salvation by keeping such a tainted barrier around you.
Is there anyone in this world who has not wandered, who has never sinned? I had to be such a one.
And I resolved to be one.
I was like you when I lived.
I tried to live without doubt, without mistakes.
So I was right.
You are also dead? That is why I can understand some of your pain.
To doubt is to be human.
And that is why humans try so hard to be divine.
I could not become a living Buddha.
My attachment to material life sent my soul to hell.
Do not be ashamed that you yearned for life.
So please, dissolve this barrier.
And if I do, what? I wish that you will let me touch your soul.
You want to lay me to rest? You, a dead priestess? What're these vibrations? They're almost like heartbeats.
With each pulse, Naraku's scent becomes stronger.
You must be there, Naraku! I've finally reached you! Does this mean Naraku is making his move? Jakotsu's Sacred Jewel shard Shall I use it? Whether I run or stay to fight I'm coming out of this alive! There's something strange about Mt.
The barrier is becoming unstable.
Could Could something have happened to Inuyasha and the others? What's the matter, Kagome? Koga.
You all right? Just tell me if there's anything I can do.
Koga's finally making his move! I've gotta see this! Inuyasha is inside the barrier! And Kagome's all alone! Not quite fair.
But if he's gonna woo her, this is the perfect time! Do your best, Koga! Koga.
Kagome! Please take care of Shippo and Kirara! I'm going to check out the barrier.
K-Kagome! Hey wait! K-Koga.
! Please be safe, Inuyasha Miroku, Sango! You're in my way! Move it! Bankotsu Hey, so you're alive, Renkotsu.
Damn Bankotsu Let's see he has the shards from Kyokotsu, Mukotsu and Suikotsu.
Four in all.
The shards I took from Kagome are imbedded in his halberd, Banryu.
I have three shards from Ginkotsu and Jakotsu That's right! If I can keep Bankotsu from using his halberd, we'll be as good as even.
If I'm going to do it, it has to be now! Two and.
That's right, there was one more.
W-Why you.
! Damn, you smart guys are dumb! You kept mulling and mulling things over, and it's too late now.
Y-You intend to kill me? Well, what should I do? You killed Jakotsu for the Sacred Jewel shard! You should talk! In the end, all that counts is power! And the more shards you have, the stronger you are! What's so funny?! You have shards imbedded throughout your body.
And you used us to get them! Wanna try it? What? Here.
What's the matter? Take them.
Don't worry, I won't use Banryu.
I'll show you the difference between you and me.
Well, what're you waiting for? Hurry it up.
If you won't attack, then I'll come at you first.
Die! What's the matter, Renkotsu? Hurry and fight.
What's the matter? Hurry it up.
Or, I'll come at you again.
Damn it! Hah! l-I got him! Absolutely not! W-What's the difference? What is it? What am I doing differently from you?! The difference is.
I don't betray my friends.
How sad.
Now, I'm the only one left.
I know.
I've got things to finish.
This will be the Band of Seven's final battle! Now then, I've dissolved the barrier.
Dead priestess, you said you want to lay me to rest.
and dissolve the barrier around Mt.
I was buried alive and my soul is filled with anger and hatred.
It cannot be saved.
I never believed that I could save your soul.
I just want to know.
What it is that makes you so sad.
Sad, you say? Even though I hold you like this.
I cannot feel your hatred and bitterness.
Hate them! It's all right to hate.
Hate all humans and this world.
Yours were not tears of bitterness toward humanity and the world.
I wanted to die an admirable death as a saint.
But I could not.
I did not want to admit.
my own weakness.
So I cried in despair.
over my weakness of heart.
How painful it must have been.
Yes, it was painful.
You have done more than enough good in this world.
Please be free now.
Is it all right? Yes, it's all right now.
There is no one in this world who never feels lost who has never sinned in his life.
Those who try to be forever divine Those who try to be forever kind Those who are tainted by evil Everyone wishes to be saved.
Isn't that right, Kansuke? He has found peace.
The sacred ground? The barrier? has dissolved! That's.
! Demons are swarming out of Mt.
Hakurei! Lord Sesshomaru! Oh Lord Sesshomaru! The mountain! They're coming at me! Koga! If anything happens to you, who knows what that mutt will do! Awright, come on! Come on out, Naraku! Inuyasha, you won't be meeting Naraku.
'Cuz you met me first instead.
! In pursuit of Naraku, our group joins up at Mt.
Harukei! But before that, Inuyasha must battle Bankotsu who stands in the way.
Are you going to interfere?! Damned right! All my brothers have been killed.
I'm gonna avenge their deaths.
You'll just be playing into Naraku's hands! Next on Inuyasha: "Final Battle: The Last and Strongest of the Band of Seven" Never mind orders! My fight with you comes first!