Inuyasha (2000) s01e121 Episode Script

Episode 121

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Those pursuing Naraku converge on Mt.
But Bankotsu, the last and strongest of the Band of Seven, blocks Inuyasha's path.
It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! Naraku! Lord Sesshomaru! What's that? As I expected.
Koga! Kagome! You guys are too slow! You two.
! Koga! We finally caught up! You just up and left! I'm glad you're okay.
Kirara? Shippo? I feel better.
For some reason, the sacred barrier has been dissolved.
And I can smell it from that mountain.
Naraku's scent.
And it's much worse than before.
Here they come! Hey! Stay away! Maybe they're hungry! L-Lord Sesshomaru! Leave it to our Lord Sesshomaru! Well, it's time for my Staff of Two Heads! Come at me all you want.
I'm rooting for you, Jaken! Thank you! Let's go! Go? Where?! To Naraku! Where else? Let's go, Kagome! Kirara! Come help me! Hey! Wait! Wait up! I wonder if they're all okay? I'm sure they are.
You plan to block my way?! Damn right! You killed all my Band of Seven brothers.
I'm gonna avenge their deaths.
I don't remember killing all of them.
But if I can only get to Naraku over your dead body, let's get on with it! Wind Scar! Fool! That won't work on me! A blast of heat?! So we're even, huh? When we last fought at Hijiri Island, he countered my Wind Scar.
He's gotten stronger since then.
Damn you Bankotsu.
You're using the Sacred Jewel shards of the others.
Naturally, every one of them.
They're my keepsakes of my little brothers.
And add mine to that.
and it totals seven.
I have more than enough power to fight you! Wind Scar! I don't have time to waste on you! What's the matter, Inuyasha? Strange.
Were you always this weak? Or.
Have I become too strong for you? You have seven Sacred Jewel shards and that's all the power you can muster? Damn, you have a big mouth.
But you can say that only after you've killed me.
Hah! I'll carve each and every one of those shards outta you.
Prepare to die! A specter like you should go back to sleep in your grave! What about you, Inuyasha?! A demon who was sealed to a tree! Damn you.
! Oops, you're not a demon, but a half-demon.
Naraku told me all about you and that dead woman named Kikyo.
Why you! A half-demon who was sealed up for fifty years has no business criticizing those of us who were resurrected! What?! Naraku talked to you quite a lot, huh? Well, I've met him twice already.
What's that supposed to mean? The first time we met was before the Band of Seven was formed.
Looking back, it was a strange coincidence.
So you're old pals, huh? Hah! I don't befriend demons! Back then, all I wanted to do was find strong opponents and beat them one by one.
I didn't care if they were demons, as long as they were strong.
I heard about a frightening demon and entered that lifeless forest.
I came to fight the ruler of this forest.
It could have been him.
Did you kill him? Are you a demon slayer? Or some kind of monk? I don't care about slaying or whatever.
If you're strong, I'll fight you.
Oh? You want to test your strength? Anyone who had demon power from the moment he was born wouldn't understand this! From the moment I was born? What's so funny? I desire demon power, too.
You're a demon, aren't you? I search the land for the power which I was unable to acquire.
The Shikon Jewel? I don't know if it will manifest itself in this world again.
Hey, Big Brother! What?! You destroyed it already?! At least leave me one to kill, will ya? Are you hungry? Jakotsu, let's go to war.
Huh? Why?! I thought you never wanted to obey the orders of samurai again.
We won't.
We'll become mercenaries and slaughter every one we fight I won't let them complain 'cuz I'll stand at the helm of a band of skilled warriors.
Will it be only you and me? Huh? I guess we'd better recruit more comrades.
Wait up, Big Brother.
You serious? How many men should we have? Huh? Oh well, if you're serious, I'll go along.
But let's get some good-looking guys.
Stupid, they gotta be strong! Oh, you're right.
Can't carve up handsome men.
I AM stupid.
And then we met again.
He told me much more than he did the first time.
Naraku didn't resurrect you for memories! Are you stupid?! What?! He's not that kind of guy.
One glance at him and that's obvious.
You're the stupid one! He's taking advantage of you and making you do his dirty work! It doesn't matter! As long as I live, there are things to do! Like settling this fight with you! Why you! I've been given a second chance at life.
Even this Banryu Wind Scar! Awaken, Bankotsu.
Awaken, Bankotsu.
Awaken I grant you a second chance at life.
Who are you? To think the man I met so long ago was Bankotsu of the Band of Seven You're that demon I saw My name is Naraku.
Naraku? What's this? We were beheaded Correct.
This is inside your grave.
I imbedded a Sacred Jewel shard inside your body.
It is that power you feel now.
I see.
This Sacred Jewel shard has many uses, doesn't it? Serve me.
Then your life will be everlasting.
Go forth with your comrades and kill my enemies.
Who cares about his orders?! You survived? That's how I like it! I'll keep you company until you die! It's collapsing.
The barrier around the sacred mountain has been totally dissolved.
This place is overflowing with an evil aura.
Is it Naraku's aura?! Yes.
And it's much stronger than before.
No! This is a demonic aura! And it's getting stronger! This is.
the cloister from before? Miroku.
Yes, there's something.
Huh?! Naraku! Naraku! Wait! You're! If you keep looking down, your head'll roll.
Kagura! Humph! Miroku, Naraku has.
He appeared, then made his escape.
Kagura! Naraku is still incomplete.
Is that it? Huh? What do you mean? Naraku took refuge inside Mt.
Hakurei because his barrier was broken by Inuyasha's red Tetsusaiga.
My barrier That's why Naraku hid himself in here.
to restore his powers! Sorry, Monk.
He doesn't tell me anything.
He doesn't trust me.
Ask Kanna about Naraku.
Although she probably won't talk.
You WILL tell us everything.
Well then, see for yourself.
I'll help you.
descend! Hah! Damn, there's no end to this! If only Bankotsu were a demon, my Backlash Wave would take care of him What's the matter, Inuyasha? Out of breath? But he's human.
Even if he's an evil specter, he doesn't have a demonic aura! Take this! Without the opponent's energy to entrap and send back at them, I can't use my Backlash Wave! Damn Naraku! He thought ahead and used a specter to fight his battles.
I don't know what you're thinking of, but you're going to die, Inuyasha.
Hah! I intended to kill you in one swoop.
But I'll fight you for a while longer.
What's going on, Koga?! All the foliage around Mt.
Hakurei is dead! It was destroyed by Naraku's aura.
I sense Sacred Jewel shards.
And I can feel them in two places below the mountain and towards the center.
Two places? The one deep in the center is stronger.
That's Naraku, right? Probably.
Show me the way, Kagome! But what'll you do there, Koga?! Kirara, hurry! Hey! Don't leave us! Damn you! Stay outta our way! Die! Die!