Inuyasha (2000) s01e122 Episode Script

Episode 122

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! The sacred ground of Mt.
Hakurei overflows with demonic aura.
Naraku's presence seems ever so close.
In order to reach him, Inuyasha must face a final confrontation with Bankotsu, the leader of the Band of Seven! It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Humph! I am none other than Bankotsu, the leader of the Band of Seven! I lose to no one! Miroku, are you all right?! Yes, more or less.
The remains of demons! Sango, lower me down! Is this Naraku's doing? I didn't become the leader of the Band of Seven for nothing! Before I was resurrected with the Shikon Jewel, I controlled that gang of murderers with my power! Hmph! You're so pathetic! You have a Sacred Jewel shard imbedded in your left arm, too.
Such a simple method of using your shards.
considering how twisted you are.
So you let me hit you on purpose, just to check me out? Will you get my shards? Or will I pull your head off? Who'll be first?! Take that! And that! How's that?! Master Jaken! Look at the sky! Huh? Lord Sesshomaru! They're making their escape! Um, aren't you going after them? I have no interest in the insignificant.
Did Naraku set them free on purpose? Or has he no use for them anymore? In any case, I shall go and see.
Kagome, is this the place? Where Naraku is hiding? Yes.
I sense the presence of Sacred Jewel shards from inside this cave.
Do we have to go in? Yes, we have to But.
Oh yeah, don't we have to wait for Hakkaku and Ginta? We can't be waiting around for them.
You're right.
We must hurry! Yeah! Hey! I haven't prepared myself for this! We have to hurry.
I sense the shards steadily becoming tainted.
So many of them! It seems without a doubt that Naraku was rebuilding himself in here.
Then these demons.
They were probably used to create parts of Naraku's body.
Huh? What is that? It's moving! Not just one of them! This is.
They aren't demons.
They're like clumps of flesh.
It's as though they're about to spawn something.
Spawn? But what? I don't know.
Where did Naraku escape to? Why you! He countered my attack?! What's the matter, Inuyasha? I'm making it easy for you to take my shards by punching with this hand! So is this battle over? Man, what a disappointment! I thought you'd put up more of a fight.
Don't worry, Inuyasha.
I don't toy with the weak.
Because I have no interest in weaklings.
So die.
Why you! I'm not like the others you've killed.
I can take a lot of damage.
I've got five of them.
Once I get the shard in your left arm, it'll be over for you, Bankotsu.
Silence! I'll never die! I'll kill you and take back the shards you stole from me! It's useless! Besides, even if you get outta here, Naraku would never let you stay alive with the Sacred Jewel shards! You're the one who Naraku wants to kill, aren't you? Look! They're not guards.
They intend to go after the one who survives.
That Naraku.
I don't know what kind of promise you made with Naraku.
Awaken, Bankotsu.
I grant you life once more.
Work for me.
And I shall give you life eternal.
Go forth with your comrades.
And destroy all my enemies.
You and the Band of Seven were just used by Naraku to provide a shield for himself.
Hah! So what of it? What?! The Band of Seven were originally mercenaries hired by clan lords who didn't give a damn about us.
And when we became too strong and dangerous, they pursued us and chopped off our heads! I never trusted Naraku.
But now that I'm resurrected, I can do as I please.
I'll kill anyone who gets in my way, including Naraku! Geez! Naraku revived one hell of a guy! Silence! What about you? How did you awaken from your seal? None of your business.
It's greed, Inuyasha.
You're all the same.
That dried-up old Saint.
The dead priestess.
And even you who broke free from your seal.
You're all greedy for life, so you live! Don't make us the only villains.
You're evil villains who killed countless people! Yeah, and we've killed our share of demons too! Damn! There are Sacred Jewel shards imbedded in Banryu! Huh?! Nine hundred ninety-one! What the!! Nine hundred ninety-two! Nine hundred ninety-three! What the hell are you doing?! Come and get me! Nine hundred ninety-four! Nine hundred ninety-five! Nine hundred ninety-six! What the!? Nine hundred ninety-seven! Nine hundred ninety-eight! Nine hundred ninety-nine! A thousand!! I don't need any more! What?! If you decide to get outta here, I won't get in your way.
Only after I kill you and avenge my brothers.
Hah! Just because your blade transformed a little! I wanted to cut your head off to complete the transformation.
But it wouldn't have been enough; you being only a half-demon.
Whaddya mean?! Just this! What is this?! The power from that sword! It's just like Sesshomaru's sword, Tokijin! When I first met Naraku, he told me about the existence of the Shikon Jewel.
About a jewel that could empower both humans and demons.
Humans can't possess demon powers.
And I didn't care for spiritual powers! And I wasn't born with the power of the divine! I always thought that in order to become strong, you had to make yourself strong.
But there was one other way.
To put power into an object.
So I made a wish on this Banryu.
And I've cut off the heads of a thousand warlords.
Wind Scar! And just now, I killed a thousand demons! My Wind Scar.
Besides the wish I made on Banryu, it has Sacred Jewel shards inside it.
One thousand humans, one thousand demons.
This is a demon sword that has absorbed the wrath of two thousand lives.
You wield a demon sword, too.
But can it beat my Banryu?! You were resurrected by Sacred Jewel shards, but you're still human! That sword is covered by a demonic aura! Get rid of it, for your own good! Go to hell! A demon wouldn't understand! Or because you're half-demon, you think you understand?! How can you understand this world of man where you're nothing if you're not strong! It's over! Demonic aura?! With this power, I'll lose to no one! Bankotsu is not a demon.
But if Banryu's producing this demonic aura, I can use the Backlash Wave! Backlash Wave! Huh?! Backlash Wave! Whaa! Why.
?! Bankotsu, you were too greedy.
You were strong, just with your bare hands.
What's this?! Miroku! What is it?! Run! What's happening? Keep going and we'll find out.
The demonic aura is growing stronger.
Yes? Get away from the mountain with A-Un.
What about you, Lord Sesshomaru? It's goes without saying.
Naraku is in there.
Pardon me.
What is it? Naraku has kept himself hidden until now in order to recoup his strength.
He is most probably much stronger than he was before.
So? Huh? Err.
I guess I'm getting a little weak with age.
Lord Sesshomaru! Good luck to you! Damn! What's with this ground?! It's trying to draw me in.
Not only the ground.
This entire cave looks like a giant wall of flesh! It's getting noisier in here.
Let's hurry, Kagome.
Huh?! What's going on?! Koga! Damn! What's happening?! Take my hand, Koga! Hang on, Koga! Don't give up! Let go, Kagome! Huh? I'm not gonna put you in danger.
Koga Don't! This is definitely.
! Koga! What is this? It's not stone.
This entire cave.
It's like being inside a belly of a living being.
Kagome, will we be devoured, too? I don't know.
But if so, why haven't we been eaten up already? In any case, let's go after Koga.
We can't leave him! But we don't even know where he's buried! I can sense them.
The Sacred Jewel shards in Koga's legs.
They're moving along these fleshy walls and heading straight towards the presence of Naraku's tainted presence.
Why this! We made it out! Yes.
But where are we? Kagome, what's that? Demons? I think they're a little different.
Whatever they are, they give me the creeps.
Those voices.
Is that Kagome and Shippo? Miroku! Sango! Kagome! Is it just the two of you? Where's Inuyasha? What about Inuyasha? He went after you and entered Mt.
Hakurei ahead of us.
We haven't crossed paths.
Where could he have gone? Inuyasha.
Arghh! Kirara, go! Thank you, Kirara.
Where's Kagome?! I've got you, Kagome.
I know.
Something's coming up from the bottom.
This is.
Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! What happened to you, Inuyasha? Inuyasha! The Sacred Jewel shards of the Band of Seven have been taken by Naraku.
So you've finally made your move, Naraku! It has begun.
But it will end quickly.
! Naraku's new body.
Inuyasha and his friends will die here.
And I now possess a new body.
Naraku has appeared at last! But what is his true aim? Next on Inuyasha: "Beyond the Darkness-Naraku Reborn!" Only one thing remains.