Inuyasha (2000) s01e124 Episode Script

Episode 124

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Mt.
Hakurei begins to disintegrate and Inuyasha goes off to save Koga.
During that time, a resurrected Naraku appears before Kikyo, but what is his true motive? It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! Get him! Koga! If your comrade is so precious.
What's happening? It's breaking up! Kikyo I shall be seeing you soon.
Koga! Dammit! Inuyasha! Kagome! We must get out of here quickly, or the miasma will kill us! Kagome, I understand just how you feel.
but there's nothing else we can do.
You must give up on Koga.
I'm not gonna put you in danger.
Koga! Koga! Oh, Koga.
- Hey Shippo.
- Yes? Take Kagome and get outta here.
You can manage that, can't you? Huh? Inuyasha, you aren't.
? Take good care of Kagome.
Great Demon Shippo.
But Inuyasha.
You wanna save that scrawny wolf, don't you? You'll only be in my way.
Now go! Transform! Kagome, get on! Hurry, Kagome.
Kagome! Don't worry.
I'll bring that scrawny wolf back.
Inuyusha, be careful! You come back, you hear me? Promise! Yeah! This evil presence Is this really from Naraku? Still This presence Mt.
Hakurei is disintegrating.
Huh? Naraku! Kikyo.
It's been awhile.
The miasma is horrible! If he fell into that, there's no way to save him.
What are these things? There he is! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! He's starting to dissolve! Damn Naraku! He intended to devour Koga along with the Sacred shards! You're alive, scrawny wolf? Mutt.
Naraku! What happened to Naraku?! We'll talk later! I'm getting us outta here! It's no use.
All the openings are sealed.
Isn't there any way out? It's too early to give up.
If there's no exit, we create one! Wind Tunnel! Way to go, Miroku! Let's go! The mountain is crumbling.
Where's Inuyasha? Don't you see him yet? Maybe he didn't make it in time.
No, he's okay.
Something like this wouldn't kill Inuyasha! Be safe, Inuyasha You promised to come back.
The exit.
Where's the exit?! You idiot! Don't you know the way out? That's not it! The exits have been sealed! You've gotta be kidding! I ain't gonna die here with you! Damn right! For once, we agree! No way will I die in a place like this! I see it! An exit! Kikyo?! What's this? A vision of Kikyo at a time like this?! Naraku, what is the meaning of that appearance of yours? Can't you tell? This is my new body.
Don't make me laugh.
I'm not blind.
That body.
Dressed in such finery, but that is just for show.
You escaped to Mt.
Hakurei and even put up a sacred barrier.
Just what were you up to? You are very astute, Kikyo.
So you noticed Just before the mountain disintegrated, your incarnation, Kagura, left Mt.
Hakurei with something in her possession.
Now tell me! What is your true aim? Inuyasha.
I sense it.
Huh? I sense the presence of Sacred Jewel shards.
Koga? It's coming this way! Inuyasha! I'm so glad! They're both safe! Not again?! Kagome! What about Kagome? Watch out! Inuyasha! Koga! Damn, that was so careless of me.
I'm sorry, Kagome, that we got separated.
You must've been scared.
Why you! Don't act like you got out alive by yourself! Shut up, Mutt! Hey Koga, you should thank him at least.
Huh? Inuyasha went to save you before I even asked.
Hah! Don't misunderstand! I just didn't want Naraku to get your Sacred Jewel shards.
Oh yeah? Then I don't need to thank you.
That's the least you can do.
Which is it?! He wants you to thank him.
I'll ask one more time.
Naraku, what is your true aim? Kikyo, did you come all this way to ask me that? I'm asking the question.
'Round and 'round goes the spinning wheel of Fate.
Spinning and weaving a red thread.
Meeting Rasetsu, or should I say Kansuke, was no coincidence.
It was all according to my plan.
I just took advantage of his desire to find a place to die.
It was simple.
By putting rumors into that dying man's head about Mt.
and setting him on your path.
Now do you understand? You did not come here on your own.
I lured you here.
Humans often call this "fate" or "destiny.
" Once the threads of destiny become tangled, they cannot be undone.
To walk this path once more only confirms my cursed destiny.
Only the weak utter such nonsense.
The truly powerful.
create fate and destiny themselves.
That is nonsense, Naraku! Oh yes.
You asked me about my true aim.
You wish to know? Then I shall tell you.
What it is that I must do here.
That is.
Your imitation body is formed from bones and dirt, so you do not bleed? Naraku, why you! You underestimated me, Kikyo.
You came here feeling safe.
believing that I would not be able to kill you.
Believing that as long as I had the heart of a worthless human.
the heart of Onigumo, the bandit who loved you with all his heart.
I would not be able to touch you.
However, I feel nothing.
even after wounding you so.
Do you mean you've lost that heart? I see What Kagura had in her possession was his human heart.
The bottom of this crevice is filled with my miasma.
An imitation body like yours will dissolve easily.
This is your grave! Why am I remembering those moments? Inuyasha Huh? Inuyasha? What is this ominous feeling I have? Inuyasha! Now do you understand, Kikyo? This is the new body I wished for.
You took extraordinary steps to kill a mere woman, Naraku.
Sesshomaru, huh? He shows Lord Sesshomaru such disrespect! He's grown too full of himself! Stay back, Jaken.
I didn't expect you to be following me, too.
Are you so interested in me? Silence! You are the one who keeps meddling, so we.
! Back away, Jaken! Since you've emerged from your barrier, I assume you're capable of producing a decent amount of power.
Would you like to try me? Got him! He's laughing?! Sesshomaru, now I'll just reverse the power of your sword towards you.
Lord Sesshomaru is being pushed back! It's useless.
I will not die.
Such impudence You wanted to test the power of your new body against me? Sesshomaru! So you're still alive, Inuyasha? What're you! It seems that Naraku was far more interested in killing that woman than getting rid of you.
Kikyo's bow! Kikyo! Does this mean that Naraku killed Kikyo? No way! Naraku cannot kill me.
As long as he has Onigumo's heart- the heart which cares for me.
Soul Collectors! I did it again.
Once again I let only you die.
This miasma is terrible.
There's no way she could survive it.
Huh? Lord Sesshomaru! Hold on, Sesshomaru! Did you just stand by and watch.
Kikyo get killed? Wait, I said! I don't care to know what your connection to that woman was.
But the one who killed Kikyo was Naraku.
And the one who wasn't able to save her.
was you, Inuyasha.
Rather than taking out your anger on me, I suggest you go after Naraku.
Exactly! Kikyo.
Inuyasha! Inuyasha.
That's Did something happen to Kikyo? Naraku's.
Naraku's aim.
was to take Kikyo's life.
It can't be Kikyo is? Damn that Naraku Pushing this thing on me.
Kikyo is dead.
Huh? What was that? Naraku killed her.
Damn! I'm sick of this! I'm not into babysitting a kid! Kagura! Is it a lie that Kikyo is still alive?! Inuyasha won't come.
He's desperately looking for Kikyo.
Is this baby an incarnation of Naraku? What does he want with me? You are the only one who can see the Sacred Jewel shards.
Kagome, I want your eyes.
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