Inuyasha (2000) s01e125 Episode Script

Episode 125

Here we come! It's time for Inuyasha! We're going to gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! At Mt.
Hakurei, Naraku, who has been newly reborn, produces another incarnation and leaves after slaying Kikyo.
The tragedy brings darkness into our hearts and yet another trap is set for us.
It's up to us and Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara! Travel back in time for a Feudal Fairy Tale! Inuyasha! Kikyo! Huh? So that bastard Naraku put up that huge barrier and cooped himself up in that mountain in order to kill a mere woman?! Lady Kikyo was no mere woman.
Naraku feared Kikyo's spiritual powers.
And Naraku wanted to rid himself of his heart.
The human heart that yearned for Kikyo.
Once before, Naraku tried to cut out his human heart.
That was when he created Muso, the one who possessed the heart and memories of the bandit, Onigumo.
Now feed upon me! And give me a body and power! But Naraku absorbed Muso back into his body, saying it had been too soon to produce him.
Kikyo! This tenacity This greed! Then Naraku was.
Those ominous fleshy forms we saw inside Mt.
He was creating a body he could cast out which contained his own human heart.
So now that he's killed off that scary priestess, does it mean Naraku can do just about anything he wants? Well.
As if I'd let him.
I'm going.
We found you! Koga! W-We finally found you.
I'm off, Kagome.
Take care, huh? Koga, take it easy too.
Huh? What's wrong? I don't hear the mutt complaining.
Hey, where is that idiot anyway? He looked awfully depressed.
Stupid Inuyasha! He left Kagome to go in search of Kikyo.
Inuyasha hasn't been able to accept Kikyo's death.
I understand how he must feel.
Inuyasha Kikyo Why'd you try to fight him alone? Why didn't you wait until I got there?! Kikyo! Even if it's flowing into the river, the miasma isn't weakening.
Kikyo! You're there, aren't you?! I don't care to know what your connection to that woman was.
But the one who killed Kikyo was Naraku.
And the one who wasn't able to save her was you, Inuyasha.
I will slay Naraku with my own hands! So you don't have to fight anymore.
I will protect you.
Kikyo? Watching you now, I realize it so well.
As long as Onigumo's heart exists inside Naraku, there will be an opportunity.
And I will use that chance to totally destroy Naraku and rid him from this world.
Kikyo! Kikyo didn't believe me That's why Dammit! Damn! Damn! Dammit! Dammit! Kikyo Did you really die here all alone? Kikyo! Keep up, guys! We're chasing after Naraku! They said a huge demonic aura went south.
First north, now we're going back south.
Shouldn't we have stayed in the south from the start and waited? With Inuyasha gone, this is the perfect chance to win Kagome over! He was pretty nonchalant about leaving her.
I don't understand him! I'll find Naraku and destroy him in place of Inuyasha.
You just wait, Kagome! Day's breaking Inuyasha How far did you go in search of Kikyo? Huh? l-Inuyasha! Inuyasha, have you returned? Kagome? You waited up for me? Yes.
Couldn't you find Kikyo? I want to ask, but I thought.
I'd be able to find her remains at least.
What can I say to him? I can't stand to see him in such pain I don't know how to console him I'm sorry.
Huh? I'm.
okay now.
"Okay"? Inuyasha You don't look okay at all.
What am I to do? What can I do? This area too.
Caused by Mt.
Hakurei's collapse? I wonder if Shintaro and the others are okay? Kirara! Here you go.
Eat it all up.
Shintaro! Miroku! Kagome! All of you together! You are all safe! Aren't you glad, Inuyasha? Huh? Yeah.
Hey, I'll help.
In many villages, demons are running rampant.
I'm glad that Shintaro and the others are all right.
But Inuyasha looks so troubled.
We left Mt.
Hakurei so quickly in pursuit of Naraku But I wonder if that was okay with Inuyasha? Maybe he really wanted to stay and search for Kikyo.
Such a frightening thing.
Could the rumors be true? It's said Mt.
Hakurei crumbled away in one night.
I hope nothing bad comes from it.
What is that?! That demonic aura.
Dammit! Inuyasha! So horrible! This is the third village.
I only catch the scent of weak demons.
Could this be the work of demons who escaped the barrier of Mt.
Hakurei? Damn! This is awful! We cornered Naraku and forced him out of hiding But this is even worse than before.
On top of that, Kikyo was killed.
Miroku, I picked flowers.
Put them over there.
You there.
Such a tragedy.
Let me assist you.
You came from the area of Mt.
Hakurei? Yes.
I have been on a pilgrimage, traveling around the country.
I heard that Mt.
Hakurei, the sacred mountain, had collapsed and that an evil aura was spreading south.
I see.
It's exactly as that priestess said.
Huh? Priestess? It was about two days ago.
An injured priestess had been washed up on the riverbank in a region beyond the mountain.
She mumbled something about Naraku wounding her.
That she had to go after Naraku.
That has to be Kikyo.
She survived! Kikyo is! But her injuries were so serious.
She may have died from them.
Go, Inuyasha! Kagome! Kagome? This is no time to hesitate.
Hurry! Kikyo must be waiting.
Forgive me.
Are you sure about this, Kagome? It can't be helped.
Forgive me, Kagome.
I have to make sure this time, if Kikyo is dead or alive Otherwise, I won't be able to go on! Inuyasha hasn't returned.
Well, let's go on ahead.
Inuyasha will pick up Kagome's scent and follow us.
I guess.
He's right! You there! Halt! You all look suspicious! Suspicious? Does he mean your appearance, Kagome? There have been many strange happenings here lately.
We have been ordered to detain all suspicious looking travelers and take them to the castle.
Now come! Well.
What'll we do? We can easily beat them and escape.
Don't start talking like Inuyasha.
Besides, these officials are ordinary mortals.
We can escape anytime.
Stop your mumbling! Tie them up! T-This is bad! We have to get Inuyasha back.
Let's go, Kirara! Please forgive me! I am not suspicious! I have the proper travel documents! Execute him! Will we all be killed? Not even a hearing, huh? H-How terrible! This is very disquieting.
She's here.
Kagome! Come, wench! It is My Lady's orders! Just me? What's going on? I have no use for the others.
Kill them.
Miroku! Sango! Inuyasha! Where are you?! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! With Kikyo dead, you are the only one able to see the Sacred Jewel shards.
Huh? The priest from yesterday.
Honestly, I've had it! Making me baby-sit a kid! Kagura! This priest.
What else? I was controlling him with my Dance of the Dead.
Then the story about Kikyo being alive was a lie No one will come to save you.
The monk and the Demon Slayer will be killed by the clansmen.
It's not the woman speaking.
Inuyasha won't come.
Inuyasha is obsessed with finding Kikyo.
This infant.
is an incarnation of Naraku! This baby is an incarnation of Naraku, born at Mt.
Just what do you intend to do with me? I told you.
You're the only one who can see the Sacred Jewel shards.
I want your eyes.
Resign yourself to death! A hidden weapon?! Damn wench! How dare she?! Get them! Miroku! My thanks! I'm taking these back! R-Run! Hey! You're not getting away! Out of the way! These men are nothing much.
They're just mortals following orders from above.
We can't kill them, on top of that we're far outnumbered.
This may take some time.
But Kagome was taken away all alone.
We must hurry! Kagome.
I will make good use of your eyes.
Kagura, untie the rope.
Are you sure? No! What are you afraid of? You think I'll take your eyes and eat them? What? This girl's soul I can't find her darkness.
That can't be.
In every human, there is darkness in the heart.
Anger, hatred, and What is this? This terrible feeling.
It's like he's digging around inside my heart.
Help Inuyasha, help! Inuyasha.
Inuyasha isn't coming.
I'm okay now.
Inuyasha is.
Inuyasha is searching for Kikyo.
Forgive me.
Inuyasha won't come to save me.
Inuyasha Found it! I've grasped the darkness in your heart.
You can't get away.
Now hold me tightly.
Let our souls unite and become my eyes.
Inuyasha Kagome was captured while I was searching for Kikyo! The human heart is very fragile.
And hatred is so easily bred.
This girl is no different.
Use that tainted Sacred Jewel shard.
You mean Kagome will now become Naraku's servant? I feel bitter towards Inuyasha? I hate Kikyo? Yes.
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