Inuyasha (2000) s01e129 Episode Script

Episode 129

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! A detestable demon appears! I love pork cutlets, but I refuse to become a demon's bride! That's what I thought But things didn't turn out quite the way I expected.
For the first time in ages, I went home to the present.
While I was taking part in the Cultural Festival, we ended up having to put down several demons.
What a time it was! A demon! Inuya-I mean, Pekopon! Do something! You don't need to say it! Wind Scar! Hah! How's that?! Finally, it was time to return to the Feudal Era.
We have to do our best to find the remaining shards of the Shikon Jewel.
Tonight I will have to leave you.
Don't worry.
We're all going to protect you.
How could I give my daughter to marry a demon?! Here he comes! Where is she? My lovely bride! Where is she? It's here! How lovely.
! My dear girl.
Will you bear my children? Yes, Master! Then come, my bride! What? A demon who steals young girls?! Yes.
You see, our shrine was demolished by a band of demons as they came flying through, and the demon which had been sealed inside was set free.
That demon, whenever he sees a beautiful, young girl, he asks if she will bear his child and then abducts her.
How awful! It's atrocious! Wanting them to have his babies! How dare he! As if you're one to talk! Those villages that refused him were thoroughly destroyed.
What a despicable being! We'd love to help you out, but we have the remaining jewel shards yet to find.
But we can't just leave them like this! Those demons appeared because of Mt.
Hakurei, didn't they? So, is there no one who will help them? Well, I guess it's up to me.
I'll go.
Inuyasha! I can take care of the little snits and be back in no time.
I'm sure if Inuyasha goes, there'll be no problems at all.
Thank you so much! We can't leave our beautiful maidens in the cave forever! What did you just say? We've gotten all the lovely girls from the surrounding areas and put them into a cave where the demon can't find them.
I think I'll go with you! I'd worry if Inuyasha goes all by himself.
Sango, you're going, too? I'm also worried about the young girls, but not for the reason Kisuke mentioned.
Kaede! We'll be back in no time! They all ended up going? The demon only goes after young, single girls.
? Young? Single? - We have to stay on our toes.
- Don't worry.
I will.
What is Sango all worked up about? You're as clueless as ever.
There it is! It's that cave! - Kisuke!! - Oh! Everybody! Kisuke has returned with help! - Kisuke! - How wonderful! - Thank goodness he's back! - We're saved! What's with them? Everybody! You can relax now! I've brought these experts at killing demons! - Thank goodness! - I'm so glad! You can trust these folks completely! Yup! Except their character.
Hey?! I was speaking of Miroku.
I'll get right to it.
On the way over here I thought of a strategy to keep the demon from choosing you all as brides.
Is there a way? There is.
Just one.
The demon only chooses single girls.
Yes, that's right! In that case.
Miss? Will you have my baby? Then the demon won't want you! I see.
!! Huh? That joke isn't funny! A demonic aura! Oh, no! He may have found this place! Inuyasha! So this guy was the cause of the presence I've been feeling.
He stinks of a wild beast! Miroku!! Master Miroku? Please hurry! - Yes.
- And then me! Now, this is to ensure a safe delivery.
You girls can't believe everything you hear!! Don't let the girls come outside! That demon wields a huge spear and is very fierce.
I'm dying to get a look at him! Wait for us! Let's get far from the girls' cave and go out to meet him! If he's a beast, won't he be able to smell the girls out? In that case, he'd be drawn by the smell of Kagome.
Hey! But since the demon only goes after young, pretty girls, I'll let you off this time.
Young and pretty? Where?! Sit!! Idiots never learn.
Have you given up and brought me a bride? That must be him! Huh? Y-You? You're the demon who's looking for wives? Right! Young lady, would you like to bear my child? I think I've heard that before somewhere.
Hey, hey! Jeez! What a letdown! Who are you?! I thought he was a much scarier demon and I'd be able to have some fun for the first time in ages! A pig demon.
I'm not a pig! I'm a wild boar!! Well, clearly they don't need me.
Inuyasha, you handle it.
Hey, you guys! Do what you like with this guy.
Sango, would you, please? You two!! Yes? Look at them! Fearing my power and running off with their tails between their legs! How pathetic! You wish! It's because you look really weak! How you underestimate the the power of Chokyukai! Chokyukai? I've heard that name somewhere before.
or have I? What? You know him?! I like pork cutlets but I don't have any pig friends.
Not a pig! A boar! Now listen and be amazed!! This fellow here is a descendant of Sagojo, the great water demon from the ancient epic tale from the continent, "The Journey to the West.
" This one is a descendant of the Heavenly Saint, Son Goku! And I am Chokyukai, descended from Chohakkai, the General of the Army of Heaven! Huh?! Too impressed even to speak?! Well, I've taken a lesson from my ancestor, Chohakkai, and decided to marry a human girl.
What's the swine talking about? What?! You've never heard of "The Journey to the West"? So, you're really descended from Chohakkai, in the "Journey to the West"? You know that? Not me.
I have no clue what he's talking about.
But I should've known Kagome would know.
She's so smart! Young Miss? You seem to have heard of my ancestor? "The Journey to the West" is a famous Chinese epic tale of the monk, Sanzo, who makes friends with three demons a monkey, a water sprite and a pig.
and together they go to India to retrieve the holy sutras.
So you do know him! I told you! I like pork cutlets on rice but I don't know any pigs! You know all about my ancestor! What a fine girl you are! You should be happy! I think I'll make you my wife! No way! When a girl says, "no," she frequently means, "yes!" I'll make you mine! I like pork roasts, but no thanks! What is that you keep saying? Well, this is getting tiresome.
Huh?! Watch out! Inuyasha! Huh? Inuyasha is acting strangely.
Inuyasha! What's wrong, Inuyasha? I.
! Ugh! Don't tell me he's your type! That's not what the problem is! There's something funny about that golden diadem.
Yow! It's tight! Huh? What happened to me? You nearly volunteered to become Chokyukai's wife.
Ack! When placed upon a girl's head, this diadem has the power to make her fall in love? If I place it on a girl's head, I can make her love me! Hey! Forget it, idiot! Master.
! Huh? So, it doesn't make the wearer fall in love with the one that placed it? Anyone wearing it falls in love with Chokyukai! Wait, Miroku! Okay, enough fun for one day.
Hey! Oh, no! Now, my dear, shall we go? Yes, Master.
Over my dead body! I won't let you interfere! Kagome! Huh?! Kagome.
?! Oh, Master.
Why, you! You still want to interfere?! Son Goku! Sagojo! Yes! Go!!! Grrrrrr! Woof! Hey, the mongrel's not too bad.
! I've had enough of you! I'll knock you all back to the continent! Time for you to run off with your tail between your legs! Shut up, Pig Demon! I told you! I'm a boar! I'll beat you to a pulp! Fine! Master! Good luck! Kagome! Now, die! Inuyasha! Well, now that I have my bride, I'm done here.
Shall we go? Yes, Master! Wait! Dammit! Kagome! Welcome home, Master! I've brought all of you a new companion! You'll sit at the head of the table.
You're worthy of that.
Yes, Master.
Are you all right? Damn.
About now, Kagome is.
Kagome is.
Master! Damn! I was careless! Well, this is no time to get all depressed about it.
That one is a demon from the continent.
It's possible our methods of eradication won't work on him.
I have here a sutra with prayers from the continent on it.
We could try using this.
But how are we going to find his lair? Easy.
Just follow his scent! But with Kagome in the enemy's hands, we can't be too aggressive.
That's true.
I have a strategy.
Shippo, come listen.
That's an idea! I hadn't thought of that! We'll need everyone working together.
Yep, I've gotta keep it together! My, my! What a fine night this is! Someone dance for me! Excuse me! Excuse me! A female voice like the tinkling of bells! What do you need, traveling woman? I've lost my way and am in a difficulty.
If I could ask to spend the night here.
? One night or a thousand nights! Come, show me your face.
I am too shy.
Jeez, this is hopeless.
My, my, my! You're just my type! Would you bear my child?! Well.
It looks like he hasn't noticed.
Either that or he has really strange tastes.
Kagome! Well, we shouldn't be standing outside talking.
Let us go in.
Hurry it up, Inuyasha! What's wrong? Are you trembling with joy?! Fine! Then I'll tremble with you! This is about All I can take! What's this? You were with that dog bunch! Snap out of it, Kagome! Inuyasha! You forgot something! You all tricked me! Good job, Shippo! I won't let you have my bride! Now, Inuyasha! Give that sutra to Kagome! This is a prayer from the continent! Wrap it around your arrow, and shoot it! Gotcha! That's not a bad pike for a pig to wield.
You ain't seen nothing yet! So you wanna challenge me? Huh? What am I feeling.
? Oh, no! Not that!! You shouldn't toy with a woman's affections! Don't do it! Wow! Damn! I let that swine get away.
But he won't be causing anymore trouble.
I'm glad we were able to rescue everyone.
Yes, aren't we, Miro? Ladies, would you bear my children? That monk! He's talking just like that demon! Suspicious.
Do you think he's one of them? - Come on! Say something! - Forget it.
Hey! Girls! Is everyone all right? Everyone! It's Kisuke! Well, clearly he's not popular enough to cause us worry.
Right? - It was so frightening! - Thank you, Kisuke! That pig demon was really disgusting! That monk, too.
Little baby foxes look up to Shippo as their master! What's with you guys? You are our leader, Boss Shippo! Master, train us to become strong! You have secret techniques, don't you? You mean the fox demon technique of the Smashing Top? Something more amazing! Amazing? Could they mean that trick Inuyasha uses? Next on Inuyasha: "Shippo's New Technique, The Heart Scar!" This is my tragic love story.