Inuyasha (2000) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Hold it, Kagome! You're on clean-up duty, too! I have to meet someone! Sorry, please overlook it this time! Someone? As in, boy? Oh dear I already told you, there's no one like that! I'll make it up to you! It's good for your health.
Step on it.
Hojo?! He seems nice But a bit individualistic.
Hmm Do you like movies, Higurashi? Wanna go Just you and me? W-what?! - Hey! - Kagome! You mean, as in a date? What'll you do, Kagome?! Will you go? Why don't you, Kagome? You've never been on a date, have you? Huh?! Have you really, truly, never been on a date?! Don't be silly! Of course, I've! never been on a date I guess I'll go.
Really? Okay then, this Saturday.
It's a date! Huh?! Darn! I'm off to the other world What was I thinking, making a promise like that?! Umm Do you think I can come back on Saturday? I don't see why not.
Really? I dunno what day Saturday is, though.
Oh let's go.
It feels so good! Look, fish! Hey, Kagome! We're not here to have fun! Okay, okay! Let's see I don't detect any signs of Sacred Jewel fragments here.
Shippo You're a demon! Don't go getting seasick! I feel terrible! Jeepers No one's taking this seriously! - Huh? - What? Spider webs? Such long strands Master Inuyasha, is something wrong? Nothing.
- Huh? - Someone! Don't come near! Nice catch! What was that? Umm Thank you for Let go, you demon! Of all the nerve! Err What was that just now? A demon called the Spider Head.
It started living in this mountain just after the spring.
Several villages have already been attacked.
It traps humans in its web, then devours them.
It's a frightening demon! I see Inuyasha, let's save them.
Any sign of Sacred Jewel fragments? I didn't sense anything from that Spider Head just now.
Then let's go I want to cross the mountain before nightfall.
But there is a demon! How can we just pass?! Hey! I'm not hunting down demons just for goodwill towards man! I know, but Usually, he'd at least check it out.
I'm going home.
No way will I be beholden to a demon! He saved you! What an ingrate! Shut up! I hate demons! Let's at least see her home.
Huh! It's that temple, right? Nazuna? Who are these people? Master! Huh?! Were you attacked by the Spider Head? I went to put flowers on the graves and I've gone and brought these wicked demons to the temple, too I'm sorry.
Are you still on that?! Demons, huh? Calm down! We're leaving right away! Oh no You can spend the night at this temple.
Master! Now, go and prepare supper.
Forgive her rudeness.
Nazuna's parents were killed by the Spider Head.
I've been taking care of her since but she has a terrible fear of demons.
Umm Are there a lot of Spider Heads in the area? As more and more men die in war the number of Spider Heads seems to increase.
In leaps and bounds Leaps and bounds?! Say, let's take up his offer to spend the night here.
Why do I have to let some stupid demon control my life? I have sealed this temple with sacred sutras so the Spider Heads cannot enter.
You can rest easy.
You see! I guess I have no choice.
That Nazuna has a sharp mouth, but she sure can cook.
Huh?! I thought you disliked her a while ago.
Well, a woman who can cook can't be all that bad.
Night has fallen.
Say, Inuyasha Is something the matter? No What?! Inuyasha Could you be Afraid of spiders?! Boo! I'm not a Am I wrong? Absolutely! Where are you going? Shut up! I'm gonna sleep alone! Damn I'm losing my sense of smell.
We're surrounded! Aghh! Spider Heads! This side, too! There may be many of them, but they're not formidable opponents.
It's just a post-meal exercise for you, Master Inuyasha! Dang that priest! Whatever happened to his sacred sutra seals?! Master! Master, the Spider Heads! Master! Inuyasha! Kagome! Shippo! Make your escape! But! Shut up! I can ward them off alone! What's with him today? Why isn't Tetsusaiga transforming? Damn! Foxfire! Inuyasha! Get away! N-Nazuna The seals have been broken! My sutras can no longer ward off the Spider Heads! Master Master! I think we're safe now.
Damn! Inuyasha What's wrong? Shut up! Something's wrong with you today! You guys had better worry about yourselves first.
W-what's happening to your hair? If you think I can protect you as usual, you're wrong! What's this? Inuyasha right? Quit staring at me! Your dog ears are gone! You look just like a human And my fangs and claws are gone, too! What's going on, Inuyasha? Half-demons like Master Inuyasha Iose their demon power for a period of time.
Myoga! Because this is a life-threatening period half-demons never reveal this weakness to anyone.
For Master Inuyasha, it turns out that it is this night of the new month when the moon is dark.
When the moon is dark The start of the new month when the moon isn't visible? And today is that day.
Master Inuyasha Why didn't you at least inform me?! If you knew, you'd have run off somewhere by now.
Well Have you so little faith in me? I have little faith in this period of time! What about me? If I had known about your weakness I would never have insisted that we journey into this den of demons! Have you so little faith in me, too?! I don't trust anyone! That's how I've lived until now! You have no right to complain! I'm sorry.
But I just thought you could open up to me a little H-hey! Don't cry! It's because you're so proud and stubborn that we're in this terrible mess right now! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! What?! I can't believe that you're so stupid! If Inuyasha is a powerless, mere mortal I'm the only demon that can protect everyone! I must be strong! Here they come! You! Nazuna! I'm so glad you're safe! Please Please save the priest! What? The priest? That that demon is strong, isn't he? I thought you said you hated demons? Go rely on that priest's sacred sutras.
What happened to you? You look like I've just turned human for a while! What's the matter? I forgot my backpack! Forget it! The Sacred Jewel fragments are in there What?! S-sorry! Here! You and Nazuna can wait here! Even if Tetsusaiga won't transform you can hit Spider Heads on their heads! Inuyasha All right, we're going back to the temple, Shippo! Huh?! Me, too? I have to be strong Be strong! Priest! So you are the mastermind behind this! I heard rumors that a half-demon was roaming around with fragments of the Sacred Jewel Darn he took some of it! And of all the luck you fell into my trap just when your powers are gone! I may not have any demon power but my human strength can beat your brains out! St.
Elmo's fire! Darn! Pretending to be human is quite a burden Die! Inuyasha! Now then, I'll take the Sacred Jewel fragments! No! Then you, too Master Why? He tricked you.
Kagome Inuyasha is! Inuyasha! Tetsusaiga's powers are at work.
If Myoga appears at a time like this, it must mean we have a chance.
Huh? What do you mean? You've taken in quite a bit of my toxin.
Soon, you'll start to corrode from the inside! No Master Kagome Run No! Idiot! Listen to me! I REFUSE to run away by myself! Hurry, outside! Not outside! There's a small room in the back of the main hall! As if you can get away! Kagome! Thrust the Tetsusaiga into the door! - Huh?! - Hurry! W-what?! Damn! Tetsusaiga's power will ward them off for a while.
His hands are cold Inuyasha, hang on! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Just because I insisted that we stay here It's not your fault.
But I! I'll suck out the poison! Hello I've put on a few pounds here Now it's up to Master Inuyasha.
He's perspiring so much Sorry, did I wake you? No Kagome Yes? Why? Why were you crying? You mean, a while ago? I I thought you were going to die.
Crying for me? Let me use your lap.
Huh? Okay.
Do you feel a little better? You smell nice.
Huh? What? You said you don't like my smell.
That was a lie.
What's he saying?! Oh dear Why is my heart pounding so hard? Hey, Inuyasha He's asleep.
What?! What's that?! Probably the priest's doing.
How's Master Inuyasha? He's not recovered yet! Watch out! Shippo! I'm taking possession of the remaining fragments! Hey, you dared to steal the Master Priest's body! There never was a priest.
All of this was to lure the half-demon who possessed the Sacred Jewel fragments.
You killed my father and the rest of the villagers?! You served me well thinking that it was all part of a vendetta.
How dare you! You need not fear the Spider Heads anymore.
Once dead, you'll become one of us! Damn him Dad I was such a fool You're pretty determined for a human.
You? Inuyasha! Inuyasha! The dawn is breaking! You're just a human right now! What a fool you are! Why you Back to normal?! Well, before you transform, I'll get rid of you! Will you stop touching me with your slimy, ugly arms?! The moonless night is over! The demon sword also transformed.
You got that right! The fragments of the Sacred Jewel? It calcified inside the demon's body.
Jeepers Is that all we have?! It's quite a lot.
This far is fine.
The village is close by.
Really? Then take care.
Inuyasha Thank you.
I'll remember that there are good demons, too.
Forget that! All demons are bad.
I won't forget, Inuyasha! I won't forget you! Hah! Inuyashaseems to be okay.
Yousmell nice.
Ididn't hear wrong, did I? Was he really serious? I want to ask him Huh?! What're you staring at? Got some complaint? Forget it.
He's still the same.
Ughh Inuyasha Let's stop and rest.
Sure! Get over that seasickness and I'll stop.
Inuyasha Turn this way Huh?! In a battle for the Sacred Jewel fifty years ago Inuyasha was bound to a tree by a shrine maiden's arrow.
Old Kaede's sister, Kikyo, was fatally injured in that fight.
We returned from our journey to find Kikyo's gravesite violated! Who was it that robbed the grave?! And what was the aim? A calamity is about to befall! Next on Inuyasha: "Kikyo's Stolen Ashes"! Don't miss it!