Inuyasha (2000) s01e130 Episode Script

Episode 130

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! Miroku, Sango, Inuyasha and Kagome.
I command these brave warriors and I'll defeat Naraku with my Smashing Top! Here I come! It's time for the start of Shippo! Meow! Miaaow! - We're tired, Brother! - We're tired, Big Brother! Shut up and walk.
- Let's take a break, Brother! - Let's take a break, Big Brother! - Meow.
- Miaaow.
Just for a minute! A demon!! - Why, you.
! - Wind Scar! Well, now what do you think?! That'll teach you to try to eat me! Is that.
?! You shouldn't take me too lightly! Hey! We're leaving, Shippo! Ah!! Wait for me! Don't leave me behind! - Don't tell me.
- That's.
?! The Great Hero! It's gotta be, Big Brother! It's the Great Hero! Meow! Miaaow! Yeah! That's the legendary Great Hero! You see, I lost both my ma and my pa.
Poor Shippo.
But I'm okay.
I've got my friends with me.
They seem like good people.
I'm more worried about you.
The world of humans is going through tough times.
I'll be fine.
Especially now that I've met you.
S-Same here! Mizuki! How is it that Shippo meets girls at every town we visit? It's probably due to the one he's always hanging around with! If you've been seeing a demon, of course we'll get rid of it for you right away.
It might take a while if it's hiding up in the mountains.
Oh, we are very well aware of that.
So what about lodging during that time.
? Feh! You may stay here as long as you wish! And could we ask the young ladies to take care of us.
? I can certainly ask some young maidens over to help at dinner.
And through the night, as well? You're asking a bit much of our host, Miroku! Well, well! If it isn't Sango! Geez! I can't stand it! From what I hear it's only a stupid little small-fry demon.
It's got nothing to do with the Jewel shards, and I'm not interested.
Please don't say that! Why should I care?! Let's leave this dump of a village and be on our way! Inuyasha! Huh?! Sit! boy! Ka.
Kagome! Why, you.
! Sit! boy! Kagome!! Sit! boy! Are your friends always so violent.
? That's because they're still children.
But don't worry! I keep things together! Oh? Well, we'll be off! I can't thank you enough! And you look after things here, you hear me, Inuyasha? Yeah, yeah.
Aren't you going, Inuyasha? They don't need me to go! Besides, what happens if the demon attacks the village? We're placing all our hopes in you! Yeah, I know.
Well, I'll go take a look around! Sure.
I'm counting on you.
There! I wonder if Mizuki will like it? Of course she will!! Master! Miaaow.
One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Master! Mister! Mustard! - Meow.
- Miaaow.
What the hell do you think you're doing?! We're fox demons and we had the good fortune to come across our hero, the Master Shippo! Mister! Mustard! - Meow.
- Miaaow.
Huh? Master.
? These are the times when the world of demons is in turmoil with this demon Naraku showing up and other demons are wreaking havoc all they like! Because of that, our family of fox demons was attacked! The five of us got separated from our parents, and now we're looking for them.
- Meow.
- Miaaow.
And during all this we heard rumors of the Master Shippo! We heard there was a group who battles with the evil Naraku! And among them is a fox demon who is a great hero! - Meow! - Miaaow! Hm.
Well, I guess that would be me.
Master! We'll work very hard! Train us hard to be strong like you! Make us your disciples! Your underlings! Meow! Miaaow! I can't do that! Oh, no! The stories about you are legion! Even though you're a demon yourself, you have among your followers a priestess.
A demon slayer.
A holy monk.
Namu Namu Namu And a half-demon.
You're the Great Shippo who leads such illustrious warriors! Me? I lead.
a priestess.
? A demon slayer.
? A monk.
? And a half-demon.
? Why, you! Inuyasha is my retainer!! And the humans are my servants!! Master! Teach us one of your deadly moves! You had a technique when you fought with Naraku, didn't you?! A deadly technique.
? Oh, yeah! You must mean this!! Fox Magic, Smashing Top! Well? Whacha think? Master! Mister! Mustard! Meow! Miaoww! What? Please don't make fun of us.
Please! You have a really incredible one, don't you?! An incredible one.
? A terrific one! Something like, "Wink Star!" "Think Hard!" "Bean Curd!" Incredible skills! Incredible! Are you talking about the Wind Scar? That's it!! Yes, that's it! Please teach us that one, Master! Mister! Mustard! Meow! Miaaow! But.
You, see.
! Master! Please teach us! All right.
I get it.
Can you wait here a bit? I'm capable, too! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! What is it, Shippo? Has the demon showed up? Lend it to me! It's.
! What on earth are you doing? Inuyasha! How do you do the Wind Scar? What's this all of a sudden? I want to use the Wind Scar, too! Huh?! I have to be a lot stronger.
No, no! You can't just swing it around like that! Listen, you have a sensitive nose and can smell the flow of the demonic aura, right? So, that's where you go, "Ga-ga-ga!!" And then, like you're slicing through it, go "Zu-ba-ba!!" Ga-ga-ga? Zu-ba-ba? Yeah! Ga-ga-ga and zu-ba-ba! I don't get the "ga-ga-ga" and the "zu-ba-ba" part! If you don't get the "ga-ga-ga" or the "zu-ba-ba" parts, then you'll never get it! Watch! It's like this.
Ga-ga-ga!!! And zu-ba-ba!!! Wind Scar! See? Like that.
Ack!! Oh, this is bad! I decimated it! Shippo.
! This.
Huh?! Where'd he go? Shoot! I got carried away! I was stupid to think Inuyasha would teach it to me.
Shippo! Hello! Mizuki! Where were you? I.
I was going to check around for that demon.
Oh! And I thought I'd give this to you.
Oh, my! It's lovely! Thank you, Shippo! Okay, so I'm going back to look for the demon, so you should go back.
Be careful now.
Thank you! Master! H-How long have you been standing there? For a while.
Listen, about the Wind Scar.
I don't have it.
That was great, Master! Hm? Enchanting that human girl so easily! I wasn't exactly enchanting her.
We fox demons have a long tradition of bewitching folks! And we can't let the raccoon dog demons outdo us! Right! So, Master! Are you going to do something awful to this girl? Well, not really.
I'm sure Master Shippo has a terrific technique for it! I'm so excited! We wanna watch! We wanna watch! J- Just what're these fox demons thinking?! Outta my way, you fox brats! You creep! What do you think you're doing?! This must be the demon who is terrorizing the village! I have to get word to Inuyasha right away! Hold it! Do you know who you're dealing with?! Huh? This is the master famous throughout the fox demon world, the one and only Master Shippo! You're the one who should get out of his way! Yeah! You! - Just be good and apologize! - If you don't, he'll getcha!! Wonder at the power of Master Shippo! Be amazed!! Be amazed! Hey.
why are you holding onto me? Oh, yeah? Well, I guess I've gotta fight him! Go get him, Master! Go get him! Go get him! Go get him! Miaaow! Now that it's come to this.
Come on! I'm ready anytime! Fox Magic! Anything to get away! Run for it! Now, you little squirts! How dare you make a fool of me! Ma.
Master!! Hah! Little twerps! Wow.
It looks like I got away from that one.
Uh-oh! I sense.
Master! Mister! Mustard! Meow! Miaoww! Are you really the hero of the fox demons, Master Shippo? Well.
yeah! I'm Shippo.
No two ways about that.
And you really are a powerful demon, right? Well.
And you really have a deadly technique, right? Uh.
Then why did you run off? Well, you see.
Why?! Well.
Ah! Master! Huh? M-Mizuki! That's the girl! She's the one you'll play a trick on, right? Please show us how well you do it! We wanna see! We wanna see! What's wrong, Master? There really is no need to enchant a human girl.
Master!! Are you sure you're the hero of the fox demons, Master Shippo? Well, are you? Yes, I am! I am Shippo! No question about it! What a lovely smell.
La-di-la-di-da! Why's this happening?! Why's this happening?! Ha, ha! Get ready! - Take that! - Take that! Oww!! That hurts! Stop! Hey, quit jumping around.
! Mi.
Mizuki?! Mizuki! Mizuki.
? Are you.
are you.
? Shippo.
It was you? He did it! - Good job! Good job! - Good job! - Way to go! - Wow, she's a mess! - Hey! Human girl! - Learned your lesson?! Err.
I hate you! Way to go! Way to go! Ah.
M- Mizuki.
! Master! Mister! Mustard! Meow! Miaoww! You were terrific! Yay!! This.
wasn't much at all.
Once again.
my first love is over.
Good job! Way to go! Did you see that, little girl?! He's back! A little while ago you made a fool of me with that cheap trick but this time we're gonna settle things properly! Master! Mister! Mustard! Meow! Miaoww! Shut up! What's with this "mustard" stuff? Now, if you think you want to apologize to me.
Huh?! What? What's this?! If it hadn't been for you showing up, I'd.
Y-You're really going to fight me?! I'd never have had to do that! And Mizuki wouldn't hate me!! You little.
! Master!! And next, I'll see to you guys.
! I.
! You little twerp!! I can see it! A flow of demonic power! It's the Master's deadly technique! Here it comes! It's the Wind Scar!! Meow! Miaaow! It's not the Wind Scar! It's.
It's the Heart Scar!!! It's even more incredible than the Wind Scar! Ow, ow! Let me go! Hey, you little.
! The Heart Scar! Wow.
! Master! You all join in! Yeah! Come on, everybody! Heart.
! Heart.
! Heart.
! No! No! I can't take it!! You were terrific, Master! Mister! Mustard! Meow! Miaaow! We've learned a great deal! Your fox demon technique: the Heart Scar.
I hope you'll allow us to use it, too.
Sure, if you want.
Now we have much more confidence in ourselves.
We can now go looking for our mother and father.
It was a short friendship, but we'll never forget you! Thank you very much! And so, we're off.
My first love! Mizuki! Why, that little brat! The next time I see him, I'll whomp him good! Huh? Wha! Ackkkk! That stings! What happened? Well, another one vanquished.
What's that? Namu Amida Butsu.
Thank you so much! You've done us a great service.
Not at all.
It really wasn't such a dangerous demon anyway.
I'm sorry we finished so quickly.
Hey! What's up, Shippo? Something wrong? Nothing.
Are you saying you're the one who fixed that demon? Who cares about that foolishness?! Hm? Um.
Mizuki? Bleh! Hmph! Hey, Shippo! What've you done? What's she so mad about, heh? Why, you.
! Heart Scar!! Yow, ow, ow! Hey! Whadaya think you're doing?! What's all that about? Who knows? Another test from the great Buddha.
Heart Scar!!! Mizuki!!! We're supposed to find the den of demon women but Miroku is flirting with women again! Say Sango.
Is there really nothing between you and Miroku? Huh? What do you mean? When you two were alone at Mt.
Hakurei, nothing happened? What a thing to ask, Kagome! Miroku and I don't have that kind of relationship.
I think Miroku likes you, Sango.
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