Inuyasha (2000) s01e134 Episode Script

Episode 134 & 135

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
theirdestinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! At a coastal town, we meet a mysterious beauty who seeks the Tetsusaiga.
This woman who is in love with Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's brother, harbors a very sad secret.
In orderto find the few remaining Sacred Jewel shards and to defeat ourarch-enemy Naraku, we continue ourjourney.
There is one other who is in pursuit of Naraku.
That is Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older brother.
Sesshomaru, who is a full-blooded demon cannot stand the sight of half-demon Inuyasha and considers him a disgrace to the family.
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's father was a great dog-demon who ruled over the lands of the West.
The demon sword, Tetsusaiga, was buried in theirfather's grave.
And that is the source of the two brothers'enmity towards each other.
There is a barrier around the sword.
Impossible! The barrierthat rejected Lord Sesshomaru acknowledged Inuyasha?! Shaddup! I said I'd protect you! Huh?! Tetsusaiga is pulsating.
Reacting to Inuyasha's declaration that he would protect me, Tetsusaiga transformed into the sword of the fang.
Sesshomaru, who lost his left arm, tried to wrest Tetsusaiga away several times, but Inuyasha has neverlost.
They're blood brothers! Is Sesshomaru so cold-hearted because he's a demon? Still, there's a woman who loves even someone like Sesshomaru.
The ocean airfeels so good! Hah! I can't stand this salty smell.
I like it.
I should've brought my bathing suit.
Look, we didn't come here to play.
Why can't we? Nothing wrong with relaxing once in a while.
Whaddya mean by "once in a while"? You're always relaxing and stuff.
Hey, explain what you mean! By the way, Kagome, do you sense any Sacred Jewel shards? Not at all.
And no demonic aura either.
This area is very peaceful.
That's why we have to enjoy this chance for a little vacation! Inuyasha, go fetch! Hey, don't treat me like a dog! This is so sad.
Dear Princess.
Now, now.
I am no longer a princess.
I am simply Sara.
That's all.
But my lady, if Asano Castle hadn't burned down.
And if you hadn't fallen ill.
And here, of all places! I am so, so sad.
That is what we call fate.
I have been such a burden to you all.
What are you saying, my lady? We have been truly blessed to have served you.
And I am blessed as well.
Having been surrounded by people like you and the villagers.
For one last time.
I shall play.
the flute.
Please listen.
Huh? Hmm? Hey, let's go! No, wait! Inuyasha! Lady Sara! Lady Sara! I have just one regret in dying.
What's the matter, Miroku? What is it? Do you sense it too, Kagome? Yes.
What's going on, you two? Ademonic aura.
An immense one is gathering.
Demonic aura? Ademonic aura this huge.
must mean.
Could it be Naraku? Ademonic aura is growing, that's for sure.
But it's not Naraku.
And there aren't any Sacred Jewel shards, either.
It doesn't involve us.
Let's getgoing.
That's the nunnery! Something must have happened! Let's go! Damn! What a bother! What happened here? The moment Lady Sara passed on, there was a blinding light.
Lady Sara? The nun who lived here.
She was a kind, generous woman who gave us medicine.
Miroku, this blinding light.
? Yes.
It could be connected to the huge demonic aura that accumulated earlier.
There's none of that demonic aura left now? No.
I don't sense it anymore.
Lady Sara.
Lady Sara.
Look Kagome! The bedding has a clear outline of a human body.
You're right.
And it's not charred at all.
That is where Lady Sara's body lay.
Then suddenly, it vanished with the light.
Vanished? What does that mean? Say, MasterJaken.
Let's play tongue twisters.
What's that? Here I go! Red Jaken, blue Jaken, gold Jaken.
Red Jaken, blue Jaken, gold Jaken.
MasterJaken, you're pretty good.
- Yeah! - One more time! Red Jaken, blue Jaken, gold Jaken.
- Forget it.
- Why?! Come on, say it! Ah.
Lord Sesshomaru continues his search forNaraku, but we have yet to find him.
How long must we continue this?! Huh? What's the matter, Lord Sesshomaru? Huh.
?! It has been quite some time, Lord Sesshomaru.
Who are you? An acquaintance of Lord Sesshomaru? I am Sara.
Huh? W-Who? Have you forgotten about the time at Asano Castle? Asano Castle.
? Huh? The first time I saw you, Lord Sesshomaru, was at Asano Castle during those turbulent times.
My lord, it seems the enemy is planning to end things tonight.
It has been one month since they laid siege on our castle.
Provisions have run out and morale is low among the troops.
There is no choice but to accept death and make this ourgrave.
Everyone, listen well! We will set fire to the castle and open the gates! That is so regrettable! Can we not preserve ourdignity at least?! No! Do not attempt to fight them.
Do whatever you must to survive! My lord! My lord! What is it? What's happening?! Something seems to have attacked the enemy camp! What?! J-Just what are you?! Move! Stop kidding around! Is this a miracle?! Could this be help sent from Heaven?! Father! Oh, Sara! Look at that fellow! He single-handedly broke through the enemy lines and he's slaughtering them all! Huh?! Lord Sesshomaru.
I do not know you.
Please wait.
I want to help make your wish come true.
you say? And when yourwish comes true, please accept these feelings I have for you.
Will you stop this nonsense?! There's no way someone like you can fulfill Lord Sesshomaru's wishes-! - Jaken! - Huh? - Stand back.
- I understand.
I will fulfill yourwish, no matter what.
- As you please.
- All right.
Huh? What's she.
? Just who is she? Lord Sesshomaru, who is that woman, anyway? She sure was pretty.
Hah! That's only make-up.
Just make-up.
Geez! What can a mere human do? Are you blind? Huh? That was no human.
Huh?! No way! Ademon.
No, perhaps originally human.
but one who neverquite became a demon.
What?! I wonder what caused that explosion at that temple? Who knows? I've heard that when a demonic aura accumulates quickly, it can cause explosions like that.
But what puzzles me is why the body of that Lady Sara vanished.
How could the two be related? I have this bad feeling.
Even still, it's got nothing to do with us.
Better to not stick ournoses into this.
Wha-?! What's that? Awhale?! No, it's a monster.
Look, Inuyasha! Huh?! What's that woman doing there? That thing is probably afterher.
Huh? I shall save you right away, young lady! Huh?! Hey, Miroku! Oh! He's so predictable, that Miroku! Aww man! One can't have enough lives around you guys! What're you doing on my back? - Just go! - Yeah! Awright already! Miroku, get on! Hiraikotsu! Ah! Well done, Sango! Sango, take care of the girl.
I'll destroy this creature with my Wind Tunnel.
Got it! Huh?! Sango?! Miroku, Sango! What is this? - Look at them! - What happened here?! It's the wrath of the Sea God.
Sea God? You mean that monster? Herheart is beating! She's still alive! How can we save them?! How else? We destroy that monster! But it's the god of the sea! Who cares if it's a god! It doesn't matter! It's coming! Hah! Some Sea God! Wind Scar! Huh? This is.
! Seaweed? Inuyasha! It didn't work! They didn't change back to normal! Y-You're kidding! What's happening? Why don't they change back? They look like glass.
Even their clothes and Sango's weapon have hardened.
What's going on? Why don't they revert back to normal? Most likely, the Sea God's curse has not been broken.
I shouldbe grateful that you saved me.
Huh? But I think that, perhaps, I should not have been saved.
Huh? Why are you here anyway? I will explain in detail later.
But the tide will soon come in and the waves will carry your comrades out to sea.
We must hurry and get them away from here.
You're right.
Can you carry them to my village? Just leave them to me.
My name is Umineko.
Why were you tied up like that? I was an offering to the Sea God.
Offering? Every fouryears, the sea in this area becomes very rough.
So in my village, it is tradition to offer a sacrifice to the Sea God.
Just as I feared.
Did this happen to everyone because we defeated the Sea God? Not "we.
" I was the one who beat him.
If he hadta curse anyone, it shoulda been me! Isn't there any way to turn them back to normal? Well.
Maybe there's a chance if the shrine of the Sea God is destroyed.
The Sea God's shrine? Awright, take us there now.
Long ago, the Asano Clan was located here.
There used to be a fine castle on the top of the cliff.
There's the shrine.
Huh? Turning the vertical opening in the rock sideways would make the shrine collapse and the cliff would sink into the sea.
That is how the legend goes.
Then you shoulda just destroyed the shrine in the first place.
The villagers tried once.
But noteven five of the strongest men could budge it.
Hah! I guess I'll give it a shot! Inuyasha, do yourbest! It's noteven moving.
Why this-! Instead of bare hands, why not try using a tool? Tool? Yes, like that sword you have.
Oh, I see.
One, two, three! It moved! Huh?! Awright! I can do this.
Hang in there, Inuyasha! Kagome, that woman is suspicious.
Huh? Rememberthe hardened bodies of Miroku and Sango? They were both looking directly at her tied to the post.
Yes, you're right, but.
If it was the work of the Sea God, wouldn't they be looking towards the sea? You're right.
And that woman, she laughed when Inuyasha began moving the stone.
It must be some kind of trap.
It can't be.
! The one who did that to Miroku and Sango is not the Sea God, but that woman! Is that possible?! Wait, Inuyasha! I did it! What's happening?! Damn! Umineko! S-Seaweed?! What?! The same as the Sea God! Ademon puppet! Both the Sea God and Umineko were demon puppets! Damn! What's going on?! Inuyasha, where's yourTetsusaiga? Inside the shrine! W-What the.
! Curse you, Inuyasha.
Give me the Tetsusaiga.
Inuyasha, I take possession of the Tetsusaiga.
She took the Tetsusaiga! That's what she was after all along! What is it now?! Lord Sesshomaru! Why are you here? Lord Sesshomaru What is Lord Sesshomaru doing here? So you were behind this after all, Sesshomaru! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Lord Sesshomaru.
Please hold him down! Lord Sesshomaru! Why you-! Stop your barking, Inuyasha.
Wha-!? This has nothing to do with you.
That woman isn't one of Sesshomaru's cohorts? I guess not.
Please take this.
and put an end to Inuyasha.
You are underthe wrong impression.
Did you really believe that I desire this? And you do not? I will not accept help from one such as you to defeat Inuyasha.
Please wait, Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru.
Hey you! Give me back my Tetsusaiga! Inuyasha! He's going to turn into glass! Why, you!! Iron-Reaver Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Are you okay, Inuyasha?! Dammit, she won'tget away! Are you going afterher?! Yeah! You two go and check on Miroku and Sango.
Oh, right! You're back to normal, so Miroku and the others should be back to normal, too.
Inuyasha, will you be okay alone? Damn right! I'm going to get back my Tetsusaiga! This tree I see It was back then I shall see for myself if a half-demon like you can truly wield the Tetsusaiga! Now! W-What is that? Ademon?! You're an eyesore! Get lost.
W-What did you say?! He's injured! It matters not! Before we take Asano Castle, tearthis bastard to shreds! Mere insects! Aghh.
! W-What are you?! Move! How dare you! Damn you, Inuyasha.
Give me.
Give me the Tetsusaiga.
Lord Sesshomaru! How we searched foryou, Lord Sesshomaru! It's you, Jaken.
Oh, that despicable Inuyasha! He not only took the Tetsusaiga.
he took your left arm, too! Lord Sesshomaru - I am so mortified! - So he is called Lord Sesshomaru.
You remembernow? Yes, on that day, you were leaning against that tree and resting.
I will neverforget the sight that day.
I had neverbefore seen anyone as handsome as you.
And I gazed at you for a long, long time.
Later that day, I went to a nearby pasture to pick flowers foryou.
And I was filled with so much happiness.
Is that demon still there? Yes, he is still there.
What is Sara doing? It seems that the Princess goes there every day to check on him.
All right, summon the troops! We go to slay the demon! My lord! I will not have my deardaughter stolen by a demon! Before we shame the Asano Clan for all eternity, we must take action now! Huh?! Please wait, Father! Lord Sesshomaru protected our castle! He is our savior! Out of the way, Sara! My father's actions were unforgivable.
There is no way I can make amends.
The sound of a flute.
Huh? I thought I heard a flute on that day.
It was this flute.
Sango! Miroku! Kagome, what happened? Weren't we out by the sea? I'll explain it later.
But before that, we have to go after Inuyasha.
Huh?! Who are you men? Demon, prepare to die! W-What?! Jaken.
Yes? Get out of the way.
Get out of the way! Rifle squad, step up front! Sara.
It matters not! Rifle squad, fire! Lord Sesshomaru! Huh?! Lord Sesshomaru.
! T-The rifle squad! Why that demon.
! You foolish mortals! Don't think you can get away afterdefying Lord Sesshomaru! Retreat! Retreat! Lord Sesshomaru, just leave the rest to me, Jaken.
Let them go.
Huh? The flute.
The flute stopped.
It was shortly afterthat.
The Asano Castle burned to the ground.
The one who set the castle afire was my father, Soju Asano.
He was so frightened by you, Lord Sesshomaru, that he must have gone mad.
He chose death and went down along with his castle.
I harborno ill will towards you, at all.
My deranged father was to blame.
Afterthat, I entered a nunnery to pray forthe repose of my father and his vassals.
But call it punishment or fate.
I became ill with a contagious sickness.
and learned that my days were numbered.
I intended to end my life foreverkeeping secret my feelings foryou.
But then, Inuyasha appeared.
When I saw Inuyasha, I had second thoughts.
If I could but live a little longer, I would bearmy fangs at him, and even if it meant dying in the process, steal the Tetsusaiga away from him.
It was the least I could do to atone formy father's deed.
It was then that.
many apparitions appeared before me.
Can no one else see this? Sara, we can make your wish come true.
Your spiritual energy will become our strength.
If you give us yourphysical body, you will be able to kill Inuyasha and take possession of the Tetsusaiga.
Well, Sara? Don't you want to tell Sesshomaru how you feel? Lord Sesshomaru.
Beautiful Lord Sesshomaru.
I had no doubts.
Without reservation.
rather happily, I gave my body and soul to those demons.
The overflowing spiritual energy.
My soul and body which had been released.
I was reborn.
Lord Sesshomaru.
Please acknowledge all that I have done until this day.
So that is your true form? True form? What do you mean, Lord Sesshomaru? There you are! Hah! It's Inuyasha.
Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! So you're gonna get in the way, Sesshomaru?! You will not lay a finger on her.
She is none of your concern.
No way! I'm gonna get Tetsusaiga back! Blades of Blood! Curse you, Inuyasha! I shall send you to yourdeath! What?! Do not reveal any more of yourdisgusting self to me! Lord Sesshomaru.
There! It's Inuyasha! Let's go down, Kirara! But the ones fighting are.
Sesshomaru and that woman! What's going on?! Sesshomaru.
! Damn you! You've exposed us.
! Did you truly believe I would not see through the disguise?! Good for you, Sesshomaru.
You found us out.
It's as you thought.
Sara was simply a medium.
Ourtrue aim.
is you, Sesshomaru! We made use of Inuyasha and took his Tetsusaiga, knowing with a certainty, that you would appear.
It seems our plan was right on target.
So many demons! Inuyasha! Hiraikotsu! Inuyasha, get down! Wind Tunnel! Hey Miroku! Don't suck up my Tetsusaiga, too! I know that! Dammit! Wait, Inuyasha! That flute.
What?! The nun had that flute with her when the shrine exploded! So what of it?! The demon could be that nun from the shrine.
You mean, that mass of demons? So those demons possessed that nun? That must be it! Hah! Then all we can do for her is destroy her! This woman's spiritual energy has become our power.
And once we absorb yourdemonic powers, we will become the most powerful demon of all! Hmph! Trash, the whole lot of you! L-Lord Sesshomaru.
Please forgive me.
So she hasn't been completely taken over.
Hah! Silence! You are now a part of us! Soon, you will lose all volition and you will not be able to move ordie.
All because of my foolishness.
I have been such a burden to you, Lord Sesshomaru.
Hey, I said to keep quiet! Lord Sesshomaru.
If you are able.
If you are able.
Please destroy me along with the demons.
It's useless! That sword is consumed by anger and hatred! To those of us who thirst forblood, that sword revitalizes us.
You cannot destroy us since that sword only gives us power! Kagome! I'm going to try! I want to save her! Maybe I can purify herbody of those demons! Go! Damn you, girl! Kagome! The demons have multiplied! S-Sorry! But if we don't do anything, that woman will If I cannot use my Tokijin, there is only this! The Tetsusaiga! Sesshomaru is wielding the Tetsusaiga! Tetsusaiga, you who can destroy a hundred demons in a single stroke.
Lend me yourpower! Impossible! Tetsusaiga! Hah! You've come back at last, Tetsusaiga! Now I'll show you! This is my Tetsusaiga! K-Kagome! Go! Hurry! Your Wind Scar! Oh! Wind.
Scar! I am free at last.
Lord Sesshomaru.
Thank you.
I have no regrets.
At the very end.
I was able to express my true feelings.
to you.
Go and play your flute in the otherworld.
I wonder what happened.
I feel so.
so sorry forher.
No, I believe this is forthe best.
Was this lady saved? You can tell from her peaceful expression.
Sesshomaru saved Lady Sara.
Hah! As if Sesshomaru would do such a thing.
He was just passing through like the wind.
Let's go.
Where could he have gone? Huh? Oh, Lord Sesshomaru! Where have you been, Lord Sesshomaru?! Nowhere.
Nowhere? Oh, don't be so vague.
Lord Sesshomaru! - Let's go.
- Yes! I'm sorry, Lord Sesshomaru.
Lord Sesshomaru, where What did you say, Hachi?! MasterMushin is going to die? Yes.
It's regrettable, but I've seen him! Mushin? You mean, the monk who raised Miroku? Look, everyone dies eventually.
No sense getting sentimental about it.
Inuyasha! No, Inuyasha is right.
Whatever lives must someday die.
Miroku! Isn't there anything we can do? Next on Inuyasha: "The Last Banquet of Miroku's Master" Let us give him a fine send-off to the otherworld.