Inuyasha (2000) s01e136 Episode Script

Episode 136

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! Mysterious robberies in the middle of the night The culprit enters leaving no clues and is never seen! Could it be the work of a demon who can really become invisible?! Naraku is on the verge of completing the Sacred Jewel.
Learning that, we continue our journey in search of the few remaining shards.
And who'd have thought that during our travels, we'd come upon that old woman again? Demons, away with you! A bit miserable for a dinner, huh? Can't be helped! We didn't catch anything.
Are you all out of your ninja food, Kagome? Completely.
Miroku, why didn't you stock up on more food? I would have, if my pockets had been full of money.
We're out of money? Yes.
So we'll have to earn some money along the way.
Oh? Huh? Ehh?! Just about done.
Let's dig in.
- Right! - Yeah! I'm bigger, so I'm hungrier! I'm a growing boy, so I need more food! - Hah! - Huh?! Got it! That's mine! As if you can win against me! Not a chance! Inuyasha! Huh? Sit! - Now! - No way! Thanks! We'll be able to eat our fill tomorrow.
Stupid Inuyasha! Just you wait! I'll get back at you for taking what's mine! We're counting on you, Madam Exorcist.
You just leave it to me.
This wind seems ominous.
Really? It's just the wind picking up.
It struck again! Madam Exorcist! Madam Exorcist! We've been robbed! I was mistaken.
He struck a different house this night! Hmm.
This is quite a lively town.
Something wrong with that? I don't know if we'll be able to find any house in need of sutra charms or exorcisms.
Makes no difference since your exorcisms are fake anyway.
Even then, unless the house has some kind of problem, it will not go smoothly.
Will not go smoothly? He shouldn't be proud of what he's saying.
At this rate, even if we're in a town like this, we won't be able to sleep in an inn.
What's wrong with sleeping outdoors? Come on! I want to take a bath! And I want to sleep on a nice, warm bedding! And I want to eat good food, Inuyasha! I'll second that.
So whaddya suggest? There ain't nothing we can do! Oh, you all.
It's been a while.
How have you been? It's the old.
Exorcist! Hmm A demonic aura? I don't sense anything.
I see Some exorcist.
Hah! - Come get me! - Wait! Demon, disperse! Over here! Sit! Wha! Stop it, you two! You still have much to learn about life.
What?! You fake exorcist! I'm not sure about her skills as an exorcist, but she's pretty sharp when it comes to women.
You were worried, weren't you? That the monk and the princess were getting along too well.
Huh?! You like him, don't you? That monk, Miroku.
Ohh it's written all over your face.
I said, it's not like that! Huh?! What are you doing? I'll leave you behind! You seem to be doing very well, Madam Exorcist.
I'm just fine.
And that's why I can still pursue my work as an exorcist.
She's still doing exorcisms.
I'm amazed at how she manages to stay alive.
But I'm glad that you've come to this town.
Will you help me with a certain job? I'd like no one better.
Is there some profit to be made here? Huh? Well, I just can't handle this alone.
And I was just looking for some help.
Well then, let us hear you out.
Mysterious happenings in the dead of the night.
Only the homes of the wealthy are targeted.
No matter how tight the security, something manages to break into the house and steal everything of value.
And since the methods used are too mysterious for the usual thief, rumor has it that a demon is responsible for these evil deeds.
What do you mean by mysterious methods? The house can be tightly locked, but the thief still enters.
And even if someone senses an ominous presence, nothing is ever seen.
In other words, it's said that this thief can go through walls and become invisible.
Just like a ninja.
That's impossible, even for a ninja.
Then does it mean it really can become invisible? An invisible demon? I see.
If it's not the work of humans, then it must be a demon.
Leave it to me! The enemy is undoubtedly using demon magic.
I'll see through his tricks! Maybe you can see his tricks, but I'll sniff him out first.
You're always being duped by demon magic, Inuyasha.
And the only magic you perform is to run away! That's not true! I let myself get tricked on purpose! Stop it, you two! - Kah! - Humph! Huh? Where's Miroku? What are you doing there? Let us go! This is the town's second richest household.
! Both the richest and second richest homes have been robbed already.
And I've been employed by both.
So I want to break up into two groups and stake out each house.
Two groups? How do you want to divide up? I won't team up with Inuyasha.
Damn right! We don't need you! Inuyasha will end up being tricked by demon magic! Shaddup! I'll cut down the robber with my Wind Scar! Stop it, Inuyasha! Well first, Miroku and I must work separately since we both use spiritual powers.
Huh?! Spiritual powers, huh? Sango, can you watch over the old woman? Sure.
Come on, Kirara.
Then you, the other girl, go with them.
So I'm on Miroku's team? Miroku will probably be more effective than that old woman.
Miroku's more useful than that old hag.
If Inuyasha goes on that side, no one will be there to control him.
My thoughts exactly.
Will you help the exorcist with your fox-demon magic? What? With my demon magic? You can run to us if you want.
Hah! I'll use my fox-demon magic to uncover the robber's true form.
Well then, I leave you in charge of this house, Miroku.
We're off to the town's richest house.
Please do your best to help us.
What should we do? Demon or whatever, this thing only strikes at night, right? All we can do is wait.
Well, let us rest and save our strength for later.
You think it's all right to ask for a bath? Do whatever you want.
If you tell them it's in preparation for tonight, I'm sure they won't object.
So let's just relax and enjoy ourselves.
I wonder if Shippo and the others are all right? Please do your best.
He seems so depressed.
Well, his house may be broken into tonight.
So what are we going to do from now? I was going to come up with a plan.
Huh? The tea leaf is standing up.
That is a good omen.
What kind of plan? You really know how to use demon magic? Of course! And can you disappear, too? I can't, but I've heard of demon magic like that.
I've never heard of demons who can become invisible.
Neither have I.
Although I have a talisman that can hide your presence.
I have a trick like that, too.
If the enemy can hide, then we shall do the same and hide ourselves.
Shall we try combining them? You're right! It's worth a try! Fox Magic! Hidden Cloud! Ohh! How was that? You were almost there.
All right.
He disappeared! It works! How was it this time? You disappeared.
You were invisible.
Yes! I now possess a new power! Let's try it on other things now.
Huh? Me? Fox Magic! Hidden Cloud! I've perfected the technique of Hidden Cloud! That was amazing! Huh? Right.
! I need to do something before we slay the demon.
I'll be back by sundown.
Huh? He left? Umm.
I must go out for just a while, too.
Huh? What did you say? Here! Here! Give it back! Go! Give it back! Hah! If you want it back, turn around three times.
Boys, cut it out.
Give it back to her.
A talking cat! Huh.
A demon cat! Here.
Thank you, lady.
Huh? Oh stop it, Monk! No, no.
I'm dead serious.
Really? Certainly.
Then say it.
Once more! Will you bear my child? Ohh.
My goodness! Yikes! She saw me! Why did you call out to us? Err.
your hips.
Y'know? Oww! See? Oww! Oh, monk! Uh-oh.
Why? By this time, she'd have intervened! Why? Why is she so silent? Why does she follow me without a word? And What is that sutra on her forehead? Is it some kind of message for me? Monk.
How come you're so silent all of a sudden? Well, I'm speechless because I'm surrounded by such pretty women.
Oh, stop! Hurry! Hurry and lash out at me! Why is she acting so differently? Monk, sit here.
The food here is great.
P-Please go easy on me! Huh? If you're going to censure me, say it loud and clear! Y-You can see me? And what is that sutra on your forehead? Isn't it directed at me? Umm.
You can see me? See you? What do you mean, Sango? Oh, no.
! I.
Huh? Sango! Wasn't that Shippo just now? What's with this kid?! Shippo! You think you're being funny or something!? Huh?! Damn that Shippo! I don't know what he's up to, but that kid kicked me several times and ran off! That's how close you are.
How?! You and Shippo fight so much because you're close to each other.
But Shippo is much smaller, so go easy on him.
Like I care! Hah! That was careless of me.
Inuyasha has a keen sense of smell.
He must have caught my scent.
Let's hope that the invisible demon doesn't have a sharp nose.
What is it, Sango? Oh.
It's nothing.
It will be dark soon.
We've been asked to guard this family's heirloom.
a precious scroll.
A scroll? The invisible demon has been stealing scrolls and rolls of silk.
Now then.
We've had our dinner.
And taken a bath.
All that's left is to wait for the culprit to appear.
I wonder if he'll show up? What if he doesn't show up? Well.
Does that mean we have to stay on guard without rest? Kagome, you can go sleep in the next room.
I'll stay up as long as I can.
It may not be this house.
Now then, I wonder which house will be hit.
Don't you sense something? Not particularly.
Oh right that's how she is.
By the way, where's Shippo? He made himself hidden back in the room.
Huh? Even if that demon were to enter the house, Shippo can't be seen, so he'll be safe.
Huh? No! The hanging scrolls! Fox Fire! Just what do you think you guys are doing?! Y-You can see me? This is bad.
Sango! Old woman! How'd this guy get inside the house?! And he's not invisible.
Give it to me.
Give me the treasures.
He disappeared! He is an invisible demon, after all! He hasn't disappeared! Hand it over.
You demon! Where are you?! Damn demon! Where are you! - Give me the treasures! - Here?! Or here! Why're you stumbling around? Inuyasha! Looks like you're guarding the treasures.
Now then.
Inuyasha! Found you! You're not getting away! H-How?! You're the only one with an unfamiliar scent.
- Inuyasha! - Inuyasha! It's all over.
What'll we do with him? Please spare me! Then you will turn over everything you've stolen until now.
Wow! Things which are thin and shiny attract me, and I couldn't help but take these.
So many of them.
Should we divide them up amongst ourselves? You're giving them back to their rightful owners.
Oh well, I'm sure we'll be richly rewarded.
My new Fox Magic trick was almost complete, too.
New Fox Magic? But I ended up being saved by you, Inuyasha.
I've still got lots to learn.
Hah! If you've learned your lesson, don't come near human settlements again.
Yes, thank you.
I'm off then.
Wow! He's paper-thin! That's why he looked as though he was invisible.
I really thought the invisible demon had appeared.
And I was terrified.
Are you stupid, Shippo? I'm not stupid! An invisible demon wouldn't "appear"! I see.
Akitoki came to us with a nagging family problem.
According to his story, he had set out on a journey to seal the demon halberd known as the Naginata of Kenkon.
He was the ancestor of Hojo, my friend.
And on the genealogy scroll which had been passed down to his family, I saw the name Kagome.
What if I couldn't return to the modern age and end up married to Akitoki?! Next on Inuyasha: "An Ancestor Named Kagome" I sense a storm brewing!