Inuyasha (2000) s01e137 Episode Script

Episode 137

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! According to a genealogy scroll found at Hojo's house, his ancestor, Akitoki Hojo, had a wife whose name was Kagome! What? Could that mean me?! The Sacred Jewel which is said to grant one's every wish.
In order to search for the shards of the shattered Sacred Jewel, I began crossing between the present and the feudal age through the hidden well in my family's shrine.
But at times, I return to the present world to attend classes like any normal junior high-school student, studying and doing my best in tests.
None of my school friends knows about my other life, but I really don't think anyone would believe me anyway.
Oh no! I don't get it! I don't understand it at all! All right, time's up! It's hopeless! I was confident about history! Especially since it's on the feudal age.
What a shock! Cheer up, Kagome.
You've been absent a lot lately.
It can't be helped.
I probably have to take a make-up test.
You want me to take it with you? Oh, Kagome! You're in school today! Are you feeling better? Hojo! Hey, Kagome.
I found something amazing.
Huh? What's this? It's a scroll of the Hojo family tree.
It's so long! And look! By my ancestor, Akitoki Hojo, who lived 500 years ago during the feudal age.
Look at his wife's name.
Wife? - Huh?! - Is it for real? See it? It says, "Kagome"! - No! - No way! What a shock! He's right! That's my name on the Hojo family tree What a shock, that among the Hojo ancestors is someone named Kagome Hojo! If Kagome breaks up with that delinquent boyfriend of hers and hooks up with Hojo, her name'll be Kagome Hojo! Maybe that's not just a genealogy chart, but a prophecy scroll.
Hojo might be thinking just that.
What do you think, Kagome? I'd better brush up on history again.
Kagome isn't in the mood to talk about it.
Oh yes.
I developed the pictures I took at the culture festival.
Huh? Pictures? See? Wow, nice pictures! I'll say! Kagome looks so cute! Oh no! The real demon is also in the picture! Hey mister.
Leave all your belongings and go! Huh? Defy us and you'll get hurt.
Give us all your money! People will dislike you if you're too bossy.
You men speak as though you're robbers.
That's exactly what we are! Stop acting so dense and hand over the money! Caught in a bind again? Who the hell are you?! You're.
! You're looking well, Akitoki! Shippo and Inuyasha! Thank you for coming to my rescue.
Oh yes! Here.
Pickled plums? I'm told they're good for you.
Try one.
By the way, what're you doing here? Well, it's a long story.
but I need to ask something of the priestess, Kaede.
What? Old Kaede? You wanna ask her something? Oh.
You're on a mission? Yes.
There is something called Kenkon, the Naginata of Heaven and Earth.
This naginata is a demonic weapon which has a blade affixed to either end.
A demonic weapon? Recently, the Hojo family has been plagued with misfortune.
And the source of the misfortune is supposedly the blade of this Naginata of Heaven and Earth.
Huh? This is.
! A demonic aura! It looks so ominous! Huh.
? T-This is not good.
Put it away! Y-Yes! Inuyasha! Arghh! Snap out of it, Inuyasha! Huh?! What happened? You were about to be possessed! We were told that an exorcism would be necessary in order to disperse the demonic aura.
But as you just saw, the power of the blade is too strong.
So it was decided to purify it at Mt.
And I was chosen to fulfill the mission.
But that mountain.
Just recently, a natural disaster caused the mountain to totally collapse leaving not even a trace of its former glory.
If the blade cannot be purified, the Hojo family will continue to be plagued with ill fortune.
And so, you came to me in search of another solution.
Someone suggested that I seek you out for advice.
It's that peak over yonder.
Deep in that mountain is the sacred Shrine of Furai.
If you were to entrust the blade to that shrine.
the demonic aura should dissipate by itself.
The Shrine of Furai? Around here, it is the holiest place.
But just what is "deep in the mountain"? That's hard to find.
A river flows to the east of the peak.
If you follow it upriver, you will come upon Shoun Falls.
Furai Shrine is apparently close to that.
Shoun Falls? Please everyone, accompany me! Huh? What'd you say? I was accosted by robbers earlier, but ever since I've had possession of that blade, bad things continually happen to me.
Please, help me! Akitoki is my vassal! It's a master's responsibility to come to the aid of his servants.
Kagome will be returning here soon.
Huh?! Kagome will come, too?! Sis, are you sure you have everything? I'm taking my textbooks this time, so I'll be able to study over there, too.
I'm all ready.
Maybe this time, I'll say you hit your head and suffered amnesia.
Grandpa, amnesia is a bit extreme.
I know! How about cat allergy? Or you became paralyzed from a voodoo doll that was sent to us for purification.
Sorry I'm late! Kagome, here's your bento lunch.
It's so heavy! You made so much! You can share it with everyone.
Thanks, Mom.
I'll be on my way.
Take care now.
Hey, which one will it be? Cat allergy or the voodoo doll? Neither! Kagome! Kagome! I wish she was here! And there! You're Hojo's ancestor, Akitoki! I'm so sorry.
Are you all right? Oh, it's nothing.
Here! The ninja food I promised.
Huh? Vietnamese flavor.
? I found some new products.
Where's Inuyasha? He's sulking.
Huh? He doesn't like the idea of helping Akitoki and delaying the search for the Sacred Jewel shards.
He's so selfish! Inuyasha! Huh? What is it? Are you sulking? No I'm not! He is sulking.
I heard the story from Old Kaede.
Hojo is in trouble.
We should help him.
And what about the Sacred Jewel shards?! What if Naraku gets them first? I understand that, but.
Because Mt.
Hakurei disintegrated, Hojo can't carry out his mission.
Don't you feel sorry for him? It's Naraku's fault that the mountain collapsed.
But you can't just ignore someone in trouble.
You're too nice to others.
Kagome is such a kind person.
Huh? - Huh? - Why you! Since Kagome asked, I'll take you to the waterfall or shrine or whatever.
So get your business over with quickly.
He's such a hardhead! Be careful, Kagome! And I shall enjoy your mother's cooking! Looks delicious! That's it? Let's try going to the foot of the mountain first.
Kirara, let's go.
It transformed! Now, get on her back.
Huh? You mean me? What about Kagome and you others? I'll ride on Inuyasha.
Miroku is pretty fast, too.
Quit dawdling! I'll see you there.
T-They're so fast.
Now, let's get going, too.
We're off! Huh? Hang on tight.
Hojo, are you okay? Y-Yes! Kagome's smile is so cute Hojo's ancestor, huh? The name, Kagome, that was listed on the family tree scroll that Hojo showed me What if I couldn't return to the modern age and ended up marrying Hojo here? No way! Huh? Look, Miroku, a river! Huh? That must be the river that flows east of the mountain.
Hey Akitoki.
Why didn't you think about getting rid of that blade? Then another family besides ours would suffer misfortune.
I must have the blade purified.
That's all there is to it.
Hojo, you're quite manly, aren't you? You think so? And this Inuyasha.
The guy's a wimp.
He should stop acting so brave.
- That wasn't necessary, Inuyasha.
- Are you all right? Err.
Yes, I guess.
They're finally coming.
A teahouse! Miroku, there's a teahouse! Thank goodness for that.
What's the matter? Oh! My sandals! Both the thongs.
! This bodes ill.
Huh? This blade brings so much bad luck! Aww man! Take a break?! That's why humans are such a pain to be with.
Well, don't judge us against your brute strength.
We're made of delicate flesh.
Here you are.
Thank you! These dumplings are delicious.
For you, too.
Oh, thank you! Arghh! Hot! Hojo! Hold on.
Huh? Do this.
Huh? It's cold! There goes Kagome with her ninja bag of tricks! Kagome, what is that? It's a cold compress.
It's just the thing to cool your burn.
Oh yes! It's starting to feel cool! This is amazing! Isn't it? Hah! Oh! A lunch box of goodies! This omelet is delicious.
The simmered vegetables are great, too.
I prefer the ninja food you add hot water to- Sit boy! Well then, I shall try.
Aghh! Wait! My rice ball! Wait! Huh? This blade brings such bad luck! Just having it in your possession brings misfortune, huh? You saw what happened just now.
Well, a lot of little mishaps have been happening to you.
Aren't you making too much of it? No, this blade brings misfortune to whoever possesses it.
A succession of small mishaps, huh? I guess if they happen one after another, it's hard to bear.
That blade is a demonic blade.
Humans shouldn't possess it.
He should just get rid of it.
Not again! Hojo is doing his best! Even though he's weak and gets airsick, he's doing his best.
Makes you want to help and encourage him! Why're you defending him so much? I am not.
Demon blades can only be handled by demons, or half-demons like me.
It's impossible for you guys! Huh? Humans shouldn't get involved! You guys just don't understand! H-Hey! Hey Inuyasha! Here! Health before a mission.
Eat, Akitoki.
Thank you, Shippo.
I accept with.
Huh? Boulders! Boulders! They're coming right at us! Hah! Leave 'em to me! Who could have done that? Huh? I smell it! The smell of explosives! Explosives? Look! Up in the sky! Was that a bird? It looked like a kite.
I've never seen a strange kite like that.
It's coming again! Hojo! Watch out! Dammit! You won't get away! A sacred arrow! Damn! He got away.
He pulled up those huge boulders.
? Who was he anyway? Miroku.
Do you think he was after the blade? During that last attack, he targeted Akitoki.
So I'd guess, yes.
The blade brings misfortune.
And that's why I keep telling you.
Just let 'em have it! No, I will not.
If the enemy wants this blade, then he must already have the Kon blade.
The Kon blade? The Naginata of Heaven and Earth, or Kenkon, was so frighteningly powerful that the blade was divided into two blades, the Ken and Kon blades, and sent away - one to the north and one to the south.
And one of the blades was entrusted to the Hojo family.
And what if the two blades are joined? Specific details weren't passed down to us.
Huh? Crows? Master Inuyasha! Master Inuyasha! Old Myoga?! How I've missed you, Master Inuyasha! What's up, Myoga? Err.
Now that Mt.
Hakurei has disintegrated, Totosai said.
That holy mountain kept many things sealed.
I fear that the Naginata of Kenkon which was left by Kaijinbo will appear again And he was quite worried.
Huh? The Naginata of Kenkon.
! Was forged by the demon Kaijinbo?! And Master Inuyasha, if it's possible, Totosai wants you to seal it.
That's why I came in search of you.
Geez! Why me?! Only he can do it.
And that's what he said to tell you.
Hah! Not "hah", Master Inuyasha.
The one after the blade is the leader of the demon ninjas, Hoshiyomi.
Demon ninjas? Exactly.
Demon ninjas are just that - demons versed in the ninja ways.
And Hoshiyomi is the one who made Kaijinbo forge the Naginata.
Sacred arrow? Yes sir! Interesting.
We'll reach Furai Shrine tomorrow, Kagome.
Huh? Seems they haven't learned their lesson! They must be after the Ken blade.
Hojo! This way! Hurry! Hojo! Hojo, are you all right? Kagome! Hojo, hang on! Kagome! K-Kagome! Kagome! Akitoki! Kagome! Kagome! Kagome! So you're Hoshiyomi, the one after the Ken blade! Why do you want it so badly?! This doesn't concern you, so there's no need to answer.
Fearsome Demon Ninjas attack our group and Akitoki and I become separated from the others.
I never imagined that just the two of us would head towards Furai Shrine.
Oh? Just the two of us?! Wow! Next on Inuyasha: "Mountain of Demons: Survival of the Duo" Now can this be called a fortunate misfortune?