Inuyasha (2000) s01e138 Episode Script

Episode 138

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! Demon Ninjas come after the blade of the Naginata of Kenkon, and I end up becoming separated from Inuyasha and the others.
And thus, I begin a fierce struggle to survive along with Hojo's ancestor.
I found something amazing.
My ancestor, Akitoki Hojo, who lived 500 years ago during the feudal age.
Look at his wife's name.
Wife? Hojo's ancestor What if I couldn't return to the modern age and ended up marrying Hojo here? No way! The one after the blade is the leader of the Demon Ninjas, Hoshiyomi.
And Hoshiyomi is the one who made Kaijinbo forge the Naginata.
Hojo, hang on! Kagome! Akitoki! Kagome! Kagome! Kagome! I don't have time for the likes of you! Who the hell are you?! Genbu of the Darkness.
Byakko of the Snow.
Seiryu of the Moon.
Suzaku of the Flower.
Let's see how you counter our Demon Ninja doppleganger technique! Why the hell are they circling us?! Sango and I will handle them.
Inuyasha, go after Kagome.
Take care! We'll fight you! You're starting to annoy me! Be safe Kagome! Huh?! Master Hoshiyomi! So you're Hoshiyomi, huh? Move outta my way! Too easy! Huh?! Demon Ninja technique.
Shadow Incarnation.
To be saved by the Ken blade.
Such fortune in the midst of misfortune! Where's Kagome? Kagome! Kagome! Hojo! Kagome! Kagome! Grab onto this! Kagome, we'll be all right now.
Thank you, Hojo.
Oh! Misfortune has brought me even more fortune! Could this mean the end of all my misfortune? Are you all right, Hojo? Just another misfortune.
And I'm quite used to it.
Huh?! The river is ending! Why you! Stop already.
It's useless.
I am immortal.
Just who the hell is he? Master Hoshiyomi! Why are you still here? Go after the Ken blade! Yes, Master! Which is the real one? Damn, this is such a nuisance! It didn't work! You don't learn, do you? He seems quite strong.
I'll deal with Hoshiyomi.
Find Kagome and Hojo.
Let's go, Miroku! Kirara, take us! I'm not letting you follow them! Hoshiyomi! I'm your opponent! I once heard of a half-demon who fought Kaijinbo and his sword, Tokijin.
His name was Inuyasha.
Oh, Kaijinbo.
I seem to remember a guy with that name.
Why do you protect the Naginata of Kenkon which was forged by Kaijinbo? You have no affinity for it.
If I let the likes you possess a demonic blade, nothing good will come of it.
So what will you do? This! Wind Scar! So foolish! Demon Ninja tricks don't work on me! Huh?! The sword trick you used to defeat Kaijinbo lives up to its reputation indeed.
So there you are! However, I'll prove to you.
that you are no match for me.
Shaddup! I'll blow you and your shadow outta here! Demon Ninja technique.
Shadow Hold! W-Wha?! W- What's going on?! My body won't move! Kagome and Hojo fell from this waterfall? Yes.
They probably were swept away by the rapids.
If they fell from that distance, there's no way they could have survived! Hey! Don't be so morbid! Huh?! This is Kagome's.
Shippo, use your Fox Fire! Oh.
all right.
Fox Fire! Sango! Miroku, I'm going to check the bottom of the fall.
Be careful! There are whirlpools in the basin of these falls.
I know! The aura of the Ken blade is coming from over there! You're giving me the creeps! Stop acting like that, will ya?! Aww.
That's so mean! Huh? Huh? Huh?! What is that? Beats me.
Does your leg hurt, Kagome? Thanks to the medicinal herbs you applied, the pain's gone.
I'm glad.
I'm sorry.
I'm such a burden.
Not at all! I carry the weight of the Hojo name on my shoulders.
So you're not that heavy in comparison.
I didn't mean it quite like that.
You're not heavy, Kagome.
Hojo, are you all right? Just another slight misfortune.
Hojo! J-Just another slight misfortune.
There's no sign of being followed.
So let's stop here to rest.
All right.
I hope we can meet up with Inuyasha and the others.
But if worse comes to worst, we'll have to go to Furai Shrine by ourselves and seal the Ken blade.
I'm definitely not as strong as Inuyasha.
Huh? But when the time comes to step up, I, Akitoki, can be of service! Can't do a thing on an empty stomach, so I'll go find something to eat! Great! The contents of my backpack weren't washed away.
Huh?! It's not much, but here you are.
Wow! I'm so honored to be able to eat food that you prepared in a place like this! You don't have to compliment me on instant noodles.
You don't like it? Not at all! It's delicious! Such a delicacy! When I think of the man who gets to eat your cooking every day, I'm so jealous, I can't stand it! I don't.
Keh! I don't have anyone like that.
Oh, I see.
Well, I know you're traveling with a monk and a half-demon.
I can't say that they're suitable for you.
Huh? But somewhere under this sky.
there exists a man who was born to share his destiny with you.
Destiny, huh? Hojo, is there someone? Are you engaged? No.
Especially since being the heir of the Hojo family is not without its problems.
I guess so.
So many things are happening in this era, and it must be hard to find a bride.
No such thing! Why, I'd jump at the chance to marry you! Huh? Err.
F-Forget what I said.
Have mine.
Let's rest a bit longer, then we should head for Furai Shrine.
KAGOME No! Why am I remembering that?! But The only ones who can handle a demon sword are demons or half-demons like me.
It's impossible for you guys! Huh? It's impossible for humans! You guys don't understand! It's impossible for humans! I wonder if there's a deep river between demons and humans that simply can't be crossed Kagome.
Could the "Kagome" that was written on that scroll be Look! Those humans are defenseless.
It's our chance to attack them and take the Ken blade! Don't be hasty.
What? Don't you sense it? The aura emanating from the blade is so strong, we wouldn't be able to handle it, let alone control it.
I thought I'd be able to taste blood again! We'll wait until Master Hoshiyomi gets here.
Huh? That picture you found earlier.
This? Hmm.
Maybe we can use it.
Damn! This is the Kon blade.
Isn't the aura magnificent? Why did you have Kaijinbo make such a blade? Why do you want the other blade so badly?! It's none of your business! And I'll say it again.
While this blade means everything to me, it has absolutely no value to you and your friends.
If you back off, I'll spare the other humans, too.
will you throw away your life? I can move! Does the power of the Shadow Hold fade as my shadow fades? Now what will you do? Hah! I ain't about to waste my life over a demon blade! You're smarter than I expected, half-demon.
You are a fool, after all.
Wha?! Just what the hell does the Naginata of Kenkon mean to you?! I owe you no explanation! Oh.
Kagome is as beautiful as a Bodhisattva.
If she were to marry into the Hojo family.
all would be well.
Kagome Hojo.
That has such a nice ring to it! Huh?! Err.
I was just.
! Huh? Y-You're.
? We're from a nearby village.
This time, it's their ancestors? What are you doing at this hour? We were picking firewood for tomorrow morning, and we sensed your presence.
You became lost in the forest? Let us take you to the village.
Really? That would be a great help.
But could it be Let me borrow this for a second, Hojo.
I thought the Demon Ninja had disguised themselves.
But I guess I'm being too suspicious.
Even Inuyasha, a half-demon, was nearly overcome by the power of the aura of the blade.
But these girls seem to be fine.
Is something the matter? No, it's nothing.
Now then I'll carry you to the village.
I'll carry your belongings.
No! This is very valuable to me.
I'm okay, too.
Demon Ninja technique, Darkness Puppet! With this technique, the puppets won't be affected by the aura and they'll be able to steal the blade.
I almost had it! I mean, he was about to hand it over to me! I keep telling you to cut out that act! Don't be hasty.
We have lots of chances left.
We'll catch them off guard.
Then we'll steal the Ken blade and tear those two apart! Oh, how scary! I said to stop it! How can I concentrate?! Is something wrong? Err.
May I ask what kind of relationship you have? We really don't have a relationship.
I'm sorry.
You make such a nice couple, I thought you were married.
Really? We look good together, huh? Yes.
Kagome and Akitoki.
you make a wonderful couple.
Really? Hojo, put me down.
Huh? I'm sorry! I got carried away there.
Please don't get upset.
That's not it! Why do you know our names? You fool! It's your fault for acting weird and making me lose my concentration! We have no choice.
Hah! They're such a bother! Let's kill them and get it over with.
Just a minute! Don't be rash! Our target is the Ken blade, that's all! We know that! W-What's going on?! Those are puppets.
That's why the aura of the blade didn't affect them.
Go! Hojo! Take the Ken blade and run to Furai Shrine! I cannot leave you by yourself! Hojo! Kagome, get away! Don't move! A-All right! Hojo! Kagome! Hojo! Haven't you figured it out yet? All the power you throw at me is being absorbed by the blade.
What?! Dammit! What is that? This aura is from Hoshiyomi's Kon blade! Master Hoshiyomi, we captured the girl, Kagome, who was with that group.
You're okay! Where's Kagome?! Kagome was.
! Kagome was.
! What about Kagome?! Kagome! What will you do now? Do you want to protect the Ken blade even if it means this woman's life? Kagome! If you want to save this woman, come to Furai Shrine.
And make sure you don't forget the Ken blade.
It's all my fault! That Kagome got involved in all this.
That she fell into Hoshiyomi's hands! We don't have time for that now! We must save Kagome from that demon! But how?! Tetsusaiga still hasn't transformed! Next on Inuyasha: "The Great Duel at Shoun Falls!" As long as we have spirit, we can do anything!