Inuyasha (2000) s01e139 Episode Script

Episode 139

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! Kagome has fallen into the hands of Hoshiyomi who is after the Naginata of Kenkon.
Just you wait, Kagome! Tetsusaiga has lost its power, but I'll rescue you without fail! So you're Hoshiyomi, huh? Move outta my way! Too easy! Huh?! Demon Ninja technique.
Shadow Incarnation.
Could the "Kagome" that was written on that scroll be Go! Hojo! Take the Ken blade and run to Furai Shrine! Huh? I cannot leave you by yourself! Kagome! Haven't you figured it out yet? All the power you throw at me is being absorbed by the blade.
What?! What is that? This aura is from Hoshiyomi's Kon blade! You're okay! Where's Kagome?! Kagome was.
! Kagome was.
! What about Kagome?! Kagome! What will you do now? Do you want to protect the Ken blade even if it means this woman's life? Kagome! Kagome! Why, you! Inuyasha, are you all right? What can you kill with a rusty sword like that? My Tetsusaiga.
If you want to get her back, come to Furai Shrine.
What?! And don't forget the Ken blade.
Kagome! Dammit! Wait! Inuyasha! I will go with you! You'll only be in the way! Please take me with you! Hold on, you two! According to Lady Kaede, the Furai Shrine is the place to purify the Kenkon blades.
So why did he choose that shrine for the exchange? Get to the point! It must be some kind of trap.
This is not the time to be thinking about that.
Kagome is in danger because I involved her in my problems! Damn right! I'm going! Please wait! Let us go, too! Right! Kirara! Let's go! We will now proceed with the ritual for the resurrection of the Naginata of Kenkon.
Do not allow them to get near this shrine.
Yes, sire! Leave that half-demon to me.
With that rusty sword, he'll be no match for me.
Then I'll take the monk.
I'll tear apart the woman.
That leaves the young samurai for me.
Over there! What is that light?! A barrier?! You won't get past us.
You smell quite tasty.
I am Seiryu of the Moon.
Let's get to know each other.
Sango! Where are you?! I'm your opponent! Hey Shippo! Snap out of it! Wake up! Oh, I guess I have no choice! Have you come to? We've all become separated.
Hurry to Inuyasha! Gotcha! Oww! Akitoki, are you all right? I think I bruised my hip.
Shape up! Oh my, such nice buns! Hey, cute samurai! I'm Suzaku of the Flower.
Nice to meet you.
Huh?! You're really unlucky to have to face me, Genbu of the Darkness.
Get outta my way.
And what can you do with a useless blade like that? Are you deaf? I said to get outta my way! Huh? Did a mosquito sting me? It's not working, is it? Hah! I don't even need Tetsusaiga to fight you! Take this! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! I keep telling you it's useless.
His body's so tough! Is that it? Well then.
My turn! Demon Ninja technique! Spinning Demon Shell! Hah! You can't get away! I haven't hunted a female prey in a long time.
I'm going to enjoy this.
You're disgusting! Hiraikotsu! Whoa! W-Where'd he go?! Demon Ninja technique, Dance of Scales! What is that?! Demon ninja technique, Scale Storm! Sango! I'm coming! That's only if you can beat me, Byakko of the Snow! I'll use my Wind Tunnel! As if I'd let you, Monk! What's the matter, Monk? Is it over already? Let go! I won't let you have the Ken blade! Stingy! If you give me the blade of Ken, I'll use the skin off of your cute face to decorate it.
I don't want you to do that! Can't you be more agreeable? Well then, every morning, I'll kiss a wall hanging made from the skin of your face.
How's that? Stop it! You're disgusting me! Oh, I can't watch this! It's the end of the world! I gotta.
I gotta keep it together! Fox Fire! Hot! Hot! There! I'm saved! This is hot! What are you trying to do?! Damn kid! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! So you're awake.
This man's eyes They're so sad.
Why? Why is it? Huh? Why is a human like you traveling with that half-demon? What are you to that half-demon? Why do you ask? It's none of your business.
Humans and demons have no love for each other.
There could never be a bond between humans and demons.
That is because humans always end up betraying demons.
And someday, you too, will betray that half-demon.
That won't happen! Humans are weak creatures.
They are weak in body and soul.
Even though they are weak, they try to live proudly.
That's why humans betray.
in order to protect themselves.
You misjudge humans.
Did something happen between you and humans? That's it, isn't it? That's why you say such things.
A female samurai? Who is that in the painting? Tsukiyomi.
What are you doing here? Hoshiyomi.
Forgive me! Rin! Pyo! To! Sha! Kai! Chin! - Retsu! Zai! - Tsukiyomi! Zen! W-Why?! Why are you doing this? Tsukiyomi! Why? Why?! I was sealed in here by Tsukiyomi.
Of the Naginata of Kenkon.
The Ken blade was taken to Mt.
Fuji to the Hojo family.
And the Kon blade was taken to Mt.
When Mt.
Hakurei collapsed, I took back this blade of Kon.
And that's why Old Kaede said that the Naginata of Kenkon could be purified at Furai Shrine.
Tsukiyomi betrayed me.
She promised to live with me, yet she betrayed me.
Tsukiyomi must have had a reason.
Humans are weak.
They are weak, yet they try to live.
So they struggle and betray.
My desire is to save humans from that struggle.
Save humans? How? I will resurrect the Naginata of Kenkon which was created from the corpses of 222 demons, and kill all humans.
You think that is saving humans?! Humans have an existence that is beyond saving.
So death is the only way to save humans.
You're wrong! Just as I thought.
When I first saw you, I felt a spiritual power whose scope was similar to that of Tsukiyomi's.
So why did I not take the Ken blade back then, but brought you here instead? I am going to use your power in the ritual to resurrect the Naginata of Kenkon.
What?! My strength.
Do you yearn for it so much? Rest assured.
The other blade shall soon be in my possession.
W-What is this?! W-What.
! Whaa-! What's happening?! Akitoki is going up the waterfall! Demon Ninja technique, Shell Crusher! You won't get away now.
you half-demon! Do not worry.
I shall take good care of your body.
Sango! Concerned about that girl, too? Well, don't worry.
You'll soon meet in the netherworld.
Why, you! Take this! Tiger Fang Attack! Monk, I don't know what you're trying to do, but you can't move an inch.
Shippo! What'll happen if you don't keep it together?! You're right! Unless I keep it together, it'll all be over! Akitoki! You just hang in there for just a bit! Shippo! Now, grab on! Hurry! You're not getting away, my cute samurai! Stop! Owwee! Stop! Stop! I'll crush you! Miroku Damn you! Why, you! Blades of Blood! Wind Tunnel! W-Wha! Sango! Grab onto something! Miroku! Wind Tunnel! What the.
! What's happening?! T-This is bad.
! N-No! Don't! Sango! Are you all right? Uh-huh.
Thank you.
Miroku! Are you all right? Pretty much.
But we'd better hurry.
to Kagome! You're all right, Akitoki! I'm sorry.
The Ken blade entered that building.
What's this.
? I got a bad feeling.
Huh? Kagome! It has been restored! My Naginata of Kenkon! W-What?! I shall tell you.
Kenkon signifies the yin and yang.
Heaven and Earth! It represents the two opposing forces of the entire universe.
What if I were to use the power of the Naginata of Kenkon to cut the invisible wall which separates the two? I don't need a lecture! Just hurry it up and give Kagome back! Humans are weak.
Humans betray.
Thus, all humans must perish from this world.
What is that?! We're being sucked in! Inuyasha! Akitoki! I can't use the Wind Tunnel if he has Kagome! Kagome! Inuyasha! Doesn't Tetsusaiga have its power back? Dammit, it's no good! Kagome.
It's all my fault! I got Kagome involved in all this! And I let her fall into his hands! This is no time for whining! We must do everything possible to save Kagome from that monster! But how?! And Tetsusaiga is still.
All you hafta do is put some spirit into it! And anything is possible! I will never forgive humans! Why did Tsukiyomi seal me away?! I wanted you to remember! Tsukiyomi! I wanted you to remember the kindness you showed during the days we spent together.
The power of loving someone.
Isn't that capable of winning over the sadness that is enveloped in those terrible blades? Next on Inuyasha: "Eternal Love: The Naginata of Kenkon" There has to be a dream that never fades even if it never comes true.