Inuyasha (2000) s01e140 Episode Script

Episode 140

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! The Demon Ninja Hoshiyomi captured Kagome and used her spiritual powers to restore the frightening power of the Naginata of Kenkon.
Damn! What're we gonna do?! We're being sucked in.
We're gonna save Kagome from the hands of that monster no matter what we have to do! But Tetsusaiga still isn't.
Anything is possible if you put your spirit into it! Everything in the universe disappears eventually.
Sadness and happiness, all fade with time.
Nothing lasts forever.
Even this world will someday be destroyed.
Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! So you should give up your senseless struggle and die quietly! I don't think so! Sango! Why, you! You do not understand, do you? Against the Naginata of Kenkon, you cannot win! l-Impossible! The Naginata of Kenkon is invincible! Miroku! Blades of Blood! You want this girl back so badly? You love this girl that much? I love Kagome! I will gladly trade my life for hers! Please return Kagome! Huh?! You said that nothing lasts forever.
Even with the passing of time.
Even with the passing of time.
There is something called love which never dies! Akitoki.
He's so impulsive! At times like these, he should just keep quiet.
Just as you said, it is true that I am but a weak human being.
But, because we are so weak, humans can understand the pain of others, and can show kindness and compassion! And I believe that such feelings last forever! Hmph! Feelings? Don't make me laugh! If humans had kindness, if they understood pain, why did Tsukiyomi seal me away?! I cannot forgive you! What humans did to me, I will repay with death! So die knowing how I feel-! W-What is happening?! You are! l-It's impossible! W-What's happening?! That's.
! Kagome! Kagome! Hoshiyomi.
We are finally able to meet once again, Hoshiyomi.
Tsukiyomi, what do you want now? I wanted you to remember once again.
the feelings you once felt towards humans.
The kindness you showed me.
The days we once shared together.
Are you hurt, Tsukiyomi? Save your worries for yourself.
I do not want to hold you back! So like you.
Do you really think you can run away from us, you fool?! You're not even worth fearing! You go through such pains.
for a lone woman! Letting a lowly human.
Letting Tsukiyomi.
steal your heart.
Yes, I even changed my name to Hoshiyomi That's how much I cared about Tsukiyomi Abiraunken Sowaka! Tsukiyomi! You've used too much of your strength.
If we continue hunting down demons like this.
your life will be.
It's too late to give up fighting.
The demons who begrudge us will keep coming after us.
No! There must be a place where we need not fight! Somewhere we can live in peace.
Here are the corpses of the demons you spoke of.
There are 222 of them in all.
I gathered them all.
Now you have everything to complete the ultimate weapon which possesses the power of yin and yang.
That time, in order to find a place for you and me where there would be no fighting, I asked Kaijinbo to forge this Naginata of Kenkon.
I needed a weapon that equaled the power you possessed.
So that you would not need to expend any more of your powers.
I did it all for you.
So why?! Why did you betray me?! Amazing! This naginata is truly amazing! Hoshiyomi! Behold, Tsukiyomi! As long as I have this Naginata of Kenkon, you need not use your powers.
With this, we need not worry.
Even if a hundred, a thousand demons attack us, I shall be able to protect you.
That Naginata of Kenkon is very dangerous.
We must seal it immediately.
What are you saying?! In order to live in peace, without having to fight.
I must have absolute power! Hoshiyomi is becoming possessed by the Naginata of Kenkon.
If nothing is done Forgive me! Rin! Pyo! To! Sha! Kai! Chin! - Retsu! Zai! - Tsukiyomi! Zen! Why?! Why are you doing this to me?! Tsukiyomi! Why? Why?! Such frightening demonic power! Evil powers.
Begone! The calamity has been sealed.
I will release you from the seal now.
Huh?! My strength.
You were just a human, after all.
There was no way you could love me, a demon.
T-That's ridiculous! Are you telling me the truth?! I am not saying that I did not betray you.
But I wanted to save you! From the spell of the Naginata of Kenkon.
I wanted to release you! Was it all because of my own weakness?! Was it because my heart did not have faith in Tsukiyomi, that this darkness was born?! Hoshiyomi.
My body may no longer exist, but my feelings are yours eternally.
I have no regrets! Ridiculous! Ridiculous! It's way too late! It's all much too late! The Naginata of Kenkon has returned to this world! And it thirsts for blood even now! Kagome! Kagome! Kagome! She's all right.
The blade didn't touch her.
Kagome! Inuyasha? Huh?! Let me down.
I'm all right.
I now possess absolute power! I have no regrets whatsoever! I shall rid the world of humans with the Naginata of Kenkon! Are you still going on about that?! Tsukiyomi died for your sake! How can you ignore her sacrifice?! Kagome! My Tetsusaiga.
! Tsukiyomi was human, but she was not weak! She possessed a much stronger heart than you! You're the one who betrayed yourself! You became bewitched by the Naginata of Kenkon because your own heart was weak! Silence, wench! What would you know?! Die! Don't you dare lay a hand on her! I'll.
protect Kagome! Don't you dare lay a hand on her! Inuyasha.
? Prepare to die, Hoshiyomi! Wind Scar! You impudent half-demon! What?! My power.
My power hasn't returned.
Your spiritual powers have all been absorbed by the Naginata of Kenkon.
It's useless.
Kagome! Isn't there something we can do?! Hmm.
If we take the naginata away from him, something may be possible.
That's impossible! We'll be killed before we can steal it.
! Kagome, whom I care for deeply, is fighting, while I.
Die! Inuyasha! K-Kagome.
I love you, Kagome! Why, you.
! A-Akitoki.
That damn fool! Humans are weak, after all.
If you want to rush to death, so be it.
Lend me your strength, Tsukiyomi.
Die! Stop! Hoshiyomi! What?! T-Tsukiyomi! Yes! My power has returned! Be grateful to Akitoki.
It's all because of him.
I know! Thank you, Hojo! You're welcome.
Now then, let's put an end to this.
Okay! W-What's that?! Hah! What can you do?! Everything is powerless against the Naginata of Kenkon! It's coming! I know! Begone! Take this! Backlash Wave! Go! It's better this way.
It's better like this, right, Tsukiyomi? Kagome! Are you all right, Kagome?! Uh-huh.
That was a fine joint effort.
You were in perfect sync.
Yes! He is.
Huh? He was the same as me.
You mean, Hoshiyomi? Yeah.
There was a time when I was possessed by demonic power, and I couldn't control myself.
Damn! It's exactly the same.
However, you had Kagome.
Kagome embraced you with kindness and saved you.
Yes, many times.
The first time was with "sit.
" Shippo, hush! Looking back, he's right! You're not kind at all! Well, I'm sorry! - You should be! You little pipsqueak! - What did you say?! Now, now.
There are different forms of kindness.
- please take care of yourself.
- Shut up! You fake, lecherous monk! Don't call me a fake.
I won't argue about being a lecher, though.
What was that?! I had deep feelings for Kagome.
Even if they would never be reciprocated, my feelings will never fade.
Please wait! You're speaking to me? Yes! What is your name? It's Suzaku.
Suzaku?! Oh, you should change such a name.
It does not suit someone as beautiful as you! Huh? Change it to Kagome.
It's a lovely name.
How about we continue the journey together? But you were going that way.
No, no.
Don't worry about that.
Let us be on our way.
All right.
My name is Akitoki Hojo.
And let me tell you that I have had many adventures.
Why just the other day.
What's the matter, Hojo? You're daydreaming.
Keep sighing and happiness will run away.
Never mind this silly family tree.
Huh?! What have you done?! Be quiet.
It'll be over quickly.
Are you the ones killing monks and shrine-keepers? I heard the demon was a female with an infant.
But this infant.
Could it be more frightening than the woman? A priest like you should be able to see the border between this life and the next.
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