Inuyasha (2000) s01e141 Episode Script

Episode 141

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! The legendary demon horse, Entei It is said that whoever is able to ride him will conquer the world.
And now, the seal is about to be broken And waiting in the shadows are Naraku's incarnations, the Infant and Kagura.
It must have been my imagination.
Not quite.
W-Who are you?! Just be quiet.
It'll be over very quickly.
Dance of Blades! Hmm.
I'm getting a little hungry.
You just ate some fish! But I didn't have any rice! Listen.
! Kagome, just leave it to me.
Huh? You have something? Well, no.
But look over there.
A village! Yes, it is.
Yes! Miroku, I'm counting on you.
Leave it to me.
Yes! A real meal! Hey, isn't there something strange.
about that village? Huh? The head priest? Yes, he was killed.
Not again.
Those stories about highly spiritual monks and priests being killed? I don't know who's behind it all, but if it's reached this far, it's very serious.
And so, the demon which was sealed in the shrine was set free and is now wreaking havoc.
A demon? And that's why the village is in shambles? Huh? Something wrong, Inuyasha? You sense something? Over that way! I can smell 'em.
'Though they're just small-fry demons.
They're hiding.
Here they come.
Don't let your guard down.
Inuyasha! Leave 'em to me! One blow's all I need to destroy 'em! Wind Scar! Hah! Thank you for the food! Delicious! Oh.
So there have been similar incidents lately? Yes, rumors abound about them.
Hey! Give it back! Monks and priests are being slain one after another.
Who could be doing it? Well.
Rumor has it that it is a woman holding an infant.
Huh? You don't think it could be.
? An infant? Could it be? So then the woman's Kagura.
But why? Why would they need humans.
? Just what're they planning? Who cares about that? As long as Naraku is involved, we can't ignore it! Right? Yes.
you're right about that.
But where is Kagura now? Don't worry about that.
Who is the most highly spiritual priest or monk in this area? You mean someone still living? Of course! Let's see.
Someone still alive from this area.
And one who is highly spiritual.
That would be the Monk Shinsen of Mangan Temple.
Monk Shinsen? You mean, the one and only Monk Shinsen? You've heard of him? Oh yes, he's a legend.
It's said that when it comes to putting a demon under seal, no one does it more skillfully than he.
Even a demon slayer like me has heard of him.
He's famous.
Among his feats is his subjugation of Rengokuki, a demon that devoured humans.
And the story of how he put Entei, the demon horse, under seal is famous.
Huh? What is the matter, Master? Nothing, it must have been my imagination.
I thought I heard Entei.
Entei? Yes, the demon horse that I sealed in the mountain behind this temple.
Just as his name implies, Entei is a demon horse with hooves of flame.
He is a swift demon horse.
said to be able to run Demon?! Yes.
According to legend, a hundred years ago, a swift horse burned to death, and its vengeful spirit was resurrected.
And there's the one about Entei being born in a volcanic explosion.
So you're not really sure about this? Well, I guess you could say that.
But those aren't the only rumors.
Huh? There's one more legend about Entei.
If one can ride Entei, he'll conquer the world? Yes.
I don't know who started it, but that rumor has spread widely.
Naturally, it's nothing more than superstition, but humans and demons fought countless battles to try to capture Entei.
And the last one left standing was Rengokuki.
And it was he whom Entei allowed to ride it.
After Rengokuki mastered Entei, he became even more ruthless.
The villages that were victimized by Rengokuki's attacks, pleaded with the Monk Shinsen to slay the demon.
My battle with Rengokuki lasted three days and three nights.
And I needed another three days and nights to seal Entei.
Hahh! Finally, I was able to defeat both the demons, and sealed them in two separate locations.
And that's what it is in the shrine? Yes.
That was a long time ago.
Master Shinsen is a great monk who was able to put under seal two frightening demons.
I think I understand.
If he's that strong.
It's no wonder Kagura would come after him.
Awright, let's go.
We can't be wasting time here.
What's wrong? Hurry and go.
I know! Geez.
You sure know how to boss people around.
Huh? Is something wrong, Master Shinsen? Do you not sense anything? Huh? There is an evil aura approaching the temple! You two, go and hide! Yes, Master! Who's there?! Hmm.
It seems you're stronger than the others before you.
So you've shown yourself, demon! Hahh! Hmph! So you think putting up a barrier will save you? I had heard that the demon was a woman carrying an infant.
So you two are responsible for the killings of the monks and priests? But this infant is many times more evil than the woman! With this monk, we may be able to find the border between this life and the next.
Huh? It spoke! Stay back! Monk, can you counter this? Dance of Blades! Easily done! Not bad.
Then try this! Dance of the Dragon! Master Shinsen! Take this! It's useless! What?! Blast! M- Master! I'm going to look into your soul.
done it? I've grown old.
Master Shinsen! Well This is bad.
The smell of blood? Yeah! And it's fresh blood! There's also the smell of incense.
It's coming from the temple! More demons! You need not fear us.
? The work of Kagura? Yeah, I can still smell her.
This was the work of a woman carrying an infant.
Is that right? Y-Yes.
Master Shinsen fought so hard to protect us.
He managed to destroy one of them, the infant.
That baby? Are you sure? There's no mistake about it.
Master Shinsen's power tore it in half.
What do you think, Miroku? That infant is an incarnation that Naraku created inside Mt.
And when Mt.
Hakurei was destroyed, Naraku went through great pains to let him escape.
So the infant was vital to Naraku? Most probably.
Yes This seems too easy.
Just what the hell is going on?! Saimyosho? Where are you leading us? Kanna? Did Naraku send you? Oh, well.
He ended up like this.
So have you come in Naraku's place to lecture me? Hey! Where're you going? What about this one? You protect that one.
Huh? This was all meant to happen.
Find the border between this world and the next? What's that mean? Before they killed Master Shinsen, that's what the infant said.
And that he was going to look into his soul.
What does that mean? I believed that Kagura and the infant went around killing monks and priests in order to unseal demons, but.
it seems that wasn't their only purpose.
The border between this world and the next? What can be found there? Huh?! That noise! Could the demon have broken the seal.
?! Seal, you say? Let's go! Whoa! The mountain out back? Yes! It took everything in his power, for Master Shinsen to seal Entei the Demon Horse there! Entei? You mean, Entei the demon horse that allowed Rengokuki to ride him? Y-Yes! Is that it? That's.
! Is that.
?! Entei.
Damn beast! Everyone, run! Are you all right, Kagome? Uh-huh.
What about you others, Miroku? We're fine here.
But Inuyasha.
That demon horse! Yeah, I know! I'm gonna thank him for what he just did! Take this! Wind Scar! He dodged it! He's so fast! He's coming, Miroku! Kirara! Hiraikotsu! He disappeared? Where is he?! What're you doing, Sango! Above you! Sango! Sango! Blast him! Then I'll use my Wind Tunnel! What's happening?! A miasma! Damn! He's spreading it around! That's enough outta you! Are you all right, Sango? Yes.
Never mind me.
We have to stop that demon horse! No, he's going too fast.
I can't get a good aim at him.
We've gotta stop him from moving around so much.
Huh? He stopped moving.
Hah! The fool! Now it's over! Wait, Inuyasha! Why'd you stop me now?! Something's wrong.
What IS that?! This is bad! Run for it! Hang in there, Kagome.
Hey! Everyone, okay? Yes, somewhat.
I thought I was a goner! He's gone.
No doubt he intends to reunite with his demon master.
Let's go after him, Inuyasha! Yeah! Geez! What the hell do I do with this one? It's not even breathing.
It moved.
! Hey.
Did you come back from the dead? He's alive.
He's! You say you unsealed the demon horse? Entei has chosen an evil child as it's new master! My name is Hakudoshi.
As you have surmised, I am the incarnation of Naraku.
Why are you trying to find the border between this life and the next? What is there to see there? What I saw was a world of white mist.
Will you also attempt to find.
the Sacred Jewel shards? Next on Inuyasha: "Untamed Entei and Horrible Hakudoshi" Should you be telling them something so important?