Inuyasha (2000) s01e142 Episode Script

Episode 142

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! An incarnation of Naraku which had been split into two was still alive.
And the legendary demon horse, Entei, released from its seal now presents himself to his chosen rider! I'm going to look into your soul.
Is that? Entei Hiraikotsu! That's enough outta you! What the hell do I do with this one? It's not even breathing.
It moved.
! Hey.
Did you come back from the dead? He's alive.
He's! Huh? You're.
! It's so fast! We can't catch up! Dammit! It's useless! It's getting away! Huh? It's descending! Entei's master must be there.
You mean the man-eating demon that's sealed up there? Well, I'll destroy 'em both, Entei and him! So the priest is dead? Coming to greet your master.
Now that's a nice thing to do.
Shall we raise hell like old times? I won't let you! You're Rengokuki? Who the hell are you? None of your business! Just get back in your grave! Just who do you think I am? I am the great Rengokuki.
The only one Entei allows astride his back.
You've got guts if you wanna fight me.
Why you! Take this! And this! And this! Damn bastard! And this! Hah! What's the matter? You almost had him! It'll take some doing to get that demon horse, Entei.
A human attack will have no effect on me! I am destined to conquer the world! Shaddup! Huh? Wind Scar! He countered it again! The problem is that speed! Damn! One more time! Run, Entei! Stop! It's hunger! I'm hungry, that's why I don't have strength.
I'd never lose to a guy like that otherwise.
Why that! Dammit! Inuyasha! Where are Rengokuki and Entei? I was too late.
They got away.
We must find them.
Otherwise, there will surely be casualties.
Rengokuki is a man-eating demon.
We have to do something fast! At any rate, let's follow in the direction they flew.
I can track them by their scent if we get near.
- Get on.
- 'Kay! Let's go! "Bring me new apparel"?! The second he wakes up, that kid starts ordering me around! Huh? What could have happened here? Huh? Who are you? What kind of demon are you? Mind your own business.
Let me tell you this.
The humans who were here are all mine.
Wait! What? Be my wife.
Huh? In time, I'm going to rule the world.
And you'll be my wife.
It's not a bad deal.
You don't look like you can conquer the world.
W-What?! So long! That's what you think! Entei! I'll give her a taste of my power! What a pest! Dance of Blades! That horse.
Hold it! He's really irritating me! Come down.
I'll take you on.
If you apologize and ask me to take you for a wife, I'll forgive you.
Hah! You'll regret picking a fight with me.
Bitch! I'll show you my power which even Entei acknowledges.
And I told you that you don't look strong at all.
- Kagura - Huh? I'll handle him.
Who the hell are you?! Huh? Is that it? You cocky kid! What's wrong, Entei? Hey, Entei! Oh.
What's the matter, Entei! I'm your master! Have you forgotten?! I think he has.
Shut up! He decides who is the most fitting to ride on his back! And it is my power he chose! I'm the victor! Behold! I am the rider of Entei! Let us go, Entei! Entei! What do you see in a kid like this? Watch me! That kid.
Where'd he go?! Here.
Why you! Why you! Am I going to be killed.
by a mere kid?! Not bad.
Isn't it too big for you? Save your wisecracks.
I want to get used to this body quickly.
This kid Unlike Naraku, he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.
Now then.
All the people who lived here were killed.
Did Rengokuki do this? Huh? Here! Over here! Hoof marks.
It's huge.
Let's find them as soon as possible.
Entei's prints go in that direction, but stop right here.
He must've flown from here.
Does that mean he flew in that direction? What's this? What's the matter? This scent! Huh? Be careful, everyone.
An aura.
A demonic aura is coming near! Is that Entei? You're brave, coming to me like this.
Wind Scar! It's going to hit this time! A barrier?! That's some greeting Inuyasha.
Who is that? It's not Rengokuki.
I killed Rengokuki.
Who is he?! It seems Entei here has chosen me after witnessing my strength.
A kid? A mere child! Or maybe, it was for freeing him from the seal.
Are you the one who released that demon horse?! The ones who broke the seal were Kagura and that baby.
The baby was split in two by the priest's spiritual power.
Ha! As if I'd die from the spiritual powers of a mere priest! Does that mean you're that baby?! I am Hakudoshi.
As you've guessed, I am one of Naraku's incarnations.
Hakudoshi?! So you're Naraku's.
Hakudoshi! I have heard that you have killed monks and priests in search of the border between this world and the next.
What is to be found there? Would you like to search for it, too? The Sacred Jewel shard? Sacred Jewel shard?! Hey, is it wise to talk about that? There's no need to hide it.
There isn't? The more, the merrier.
Be grateful that I've given you that lead.
He seems to be telling the truth about the shard.
Hah! I don't give a damn about the next world or whatever, but if there's a shard to be found there, you can go there yourself! Dammit! He got away I won't let 'em get away! I'll find them, no matter what! What'll you do now? Kill another priest? Not anymore.
Humans aren't strong enough.
What I saw inside the priest's soul before he split me in two was that the border between this world and the next? What I saw was a world of white mist.
I want to know more about what I saw.
Which means Demon.
What? Find a demon who seems strong.
Demon? I see Nothing in this area either? Yes.
As you can see, it's very peaceful here.
No demon horse and no child riding it? I've not seen anything like that.
I'm sorry I'm not much help.
Oh no, thank you.
Since that day, we've had no clues at all.
But it's odd.
Ever since we saw Hakudoshi, there've been no stories about attacks on shrines and temples.
Yes, but now, I keep sensing a strange demonic aura.
And more than one.
Strange demonic aura? By themselves, they're not much.
But their movements are wild.
They're not headed someplace? No It's like they're wandering.
Smells yummy! Are you all right, Shippo? l-I'm fine.
Miroku and Sango should be returning soon.
But what a shock that Naraku's incarnation would reveal the location of the last Sacred Jewel shard.
The others are held by Koga and Kohaku.
The rest are all in Naraku's possession.
We can't let Naraku have any more of the shards! That Inuyasha Huh? Where'd he go? He probably couldn't sit still.
Dammit! I can't pick up any scent of Hakudoshi! And I don't get this thing about the border between this world and the next.
Isn't there some kind of clue? Anything at all? What is it? Looks delicious! Huh? Inuyasha? W-What is that?! Run, Kagome! Kagome! Inuyasha! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Kagome, are you all right?! Where WERE you, you idiot! Do you know what would have happened to Kagome if I weren't here?! I know.
Sorry, Kagome.
It's all right, but Just what is this demon? Kagome! Sango, Miroku! Did you do this, Inuyasha? Yeah.
You sure got carried away.
Whaddya mean by carried away? You chopped off his head No, this demon was headless from the start.
From the start? Yes.
Are you sure? Yeah, that's why it was so scary.
Could it have something to do with the wandering demonic aura? Yes, this was probably one of them.
This one looks like it was killed with a blade.
You mean, it was beheaded? Yeah, but demons are resilient.
That's why the body was moving by itself.
Then the other demonic auras But why? Just look at this cut.
Whoever did it was a terrible swordsman.
Is it really that bad? Yeah.
Huh? What're you doing, kid? Do you realize that this is my territory? Why you.
! This brat just what is he thinking? Let's go.
My name is Kanta.
As you can see, I'm A raccoon dog? An otter.
Kanta's father has been slain by Hakudoshi.
If we can find his body, we may be able to save him! But once a body is destroyed, it cannot be restored.
Hurry Inuyasha! We may make it in time! I know, but there's a troublesome guy near Kanta's old man.
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