Inuyasha (2000) s01e143 Episode Script

Episode 143

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! We learned that the remaining Sacred Jewel shard was to be found at the border between this world and the netherworld.
Then Sesshomaru appeared before us.
What will his father's sword, Tenseiga, divulge? I am Hakudoshi.
As you've guessed, I am one of Naraku's incarnations.
Hakudoshi?! So you're Naraku's.
Would you like to search for it, too? The Sacred Jewel shard? Sacred Jewel shard?! Hah! I don't give a damn about the next world or whatever, but if there's a shard to be found there, you can go there yourself! Why you.
! This brat just what is he thinking? Let's go.
- Huh? - Oh.
- I wonder what's going on? - Yeah.
I shall go and ask.
Miss, will you bear my child? M-O-N-K! Owwwee! What an idiot.
It was just a greeting! Umm.
Did something happen? Our village was attacked by a headless demon.
It tore up the village.
I was scared out of my wits.
And you're sure that this demon was headless? Yes.
It used to be the man-eating demon who lived in the mountains.
We don't know who ripped its head off, but a number of villagers have already been injured.
Leave it to us! We shall exterminate this demon! You think it's wise to let that monk handle this problem? Just earlier, he flirted with our women.
I don't trust him.
Oh well, shall we go? Inuyasha, please follow the demon's scent.
I really don't need to.
It's pretty obvious which way he went.
You're right.
And there it is! That girl.
is in danger! - I must.
do something! - You fool! It's too dangerous! Damn! Git outta here! Stop! Huh? What're you doing?! Please! Make him stop! But why? Huh?! It's a baby raccoon dog! That's my father! Please don't hurt him! - Hey raccoon dog! - I'm an otter.
Whatever! You sure don't look like you're related! Huh?! No, that's not my father! I don't know how you can make a mistake like that, but you can explain after I take care of this bastard! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! My name is Kanta.
As you can see, I'm a.
Raccoon dog! I'm an otter! Why did you take on the appearance of a human girl? Pa told me to.
He said if I disguise myself as a human village girl whenever I leave the mountain, some idiot will always come to my rescue.
Your father is very shrewd.
Earlier, you called that demon "father.
" Actually, inside this bundle is Pa's head.
What?! It happened three days ago.
Pa and I were catching fish in the river.
You're fantastic, Pa! It's easy once you get the hang of it.
Wanna try it? Yeah! Huh? You okay? You have to be aware of the depth.
Can't have an otter drowning in a river.
'Kay, Pa! Just then, a white child riding a demon horse appeared.
Go and hide! - Pa? - Just go! Quickly! Uh-huh.
Who are you? Not from hereabouts.
Huh? So, you dodged my first blow.
You brat! Don't underestimate me! Hmph! This will be more fun than I expected.
Pa! Kanta! Run! With that life energy, you'll last awhile.
Pa's head was carried away by the current and swallowed up by a waterfall.
Damn! Oh well.
The child went away after that, but by the time I retrieved Pa's head and returned, his body was nowhere to be found! Use this.
So the one hunting down all the demons.
Has to be Hakudoshi.
But for what purpose? While in his infant stage, Hakudoshi killed numerous monks and shrine keepers.
In order to get a glimpse of the border between this world and the next.
Maybe he's still trying to do the same thing.
Using the demons.
That's right! He looks into the human heart.
Sounds possible to me.
Unlike humans, demons don't die easily.
So if you find your pa's body and stick his head back on.
It may not be too late! Ohh? You mean he'll revive? Your father must be very robust.
Idiot! But it's already been three days.
And if his body has been exterminated, it'll be too late for him! Don't despair! Inuyasha will help you.
I'll what? Inuyasha helped me avenge my pa in the past, too.
Tetsusaiga! Inuyasha is very strong! Shippo.
He's that strong? Right! He's so strong, it makes up for the fact that he's also stupid, childish and eccentric.
I see.
So you lost your pa, too.
Let's be friends, raccoon dog! I'm a fox! - No, you're a raccoon dog.
- I'm a fox! I'm sure it's over this way.
I sense a terrible demonic aura approaching.
Shh! Quiet! You'll let them know where we are! What? You're asking me what I'm doing? Well, I guess I should tell you.
Actually, there are rumors of stronger demons being stalked and decapitated.
Small fry like you need not worry.
"Stronger" demons means I, Chokyukai, will be targeted next.
Nah nah Oh there he is.
Damn! Brat! I'll tear you to shreds! Quiet! Huh? l-I'm not afraid, you know.
I may be heartless, but I wouldn't pick a fight with a kid like that.
Huh? Hmm? How dare a mere horse.
! Entei's making a fuss.
Probably just some monkeys or boars.
By the way, have you seen anything? They're all basically the same.
A world of white mist And those things scattered beneath the mist are Master Jaken.
What is it? Where did Lord Sesshomaru go? I have no idea.
He's never talkative to begin with But since he failed to defeat Naraku at Mt.
Hakurei, he's been even more silent.
Still, he could at least tell me where he's going! Master Jaken, when you sigh, happiness runs away.
Here you are! Hot! Hot! Hot! Tenseiga What is exciting you? A demon! A headless demon! T-There it is! - It's getting away! - After him! Huh? Did you catch the scent of Kanta's father? Yeah.
R-Really? But I also smell blood.
I wonder if someone injured him? Will we make it in time?! Women and children, go inside! The headless demon may return! A headless demon? Could it be Kanta's pa? This is terrible! If his body is exterminated, he won't be able to resurrect! Hurry, Inuyasha! Yeah! The scent isn't far! But there's a troublesome guy near Kanta's old man.
Huh?! That's.
! Huh?! Sesshomaru! Why's he! Huh? Pa! Hang on, Pa! Kanta, the head! Okay! It didn't work.
Pa! Kanta.
Hey, Sesshomaru! Why're you here? I can't believe you're just passing by.
I don't owe you any explanations.
Please wait, Sesshomaru! Your sword.
Tenseiga is the sword that brings back life.
Use Tenseiga.
to bring his father back.
This has nothing to do with me.
Pa! Umm.
C-Can you save him? Shippo.
lf lf his pa dies.
Kanta will be all alone.
Please! I beg you! Please!! Shippo.
! It's useless, Shippo.
It's too bad.
But Sesshomaru isn't the type to come to anyone's aid.
And besides, that Tenseiga.
isn't something Sesshomaru can use.
That's true.
Unless its bearer has a caring heart, Tenseiga cannot be wielded.
Tenseiga is stirring Is it telling me to save that demon? Why? Huh? Sesshomaru! Move! I can see the messengers of the afterlife.
He cut something! Huh?! P-Pa.
Pa! Pa! Pa! I'm so glad! I'm so glad for you! Geez! I thought I'd never be able to come back.
Where were you? Hmm.
A very strange place.
A world shrouded in white mist.
I was flying through this world with only my head.
And I noticed numerous other demon heads all with terrible expressions on their faces.
Demons who were beheaded by Hakudoshi.
And when I dove under the mist.
there were giant bones.
Giant bones? Yes, there was a giant skeleton clad in magnificent armor.
And there were lots of other skeletons, too.
I guess that's the world of the afterlife.
T-Thank you so much for saving me.
Sesshomaru, thank- He left.
What was Tenseiga trying to tell me? Is it telling me to remember? That it involves that place? Take care, Shippo.
I'm glad it all worked out.
It's all because of you.
I'll never forget you.
Me neither.
Be happy with your pa.
Thanks for everything, boy.
Sure! You take care, Pa! Shippo is remembering his father.
That place that Kanta's father saw.
I wonder if Hakudoshi already knows about it? Yeah.
But where is this place that's covered in white mist and strewn with giant bones? I may've been there once.
What?! So you remember something about it? Yeah.
Inuyasha is thinking the same thing.
White mist and giant bones The border between this world and the next The grave of Inuyasha's father The Sacred Jewel shard can be found by Inuyasha's father's grave at the border between this life and the next.
Hah! He wants me to visit his grave? But the black pearl which is the entrance to the grave has already allowed us entry before and fulfilled its purpose.
Isn't there any other way in? What? A guy named Hosenki who cultivates jewels knows the way? Next on Inuyasha: "Hosenki and the Last Shard!" I'll get it by force if I have to!