Inuyasha (2000) s01e144 Episode Script

Episode 144

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! The demon graveyard, where Inuyasha's father also sleeps, is the border between this world and the next.
In order to obtain that last remaining Sacred Jewel shard, once again, we must find the path that leads to that graveyard.
That place that the river otter's father saw.
I wonder if Hakudoshi already knows about it? Yeah.
But where is this place that's covered in white mist and strewn with giant bones? I may've been there once.
Inuyasha is thinking the same thing.
White mist and giant bones The border between this world and the next The grave of Inuyasha's father This is That's right.
I've been here before.
Huh? You're happy, Tetsusaiga? I suppose so.
It's been a long time since you've seen him.
Father, I've been using Tetsusaiga to its fullest! Huh? It was a dream.
The border between this world and the next If that's where the last shard is, then that's where I'll go.
He wants me to visit his grave, huh? Where could Inuyasha have gone? Maybe he went in search of Old Myoga.
Old Myoga? How'll he find such a teeny-tiny one? Hmm That's true.
But why would he be looking for Myoga? I'm not sure, but it's probably regarding the black pearl.
Black pearl? Hey! You there, Totosai? Totosai! You're there, aren't you? Answer! What do you want, showing up so unexpectedly? I don't have business with you.
Where's Old Myoga? You are always so rude.
Since you've actually come looking for me, it must be something troublesome.
I'm sorry, please forgive me.
This black pearl is the entryway to Inuyasha's father's grave and the border? Yes.
Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga was to be found at his father's grave.
When we went to get the sword, a space opened up from the black pearl which connected to the other world.
Hey! Sesshomaru's at the grave! After he took possession of Tetsusaiga, we returned to this world But the black pearl fell back into Inuyasha's right eye.
I see, a way to remove the black pearl from your eye? Yeah, there's a way, right? Well.
When the black pearl allowed you passage into the other world, it served its purpose.
Now, it has become a part of your eye, and it no longer has demon power.
I can't use it anymore? No, you cannot.
Then how do I get to my old man's grave?! Your father's grave?! Yeah! Good! Good boy, Inuyasha! So you've finally realized how great your father was and decided to pay your respects at his grave! Don't you ever hit me like that! You always hit me, though.
What a surprise that you're showing such respect.
Hah! It's nothing like that! The last Sacred Jewel shard may be found there.
In order to get it before Naraku, we have to go ourselves and beat him to it.
The Sacred Jewel shard? If we can't use the black pearl, any other method will do.
How can I get to the other world? Let's see.
Stupid! Who're you calling "stupid"? Think hard for a minute.
That demon graveyard is in a separate world, reached only by traveling through a special path.
How could a Sacred Jewel shard have gotten there? He's right, Master Inuyasha.
And besides, Kagome was with you then.
Yet she didn't sense a Sacred Jewel shard at all.
T-That was then.
I think it'd be the same this time, too.
Shaddup! Do you intend to take me to the grave or not?! In order to go to the graveyard, you must see H-Hosenki.
Hosenki? Who the hell is that? An old friend of your father.
Hosenki cultivates many kinds of precious jewels.
And each one of them can serve as an entryway to the demon graveyard.
So he made Inuyasha's black pearl, too? Yes! It was given to Inuyasha's father by Hosenki.
The demon graveyard is the final resting place of the dead.
It is no place for the living to be visiting indiscriminately.
If that's where the Sacred Jewel shard is, that's where we go.
That Inuyasha.
He's finally making his move.
I've just about had it! How long must I baby-sit this kid?! If I kill him right here and now, I'll be free Huh? Kagura.
I know your thoughts like the back of my hand.
You shouldn't think foolish thoughts.
All right, I got you.
Damn kid! Err Lord Sesshomaru, where are we headed? My lord! Lord Sesshomaru! Do not ask me.
Huh? Then who should I ask? You, A-un? It couldn't be Rin, could it? That kid's scent and this scent that I smell beyond him Naraku.
And this time, for sure.
- Huh? - Huh? I shall kill him.
Master Jaken.
Better not ask him unnecessary questions.
Or else, he said that he'll kill you.
Yeah, I'll do just that.
Dammit! How much further, Myoga? Just a bit more.
Once we pass this valley, we'll reach the marsh where Hosenki lives.
The sun's almost setting and we're still not there! Would you like to rest around here? Hah! Like we have the luxury to rest! Wait, Inuyasha! As always, he sure has a lot of energy.
Master Inuyasha, this is impossible, even for you.
Let's wait for Kirara.
You've gotta be kidding! If anything stands in my way, I'll just blast it! Outta my way! Wind Scar! The rocks! Hah! How's that?! You are amazing, Master Inuyasha! I knew you could do it! Liar! Err, you're right.
Watch out! Inuyasha is so reckless! He's gone.
Shippo, keep at it! O-Okay.
W- What? Why you! Hakudoshi! You were careless, Inuyasha.
So you came up ahead of us and waited for this moment? Hah! Go right ahead and attack.
But I'm not gonna die so easily! I have no intention of killing you.
I just wanted to see if you were going to make it to Hosenki's place.
Dammit! You know about Hosenki? But it's such a shame.
You won't be able to see him.
W-What?! Why you! You're not.
! Don't worry needlessly, Inuyasha.
I won't interfere with you people.
After all, I don't want the entertainment to end.
Whaddya say?! I'm looking forward to it, Inuyasha.
You and your friends, or me.
Who will be the first to reach the border between this world and the next? Quit kidding! Why you! Inuyasha! Huh? Is something wrong? It's nothing.
Let's go.
There's nothing here.
Hosenki! Hosenki! Aren't you here? Hosenki! Huh? Kirara, get back.
Oh! It's you, Hosenki! Who is it? There are no jewels here.
Hosenki! It's me, Myoga! Huh? It's me! Oh! Master Myoga! He's Hosenki? No, I am Hosenki's son.
Hosenki is dead.
W-Wha! Died? W-Who.
Who killed him?! No, he died just recently from old age.
Old age?! He died peacefully.
I am Hosenki II.
You said earlier that there are no jewels that can lead us to the grave That's right.
Oh? My father used all the jewels before he passed away.
And I am in the process of making new jewels.
Then let us have those jewels! Master Inuyasha, at least say, "please.
" Shaddup! I'll take 'em by force if I have to.
Now, now.
This may not work.
Please, Master Hosenki! We really need those precious jewels.
Well, I don't mind giving them to you.
But you'll have to wait a bit.
We'll wait! How long'll it take? A hundred years.
What'd ya say?! I'm still in training to master jewel-making.
Demons sure have patience.
Perhaps this is futile.
Dammit! Isn't there any other way?! While we're wasting time here, Naraku or that kid Hakudoshi could get the shard! And? Did you find it? The way to the border between this world and the next.
? Yes.
Although there's only one path at this time.
Then let's go.
What's wrong? There's only one way Break open the gate.
Hey, Hakudoshi! Hmm.
Kagura! Huh? Go on an errand.
Errand? The scent disappeared Did I let him slip away? Err.
Lord Sesshomaru? Oh, it's nothing! Nothing.
It's been so stressful for me lately Master Jaken! You should train and learn to turn your sighs into flowers.
Then there would be flowers everywhere! Silence! - Huh? - Huh? Oh! Please wait, Lord Sesshomaru! We're at a dead-end.
It can't be helped.
We can't wait a hundred years.
Hey, Myoga! Are you sure you don't know any other way? No! There is no other way to reach the graveyard.
Wanna know.
where the entrance is? Kagura?! Hakudoshi is headed towards the Mountain in the Realm of Fire.
There's supposed to be a gate there that leads to the border between this world and the next.
The Mountain in the Realm of Fire? What is the meaning of this, Kagura? Why have you come to tell us this? Well.
You'd have to ask Hakudoshi that.
What does this mean? Is that a message from Hakudoshi? It could be a trap.
Hah! Even if it is a trap.
No, Master Inuyasha! You must not go! The Mountain in the Realm of Fire is much too dangerous! That is one place you must not go! Judging from your reaction, I guess this thing about a gate is no lie.
Then we have to go! Regardless of what that Hakudoshi has planned for us.
This is turning out to be quite entertaining.
Inuyasha, I shall let you pass through the gate first in exchange for your life.
The gate at the Realm of Fire is the border between this life and the next.
The statues that we find there begin to move! They are Mezu and Gozu, the gatekeepers.
They allow only the dead to pass.
They shall slay all those who wish to pass.
Wha?! My Wind Scar won't work! Blades of this world have no effect on them.
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