Inuyasha (2000) s01e145 Episode Script

Episode 145

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! At the border between this world and the next, the shard sleeps.
At its only entrance, the Gate to the Land of Fire, giant sentries stand guard.
And even here, Naraku's trap awaits us.
The spot where Inuyasha and I first met Although that was actually during the Feudal Age.
The Sacred Tree! I'm so glad! This must be close to home.
And it all began right here.
You have it, don't you? You must have it.
Let me go, you disgusting thing! Give me the Sacred Jewel! Can't you even handle a weak thing like the Centipede Demon? You.
just spoke! You're alive? Let.
me! Owweee! Let go of ME! - Hand it over! - Let go! Hey! Can you pull out this arrow? Huh? I'm asking if you can pull out this arrow! I I don't understand a thing that's happening! But I don't want to die! You brat! Shut up, old hag! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! If I hadn't been attacked by that demon If I hadn't met Inuyasha on that day I wouldn't have to stress out during tests, and Grandpa wouldn't have to agonize over my feigned illnesses.
Sis, you're up early.
Yeah, I had something to do.
Before, she'd still be dead to the world.
Mom, is my lunch ready? Yes, all done.
Thank you! No problem.
Oh, Kagome.
Don't forget to ask everyone how it all tasted, okay? Sure.
Junior high students have it tough enough with just their studies.
Hey, Kagome! Huh? Morning, Inuyasha! Get with it! Let's go! Okay.
Again today, I'm setting out into the Feudal Age.
And again today Kagome! Welcome back! I'm back! Hey! Inuyasha! Hurry it up! I'll do my best again to find the Sacred Jewel shard and continue our journey! Have you noticed, Inuyasha? Yeah.
Saimyosho are watching us.
Hah! Just making sure that we're heading towards the Realm of Fire.
Old Myoga, are you sure you don't know any other way to get there? I do not know any other way to get to the grave.
Wanna know.
where the entrance is? Kagura?! Hakudoshi is headed towards the Mountain in the Realm of Fire.
There's supposed to be a gate there that leads to the border between this world and the next.
The Mountain in the Realm of Fire? What is the meaning of this, Kagura? Why have you come to tell us this? Well.
You'd have to ask Hakudoshi that.
It seems the Saimyosho plan to lead us to the gate.
Yes, but if they've come to show us the way.
Perhaps it means that Hakudoshi doesn't have the power to pass through the gate on his own.
If we're talking about the usual Naraku, I'm sure he has something up his sleeves.
But this is Hakudoshi, not Naraku.
Yes, Hakudoshi.
who was created by Naraku.
Geez! Who cares which it is! All we have to do is get there first and get a hold of the Sacred Jewel shard that's at the border.
Such a simpleton.
And that's just like Inuyasha.
So this is the Realm of Fire? Yes.
And it certainly looks like the land of fire.
Those are.
? They're luring us.
Let's go after 'em! Hachi, go down.
It's underground.
It's kinda creepy.
Hah, really feels like the entrance to a grave.
Let's go.
Let us go.
Kagura, Inuyasha and his friends made it to the gate.
You sure about letting them go in first? Isn't the Sacred Jewel shard on the other side of that gate? Of course, we'll get the shard first.
In order to do that, Kagura, you'll have to do your job.
So you want the last laugh, huh? You're just like Naraku.
It's huge.
Well, there must be a huge gate in here.
What's wrong, Shippo? D-Don't those rocks look like the faces of demons? You're right.
And they seem to be increasing as we proceed.
Maybe they're just paving stones to the gate.
Inuyasha! Huh? Look over there! Hah! I think we've finally made it.
This is.
There really is a gate.
So nice and simple.
And there aren't any guards around.
Everyone, get back.
I'll break apart the gate with my Wind Scar.
You want to pass? Huh? l-Is someone there? Answer! Do you want to pass? Or not? What was that? You must not answer, Master Inuyasha! Myoga? So you followed us, Old Myoga? I thought he ran away a long time ago.
And so I shall after this! It's not too late.
Turn back! What are you babbling about? Do you want to pass? Or not? 'Course I want to pass! That's why I came all the way here! N-No, Master Inuyasha! Then you may pass.
T-The stone statues.
! W-Wha! They are Gozu and Mezu, the guards of this gate! They weren't just stone decorations? Only the dead can pass through these gates.
We make certain all those who wish to pass are dead.
So you won't let us pass unless we die? Now we know why Hakudoshi lured us here! Although.
That won't make me turn back! These guys are big, but that makes 'em slow! Wind Scar! Did he succeed? W-Wha! My Wind Scar didn't work! It's useless.
We cannot be slain by blades of this world.
Cannot be slain by "blades of this world"? That is because Gozu and Mezu are not of this world.
Tetsusaiga is a sword that slays demons of this world.
But it won't hurt Gozu or Mezu.
T-Then what are we going to do?! Inuyasha is going to get killed! She's right! Isn't there a way to stop Gozu and Mezu? Once Gozu and Mezu are awakened, they will not become dormant until the gate has been opened, then closed.
To be it bluntly, until Master Inuyasha has passed through the gate as the dead.
T-That's crazy! Pass.
After you die.
There's no point unless I'm alive! In order to pass through the gate at the border of this world and the next, one must battle the guards, Gozu and Mezu.
Right now, Inuyasha should be fighting them in my place.
Soon, the gate will open.
In whatever way.
Only the dead can pass through this gate.
So die by our hands.
Hah! Are those the only words you can speak? Not even a crack! Inuyasha! We told you.
Swords of this world will not harm us.
Inuyasha! If swords won't work, how about this?! Wind Tunnel! Do you want to pass through, too? Wind Tunnel doesn't work either! H-How can that be?! Miroku! Hold that Wind Tunnel open! He did it! Inuyasha! I just tripped 'em.
Inuyasha! I'm all right! Dammit! Even after using the Wind Tunnel to increase my speed, it didn't faze 'em.
Master Inuyasha! Myoga? You're still here? How can you say such a thing? When I've stayed here without running away! 'Kay, I get it! So hurry and speak up! Oh, yes.
Anyway, you just have to return Mezu and Gozu to stone.
Huh? Gozu and Mezu will return to stone after the gate has opened and closed.
So aim for the chains holding the gate shut with your Wind Scar.
And now, I shall take my leave! Huh? He's running away, after all! Old Myoga is right, though.
If I blast those chains apart and open the gate, it'll be like killing two birds with one stone! My red Tetsusaiga that breaks through barriers! Awright! Now go! He did it! Good job, Inuyasha.
I'm going on ahead.
Kagura, why you! Stop! It opened! Huh?! Kagura, why you! Stop! It opened! Huh?! Wha?! What's this?! The demons have become petrified.
T-They couldn't be.
! Hide or we'll turn to stone! Inuyasha! Hide! There! Beyond the gate! Do you want to pass? Or not? Dammit! Who'd want to pass, idiot?! Then.
We shall close the gate.
Are you all right, Kagome? Uh-huh.
They've turned to stone again.
Where's Kagura? It seems she ran away.
I wonder if Hakudoshi knew about this? That one turns to stone once you pass the gate.
He was testing it.
by using us and Kagura.
! What's the matter, Kagura? You could care less if I died.
I heard that the living cannot pass through the gate.
But I didn't know exactly what that meant.
Don't mess around with me, you brat! Are you in pain? Naraku just grasped your heart.
from somewhere.
Just remember this, Kagura.
Naraku and I are connected.
So think before you act next time.
I'd never be killed by the likes of you.
Is that true, Kagome? I'm sure of it.
When the gate opened, I sensed the presence of the Sacred Jewel shard.
So it's there.
Somewhere over in that world.
the Sacred Jewel shard.
While we are in the Realm of Fire, demons wreak havoc.
Someone is using birds to attack people.
Are you another one of Naraku's incarnations?! The Saimyosho are proof! I don't like to fight women, but you're just too evil! She seems to have something to do with Naraku.
but I don't think she's his slave.
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