Inuyasha (2000) s01e147 Episode Script

Episode 147 & 148

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
theirdestinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! It all started fifty years ago.
My sister Kikyo and Inuyasha a love song of their tragic destiny.
My name is Kaede.
I am an old priestess who has survived through a violent age where wars nevercease.
Sister! Sister Kikyo! But back then, I was just an innocent girl who knew nothing of fighting orwar.
Sister Kikyo! Sister Kikyo! Do not come, Kaede! Huh? Oh.
That lady is.
a priestess named Tsubaki, isn't she? Hmm? Is thatgirl yourlittle sister, Kikyo? Are you sure about this, Kikyo? I am perfectly capable of handling this alone.
Take your sister and get back.
You need not worry.
I'm impressed.
Your own sistermay be in danger, yet you refuse to budge.
Demons! A- Amazing! You are such a cold woman.
No, you are not a woman.
you are definitely a priestess.
Yes, I am a priestess.
That is my destiny.
A strong, proud, beautiful priestess.
In my youthful eyes, my sister Kikyo was everything.
But I had no idea of the sad fate which awaited my sister.
Blast you! This is not over.
not by a long shot! Where are you?! Where did you go, half-demon! Right here! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! The fool! No one calls me a "half-demon" and lives.
Chief! Yes? What's the matter? It's the limestone cave! Please come! There's something wrong at the limestone cave.
What? Chief! Do you know what's happening, Chief? Huh? What is this? Chief! What's happening? There's no mistake! This must be Midoriko! Midoriko? The legendary priestess who made the Sacred Jewel?! That's impossible! She's been dead forhundreds of years! What is this corpse? That's the demon we exterminated the day before.
I think it called itself Mistress Centipede.
It gave us a lot of trouble, but we smashed its head, so it should be dead.
Chief! Huh? What is it? This is it.
Midoriko's soul is reacting to this.
Chief, could that be.
Yes, I'm seeing it for the first time, too.
The Sacred Jewel.
What's the matter, Kirara? Give it back! Everyone, get away! That belongs to me! Chief! Give back the Sacred Jewel! Chief! Hiraikotsu! Chief! Chief! Are you all right, Chief?! It's the power of the Sacred Jewel.
As long as this jewel is nearby, it will keep on reviving.
Don't let itget away, Kirara! Go afterit! Damn! We can't do anything about this tainted jewel.
We must find a priestess.
Chief! Find a priestess with the power to purify this Sacred Jewel.
My sister Kikyo and I wandered the countryside training and exterminating demons.
Are you sure you don't want yourreward? Yes.
You may have it, Tsubaki.
I see.
Well then, thanks.
Kikyo, here is a bit of advice from one priestess to another.
When a priestess abandons all human feelings, hertrue power comes alive.
But if one is a woman, it's only natural to fall in love.
Love? Me, fall in love? Do not forget this.
You must not fall in love.
Do not let a man desire you.
If such a man ever appears before you, you will die a violent death.
I shall remember those words.
That Tsubaki is unscrupulous.
Huh? She just placed a curse on me.
A curse? There's nothing to worry about.
Forthere is no way that I would fall in love.
You won't get away, half-demon! We'll avenge our olderbrother! Damn! I didn't know he had two brothers! So there you are! You won't get away! Well then, take this! Blades of Blood! Why you! Half-demon! You got a problem with that?! Wha?! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Damn! To let these weaklings hurt me.
! I must become stronger! I must become much, much stronger! Welcome home, Mistress Kikyo.
Mistress Kikyo.
Ademon slayer came looking for you this morning.
When I explained that you were away, he said he'd return tonight.
Ademon slayer? I wonder what he wants? Sister! Hurry and come inside! Sister! What's the matter? What is that? It is known as the Sacred Jewel.
I have been given the duty of purifying it.
That was the first time I laid eyes on the Sacred Jewel.
And after she took custody of the Jewel, my sister Kikyo's destiny changed drastically.
Othergirls herage were burning perfume incense, coloring theirlips and cheeks and enjoying theiryouthfulness.
I must hurry tonight! What?! Damn, it stinks of blood! A mortal woman? Is that truly a woman? Huh?! It's starting! How long do you intend to hide? Are you after the Sacred Jewel, too? Sacred Jewel? What's that? If you don't know it, that's fine.
However, if you do not want to be killed, never appear before me again.
What kind of priestess is she.
? Mistress Kikyo! Mistress Kikyo! Kikyo! Sister Kikyo! Mistress Kikyo! Sister! Sister! Kaede.
Are you all right?! Yes.
He let me live.
I am not without luck.
It's near.
It's very near! The Sacred Jewel! I must increase my demon power, or my body will not last.
So that's what it's all about.
The Sacred Jewel, huh? Sounds interesting.
And hername is Kikyo.
Hey! Kikyo! I hear the Sacred Jewel is a sphere of good fortune that increases the power of a demon.
That voice.
I've heard it before.
I see, you're the one who was hiding in the shadows.
Shaddup! Give me that Sacred Jewel! Whaa! I understand now.
I thought I sensed a different aura.
You are a half-demon.
With the Sacred Jewel, you can indeed become a complete demon.
Would you go that farto find your place in the world, half-demon? Do you believe that is true power? Shaddup! I'll become the strongest demon around! That's what I've decided! And when I do, I'll kill you! Humph! As long as I am the one purifying and protecting it, that will not happen.
Don't make me laugh! You reek with the smell of demon blood! What? Did I touch a nerve with that, Kikyo? If you don't want to be killed, stay away.
Remember, there will be no third time.
Hah! I'm notgiving up! Even if you run away, I'll find you without fail! With that smell, I'll find you quickly! Smell.
It's done.
Sister Kikyo.
Now then, let us go home, Kaede.
Yes! Huh? You! Hah! Kikyo, give me the Sacred Jewel.
So you've appeared again.
I told you that I wouldn't give up.
And we're gonna settle this today! Hurry and tell that kid to run away! Kaede, get back.
Sister Kikyo.
Apriestess that walks a bloody bath.
An existence that is neither human nordemon.
Apitiful half-demon looking forhis place in this world.
There is something I wish to ask you.
Why didn't you kill me that night? It would have been an easy task in my condition.
I don't pull dirty tricks like that.
I see.
What's so funny?! Let me ask you one more thing.
Half-demon, what are you called? You do have a name, at least? Even if you're a half-demon.
Quit harping on the half-demon thing! Then tell me.
And I shall never call you "half-demon" again.
It's Inuyasha.
Inuyasha? I shall remember it.
Prepare to die, Kikyo! Wait up, you! Why do you always leave without killing me?! Stop squirming around.
My arrows are wasted on you.
It was a mystery to me, too.
Why didn't Sister Kikyo finish Inuyasha off? Why didn't she use her sacred arrows on Inuyasha? From around that time, Kikyo went to cleanse herself every day.
Looking back, I think it began from the day she met Inuyasha.
I remember Kikyo telling me this helps to reduce swelling.
The Sacred Jewel! - I shall take you hostage - Help! and get the Sacred Jewel from Kikyo! Get away, kid! Hah! No way would I let a weakling demon like you have the Sacred Jewel! Um.
Huh? Thank you for saving me.
Don't get me wrong! ljust don't want anyone else to have the Sacred Jewel.
I was puzzled Why didn't this Inuyasha take me hostage like Mistress Centipede? Sister Kikyo knew that the corpse of Mistress Centipede still contained demon power.
The powerof the Sacred Jewel cannot reach in here.
Inuyasha, you're there, aren't you? Come down.
This is the first time we've spoken up close.
So what of it? I understand you saved Kaede.
Oh that.
I want to thank you, too.
Don't do something that's unlike you.
How do I look? Do I seem human? Huh? What're you talking about? I show my weakness to no one.
I must not hesitate, so that demons cannot overcome me.
I am human, yet I cannot be human.
We're alike, you and me.
You, a half-demon.
That's why I could not kill you.
Hah? Making excuses? That's not like you at all.
I guess so.
It's not like me.
Huh? What? No, nothing.
Kikyo Kikyo! Come back here tomorrow.
Huh? Err.
I want to give you something.
You want to give me something? Good, because I have something I've been thinking about giving you.
Huh? The Sacred Jewel? No such thing.
I figured as much.
Aren't those the Kotodama sutra beads? Are you giving those to Inuyasha? Yes.
It may be underhanded of me, but these will prevent him from doing any more wrong.
Now then.
what trigger word can I use to make the beads take effect? At that time, it seemed to me that Kikyo looked sort of happy.
I remembernow.
That priestess Tsubaki.
put a strange curse on me.
Oh well.
I walk the path of carnage.
So why should I fear an unnatural death? Sister.
The triggerword will be.
" What is this? No sense in me keeping it.
I'll give it to you.
The only things my motherleft me.
That and the Robe of the Fire-rat.
Yourmother was human? Yeah.
This must mean so much to you.
Don't worry about it.
The Robe of the Fire-rat is useful enough.
I'm sorry, Inuyasha.
I didn't know and I shot so many arrows at you.
Hah! Don't worry! By the way, what were you gonna give me? Oh, I'm sorry.
I must have forgotten.
Geez! I was looking forward to it! Are you sure I can have this? Yeah.
Inuyasha and Kikyo.
That night, Kikyo colored herlips.
She looked so beautiful.
But even to my innocent eyes, there was a sadness about her.
Now what would you like to play? Inuyasha, come down from there and join us.
You've gotta be kidding! Let's play hand-ball.
Let's pick flowers! I'll neverbe as good as Kikyo.
Good for you, Kaede.
Sister Kikyo! Huh? Oh, Sister.
Yes? What is it? Nothing.
I see.
I wanted to see Kikyo look beautiful I wanted to help her.
I thought I was the only one with such thoughts.
I brought some gruel.
Don't bother with me anymore.
Go away! Kikyo was harboring a bandit named Onigumo.
Why can't I tell Inuyasha? Knowing him, he will probably become jealous.
Jealous? Inuyasha, lend me your power.
What's this, all of a sudden? I've been asked to exterminate a demon from another country.
Buteven I will have my hands full.
Hah! This is gonna cost ya! Inuyasha, it's coming yourway! Leave 'im to me! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Kikyo, that's its true form.
Right! Hah! You got 'im! Yo.
It's Kaede.
Your sisterhas something called the Sacred Jewel, doesn't she? How do you know about it? All bad guys are afterit.
You too? And from what I hear.
the Jewel becomes more evil when it absorbs blood filled with hatred.
I like that.
My sister is purifying it.
It will not become evil.
Kikyo always seems so serene.
How I'd love to see her.
get all flustered.
I getexcited just thinking about it.
I see.
So that's what Onigumo said.
Sister, I do not like him.
Forgive him.
That man will probably nevermove from that spot for the rest of his life.
That is what SisterKikyo said.
But I had a foreboding feeling about her kindness.
How admirable.
But I understand if you stand beneath the cherry trees for too long, you will go insane.
I wonder if it's because of these cherry trees.
you seem like a completely different person from last I saw you.
And your pitifully weak powers.
Specters and demons are breaking through yourbarrier.
I see.
So you were unleashing the specters.
Letting yourheartgo to a man.
And he is that worthless half-demon, is he not? Give me the Sacred Jewel.
I shall purify it in your stead.
Humph! You are not able to.
Die, Kikyo! Damn you, Kikyo! Get back! I shall spare your life.
! Your evil thoughts have brought us here.
Ademon? I will listen.
What is it you want? I want a body that will enable me to move freely, so that I can make the Sacred Jewel and Kikyo mine! Done.
But in return, we will take your soul.
My rotten soul is worth something, huh? Doesn't it look tasty? You want to eat me, right? Go ahead.
eat! And give me a body.
and power! You've improved greatly.
Next is the Arrow of Sealing.
The Arrow of Sealing? This is the sacred arrow, Fuuin no Ya.
We use it for demons who are invincible.
And then what happens to the demon? They fall into an eternal sleep.
They will only awaken when the one who shot the arrow deeply wants the demon to revive.
However, Kaede, beware of this tree.
Huh? The Sacred Tree? This is known as the Tree of Ages.
It has the power to transcend time.
Tree of Ages? If you seal a demon to this tree, the demon's body will remain intact.
Huh?! W-What is that?! So many of them.
Ridiculous! How could I not notice an aura this strong?! Go, specters! Go and take the Sacred Jewel! The Sacred Jewel will give you immense demon power! Become the greatest demons of them all and destroy the priestess, Kikyo! Specters! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Inuyasha! You're late, Kikyo! Forgive me! My spiritual powers have weakened.
All right! Me too! Blades of Blood! Inuyasha! Watch out! Kikyo! Kaede! Huh?! Forgive me, Kaede! l-I'm all right.
What happened to hereyes? I've done a terrible thing.
It's all my fault.
I was too timid.
Don't blame yourself too much.
These things happen all the time when you're fighting.
Are you unable to be yourself unless you are fighting? You asked me something like that before.
Wouldn't you like to stop fighting? What? Stop fighting and become human.
Me? A human? You can become one.
After all, you are half human.
When the Sacred Jewel is in the hands of an evil demon, its evil powers increase.
But if I use it to make you human, it will become purified and most likely, disintegrate.
But then, Kikyo, what will happen to you? I am the protector of this Jewel.
And if the Jewel ceases to exist, I will become an ordinary woman.
! Kikyo.
Kikyo, I will become a human.
I'm not saying this on a whim.
I will become a human.
So you can become an ordinary human, too.
Do not say anymore.
Kikyo! I feel.
Inuyasha, are you sure about this? About what? About me.
Are you sure? Hah! Do you even have to ask? Tomorrow afternoon.
Huh? In front of the Sacred Tree in the western forest.
Wait forme there.
I will bring the Sacred Jewel.
All right.
As if I will.
let her! Who is it? Kikyo, it's me.
What's the matter? Has something happened? I can't wait any longer! Kikyo, can you make me human right now? That's impossible.
The night is filled with evil.
If we are to use the Sacred Jewel, it must be afterthe sun rises.
All right.
Then do it right after the day breaks, all right? You are hopeless! Huh? Inuyasha.
Kikyo, where are you going? Oh.
Just out.
It's still early.
Go back to sleep.
I'm justgoing out to find medicinal herbs foryour wound.
Medicinal herbs? There's a lot here.
Huh? There may be something more effective.
I'm going to take anotherlook.
Thank you, Kikyo.
Kaede, do youreyes hurt? No, it's much bettertoday.
I see.
I'll return right away.
At that moment, I felt lonelierthan I'd everfelt before.
I wanted my sisterto stay with me forever.
I didn't want herto go anywhere that day.
I wished forit very strongly.
I'm late! Inuyasha.
He's not here yet.
That Inuyasha.
Maybe he overslept.
Even if you try to pretty yourself up with this, you can't hide your true nature! W-What?! This rouge doesn't become you at all! Demon blood is good enough foryou! Inuyasha.
Fool! I neverwanted to become a human! Thanks forthe Sacred Jewel.
It's mine now.
I'll have to make it suck more blood filled with hate.
I'll slaughterthe villagers.
Curse you! Inuyasha! So you intended to trick me from the very start! Were yourwords all lies?! I'm not saying this on a whim.
I will become a human.
So you can become Damn! Damn you! Now then, next is.
that half-demon.
Kikyo! She's not here yet.
So you've come, half-demon.
What did you just say?! I said, "half-demon.
" Can't those ugly dog ears hearwhat I say? Why you! I can't let a half-demon like you have the Sacred Jewel.
I will destroy you right now! Die, Inuyasha! Begone, half-demon! Dammit! Now the Sacred Jewel will be tainted with hatred and bitterness.
Damn! You tricked me! You just used me?! Then tell me And I shall nevercall you "half-demon"again.
That's what you said And yet! Why now! It's Inuyasha! Hah! Serves you right! With this, I can become a real demon! I won't let anyone call me a half-demon again! Inuyasha! I believed in you! I trusted you! I neverdoubted you! Yet you! Inuyasha! K-Kikyo.
You dared to.
! Sister! Sister Kikyo! - Mistress Kikyo! - She's badly injured! How did you get this? Am I going to die like this? Don't say anything more.
I guess that's okay.
Kikyo, even though it ended like this I still feel The Sacred Jewel.
Just because of someone like him.
! Listen well, Kaede.
Take the Sacred Jewel and burn it with my body.
So that it will neverfall into the hands of evil again! Sister! Sister! I will take the Sacred Jewel with me to the netherworld.
It has been fifty years that Inuyasha has been sealed to the Sacred Tree.
Inuyasha looks exactly the same as he did then.
At that time, my sisterknew that she was going to die.
So why did she choose the Arrow of Sealing to seal ratherthan the Sacred Arrow to destroy? Why did she seal Inuyasha on the Sacred Tree, the Tree of Ages said to be able to transcend time? And Inuyasha was filled with hatred towards my sister who took back the Sacred Jewel and sealed him to the Sacred Tree But why did he have such a peaceful expression on his face? I understand nothing, afterall.
Will the day come when I understand it all? It's born! My firstgrandchild! A beautiful girl! It's okay.
Good girl.
Yourname is Kagome.
So nice to meet you, Kagome.
Kagome, yourfriend.
The notes for practice? I'll bring them today.
I know! I'm off! There are rumors of one Hijiri-sama who can protect people against demon birds.
Hakudoshi hears of this and takes action.
Humans who fearthe birds have gathered to worship him.
By now, Princess Abi and herbirds have begun an assault on this Hijiri-sama's village.
Even Inuyasha's red Tetsusaiga cannot hurt Hakudoshi.
Just then, a barrier-breaking Sacred Arrow comes flying Next on Inuyasha: "The Single Arrow of Chaos" That can't be!