Inuyasha (2000) s01e149 Episode Script

Episode 149

Darkness and Light! Into the chaos of the Feudal Era, the Sacred Jewel brings a group of strangers together.
their destinies are controlled by the few remaining shards of the Jewel.
Feudal Fairy Tale: Inuyasha! Bird Master Princess Abi, who has allied herself with Naraku sends her demon birds to attack the village.
The people worship a mysterious figure in hopes of salvation But that figure can't be! Princess Abi, the Bird Master.
Who are you? Create a path for me.
How dare you order me around like that! It's not an order.
It's a trade.
Without any interruption from anyone.
That is made from my bones.
I shall lend it to you.
Huh?! What's going on?! Huh?! They're attacking! Wind Scar! There're more of them coming! T-They're on fire! Grandpa! Why you! Hiraikotsu! They're coming again! What a nuisance! Wind Tunnel! Saimyosho! That's.
! Just who are you? Why'd you interfere?! I could say the same thing! Are you one of Naraku's minions? Naraku? The Saimyosho flying around you are proof! I know nothing.
I don't know what's going on between you and Naraku, but you killed my birds.
I'll kill every one of you and drain every drop of your blood! Now die! Watch out! Take this! Damn you! Inuyasha! Curse you! Damn! Take this! Wind Scar! Who is this half-demon?! His aura is stronger than I thought.
A barrier! Hold it! Naraku is trying to find a way to get to the border between this life and the next, in order to get the Sacred Jewel shard.
And is collecting human blood somehow connected to that? Well, it's the only thing we have to go on.
Whatever the connection.
The path that leads to the border between this world and the next.
It will soon open.
W-What's happening?! Demon birds! Please stop! Pa! Ma! Don't cry! Let's go.
Go where? To St.
Huh? Are you two going too? Uh-huh.
Then let's travel together.
Come with us.
Is this also the work of the demon birds? I'm sure of it.
They seem to be attacking every village in the area.
But that demon who called herself Princess Abi.
What is her purpose? Say, Inuyasha.
What could she be up to.
gathering so much human blood? I dunno.
Let's go, everyone.
Huh? We'll find the nest.
Nest? You mean the nest of the demon birds? Uh-huh.
She's right.
We have nothing else to go on.
Master Jaken.
Master Jaken.
Why, oh why, are you green? How should I know? I guess we have to stay back again today.
Isn't it boring, Master Jaken? It really is boring.
If I didn't have to baby-sit this kid, I could accompany Lord Sesshomaru.
Huh? Huh?! What the?! Master Jaken! Kagura! You're not here to abduct Rin again, are you?! Huh? Did I ever do that? Don't you dare deny it! Isn't Sesshomaru around? You fool! If Lord Sesshomaru were here, your head would be rolling on the ground by now! I guess.
She's gone.
What did she want anyway? Guess he was right If I come empty-handed, all I could expect is to be killed.
What should I do? Don't mess with me, brat! Are you in pain, Kagura? I wasn't able to kill that brat Hakudoshi with my Dance of Blades.
Still, in order to become free, I must kill Naraku and Hakudoshi.
Hold it! Back then, when that infant broke apart into two This was meant to happen.
Was there a purpose for that other half, too? I'm sure of it! And a purpose more important than Hakudoshi.
That's why it was put into the care of Kanna, who is trusted more than me.
There has to be some secret.
Maybe something That could put an end to Naraku's life.
What is the matter? Why can I not hear the baby's first cries? Hurry and let me hold him.
My lady.
the young lord was.
the heir was stillborn.
What?! Are you saying he's dead?! Yes.
He was not breathing when he was born.
It can't be! My lady.
I am so sorry.
Huh?! Huh?! The infant is not dead.
The infant.
is here.
Dammit! How frustrating.
Not a single clue.
Demon birds would likely nest in a high place.
Princess Abi has Naraku's protection.
Maybe the nest is hidden by a barrier.
Hah! I'll rip through any damn barrier! Excuse me, but we have to find the barrier first! Shaddup! I know that! This is not funny! It's like Naraku's leading us by the nose! - Inuyasha, look! - Huh? I can't go any further.
You go on without me.
Hang on, woman! You escaped from the village? Yes, it was so frightening.
We never knew when the demon birds would attack.
Everyone in the region is packing up and leaving.
You are a godsend.
It always ends up like this.
And you're used to it, right? Do you have a place to go? Yes.
If we appeal to St.
Hijiri, the holy man who lives beyond the pass, perhaps he can protect us from the demon birds.
Hijiri? Is he a priest? Well, no one knows for sure.
We've only heard rumors about him.
It seems no one has actually seen him.
Huh? What's that mean? His face is always hidden, and no one has ever heard his voice.
It is said that communication between the holy man and the people is conducted by his attendants.
So no one knows whether he is old or young, or even if he is male or female.
Geez! You traveled this far relying on rumors? Wait up! So everyone else is going there because of these rumors? Yes.
Miroku, I think we'd better hurry.
I agree.
Why is that? Because the birds appear wherever there are a lot of people.
Kagome, hang on.
Uh-huh! T-Thank you for carrying me.
When we reach a safe place, I'll put you down.
Everyone, beyond this pass is the holy man's village! We're almost there! Hey, Hakudoshi! What're you up to this time? Kagura, look at the bird food.
Huh? Their blood, each drop of it, will create the road between this world and the afterlife.
Huh? It seems they've come.
Huh?! H-Help! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! This can't be! Hiraikotsu! Are you all right?! Kagura's Blades! It's been a while, Inuyasha.
Huh?! Hakudoshi! Why you! What're you doing here?! Inuyasha.
While you blabber, humans will die.
Huh?! Stay together! Don't scatter! Okay! Wind Scar! He did it! Dammit! They keep coming! Is there no end?! This is bad.
As long as we're protecting the villagers, we can't act freely.
Miroku, something is strange.
I know.
Hakudoshi and Kagura are merely watching.
And the birds' actions seem as though they're just buying time.
It can't be that.
! You're right! There are probably more people gathered at St.
Hijiri's village! So you finally figured it out.
Well, it's too late.
By now, Abi and her main force of demon birds have begun their attack on this so-called holy man's village.
Then did you spread the rumors about St.
Hijiri?! I wouldn't do such a tiresome thing.
There is a holy man.
Probably just another exorcist.
Because they were so afraid of the demon birds, they raised him to god-like status and worshipped him.
We learned about him and we came to feast.
That's all there is to it.
Well, you can cut it out, you bastard! Countering your Wind Scar takes no effort.
Damn! Master, I can see them.
The same demon birds are attacking the village.
Give it up and just watch the foolish humans become bird fodder.
Your stupid barrier.
will be broken by me! It's the Red Tetsusaiga that breaks through barriers! He did it! Whaa! Impossible! Even the Red Tetsusaiga could not break the barrier?! So even Inuyasha can't break through.
Damn! Damn Hakudoshi, what does it take to kill you?! Humph! Huh?! Huh?! What was that just now? The barrier is gone! That's.
not! Wind Scar! Why! It worked! It's over now! What the! Kagura! We leave! Hold you! Dammit! He's too fast! Leave this to me and go! Uh-huh! This way, everyone! Hurry! Inuyasha! Kirara! Why you! Kirara! It's not working.
The horse's too fast.
He's too fast.
Even if we met head-on, he'll just dodge my attacks.
Huh? Might as well try it.
Kirara, over there! All right.
Follow me! This is the end of the road, wild horse.
You may move with lightning speed, but this space is too small for you now! That's the way! Just what I've been waiting for! Now! Backlash Wave! Inuyasha! That's The Sacred Arrow that broke through Hakudoshi's barrier This arrow came from over there.
No one's there.
Naraku's demons! It's as though they're looking for something.
Are they looking for the holy man? I heard he decimated Princess Abi's huge army of birds with a single arrow.
And it broke through Hakudoshi's barrier.
And Naraku noticed this? Does he intend to find out if this holy man is actually Kikyo.
and if so, kill her once more?! Well, he's definitely a hindrance to Naraku.
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