Inuyasha (2000) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

Where's Kagome and? I wonder if Inuyasha's all right.
He wouldn't die so easily.
Hey, you guys! Inuyasha, so there you are! So, you haven't had enough? Tetsusaiga! What?! Kagome's been kidnapped? That demoness stole her away.
Then, she wasn't thrown to the ground and killed? Souls? Hey Kaede! What's going on? Human souls were being used to move these puppets.
Not only that Bones have been baked into them.
Bones? She uses bones That Urasue.
Bones and souls.
She stole my sister Kikyo's remains, and Kagome.
Don't strain yourself.
I'll recover Kikyo's bones for you.
We haven't got much time, I fear.
We may well be meeting up with Kikyo soon.
Meeting Kikyo? If Urasue uses her tricks to reincarnate Kikyo she will become a formidable foe.
We have got to stop her.
Hey! What do you think you're doing? What a noisy chit! That should do it.
What's in this water? It smells like herbs.
Oh Who's that? So, you've donned your costume You look quite pretty dressed as a priestess.
Your body is baked of human remains and graveyard soil.
All I need do now is place a human soul within you.
Soul? The herbs will soon cause your soul to leave your body.
I will have you return it Kikyo's soul.
Kikyo's soul ? Does that mean she's Kikyo? Ow Hey, Inuyasha! Can't you fly more gently? Sorry.
I thought time was critical.
Don't worry about me.
Get me up there, hurry! She said Kagome's soul would be removed.
We can't be dawdling.
I feel awful I can't move That girl The herbs should have caused her to lose consciousness by now.
This light! So, you have a fragment of the Sacred Jewel!? What great fortune! I'll help myself to it.
Is this the power of the Sacred Jewel? This spirit is angered.
Kikyo's soul is mad with anger.
I feel sick I'm going to throw up It is a powerful grudge.
Something damnable must surely have happened to her in her previous life.
Huh? Sister! Inuyasha Are you still alive! Why, you're Don't Don't call my name Kikyo Oh! It's leaving her body! Kagome! The second you said her name, her heart skipped a beat and Kikyo's soul sprang forth.
Kagome's soul has entered Kikyo's body.
Kagome! Wake up, Kagome! That girl is just an empty shell now.
I'll pickle her later for my dinner.
Listen, Urasue You dared to use my sister Kikyo's bones Exactly! I have used my powers to turn Kikyo's remains into flesh and blood.
You could say I am her birth mother.
Kikyo will do anything I ask of her.
Now, use your powers to rid us of these bothersome Ohh Inuyasha Why are you alive? I know I sealed you up Heh! Sorry about that! It took me about 50 years to get out, but I'm fine, as you can see.
You're hateful! I hate you! What's the matter, Kikyo? Why did you turn against me, Inuyasha?! Wh-What is that? That blood Inuyasha? Isn't that the fatal wound you inflicted on Kikyo? What?! H-Hey! Are you saying I killed Kikyo? That's right! That's how my sister died.
Not me! Kaede I don't remember doing any such thing! Truly?! You say you did not inflict the wound that killed Kikyo? Wh-What What is going on? I never thought I never expected to hear such excuses Stop it, Inuyasha.
It's unbecoming.
Stop it Stop it! Inuyasa Don't you remember saying it? That you'd become human.
Human? Inuyasha You said you'd become human.
I believed you, and took the Sacred Jewel to you that day.
Fool! I have absolutely no wish to become human.
The Sacred Jewel I sure appreciate this.
This Jewel It needs to absorb more bitterness and ill will.
Those villagers I'll kill them all.
You I hate you! Inuyasha? Could he have done such a thing? Are you saying I betrayed you?! That's right That's why I gathered the last of my strength and bound you to the tree with my arrow.
Inuyasha Kikyo We were never to meet again Please stop this, Sister! You? I am your sister Kaede.
I have lived 50 years since your death.
Why do you protect Inuyasha, Kaede? Let me have that! Kaede! You mustn't, Kikyo.
Inuyasha is not the enemy.
What do you mean? Have you been taken in by this half-demon?! Kikyo! Give me an arrow.
No! Kaede, who are you? Don't you and I share the same blood? Do you refuse to follow your older sister's command? Kikyo! Move! You told me that you wanted to become human Become human and live with me! What will happen to Kagome? So long as Kikyo holds on to her hatred her soul will not grow still.
So long as her soul does not return to her Kagome will continue to slumber.
That's awful! I truly loved you! Silence! I was a fool for wishing, even for a second, to live with you! I died hating you.
My spirit cannot shed that hatred.
So long as you live, I cannot be saved.
Inuyasha I want you to destroy my sister's body.
Her rebirth is just a sham.
You must release her soul from within.
It's no use! So long as the hatred is not erased this soul will not return to her body! Inuyasha! All it takes is your death! Kikyo's arrow has overcome the Tetsusaiga! Run, Inuyasha! Oh No! It's Kagome.
She's trying to take back her soul! No! I I I still! K-Kikyo Oh! Kikyo! So, she still has some spirit left All that's keeping Kikyo going now is her deeply held grudge.
It seems most of her soul has returned to the girl.
Looks like her pent-up grudges have been absorbed well into the bones and graveyard earth.
The once pure maiden is now a demon filled with hatred.
Isn't that lovely? Heh-heh-heh Inuyasha! If I remain near that girl she'll take the rest of my soul! I've got to get away Oh! Inuyasha Kikyo You can't go on like this.
You must return to Kagome.
Are you telling me to die? If I return to that girl, that means I will no longer be myself.
Inuyasha Is that what you want? I'll never die! Didn't I tell you? When I die, you're coming with me! Didn't I tell you? When I die, you're coming with me! No! Kikyo! Kikyo! Why? Why did this happen? Kikyo used her spiritual powers to protect the Sacred Jewel from demons.
I needed the Sacred Jewel, too.
In order to become a full-fledged demon.
Wait a minute! Why do you never finish me off?! Quit bothering me.
I don't want to waste my arrows.
If I could just get my hands on that Jewel I had no intention of killing Kikyo.
Kikyo would never kill me, either.
Inuyasha, I know you're there.
Won't you come down? We've never talked like this before.
So what?! Inuyasha How do I look? Do I look human? Huh?! What are you talking about? I never show anyone my weakness.
I must never waver.
Otherwise, some demon will get the better of me.
I'm human, but I mustn't be human.
You and I have things in common.
You, the half-demon.
That's why I couldn't kill you.
Humph! Complaining? It's not like you at all.
I guess it's unlike me Looking at Kikyo's sad face For the first time in my life, I felt like I'd done something wrong.
After that day, all I could think about was Kikyo.
She was always near me And I was always with her.
Me A human? Sure you can.
You're half human, after all.
If the Sacred Jewel fell into the hands of a true demon its powers would greatly increase.
But if it was used to turn you into a human the Jewel would be purified and would probably cease to exist.
Then what would happen to you, Kikyo? My duty is to protect the Jewel.
Without the Jewel, I'd become an ordinary person.
I had no second thoughts! I believed I could live as a human with Kikyo.
I wanted that life! Butthat day Die! Inuyasha! I It was I who was betrayed.
When I let down my guard, she tried to kill me! I managed to dodge her arrows then attacked the village to steal the Sacred Jewel.
Then, she nailed me to that tree.
Why did you betray me, Inuyasha?! Damn! Why did we come to this? Why? What in the world is going on? Damn! It seems that Kikyo died hating Inuyasha.
It's a bit depressing but our search for the Sacred Jewel still continues.
Demons come after the Sacred Jewel fragments.
Wait, he isn't a demon! But, he has unbelievable power in his sealed right hand.
A good guy? Bad guy? Or is he nothing but a lecher? Next on Inuyasha: "Mystical Hand of the Amorous Monk, Miroku" Don't miss it!