Inuyasha (2000) s01e159 Episode Script

Episode 159

It all started with the Sacred Tree.
Fighting and searching for our dreams and a strong bond is formed between us.
A new hope! A bright future begins now! Kohaku who controls the huge pack of demon rats comes to a decision.
Inuyasha rushes to help the siblings who face a crisis after a heart-wrenching reunion And who appears but Kikyo! The final shard guides us! On the other side of the well, a new day awaits in the age of warring states! A Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! You let your subordinates eat the meat of their prey, and devour the bones yourself.
You are Zushinezumi.
huh? I had a hankering for bones like yours.
You're quite skilled, Kohaku.
Bring that little shrine that he has on his back.
All right.
Don't make a mistake and open it here.
Or you'll die.
They keep coming, don't they? The rats will scatter everywhere and attack wherever humans live.
Everywhere is overrun by rats.
You said that Zushinezumi increase in proportion to the numbers which are cut, right? Yes.
They don't die even if you cut them, so they keep increasing.
Since they've spread so far, we can't trace the source.
By source, you mean the miniature shrine? Yes.
I heard that if you destroy the shrine, the rats will disappear.
It's like they're headed for one place.
Somewhere, there is a mayose.
Mayose? A spell that lures demons together, then destroys them.
But only one with immense spiritual power can cast such a spell.
The only one capable of this is Kikyo.
At the end of this flow of rats is Kikyo! Let's go, Inuyasha! K-Kagome! I'll try to go to the source, where the rats are coming from.
Sango! It bothers me.
That the number of rats hasn't decreased at all.
Which means that the shrine is still letting rats out.
So we must go to the source or it will not end.
Let's split into two groups.
I'll go with Sango.
Inuyasha! Look! The rats are climbing something! l-It looks like a tree.
A tree? It reaches up all the way to heaven! The rats are disappearing into the sky.
Is this the mayose? Why? Kikyo has come out of hiding.
Do not close the doors.
That bastard! He was enjoying this! If I close these doors, the rats will stop.
Even now It may save some lives.
I'm being watched If I close the doors, Naraku will know that my memory has returned.
Kohaku! Huh?! Were you behind this?! Sister Kohaku.
On my way here, I saw countless villages devoured by rats.
How I wish you were not a part of this! I cannot.
disobey my orders! Kohaku! Sango! You mustn't, Sango! Killing them will only result in more rats! Miroku, please take care of the rest! Sango! No matter what, I must destroy that shrine! They won't even turn to look at me.
They're intently heading towards their destination.
Which means the power of the mayose is enormous.
What happens to the rats who climb up to the sky? They probably become purified.
Huh? No sign of Kikyo.
So she laid the trap and ran away? Bothersome woman.
W-What is that? What.
?! D-Demon slugs! That Kikyo.
Just when I thought I had lured her out.
Hakudoshi! She left this silly tree and went into hiding.
Are you the one who released the rats?! Need you ask? The mayose tree is starting to rot! If we leave it like that, it'll fall.
Would you slay us? Me and the demon slugs? Prepare to die! Inuyasha! You can't use the Wind Scar! If you bring down the tree, you'll be doing exactly what Hakudoshi wants! I know that, stupid! He only realized it after I told him.
In any case, I must protect the tree.
My arrow should be able to handle a demon like that.
Yes! That was great, Kagome! Well, I have a large target.
Bastard, don't you move! Do you know how many villages were devoured by rats just to bring Kikyo out of hiding?! What? Is that what's upsetting you? Why bother with things that don't involve you? Well then.
maybe I'll interfere with those villagers there who are trying to run away.
Why you! Wind Scar! He used it! Did it work? If you see Kikyo, give her a message: As long as she keeps running from Naraku, the same thing will happen over and over again.
Damn it! Huh? K-Kagome.
- Huh? - The rats are acting strange.
Until now, they were totally intent to getting to the tree.
Maybe the spiritual power of the tree is weakening.
What?! We must hurry and get rid of the demon slugs.
Inuyasha! Take care of the demons higher up the tree! Gotcha! What are the rats going to do? Kohaku! Please Kohaku! Don't add to your crimes! Sister The rats are returning! The Zushinezumi are headed this way.
Was the spell broken? Wind Tunnel! This is bad.
I can't suck in all of them.
There are just too many.
Kohaku! Give me the shrine! If that shrine is broken, the rats will disappear! Remember, Kohaku! You.
are a Demon Slayer! The Saimyosho are watching me.
If I do anything that seems like a betrayal to Naraku, that infant I'll never be able to get near Naraku's heart! The rats! The last one! We've destroyed all the slugs.
This is bad.
The rats aren't trying to climb up the tree anymore.
The tree must have died.
Huh?! They're coming after us! Damn you! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Even if I kill them, they multiply.
These rats are such a pain! Shippo! Snap out of it and transform! We're getting outta here! We're gonna run away?! The mayose tree won't help anymore.
I'm gonna go and destroy that shrine! Let's go! Awright! Transform! Oh no! The rats have fallen out of formation and are scattering! Can't you fly any faster?! - You're heavy, stupid! - Hurry it up! Sango! Miroku! Destroy the shrine! Hurry! Can't you understand, Kohaku! If nothing's done, you'll fall prey to the rats, too! But Naraku would probably order me to do this.
To protect the shrine even if it means death.
Kohaku, wake up! Sister! Wind Tunnel! Miroku! Kohaku! Sango, get on Kirara! The ground is too dangerous! Kohaku! Huh?! Kohaku! Damned box! If I break it.
! Huh?! It won't break! Is it being protected by a demonic barrier? Hurry and get away, Sango! Kohaku.
! Huh?! - Inuyasha! - I'm going on ahead! The smell of blood! Dammit! I have a bad feeling about this! The smell of this blood Is it Sango's?! The presence of the Sacred Jewel shard? Kohaku? Shippo, please hurry! Sango! Damn! If I use my Wind Tunnel, it'll take Sango as well! Miroku! Sango! Inuyasha! A sacred arrow?! The demonic barrier is gone! Hurry! Break the shrine! The rats.
Kagome, the rats are disappearing.
The shrine has been broken.
Sister She's badly hurt all because of me.
Sister Sister Sister Kohaku.
Kohaku, are you all right? Sister.
Kohaku? Kohaku! Saimyosho! Who is that woman, Kohaku? Why did she protect you? I don't know.
Hakudoshi So you were watching me.
Sister I don't want to put her in harm's way anymore.
I must defeat Naraku as soon as possible! Kohaku! Kohaku.
I wonder if Sango is okay.
She was bitten badly by the rats.
Physically, she's probably okay.
She's pretty strong for a human.
More than that, it's the shock she received learning that Kohaku had something to do with the shrine.
Sango, are you in pain? I cannot forgive what Kohaku did.
Because of those rats, many villages were destroyed.
Not only that.
I don't want to I don't want to Kohaku! At the castle that was assaulted by the birds, he killed many people.
Huh?! They weren't killed by the birds.
Even if Naraku ordered it, what Kohaku did is unforgivable.
I know that in my head.
when Kohaku was attacked by the rats, I felt as though my heart was being crushed.
When I saw that he was okay, I felt relief from the bottom of my heart.
I just can't hate Kohaku, no matter what.
Sango, that is fine.
You don't have to force yourself to hate him.
even after this.
Do you regret protecting Kohaku? I don't know.
But if I hadn't protected him, I think I would be regretting it more.
And that's fine.
That is the way of the human heart.
Thank you, Miroku.
Naraku You would stoop to all this just to lure me out.
Take this and fly.
I will search for his whereabouts.
After a long absence, I return to the present-day world where I face endless questions about Inuyasha.
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