Inuyasha (2000) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

It tastes great.
Kagome, are you all right now? Thank you for worrying about me, Shippo.
It seems my soul went flying out and back into my body but I seem to be perfectly fine.
The only thing that's changed is that after his run-in with Kikyo Inuyasha spends more time staring into the distance.
I don't know anymore I gather up all the fragments and become a full-fledged demon then what? If I become a demon, will I become stronger inside? Can I forget Kikyo? Will my heart not be swayed by anyone else? Kagome, there's something funny about Inuyasha.
I think you're right.
Take that, you! Ow What was that for? Quit moping! Have you given up on gathering the Sacred Jewel fragments? Zip it, will you! Even I sometimes have things to think about.
That's really funny.
What's that?! Wait, you little pip-squeak! I'm not that dumb! Why you! Such sorrow from the Sacred Jewel.
Kikyo claims that Inuyasha betrayed her Inuyasha claims that she betrayed him.
Their stories don't match.
Will gathering the fragments lead to the solution of this puzzle? To the right I hear there's a young woman working at the rest house up ahead.
They say she's lovely, with fair skin and large eyes.
I'm feeling a bit hungry.
Shall we stop in? Sure.
To the left It's true she has fair skin and large eyes, but Here you go.
Should've gone right.
I hear the daughter of the lord hereabouts has been possessed and has taken to her bed.
My, that is a terrible thing.
Are you sure this one's a monk of high virtue? Yes.
So he claims.
Monk, if you can't drive away the demon I'll not offer you a bowl of gruel, understand? My, to live in such opulence in so turbulent a time.
Your subjects must surely resent it.
Impudence! Princess, a monk has come to see you.
Pardon me Let me see your face My! Her face is so swollen! It was always so! Are you really a monk? That statue of Buddha I received it from some impoverished nobleman.
It's a blessed statue.
All right Leave the princess here, and take everyone outside your gate.
What? And listen carefully No matter what you hear, you are not to look in.
Uh-hmm I will now begin the exorcism.
Now Leave peacefully and I will show you mercy.
I don't suppose you'll give in so easily.
Huh! So you're a demon weasel! Huh? That light A fragment of the Sacred Jewel? What is it? That sounds like some beast What's going on in there? Shall we take a look, my lord? No, wait He said not to look until he gave the word.
I don't want to catch any flak from the exorcism.
But, my lord it sounds like someone's searching the mansion.
Just hold on awhile So you say this tiny weasel turned into a demon and had a hold on you? Yes.
And what of the monk? He gave me no name, and left as cool as you please.
Oh, my lord! It's a disaster! Oh! Everything worth anything has been taken.
And three horses, too.
I've been had Now, where can I sell these off? Oh, well After all the trouble transporting everything they fetched such a small price.
I guess this Jewel fragment was the only item worth anything.
A hot spring bath! How wonderful! My, but it feels glorious.
A girl Huh? That's a fragment of the Sacred Jeweland it's huge.
Don't you dare peek! Oops Don't worry.
There's nothing there that interests me.
My! Humph! How rude! Huh? Shippo, what are you doing? I'm going in too.
Wait a minute! Inuyasha, you come too! Wha? I've always wondered Why don't you and Kagome ever bathe together? It's more fun bathing together! Listen When my ma and pa were alive, we always bathed together.
You're a kid, so you probably don't understand Be honest.
How far have you gone with Kagome? When I ask things like that, grown-ups get tongue-tied.
I wonder why? You wonder why?! I almost said something I shouldn't! Yikes! I won't ask again! So, I'm not a beauty like Kikyo What's wrong? I'm fine.
Get out of here! - Shoo! Shoo! - Monkeys She's with a guy Too bad.
I hate violence.
No, please Miroku I said I'd compensate you, didn't I? Yes How long do you intend to stay mad? You saw me naked, so we're even.
I didn't.
He did, didn't he? I can't really say I have to attack the guy, right? Yeah.
Meanwhile, I'll take the girl.
But, Miroku why go so much trouble? If you use your right hand, it'll be over in seconds.
You know better than that.
If I use this hand, everyone will die.
That's true Well, if anything should happen, please save me.
Don't worry.
Change! Huh? I've come for you Inuyasha! Eeek! Who are you? You have nothing to fear.
I am a Buddhist monk no one suspicious.
When I reached for the Sacred Jewel fragment you were attached to it, you see.
You've got that backwards, mister.
Kagome! What's going on? That guy! Get out of my way! Out of my way I say! H-he's going to kill me! Tsk What a vicious friend! What's the matter with you? Inuyasha! Let me go! Certainly.
All I need is this Inuyasha, are you all right? Damn Who was that guy, anyway? He said he was a Buddhist monk, but What was it he did with his right hand? I felt like I was being pulled by a strong wind.
What did he do from way up there? Oh, no! Huh? He stole my bike! The nerve! Forget the bike! You were being kidnapped! I look away for one second, and Inuyasha I'm sorry.
It wasn't you I was worried about.
It was your Sacred Jewel fragment Well It seems he stole my Jewel fragment, too.
What?! Damn that guy! He can't have gone very far.
I'll find him wherever he is.
Inuyasha, what's taking you so long? Leave me alone.
The smells are all mixed up, so I can't tell.
People are gathering around.
They're really suspicious of us.
Where'd that bugger go? A demon here in our village? See?! That guy and kid aside, look at that girl.
Is she a demon? Who, me? Good for you! He's probably not here.
No doubt about it.
He's here.
Why would a robber hang around Oh! Yippee-aii-ayy! Phew"We have nothing but beauties," he said? I'd have been better off drinking with the tanuki.
You! You bike thief! Oh, it's you! You're just what I need.
You're a sight for sore eyes! I'll take care of you.
Hold it.
Such violence What do you mean? Just who was it that used a tanuki to attack us? I guess you're not ready to hand over the Jewel fragment.
This isn't something a demon should have.
Don't get funny! Ah! Hey! Hold it! I will not fight a senseless battle.
Is that right? Then you'll die! He stopped the Tetsusaiga! This guy's no ordinary mortal.
Do you insist on being punished? Who the hell are you? My name is Miroku.
I use my spiritual powers to save people.
- What's going on? - A demon? - He's slaying demons? - Can he do it alone? Hey! A monk is slaying demons! You use your powers to save people? Why, you're nothing but a robber.
Give us back that Sacred Jewel fragment.
We went to a lot of trouble to gather all those fragments.
I understand However, it would be best for you to let me keep this Inuyasha So, you know who I am? Not at all.
Your beautiful companion called you by that name.
My, he doesn't seem to be such a bad person.
Wake up, Kagome! He stole your Jewel! You won't be flapping your lip when I get done with you.
You're very strong.
Damn! He parries my every stroke.
Hand that Sacred Jewel fragment over if you want to live.
Oh! Trying to run again? People! Get as far away as possible for your safety.
Give up! You lose.
His right hand! Sorry, but I hate losing.
Spiritual power! Wha! It's like that time on the cliff What is this wind? A Wind Tunnel in his right hand! How long can you hold out? Get away! You'll get sucked to your death! It's like a black hole! This isn't about spiritual power! Kagome! We'd better run, too.
I've got to stop him.
That Miroku People! Get as far away as possible He's trying not to suck in humans.
D-damn! Surrender.
If you get sucked in, you'll never get out.
Forget it! I'll chop that right arm off! It's no use.
It'll suck you in, sword and all.
Kagome! Kagome! Ow These prayer beads They seal off his right hand.
He controls himself.
He's not an evil person.
Kagome Did you willingly rush in? Well, this Miroku He could have killed us long ago using his right hand.
I'm sure he'll be reasonable if we talk to him.
Kill him after all! You good-for-nothing monk! Settle down.
We'll talk.
I'm gathering the fragments of the Sacred Jewel in order to find a certain demon, and eliminate him.
That's demon's name is Naraku.
Naraku? This Wind Tunnel in my right hand was created by a curse placed by Naraku.
What sort of demon is Naraku? He is malicious, and devours people.
That's all I know.
What do you mean? Well It was my grandfather who battled Naraku in his youth.
That was about 50 years ago.
Their battles lasted several years.
Whenever they met, Naraku appeared as a different person.
As a different person? In their final battle, he took the form of a beautiful woman.
My grandfather had great spiritual power, but unfortunately Bet he was a lecher.
That's a good guess.
Naraku pierced my grandfather's right hand with the seals and escaped himself.
That Wind Tunnel that I have cursed you with shall be passed on to your progeny, so long as I live.
Each generation shall be cursed, until no one remains.
This Wind Tunnel gets bigger by the year, and stronger.
If I don't kill Naraku, I'll probably get sucked in myself.
Does that mean you'll die? Yes.
And that's all right if that's my fate.
But I can't let Naraku go unchecked.
The Sacred Jewel that vanished 50 years ago has appeared today in fragments.
Naraku is sure to gather the fragments in order to strengthen his powers.
It is said that Naraku nearly got the Jewel 50 years ago.
After killing the priestess protecting it.
You say he killed the priestess? Yes.
He's the one who took my form and wounded Kikyo.
There's no doubt about it.
Miroku! You say Naraku takes different forms? What does he look like now? If I knew that, I'd have found him long ago, and slain him.
He laid a trap for Kikyo and me, and made us hate each other.
The one who killed Kikyo is still alive and is after the Sacred Jewel.
I will find Kikyo's killer and avenge her death! If we keep looking for these fragments, we're sure to run into Naraku, right? How'd you get that? Let's gather the fragments together.
Huh? Well, I'm sure Inuyasha's not about to give this up.
Of course, not! That's why.
I'm not very good at dealing with people But, if you don't kill Naraku soon, you'll die, won't you? Kagome Are you concerned about me? Of course Then, I have a request.
Will you do me the favor of bearing my child? Huh?! What's this all about? If I should fail to destroy Naraku, and die I need a child to carry on my family's mission.
Quit it, will you? You lecherous priest! I'm a monk.
If you lay a hand on Kagome again Inuyasha Well, pardon me.
I thought you were just a companion You're in love with Kagome? Huh? Please forgive me.
Damn it! She's just a Jewel detector! Jewel detector?! How dare you! Well, I guess you do have someone you love.
Huh? What shall I do? Miroku is nicer Why, are you going to betray me? You must be nicer to the womenfolk.
Shut up! I'm only a Jewel detector Weren't they having a serious discussion? I don't understand grown-ups.
- You could learn from Miroku.
- Gentle.
- Yes.
Be more gentle.
- Yes, be gentle Hey, don't touch me there! Did you touch her again?! Naraku We now know that that demon was the one who caused Inuyasha and Kikyo to hate each other.
Traveling together we discover the scent of ink on an old battlefield.
Demons escape from a painting of hell and attack Inuyasha.
Why is the painting alive? A fragment of the Sacred Jewel gleams in the bosom of the mysterious artist.
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