Inuyasha (2000) s01e161 Episode Script

Episode 161

It all started with the Sacred Tree.
Fighting and searching forourdreams and a strong bond is formed between us.
A new hope! A bright future begins now! Aftertheirfight with Naraku was over, they had promised to marry.
But because of Miroku, their relationship totally deteriorates.
Are you sure this is what you want, Sango? The final shard guides us! On the other side of the well, a new day awaits in the age of warring states! A Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! Miroku is still depressed.
Because a pickpocket stole his wallet? How could I have let this happen? Miroku, don't take it too hard.
Please don't be so kind to me.
I can't forgive myself forbeing so careless.
That's being depressed? What he says and what he does are complete opposites.
This charm was given to me by a man of high personage.
Please accept this and find peace.
- An earthquake? - And Ademonic aura.
Let's go! P-Please! Please forgive us! Master! What is the matter? You seem to be troubled by something evil.
Perhaps we can be of some help.
Huh?! Monk Miroku! Huh? Monk Miroku! Have you come to fulfill yourpromise to marry and become an adopted son-in-law? Adopted? Monk Miroku has returned! Begin the preparations! What's going on? Well.
Don't you remember? Hah! He probably has too many things to remember.
Miroku! I've been waiting for you! Oh! O-Oh Shima! How lovely you've become! I'm so happy! Huh?! Stay calm.
It's something from the past? Yes.
And both my wife and I had given up hope believing it was a thing of the past.
Ourdaughter, Shima, was always sickly and frail.
There was never a day when she could lift her head from herpillow.
That's when Monk Miroku passed through the village.
This was two years ago.
Boil these herbs in clean water, then drink the liquid every day.
And as one would expect from such a costly medicinal herb, it worked so well.
It was such an expensive medicine.
What a scam! And? You two became fast friends? No such thing! He gave us the medicine, then left.
See? I'm totally clean.
- Except? - Except? When you are well, will you bear my child? Yes! The medicinal herb and the promise I made to Miroku sustained me and I recovered completely.
You were trying to seduce her! Oh, it's okay.
After all, it's a thing of the past.
Of all the stupid things.
! What's the big deal anyway? It is a big deal! Whatever happened to the evil spirit? He's right! The incidentearlier at the shrine.
A-Anotherearthquake! I'm so afraid, Miroku! I'm scared too But fora different reason.
Monk Miroku, please help us! If nothing is done, ourdaughter will end up as the wife of a demon! Ademon's wife? Y-Yes! That shrine is dedicated to the Master! And Masterhas demanded Shima to be his wife! I've told him that I am betrothed, but he does not believe me.
Yourbetrothed is.
? You, of course! But Miroku, you didn't forget ourpromise and returned.
You don't know how I've waited for this day! I understand.
In any case, we cannot hand over Shima to the demon! You will help us? Leave it to me.
Then let us prepare the ceremony right away! Huh? I thought he's gonna destroy the demon? That's one thing.
The other is that she intends to have Miroku's child.
Shima, this is our promised night.
It's so cold.
Why is Miroku the only one inside? I wonder.
He said he was going to settle this.
Meaning he's going to turn down the marriage? He'd better! After all, Miroku promised to marry Sango.
You sure you can trust him? This is Miroku, y'know.
It's a foolish man who turns down a woman who offers herself, right? Inuyasha, sit! In the first place, when did you learn such vulgarities?! In the second place, think about the people around you! I'm second place, huh? I'd like you to marry my daughter as soon as possible.
But the Masterwho desires Shima is a demon, right? Whether she's married ornot, he will come afterher.
No, that's just it.
The Master of the Lake wants a virgin bride.
So if a marriage ceremony is held, we think he will give up on her.
Now that's noble of him.
Before the demon comes, please make me yourwife.
It's a foolish man who turns down a woman who offers herself to him! Oh, well.
A specter! Shippo, what are you doing? I was just trying to express how you were feeling, Sango.
I'm not upset.
Sorry to interrupt.
Drop dead, you idiot! Hereyes were shouting to me, "Drop dead, you idiot.
" Monk Miroku.
Who is that woman? Err.
Anotherearthquake! Something smelly is approaching.
Looks like the Master of the Lake is about to make an appearance.
W-Wha?! Umm I am the Master of the Lake.
I have come for Shima as promised.
You heard him.
He's the one? He said so himself.
Go on home! Why do you interfere?! The girl doesn't want you! M-Master! Miroku, I'm frightened! Are you really scared? Shima! No! See? Give it up! Why? She clearly promised to be my bride! Promised? I neverpromised.
P-Please forgive us, Master! Father? To be truthful.
in orderto boil the expensive herbs.
Boil these herbs in clean water, then drink the liquid every day.
I used the water from the lake.
And at the same time, every day, I prayed at the shrine by the lake.
Masterof the Lake, please bring my daughterback to health.
I will do anything in return.
I neverimagined that the Master was actually listening.
And the Master asked for Shima in return.
So what did I do wrong? I feel a bit sorry forhim.
I didn't know.
that my fathermade such a promise.
Shima, forgive me! No.
You did it all out of a desire to save me.
there's nothing we can do now.
Even if you didn't know the Master was listening, a promise is still a promise.
Oh, so you'll.
Shima! You're not serious.
about becoming a demon's bride? Master.
Huh? Please forgive me! I am not fit to become yourwife! Huh? Why? I have heard that you desire a virgin bride.
But two years ago, I.
gave myself to Miroku.
l-Is that true, Shima?! I'm sorry, Father.
I couldn't bring myself to tell you.
I knew it.
But hearing it confirmed is still a shock.
Wait now.
It's okay.
It's all in the past, after all.
It's as you just heard, so.
Please forget about this arrangement.
You deceived me.
! Love spurned becomes intense hatred! Agiant catfish! You will feel my wrath! O-Our house will be crushed! Miroku, please save us! All right, we'll tame him.
Let's go, Sango! Huh? You can take care of it alone.
Yourpast indiscretion caused this.
l-Is this lady going to transform from now, too? She's not a demon.
This is no time to fight! Ourhome! Dammit! I'll take you on! I'll swallow you whole! Sango.
Let me explain and you'll understand! Don't come near me! I don't think.
things are going to work out.
Not Not going to work out? What's going to happen to the two of them?! Look, Kagome.
Shouldn't we be paying attention to Inuyasha and the catfish? How dare you make a fool out of me! Why don't you shut up?! How dare you?! Why you! If you won'tgive up, I'm gonna get serious! Shima.
I had faith in you.
He's calmed down.
Has the Master of the Lake.
given up on me? Thatended quickly.
Well, I couldn't sleep well at night if I killed a demon like that.
But things have gotten very serious overthere.
Huh? Are they still fighting? Sango.
Won't you even listen to me? I don't know anymore.
Cripes! Miroku's habit of flirting with women didn't start yesterday.
Inuyasha! What? You don't understand anything! If the woman of his past appears before her, it's not a comfortable feeling! E-Excuse me.
Please stop fighting.
Shima! It's all my fault.
Please don't blame Miroku.
Sango! Don't follow! Miroku, aren't you going afterher? Right now, she won't listen, no matter what I say.
But I'm very saddened.
that she really didn't trust me at all.
My heart is set on one person.
Huh? You sound as though you've been falsely accused.
I was! - S-Shima! - Help! I can't forget you, after all! Blast it! Please forgive me! No! We will live together at the bottom of the lake.
Dammit! I should've delivered the final blow! I must save her! Yeah! Miroku isn't coming afterme.
What'll I do from now? - No! - You'll marry me no matter what! Wha! I told you that I gave myself to Miroku! I'll forgive you! I'll forget about your past! No! No! You were with Miroku.
Sango! Miroku! It's not that he's coming afterme! Kirara, take herto a safe place! Hiraikotsu! You fool! He deflected the Hiraikotsu! Woman, I'll take you to the bottom of the lake too and make you my mistress! Wha! No way! Say that again! How dare you take my woman! Hah! Silence! We're in the water! Do you think you can catch me? Oh yeah.
Then get a taste of this! Wind Tunnel! Churn.
churn! The wateris disappearing.
Why you! Listen up, catfish! Don't you dare mess with my girl! l-Is she one of yours, too? l-I'm sorry.
Sango, are you all right? Oh Hey, Sango! Hey! Sango! Hey! I said, hey! Sango! Hey! I said, hey! Sango! Hey Sango! l-I guess there's nothing for me to do here.
I guess it was a case of unrequited love forme.
Huh? I'm sorry.
I lied.
You lied aboutgiving yourself to Miroku? Yes.
I didn't want to wed the catfish.
It was the only thing Shima could think of.
T-Then why didn't you tell me the truth at least? Why? I was too naïve.
I thought you'd understand even without my saying anything.
It's because I'm always such a cad.
I'm sorry I hurt you, Sango.
Never mind already.
Besides When you saved me.
I was very happy.
Will you forgive me, Sango? That should be my line! Is this okay? Sango has such a big heart.
In some ways, it's biggerthan yours, Kagome.
You make a fine match, Miroku.
But you know.
If he had told her the truth sooner, all this wouldn't have happened.
Or maybe, Miroku.
it took you a long time to remember what was what? Bull's eye! Is that true? Well, is it? Well, it happened so long ago.
What's wrong, Jaken? Rin has been kidnapped by a demon! Agroup of monks who specialize in slaying demons went to save her, but.
Those monks don't like demons.
If they come across Sesshomaru, this could be bad.
Humans can try their half-baked tricks, but Sesshomaru will tear them apart.
I'm not scared! Next on Inuyasha: "Foreverwith Lord Sesshomaru" Lord Sesshomaru, please don't forget me even if I die!