Inuyasha (2000) s01e162 Episode Script

Episode 162

It all started with the Sacred Tree.
Fighting and searching forourdreams and a strong bond is formed between us.
A new hope! A bright future begins now! With his loyal followerJaken, the strongest demon, Lord Sesshomaru, goes on his way.
Good-bye, Lord Sesshomaru! Good-bye? Huh? Rin, what's wrong? Why do you say that? The final shard guides us! On the other side of the well, a new day awaits in the age of warring states! A Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! What could that be, Master Ungai? Let us go and see.
Hey, not so fast! Why you! You're notgetting away alive! Kill him! Master Ungai, it's a demon! Is this yourwork? Wait! I have no use.
He escaped.
Who is he? I've never felt such an intense desire to kill.
Master Ungai, these men seem to be night robbers.
Ademon attacked night robbers? Then who was it that attacked the village? All the kids in the village were kidnapped? When we woke up in the morning, all the children of the village were gone.
I have no idea what happened.
Whetherthey were spirited away by the gods, or if this is the work of demons.
Headman, we'll find out where the children have gone.
Huh? We may not look like much, but we're pretty efficient.
We're quite skilled in the slaying of demons.
But we would need some lodgings.
Not that one again! Well, we won't need yourhelp.
Huh? I've already asked a monk forhelp.
Yes, and you're looking at a monk right here.
There is a group of monks who specialize in exterminating demons.
I'm sure that Master Ungai will rescue the children without fail.
Master Ungai.
is his name? I see.
Huh?! You there! Huh? Do you belong to the village at the foot of the mountain? Hey! Where are you going? Come back here! I sense a demon's aura! Come back, I said! Ademon, as I suspected.
Who is that child? Did something happen here, Master Ungai? No.
We'll continue our search.
Huh? Afterhe defeats Naraku, what is Lord Sesshomaru going to do? You probably don't know.
but Lord Sesshomaru has long been in search of something called "power.
" He will probably become the greatest demon of all time, and reign overhis own empire.
And when that happens, I will become his empire's chief minister.
! Jaken.
Huh? What will I do in Lord Sesshomaru's empire? You intend to follow us all the way there? Why?! Why can't I come along? Even though it's Lord Sesshomaru, who knows how long it will take to create the empire.
To us demons, a hundred years is nothing.
But you're a human.
Huh? By that time, you'll be long dead.
That's not going to.
Stupid Jaken! I'll be with him forever.
Huh? Rin.
? Do you need to pee? Hey Rin! Rin! Where are you going?! Rin! Huh?! She disappeared! Just a little more.
Huh? Look.
Who're they? They must be thatgroup of monk demon slayers.
This is notgood.
- Why? - Huh? I've heard rumors about Master Ungai.
He's ruthless towards demons.
Good evening.
You are demon slayers? Sort of.
Keeping a demon with you.
How unprincipled! What'd you say?! It's an evil spirit.
If you rely on something like that, you'll only regret it.
Neither Kirara nor Shippo would harm humans.
She's right! You are a shrine priestess? Err.
You should know how frightening demons are.
You there! What? That sword is a demon sword, isn't it? You're so annoying! Inuyasha.
So what if it is? Using a weapon that you cannot handle will kill you.
None of your business! Whatever.
Just do notget in ourway.
Who do they think they are?! So arrogant! Thank goodness it's the night of the new moon.
If you had been your usual self, Inuyasha.
we may have had a confrontation with those monks.
Rin! Rin! Rin! Where are you?! Rin.
Yes Lord Sesshomaru, you're back! What happened to Rin? Uh.
Huh? Ahh.
It's probably the work of Ongokuki.
Ongokuki? Ongokuki are demons who lure children with the sound of theirflute and snatch them away.
They take the children and sell them to otherdemons.
I heard the sound of its flute.
But please rest assured.
I, Jaken, will find her.
! Huh? Please wait, Lord Sesshomaru! Please.
aghh! Oh.
At this rate, my position as chief minister looks doubtful Huh? Why am.
I here? Huh?! Who are you all? What are you doing here? So you were kidnapped by a demon too? Demon? We're going to be eaten by the demon! I'm scared! I wanna go home! Shut up, you brats! It's all right.
Don't be scared.
Of course, we're scared! That's a demon! He's not scary! He is! He's a demon! Night robbers are more scary! Night robbers? Ademon is scarier! But.
night bandits kill people forno reason at all.
What are you saying? My father, mother, brother.
were all killed by robbers.
But right now, it's the demon who's scary.
It's all right.
I know he'll come to save me.
Who? Rin! Lord Sesshomaru! Rin! Lord Sesshomaru! - Say.
- Yes Huh?! Oh, it's only you guys.
What happened to Rin? Rin was kidnapped by the Ongokuki.
Ongokuki? Ademon who snatches children! Have you seen Lord Sesshomaru? He went to look for Rin.
Oh! Rin! Lord Sesshomaru! Huh? Huh? Huh? You fell forit! Huh?! Die, demon! Children! We have come to rescue you! We've taken care of the demon.
You are safe now.
It's all right now.
There, there.
Is this all of you? There's one more.
What's the matter? You're.
Come, let us go back to the village.
Never mind.
Put me down! No! No! Why do you struggle so much? She said that humans are scarier than demons.
What? Such foolishness! There's no way you can live alone in these mountains.
Sure I can! I can survive! I'm okay on my own! Don't say such foolish things! No! Let me go! Lord Sesshomaru.
Lord Sesshomaru will come for me! Lord Sesshomaru? I don't want to go back to a village with humans! Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! It's the demon from the otherday! Let me go! Demon! You've bewitched this child! Master Ungai.
Huh? This demon's foul aura must be dealt with! Children, go and hide in the cave! All right! Lord Sesshomaru! Die, demon! Lord Sesshomaru! What was that sound?! Ungai and his monks are fighting! Let them try to use some half-brained trick! Sesshomaru will deflect iteasily! He's still alive! Stand fast! Immobilize him! Yes! Hold! Die.
you demon! Now he's exposing his true self! Huh?! Such power.
Huh? Rin.
Yes? Do as you please.
Yes! Wait.
He is an evil spirit.
He is not one a human child should follow.
Let me go! Stop! Humans and demons live in different worlds.
But you're a human By that time, you'll be long dead.
That's right.
Now, let us go back.
Why?! Dad! Mom! Thank you! Thank you so much! Don't mention it.
Got a complaint, orwhat? Come on.
Stop with that attitude.
What? I haven't done anything wrong! It's that attitude that's wrong.
Young woman.
Huh? Why do you stay with a demon? Huh? No, never mind.
Rin! Lord Sesshomaru! Lord.
Lord Sesshomaru! Oh, and you too, Rin! Where is Aun? Huh? Oh! I'll get him.
I'll get him right away! Huh? Say, Lord Sesshomaru.
What is it? Even if I die one day.
will you always rememberme? Don't say such silly things.
Lord Sesshomaru! Here is Aun.
Oh Lord Sesshomaru, where are you headed? It goes without saying.
I'm going to find Naraku.
Yes, of course.
May I come along? It's hardly worth asking.
Huh? Of course, you can come, Jaken.
Let's go! Err Say The village of demon slayers.
That is Sango's birthplace.
Nearthere, Kirara meets up with Kohaku.
You're worried forme, Kirara? Thank you.
But I still can't rejoin my sister.
Kohaku hides the return of his memory in orderto go after Naraku.
All the while, Sango never stops thinking of heryoungerbrother.
Only Kirara knows what the siblings are feeling.
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