Inuyasha (2000) s01e166 Episode Script

Episode 166 & 167

It all started with the Sacred Tree.
Fighting and searching forourdreams and a strong bond is formed between us.
A new hope! A bright future begins now! Ourjourney began when the Sacred Jewel shattered into many fragments.
And now, the final shard empowers Inuyasha to bring everything to an end! Live ordie, this is the final battle! The final shard guides us! On the other side of the well, a new day awaits in the age of warring states! A Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! The demon mountain was killed? It was three days ago.
Something that looked like shafts of light struck the demon mountain.
You are certain it died? He fell and lay there unmoving.
Buteveryone's too scared to go nearit.
Ademon mountain.
The only one I can think of is Gakusanjin.
But I don't sense any miasma around this mountain.
Yes, it's just an ordinary mountain.
No, look.
Huh? You still?! Take it.
These are crystals of my miasma.
Grab a few.
When you are nearthe Fuyoheki, these crystals will disappear.
If you move away from it, the crystals will reappear.
This will help in locating Naraku.
It seems he trusts us.
Yes Umm Thank you.
Go now.
Gakusanjin must have pursued Naraku even afterwe left him.
Then Naraku has.
? A human smell.
Human? The smell of several humans.
It's fresh blood.
It means that after Gakusanjin died, humans came here.
What does it mean? The local people don't approach this area because they are afraid.
T-There it is! Please, Ascetics! Thank you.
How can we thank you.
? Justgive us a cart.
Huh? Acart? We will take care of the demon's carcass.
Those ascetics were still children.
They're quite amazing.
Master Goryomaru.
We destroyed the demon! Good work.
You may go and rest.
I will pray for its repose.
What?! Ascetics are going around exterminating demons? Yes.
Ascetics who live in the sacred mountain in the east.
Each one carries a strange thing that looks like an urn.
and they destroy demons with the light that comes out of those urns.
You said "each one.
" How many ascetics are there? Three of them came here.
There were rumors that there are several more.
It's certain that shafts of light brought Gakusanjin down.
Without a doubt, this is the guy that did it! Let's go! Those people.
They must be demons.
Perhaps we should notify the ascetics.
So that's the sacred mountain of the east.
We're almost there.
These were my favorite pair! Hah! You haven't even walked that much.
Just hang in there a bit longer.
What do you think, Inuyasha? Are these ascetics connected to Naraku, after all? Probably.
Since they defeated Gakusanjin.
This scent! Watch out, Kagome! A light shaft?! They've come out to get us! Damn! It missed! It couldn't be helped.
The target is small.
They're the ascetics?! They're still children! No mistake about it! It's the smell that was left around Gakusanjin.
Then those children.
?! Hey, there are humans, too! Woman.
If you do not want to die, get away from the demon! W-What're you saying?! Stay back, Kagome! Human brats walking around with such dangerous weapons! Who gave them to you?! Hah! And what'll you do if you find out? Since you're about to be exterminated! Shaddup! You'll answer me, no matter what happens! Die! Demon! Move, Inuyasha! You'll be pierced! These shafts of light have substance! They are.
! Demons?! What're you doing?! How dare you break our Goryo urns! Confess! How did you get those urns?! Shut up, demon! We'll nevertell, even if it kills us! - Owwee! - Fine! Then you can die here! Hey, Inuyasha.
You shouldn't have such urns.
If kids like you go around doing these dangerous things, you're sure to get hurt someday.
Leave us alone! As long as we have the Goryo urns we'll neverlose to demons! You just lost.
Shut up! Just rememberthis! The next time we meet, you'll pay for this! Hold it, you brats! Let them go, Inuyasha.
We'lljust follow them at our leisure.
I can't believe those kids were trained in demon slaying.
I thought them to be Naraku's henchmen, but they're not capable enough.
Nah, I'm sure that someone's pulling the strings behind them.
And whoever that is must be connected to Naraku.
So it's true that Gakusanjin died Naraku passed the Fuyoheki to the infant.
And if Gakusanjin pursued them and was killed, then Then there must be clues to the infant around here.
That temple is sort of creepy.
Man, this aura is strong! It's coming! Shafts of light! If I cut away their insides, they won't be a problem.
Wind Scar! The urn doesn't work on them! They're all kids! We're goin' after them! Master Goryomaru! H-Help.
Master Goryomaru! S-Stupid! We have to protect Master Goryomaru! Step back, all of you.
Huh? Demons! You have the audacity to appear again! Is he a demon? This guy reeks with the smell of demons! Is he one of Naraku's lackeys, afterall?! Are you sure about this, Naraku? Now things will get interesting.
Huh?! The demons of this area? Where are they going? Huh?! So many! What happened to the Goryo urns? We can't use them.
Their innerlight was cut.
So that's why.
The demons thought they could destroy the temple now that the Goryu urns were useless.
Hah! I won't let you interfere! Wha?! The same light as the Goryo urns the children use.
What is that light? They're still there.
There are too many of them.
Wind Scar! Hiraikotsu! Wind Tunnel! W-Wow! Damn! Inuyasha and his bunch are here, too? Why you! You are a demon! So why do you kill demons?! Huh? That's my line! You there, Goryomaru.
Aren't you also a demon? How dare you?! Master Goryomaru is a human! He is not a demon! He is an important priest! True, this arm is from a demon.
However, as you can see, it moves as I will it.
I overcame the demon who possessed me and tried to devourme with my spiritual powers.
My real arm was indeed eaten.
But this arm works well to destroy evil demons.
Evil demons? He must really hate demons.
And you give kids strange urns to exterminate demons? You must've ordered them to kill Gakusanjin, too! Gakusanjin? The demon mountain.
The demon who preferred to stay dormant as a mountain ratherthan fight.
Gakusanjin was after a demon, no, a half-demon, who had disturbed his sleep.
And that half-demon's name is Naraku.
I want to know the reason why you killed the innocent Gakusanjin.
You all.
right? We can't differentiate if they're good orbad.
Does that mean they killed Gakusanjin by chance that they're not connected to Naraku? I want to tell you to leave if your business is done.
But if you go now, you'll be attacked by demons.
I will allow you to spend the night in the temple.
Hey, I ain't finished talking to you! Inuyasha! Let us accept his hospitality.
He didn't kick us out.
Is he a good guy? What do you think about his story? When we mentioned Gakusanjin and Naraku's names his face didn't show any sign of recognition.
Hah! Anybody who'd flinch over something like that wouldn't be capable of putting on this charade.
I wonder if Naraku is nearby? And as long as Naraku has the Fuyoheki, we can't find him.
It's so unfortunate that we don't have the Fuyoheki crystal.
Hey! - Huh? - Huh? Time to eat.
Huh? Goryomaru is involved with Naraku, I'm sure of it! But what is he planning by using these kids? Hey, isn't Goryomaru eating? He's putting light into the Goryo urns.
Huh? But he says doing so makes him very exhausted.
Why do you kids engage in something so dangerous? Where are yourparents? Ain'tgot any.
Ourmoms and dads were eaten by demons.
All of you here? If Master Goryomaru didn't take us in, we'd have died on the roadside.
That's why we're helping Master Goryomaru.
Demons are bitterenemies! What a creepy temple The demons are coming in hoards like they're being sucked overhere.
But they don't try to go inside.
And there's no barrier.
There's something going on and I can't miss it.
All of you! You're gonna become my soldiers! D-Demons are attacking! What'll we do? The Goryo urns aren't ready yet.
You guys just stay put! Hiraikotsu! These demons are already dead! Move! Wind Scar! It's no good! They're still coming! Damn! Killing dead demons is useless! Well then.
Wind Tunnel! Saimyosho! Miroku, cover your Wind Tunnel! What are Saimyosho doing here?! Hah! I'll find out if Naraku's infant is in this temple ornot! I'm sure of it! This is Kagura's Dance of the Dead! Inuyasha! I've gotta get Kagura! Otherwise, there's no end to this! If Kagura is attacking, does it mean that Goryomaru isn't one of Naraku's lackeys?! Fox Fire! You boys! You can't come out! We'll be okay as long as we have the Goryo urns! Master Goryomaru! You boys.
We'll use the Goryo urns.
Leave the rest to us.
Die! The Goryo urns don't work on them.
Master Goryomaru.
What's wrong? He can't move.
He's always like this afterhe refills the urns with light.
He's so pale.
C'mon out, Kagura! I know you're around here! Hah! What's your connection to this temple, Inuyasha? Why do you attack this temple?! Does it mean Goryomaru is Naraku's enemy?! Goryomaru? Thatguy? I get it I'm starting to piece the puzzle together.
Answerme! You're in my way! Move! Why you! Hold it! Um.
Are you all right? Huh? Master Goryomaru! My power is returning K-Kagome! The demon arm is reacting to the Sacred Jewel shard.
Such eyesores! Kagura! - Who is she?! - Everyone, get back! Do not move! Goryomaru! W-What's he.
?! Kagura! Huh?! The crystal demon aura is still shining.
The infant isn't here then? Huh?! The light! Miroku! Sango! A-As if I'd die! Was it Goryomaru who struck Kagura? Are you all right, Kagome? Uh-huh.
Thank goodness, Master Goryomaru! Yourpowerhas returned.
I'm glad you're all okay, too.
Goryomaru protected me from Kagura? But Those eyes at that moment That awful feeling I've felt it before What is the matter, Lord Sesshomaru? What is it? Isn't that Kagura? Something's wrong with her.
What shall we do, Lord Sesshomaru? Leave her alone.
We're going.
Hey, Rin! She'll be washed away.
Cripes! What are you doing?! Jaken.
! Hey, hold on! Stupid! - Help! - Help! Don't just stand there! She flew all the way in this condition? But this is hopeless.
Is she dead? What?! - Huh?! - Oh! What's happening?! Huh?! Ohh! Ohh! I'm not dead.
Because Naraku has a hold of my heart, I didn't die.
Serves him right! Huh? You guys.
Naraku, you are aware, aren't you? Kagura is a traitor.
Why do you let herlive? Look, Hakudoshi.
This is Kagura's heart.
I can squeeze the life out of it right now.
However, I still have use for Kagura.
Use? She's the perfect bait to lure Inuyasha and his friends.
I see.
Hakudoshi, I have something I want you to do also.
Lord Sesshomaru saved you.
As an afterthought.
So you have some compassion in you, too? How dare you! You should be grateful! Thank him at least! We're going.
Hold it! Aren't you gonna ask what happened to me? I have no interest in what happened to you.
Even if I tell you I found Naraku's heart? Sesshomaru.
You must also be aware.
Naraku never dies no matter how many times he is slain.
That's because his heart is somewhere else.
In orderto destroy Naraku, you have to destroy his heart.
Lord Sesshomaru, please be careful! It may be a trap! Hah! It's up to you whetheryou believe me or not.
But hanging on to this won't hurt you.
What is it? A crystal of demonic aura.
Recently, Naraku got possession of a crystal named Fuyoheki which is able to mask his aura.
He uses it to totally hide the location of his heart.
Hey! Huh? That crystal stops glowing when it approaches the Fuyoheki.
When I attacked that Goryomaru's temple, that happened.
I've got it figured that this Goryomaru fellow is like the protector of Naraku's heart.
W-Wait a minute, Kagura.
Then this Goryomaru must be a part of Naraku's group.
Why don't you, of all people, know that? Naraku doesn't trust me.
If what you told me is true, Naraku must already know that you are afterhis heart.
Huh?! Lord Sesshomaru.
And that means it's useless for you to take any further action.
What about you, Sesshomaru? Kagura, are you planning to use me? Without someone of your caliber, I cannot kill Naraku.
No one else surpasses you in skill or demon power.
Such flattery! Thanks foreverything.
I'm going now.
Already? Didn't you come to ask Lord Sesshomaru forhelp? It wasn't anything like that.
So complicated! Just once before I died Just one more time That's all I thought.
She went away.
Put on your clothes! Huh?! Lord Sesshomaru, what should we do about this? I'll leave it to you.
that really puts me in a bind.
You should hang on to it.
Y-You think so? That lady didn't seem like she was trying to trick us.
I'll bet she was in love with Lord Sesshomaru.
Huh?! Remember, she really praised him.
This kid is such a simpleton! Hey, Miroku! Are you sure about leaving like this? Yes.
I want to check something out.
Check something out? I want to see where that leads to.
Saimyosho? Hakudoshi! Kagura.
There's work to do.
This is it.
Demonic aura overflows from this place.
Carcasses of demons.
This smell.
Gakusanjin's body is here, too.
Those ascetics were dumping the demons they slew in a place like this? But this is like gathering demonic aura on purpose.
This is bound to attract other demons here.
I don't understand.
Why do this? This is.
Huh? What's the matter, Kagura? Is this place familiar to you? Huh.
This temple was entrusted with something very precious.
But it seems someone snitched to Inuyasha and his friends about it.
Is this kid testing me? Don't move! Woman, so you're alive.
This is bad! Kagura.
You take care of the small fry.
Huh?! Master Goryomaru! My light! Humph! Such a silly attack.
The smell of blood! Huh?! From Goryomaru's temple?! Yeah! Let's hurry! Everyone, protect Master Goryomaru! Right! Run, all of you! Die, demon! It doesn't work at all! Run! Your attack.
will be returned to you in full! Hakudoshi! Huh? Still hanging around here, huh? Inuyasha! Master Goryomaru.
! Get away.
from me.
Master Goryomaru! Goryomaru was killed! Master Goryomaru.
! Master Goryomaru! Huh? Kanna? Damn it! It was here, afterall! Huh? Inuyasha! Look! Huh? What's that?! Naraku's infant.
What's it doing here?! Who cares! We found it! Kagura, I'll leave you to handle Inuyasha and his friends.
You're notgetting away! Wind Scar! I'll tell you this much.
Goryomaru didn't know anything.
Huh?! Wait! What's going on, Kagura?! Can't you figure it out? Until now, Naraku's heart was hidden in this temple.
Naraku's heart? You're saying that infant is it?! Wait, Kagura! I don't have time to waste on you! So long! Why you! To hide a leaf, you hide it in a forest.
To prevent the demon crystal from reacting, Naraku hid the infant in that temple, where there was a massive amount of demonic aura.
And He used Goryomaru to keep accumulating demonic aura.
He's one cleverbastard You must leave this temple without a moment's delay.
If you value your life, do as we say.
The demons will learn about Goryomaru's death and come running.
Devil's Crag? What'll I do? Keep following them? Hurry! Before Naraku can hide his heart in a new location, we've gotta get to him! Kagura! I'm not lettin' you get away! Wait, Inuyasha.
Kagura intends to betray Naraku.
What?! That would explain everything.
She was after Naraku's heart when she attacked the temple.
And despite Hakudoshi's orders, she didn't try to fight us.
Maybe Kagura is trying to guide us to Naraku's heart.
It could be a trap to make us think just that! Who the hell cares?! As long as it means settling ourgrudge against Naraku! I value my life, too So I'm gonna use you guys.
Hah! After all, that's Naraku's specialty.
We lost her.
Look! Demon's Crag! In there, huh? Let's go! Huh? I'm sensing This smell No mistake! Kagome! Stick close to me! Uh-huh! Inuyasha senses it, too.
The one we sense is I know who's there! Show yourself! Welcome, Inuyasha! Naraku! Naraku! What's wrong, Inuyasha? You are finally facing the one you've sought, yet you show no joy? He doesn't seem concerned So Naraku has already moved the Infant which is his heart to anotherplace.
The Sacred Jewel! lts demonic aura has grown stronger! Now then, leave me a present before you go to the netherworld.
What?! Kagome, I mean the Sacred Jewel shard that you have in your possession.
Acid! Does this mean we're inside the demon's belly?! He's still alive! You will all dissolve inside the demon, leaving only the Sacred Jewel shard.
Before that happens, I'll take your Sacred Jewel! Take this! Wind Scar! Try whatever you like.
But you're notgetting out of here.
Wind Tunnel! No, Miroku! The poison from the Saimyosho will kill you! It doesn't matter! Miroku, you idiot! Don't be so rash! B-But.
! Leave it to me! I will.
blast both Naraku and the demon's belly! Adamant Barrage! He did it! Even the Adamant Barrage can't rip apart this demon's belly! It's the powerof the Sacred Jewel! It's making this place stronger! Then if I purify that.
! It disappeared! Dammit! Miroku, can you put up a barrier? Uh-huh.
Take care of everyone! I can't waste any time! This time for sure! So the Devil's Crag was Naraku's trap.
It's finally the end for Inuyasha and his friends.
But Naraku, how did Inuyasha find this place? Huh?! I wonder.
What do you think, Kagura? I.
know nothing.
Inuyasha Don't worry, Kagome.
I'll save you without fail! Is that.
Naraku's heart? I came here in pursuit of a totally different demonic aura Who would have thought I'd come across the real heart? Adamant Barrage! Dammit! Please Inuyasha M- Make it quick! - Miroku! - Miroku! The barrier.
! Put this over you! Inuyasha! The demon's miasma is getting stronger! This is my last chance! Kagome! Give me your Sacred Jewel shard! I could put an end to Naraku's life right now.
That's what this means.
Is he the evil presence that lured me here? You won't get away! I've lost them The demonic aura has faded.
The sphere which the infant held That must be the thing known as Fuyoheki.
I'm counting on you Sacred Jewel shard! On Tetsusaiga! So that's it! If he makes Tetsusaida stronger.
! Inuyasha Something is Something is flowing through me from Tetsusaiga! The Sacred Jewel shard is! Inuyasha using the Sacred Jewel shard means.
that it will no longerbe in Kagome's possession.
The shard which Kagome barely kept purified, will immediately absorb demonic aura within the demon's belly.
you cannot withstand that demonic aura.
Not you, borne of a weak human and an evil demon.
Dammit! My body won't listen to me! My head! Inuyasha! Kagome! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Don't give in! - Kagome! - Kagome! Ka.
me! Inuyasha! Are you all right? Yeah.
stay with me.
for a bit longer.
Take this Naraku! Adamant.
Barrage! l-It's the outside! We're saved! We're saved, Kagome.
Huh?! Kagome! Kagome! Hang on, Kagome! Kagome! Kagome! So this is it.
The temple Kagura spoke of.
What happened here? It seems that someone was buried here.
Huh? There's nothing forus here.
Let's go.
Huh?! Please wait, Lord Sesshomaru! This medicinal herb works well against demon acid burns.
Thank you, Old Kaede.
How is Miroku doing? He still has some Saimyosho poison in his system.
And even I can't do anything about that.
Where's Inuyasha? He's over there sulking about something.
Oh, yes! Perhaps, Inuyasha is bothered because he couldn't overcome the demonic aura of the Sacred Jewel shard.
I'm sure of it! Losing himself in that situation.
Inuyasha still has a ways to go! Uh-huh! Kagome.
come with me, will you? You didn't want the others to hear? Yourfeet must hurt.
Geez! I still have a long way to go.
I'm sorry, Kagome.
That you're going through such pain.
Don't worry about it.
If you hadn't been there, Inuyasha, we wouldn't have been saved.
Huh? I was quite happy back there.
I'm glad that I was by your side.
Me too I'm glad that you were by my side.
Miroku, is it okay for you to be up already? Sorry, Sango.
All because I'm so useless.
I know.
I think he's well.
Hey, don't be late! As long as there is a path Nah, even if there's no path, we'll continue to forge onward! In orderto destroy Naraku! We'll put on new shoes and our adventure is not going to end yet! I'll keep going afterNaraku, no matterwhere it takes me! Hey everyone! Thanks forwatching Inuyasha! With your support, we were able to do ourbest forfouryears! And even hereafter, ourjourney together will not end! The series continues on Shonen Sunday! We're gonna keep doing our best! So we want you to hang in there, too! Please continue to support Inuyasha! Thank you for all your support these past fouryears! Awright! Next time, let's meet for ourwinter break movie!