Inuyasha (2000) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

After him! He has a Sacred Jewel fragment! Damn! Where is he?! Find him! Get the Jewel fragment from him! Demons! Help! These demons are thirsty for blood! Drink your fill! Suck out their blood! Huh?! What's this?! Warriors defeated in battle? Looks like they were slaughtered.
I really can't stand this Everywhere we go, there's nothing but war.
No, this wasn't a battle.
Huh? Strange The smell I don't smell blood at all.
Probably the work of some demon.
And no ordinary demon at that.
Which means, it probably possesses a Sacred Jewel fragment.
Miroku! Let's get one thing straight! I have no intention of teaming up with you! I'm not giving you any Jewel fragments! What you mean is first come, first serve.
Right? Absolutely! Well then, I shall take my leave.
It's probably better this way.
He seemed quite dependable.
Say, Inuyasha Miroku is going.
Huh? Where's Inuyasha? Help! I'm supposed to deliver that! Is this the thing I smell? Sit! Hey! What're you doing?! He's just an ordinary person! What's with you anyway? At that last place, I got a whiff of ink.
If I follow that scent of the ink, I'll find the demon.
And you kept such information from us?! If we don't hurry it up Miroku will get the Jewel fragment! Oh dear Do you dislike him that much? Don't tell me you like his type!? Very much! Nah, just joking Oh Is that how the wind blows? Listen to me, will you?! He's so stupid! What?! You killed all the soldiers? Alone? If that is true, I will gladly hire you.
Thank you! I had heard that those mercenary soldiers were becoming a nuisance to you.
I thought it the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my strength.
My lord What? What "heir to a powerful family"?! You're just a wandering artist from the capital! Err no! I AM powerful and killed those soldiers! I am not an artist! Please let me see the lord again! Fool! One of our men remembered you from yesterday when you tried to sell your worthless paintings! Damn! You there! Do not be so harsh! Yes, Princess But Damn You're lucky she saved your life.
So beautiful Good riddance! Good luck! Don't catch a cold! Never come again! Damn! Damn them to hell! I can summon my demon brigade and defeat any and all enemies! I deserve to become a warlord! No one should have any complaints! I WILL own a castle! I will prosper! And yes! I will wed a princess! There is nothing I can't accomplish! Hey, I want a word with you! Wh-what?! Huh?! Not again! That's the sixth one! He never gives up! Wh-what?! Who are you?! I'm a powerful! I'm just an ordinary artist! An artist?! Just what did you do? You reek with the smell of blood mixed with ink! Lemme go! Lemme go! Hey, wait! What??! A demon! Hey, wait! You! What's going on?! Is he a demon? No, he's human.
Hah! Just big in size! Black blood! That's blood and ink! Hey! His nose is too sensitive and the stench of the blood and ink got to him.
Snap out of it, Inuyasha! Who is he? He got the scent of the blood and ink on me.
But there's nothing to fear Behind me, I have battalions of demons under control.
An exorcism? I can sense an evil shadow over this mansion.
I can exorcise the demons in one night.
Fool! This mansion is blessed each year by a priest of status which you'll never attain! Go on home! Lately, we've been plagued by rogues who seek access to the mansion! Evil shadow! Hah! I see Too bad, I spend the night in the forest tonight.
Is that for real?! Run! The evil shadow is here! What's going on now? Is he still at it?! - Huh?! - Wh-what! The bull-head demon and the horse-head demon! I've only seen them in religious depictions of hell! Someone! Save the princess! Coming! Princess Princess! Princess! Princess! What is the matter?! Your face? Your blood I want your blood! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!! Wh-what is that?! Please stop! Black ink rain?! So while I was asleep the ink took action on its own? Monk Pardon the rudeness of my men earlier.
I am so glad that you protected my daughter! No need to thank me.
However, you must not let down your guard yet.
I doubt if the attack by the demons is over.
Now, let's see I think it's best if the princess stays with me tonight.
Same bedroom one bedding.
Hey! Whaddya intend to do when you have her alone?! You lecher! Oh! Kagome and Inuyasha! Damn We're late! Miroku, did the ink demons appear here, too? Ink demons? Were those demons made of ink? An artist who manipulates the demons? But he wasn't a demon.
I see It could be that this artist is using the power of a Sacred Jewel fragment.
Then the one who attacked this mansion just now Yes I'm sure that they are demons controlled by the artist.
Demon drawings by the artist come alive?! The power of the Jewel fragment is amazing! Huh? Inuyasha? Are you part of this conversation? Hah! How long are you going to sulk? What's the matter, Inuyasha? Shut up! Why can't you depend on Miroku just a bit? He's so jealous! Wh-what?! Who's jealous!? I see Kagome, you do accept me then? Yes.
After all, you have a Sacred Jewel fragment.
Huh? Two No, you have three.
You have sharp eyes Sit! Kagome! These are fragments that I accumulated.
Taking them will make you a robber.
You should talk! Who was that used that tanuki to try to steal Kagome's fragment?! Oh You have such a sharp memory What?! That artist manipulated the demons? Yes, sire! I understand he possesses a Sacred Jewel fragment.
A fragment of the Sacred Jewel?! I've heard rumors One fragment can increase your power many-fold! A jewel to treasure, indeed! We will take it from that artist! Also, that monk seems He possesses it, too? When did you?! What's going on?! I have done nothing wrong to warrant your attack! At least, not yet.
Hand it over! The Sacred Jewel fragment! Miroku, what happened?! Aren't these men of this castle? They mentioned something about a Sacred Jewel fragment.
Now, start talking.
We just wanted your Sacred Jewel fragment! Our lord went to get the one the artist possesses.
So you know where the artist is? Where is he?! Answer me! Kagome! I'm going to borrow your contraption! Wait for me! Me, too! Hang on! We'll catch up! The enemy is created by the power of the Jewel fragment! Mortal men won't be able to defeat it! Go forth! I have an infinite number of soldiers! All I have to do is paint more of them with that ink! Come forth, ye demons of hell! Wait! Someone! Calm my horse! If you slay them, the noxious odor will overcome you.
What'll you do, Inuyasha?! Shut up! You saved me! I will reward you later! Ughh! This ink smells awful! Inuyasha! How long must you sleep, Inuyasha?! Inuyasha! Miroku! Stay behind me at all times! I shall open my Wind Tunnel! What's that?! My demons are being sucked in?! Miroku! It's the first time I've sucked in so much evil at once.
I'm a bit exhausted Damn! Being rescued by this guy! What now? This is also an ink painting, isn't it? I won't let you get away! Kagome! Where's the Jewel fragment?! I see it! Inside the bamboo container on the waist! Got it! Right! I almost forgot to tell you! Hey, Miroku! Stop showing off by yourself! Stubborn punk! Go! Kill him! Create havoc, will you?! Oh? What kind of trick is that? He's just slugging them.
What?! Giving up? Repent and turn over the Jewel fragment! The burning fires of Hell will consume you bones and all! Why you! That's enough outta you! Fool! As if I'd let a human kill me! I'll never let you have it! I'm going to grasp happiness with this Sacred Jewel fragment.
Enough, I said! My ink! I'm losing my ink! Oh, ink of mine! Here is blood! Come and suck this blood! Gather round this blood! That fool! I will not let it go no one shall have my ink! Blood My blood is being devoured by the ink! Help me! Help me! Stupid fool Devoured up by ink! How did this happen? The evil ambitions of the artist turned the ink into evil blood-sucking ink.
He let his own blood be sucked up before he'd part with the Jewel.
He went mad because of the Jewel fragment.
The Sacred Jewel fragment that I came in search for is evil.
It's too dangerous to touch.
Wh-what ? Who wants to hold it? Why must we discuss it?! Well, Miroku saved us.
Kagome, you hang on to it.
- Huh?! - Are you sure? Aren't you lucky? Miroku is so mature.
Humph! She purified that tainted jewel fragment just by picking it up Huh? You're coming with us? Yes! I think it's much more fun in the company of a pretty girl.
Oh dear! Hah! Besides, despite his looks and manners Inuyasha seems to be quite nice.
Huh? By slaying the artist, Inuyasha could have ended it all quickly.
But instead, Inuyasha tried only to destroy the ink.
That's right He just doesn't realize it Inuyasha is quite a nice fellow.
Some time has passed since Inuyasha took possession of the Tetsusaiga.
I thought he had learned all there was to know about using this sword forged from his father's fang.
But the words of his brother, Sesshomaru, came to mind.
"The power to slay a hundred demons in one stroke "That is the secret of the Tetsusaiga.
" Sesshomaru reappears, even more powerful that before! Next on Inuyasha: "Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces!" Don't miss it!