Inuyasha (2000) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

Hello, Higurashi residence.
Oh, Kagome's grandpa! Hello! Is that you, Yuka? Why hello.
Umm Is Kagome home? Well Kagome pulled her back again and took to her bed.
Pulled her back? Oh Who pulled her back?! Give it to me! May I speak to Kagome please? Well, Kagome's diabetes came back and Huh?! Has she been hospitalized again for tests? Oh Beriberi and rheumatism and neuralgia? She's such a sickly grandchild Oh Will you cut it out, Grandpa? Why would a girl my age get neuralgia and rheumatism?! I don't want to tell lies, either! I'm just helping to explain your absence when you go off to the Feudal Era! And what I'm saying is valid! No way! I'm right here today! Huh? Oh yes Kagome, what's the matter? You usually rush off over to the other side on weekends.
That's why I made up those illnesses.
W-what's wrong with staying here? This world is where I really belong.
Hmm Sota! Playing games from morning again? The weather's great, so go outside to play.
Will you go to the movies with me on Saturday? On Saturday? It'll be a nice change from studying.
You're in love with someone else, aren't you? How could I? Game over! l- I didn't come here because I was worried about Inuyasha Inuyasha I'm going on a date! You okay with that? Die! Shaddup! Inuyasha's been thrown! Inuyasha denied it, but he's not back to full strength.
How come he's so strong?! A huge Sacred Jewel fragment! Damn! You can't have it! Shippo! You won't get away! Time to show them my Split Image! Now's my chance! You fools! What is that? It's slight, but I feel the presence of the Jewel.
Inuyasha! What's going on?! No one's here! After I came back all the way here! Oh no! The time! I'll be late! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! - Inuyasha! - He usually fights back so easily! His slow movements aren't simply due to his injury.
It's Kagome.
Without Kagome, he's unable to realize his true power.
Royakan definitely is using the power of the Sacred Jewel.
What?! Find where it is, and you can defeat it! Kagome would know its weak spot where the fragment is hidden.
Forget about her.
Kagome's not here anymore! I closed up the well which connected her world to ours.
Sh-she will never return here again! We cannot involve Kagome in these dangerous battles! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Cripeshe gets me so mad! He always interfered when I had a test and was cramming.
Higurashi, what's the matter? You look so angry.
Huh? l-I'm sorry.
That's right.
I'm on a date.
Why am I thinking of that fool at such a time? Err What were we talking about? Higurashi? Aren't you forcing yourself? Forcing myself? I keep thinking about him am I being too proud? Oh no no such thing! I can sorta tell.
Hojo I don't I don't think anything of him.
I'll bet you don't feel well, but you forced yourself to come.
Your grandfather said you had gout.
Not even to Hojo too! Do I look sick at all?! That's right Maybe Inuyasha's wound hasn't healed.
Oh no What if he's dead?! Sorry, Hojo! Ask me out again.
Good bye! Higurashi! I feel it! I feel the Sacred Jewel.
I can't see it.
Where? Where is it? They found me! I want to go back! Inuyasha, are you all right?! This is The fragment of the Sacred Jewel! Shippo! Kagome! Shippo! Kagome! Kagome! I was able to return! I smell Kagome! I'm sure of it! Kagome is here! You won't get away! Shaddup! Don't get in my way! He's suddenly much stronger! Hey! At least deliver the fatal blow! What's going on? Inuyasha's wound isn't fully healed.
The enemy is taking advantage of that to attack.
I knew it He's in danger.
They're here! I'll teach you! Inuyasha Silly fool! W-why'd you come back? Inuyasha! I thought you died because you didn't come for me! I told you not to come anymore! I can't help it! I longed to see you! Longed to see me? Me? Il What's that look? Didn't you want to see me, too? How dare you?! I was so worried about you What a fool I was! You don't understand a thing! H-hey! Are you crying, Kagome? Don't cry over such a trifle! I'm not crying out of sadness! It's frustration! They fight the minute they set eyes on each other.
But thank goodness it's all over! Kagome has returned! Priestess Kaede, it's Kagome! Priestess Kaede? Monk, don't you think it strange? Yes? The droves of poison insects have disappeared.
You're right.
That girl Kikyo? No, it can't be.
Kikyo That woman died fifty years ago.
W- what is this presence? Someone's here who possesses the Sacred Jewel fragment.
Lots of them! I knew you were nearby.
You are Naraku! I've got you now! Sohe is Naraku! Before I kill you, I must ask you one thing What grudge do you have against me? Grudge, huh? I guess you can't die in peace not knowing why someone hates you so much.
You are Huh? Kaede, huh? My, my How old you've grown.
You know me? I knew it You are Onigumo! Onigumo Such a nostalgic name.
I, Naraku, am not Onigumo.
But it is true that fifty years ago, I was borne out of Onigumo.
Onigumo was a foolish man.
He began to desire the kind-hearted young priestess who nursed him.
He succumbed to his weakness and called forth the demons Even my rotting soul is worth something Want a taste of me? Hungry for me, aren't you? I want a body that moves freely in order to possess the Sacred Jewel and Kikyo.
Now eat me! Devour me! And in return, give me power! That is howmany demons became oneinto Naraku.
Creating my body took countless demons.
Because the priestess had been reduced to a powerless girl this region teemed with demons.
All because the priestessKikyo had fallen in love with a worthless half-demon.
She gave in to childish desires tried to use the power of the Sacred Jewel and was punished.
Inuyasha you experienced the punishment yourself.
Die, Inuyasha! Stupid fool! I have no desire to become human! Thanks for the Sacred Jewel! How dare you?! You tricked us! You tricked Kikyo and me into trying to kill each other! Then let me ask you Was the trust you had in each other so easy to destroy? W-what?! The truth is that anger Bitter anger set you against each other.
That is the true legacy of the trust you had for each other.
Kikyo could not understand.
Instead of choosing death she should have clung on to her life and used the Sacred Jewel.
Had she pleaded for her life her wretched wish would have been easily granted and she would have understood the ultimate truth of darkness.
Such a foolish woman.
The Sacred Jewel grows even more beautiful when it is tainted.
Kagome! How many fragments do you see inside him? Sacred Jewel fragments Ten No, twenty No, much more! Hey, Naraku I'll show you what tainted is! I'll make that tainted blood of yours flow! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! A miasma! Get away! Inuyasha! So you've sunken into my miasma.
Tetsusaiga! You've cut through the miasma! He escaped That damned Naraku got away! Damn it! Stay and fight! A spider on his back Yes.
According to Inuyasha a spider-shaped burn mark on his back.
The robber Onigumo had terrible burns.
Perhaps that is proof that it is Onigumo.
A spider on his back That will also be the telltale sign of Naraku.
We are asked to protect the souls of the dead people at a mansion.
A demon gathers numbers of souls and carries them away to somewhere.
The demon is controlled by a priestess with an awful vengeance.
A priestess? Could she be? Nobody can sooth her anger and sorrow where are they taking her to? Next on Inuyasha: "A Wicked smile; Kikyo's Wandering Soul.
" Look forward to it!