Inuyasha (2000) s01e22 Episode Script

Episode 22

A spider on his back Yes.
According to Inuyasha a spider-shaped burn mark on his back.
The robber Onigumo had terrible burns.
Perhaps this is proof that it is Onigumo.
A spider on his back That will also be the telltale sign of Naraku.
Kikyo didn't even consider using the power of the Sacred Jewel to live.
Kikyo chose death She chose to follow Inuyasha.
What a huge mansion! Miroku, will we be staying here tonight? He's probably gonna tell 'em that there's an ominous cloud over the mansion again.
No, I have a legitimate reason this time.
A demon that steals the souls of dead princesses? It's sad enough that my dear Princess passed away.
To have her soul stolen on top of this Rest assured.
We will protect her soul without fail.
Huh? Told ya! It's the same as usual.
Well, can't wage war on an empty stomach.
Still, it's awfully quiet.
I don't like it.
Found it! Priestess Kikyo! Priestess Kikyo! Look! Look! Isn't this a medicinal herb? Good for you! It's called lantern plant and it relieves swelling.
Priestess Kikyo! What about this? What's this, Priestess Kikyo? Let me see Master Seikai That priestess is demon? She looks absolutely human to me.
You do not have enough training.
Can't you sense it? The evil that permeates this area? Master Monk over there You've been watching us for quite some time.
Well, well You noticed us? I'm overcome by your beauty.
Such flattery.
I must apply myself much more diligently.
I am much embarrassed.
Will you pick it up? This is an anti-evil sutra.
If a demon touches this, its true self is immediately revealed.
Hmm? I'm thankful for such a sutra.
Here you are.
She touched the sutra, yet nothing happened.
Let's go, everyone.
W-what was that?! Something went through my body.
W-what is this? What's the matter, Master Seikai? Look! The sutra is gone! She completely erased it! Priestess! I don't know what holds you back here but this world is not for you.
Return to where you belong! What's he saying?! Funny monk! That woman She's no ordinary demon.
She's much, much stronger and evil.
Oh, it's Priestess Kikyo.
We're lucky to have such a wonderful priestess.
Yeah The sick are cured and the children are healthy.
We must be grateful.
I want the spiritual power of a priestess.
This bodyfree of bones burned of flesh This soul which has transmigrated into me suits me very well.
Why did you betray me, Inuyasha?! You tell me to die again why do you pity me? Feel the heat in my hands The heat of anger of vengeance! Kikyo! Priestess Kikyo! Priestess Kikyo! Sayo Priestess Kikyo, you won't go anywhere, will you? Sayo, you like me? Uh-huh.
Thank you.
You are dear to me, too like a little sister.
Really? Yes.
I will live here.
Here in this village.
I can do that However, is it not allowed? Nothing out of the ordinary outside.
So how's the deceased? Hmm nothing unusual.
I see Where's Miroku? There's another princess here.
He was worried about her.
What?! The younger princess is so terrified.
Please leave it to me.
The younger sister of the late princess must also be beautiful.
Err never mind.
Miroku Am I gonna protect that princess, too? She may be nervous at our first meeting.
So will you transform or something? Transform? So that she'll go something like, "Oh, cute little fox!" What's that?! When you've grown up a little, you'll understand.
That guy He's a monk! And since he acts like a saint, my hands're tied! W-what Kagome? I'm afraid! Like this princess might suddenly move.
Is that all? What do you mean? Were you having dirty thoughts just now? S-stupid! That's 'cuz you came cuddling up to me! You were having thoughts! I was not! You were! We should go back now.
I'm worried about the late princess' soul.
Please don't go, Master Monk! I'm so afraid! Oh dear! You are very safe here! Meany! So it's appeared! Die! The spirit is safe.
But is this it? How boring.
Wait There's still something outside.
It wasn't just one.
They're all carrying human souls! So many! What're they going to do with them? Let's go after them! Right now! Master Monk Please wait! What were you doing?! I suspect that this princess too is a demon Little fox, you're also a meany! I'm sorry! Priestess Kikyo seems a bit depressed.
It must be that monk's fault I don't know what holds you back here but this world is not for you.
Return to where you belong! I can't sleep.
Priestess Kikyo Where is she going so late at night? Because of those words this afternoon maybe she's going someplace far away Souls of tragic women Come to me.
Priestess Kikyo is manipulating the demons You cannot cross to the netherworld, Priestess? You are one who has died.
Please overlook my presence.
I want to live quietly in this village.
If you want to live quietly why do you gather the souls of the dead? Well, that's It seems that you cannot sustain that body without those souls.
What are you going to do? I will return you to where you belong! I do this for your sake! You cannot escape my Demon-Binding Spell! I will extinguish your light! Save your soul! Save? You?! Save my soul?! If you hadn't interfered, you wouldn't have died.
Just what are you trying to do? The living are carving new moments in their lives.
But Time has stopped for the dead, like you.
It can never mix.
How sad Sad, you say? Me? Who's there!? Sayo Were you watching? Sayo I'm sorry.
I frightened you.
Priestess Kikyo Good bye I'm sorry.
Let's go.
We have to save the souls of those women.
Huh? So where? Well The demon who stole the souls disappeared without leaving a clue.
It's no use returning to that mansion.
Isn't it that you don't want to return? That young princess was really smitten with you.
Ahem Are you tired of this? Think about it What's the point in all this? It's not like we'll find a Sacred Jewel fragment.
Not again! Look, we're helping people.
And that's what I'm tired of! I'm gonna be a great demon someday so why must I help petty humans? Acting like a villain! When you're actually quite a saint.
W-what?! Don't put me down! I'm flattering you.
Hah! Anyway, I don't like this, so I'm out.
Understand? Are you listening?! What's that? An octopus! It's a person! That's terrible! Hurry! W-what?! Help someone! This priest is just unconscious.
He's moaning.
What?! Don't scare us! What about Kagome? A demon? Yes You say that Kagome looks like that demon.
She was in human form but in actuality, a frightening demon! That priestess.
A priestess who resembles me? She was able to deflect my master's spiritual powers.
Oh yes Her name was Kikyo.
If you're lying, you'll really pay! I'm not lying.
That woman lured away Ionely souls of dead women Never mind that! The name! How do you know her name was Kikyo?! The village children addressed her so.
I'm not mistaken They called her Kikyo.
The stolen souls were being accumulated by Kikyo? Kikyo Are you still in this world? Didn'tyou die on that day?! She's still alive! If she walks this earth! Iwantto save you! Was it wise to let Inuyasha go alone? He shot off like a bullet.
Inuyasha still probably loves Kikyo.
What?! That's why it's better if we stay away Why? I think I understand.
Huh? The woman he once loved may have changed.
If so he would not want others to see her.
What're you talking about? She may turn out better than before.
Then what? Well, I'd get back with her Oh, I see She seemed awfully cold just now.
I don't think you imagined that.
This is so maddening! What is Inuyasha up to?! Err Kagome.
What is it? Umm Shall we go after Inuyasha? No way! Why should I? An evil wind? - That's - Those demons! - Let's go after them! - Yes! W-what's this?! It's a barrier.
- We can't pass? - No.
Kagome? Where's Kagome? Be careful! It's slippery.
Huh?! No, I'm alone! Ouch This is Kikyo! Kikyo is alive! A demon had tried to steal her soul but only ended up awakening it.
And now, her soul wanders the real world.
Her body made of clay feels no warmth.
Her eyes are cold and dark.
Inuyasha, run! Kikyo is trying to kill you! Stop, Kikyo! Your enemy is not Inuyasha! Next on Inuyasha, "Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss" Don't miss it!