Inuyasha (2000) s01e23 Episode Script

Episode 23

Is this the place that the monk spoke of?! A hair cord Kikyo Are you really alive? Didn't I tell you? When I die, you die! Stop! Kikyo! Kikyo!! I died hating you.
And at that moment, my soul became immobile.
As long as you live, I cannot be saved.
Is Kikyo asleep? She seems a bit sad.
You were able to break through my barrier? Barrier? Was there anything like that? Are you the one who has been luring women's souls away? If so, please let them return! Isn't he with you? Huh? Inuyasha set out to find you.
I see Inuyasha is trying to come here.
What are you to Inuyasha? Huh? My bodycan't move! You are in the way.
T-that's! The demons who were gathering the dead souls! A barrier Kikyo is behind this Kikyo, is it really you?! I can't move.
Inuyasha is here.
Not to save you.
He's here to see me.
I won't allow any interference.
Interference? You don't still mean to kill Inuyasha?! No, Kikyo! Someone purposely set you two at odds! It wasn't Inuyasha who killed you! You look as though you expect me to be happy.
Huh? The one who caused my death If that person dies, will I be resurrected? T-that's The dead wish for one thing To live once more.
Hah! A wish that cannot come true.
However, the dead can wish for one thing which can come true.
I want to steal his heart from the one I will never forgive if he dares to forget me.
Never forgive if he forgets you? Do you mean Inuyasha? He wishes for my death.
That is good.
That means he has regrets about our fight.
Regret all he wants.
I shall never let him forget about me.
Time will not go forward.
Then I can exist is the time that is frozen.
I will be able to continue living in his heart.
Even now, Inuyasha thinks about you! Isn't that enough? Inuyasha loves you! He always has! Isn't that enough? Inuyasha and I parted despising each other.
The love you speak of is but a shallow emotion which only served to deepen the hatred.
Nothing is stronger in strengthening resolve than bitterness.
If he must love, then love my consuming hatred.
As for me, I will love his heart which is about to fall into deep despair.
No! Your hatred is pointless! It makes no sense! Inuyasha! Talk to Kikyo! Tell her how Naraku deceived you both! Inuyasha? Kikyo! Inuyasha can't see me! So it is you who's been gathering the souls of dead women.
This body, molded from earth and bones needs to be nourished with human souls, else I cannot move.
Inuyasha you must despise me.
Driven by my hatred towards you I have gathered the souls of the dead to remain in this world.
How stupid! You may hate me, but never a day went by without my thinking about you! I thought so Inuyasha has never forgotten Kikyo Of course! But I feel a bit sad.
Inuyasha's been taken from me.
Oh, what am I saying?! Inuyasha's not my boyfriend or anything! No matter what your appearance I would never hate you or think less of you Is that true? Even if I were to kill you with these hands? Huh?! W-wait! Inuyasha after meeting you, I stopped being a priestess.
I became a mere woman.
This is what I longed for when I was alive.
Inuyasha You're going to accept her I guess it's only to be expected.
What am I doing here anyway? I'm such a fool! I'm starting to cry!? Cripes what?! This nostalgic scent of her It's just like back then.
The only difference is that she has no warmth.
Her body diedso it's cold and sadand lonely.
We cannot return to that time.
So I want to stay like this a little longer.
I can't save you If I cannot do anything for you to stay like this How I wish time would stop! Is that all right? If time would stop? Yeah I don't care if I'm with you.
Oh, I can't watch this anymore! I won't interfere, so release me! I'll go far away.
Hey, are you two listening?! Inuyasha I will never let you go.
Come with me to hell.
He's being dragged in! Inuyasha, what're you doing?! You must get away! No! He's unconscious! Kikyo! You can hear me, I know! You coward! Inuyasha said he wants to be with you but he never said he wanted to die with you! Unlike you, Inuyasha must go after Naraku who tricked him fifty years ago! More than anything, Inuyasha wants to live to fight! Inuyasha is determined to avenge your death as well! You understand? Kikyo! Will getting revenge bring this body back to life?! Inuyasha Rather than live with my memory come with me.
You and I have the same wish.
How dare you! If Inuyasha were conscious, he would never follow you! No way! Get away from Inuyasha! Do not touch Inuyasha! This girl She's taking my souls once again! Before this body is completely emptied Inuyasha! Come! No! Wake up, Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! No! Wake up! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Kagome's voice Kagomeishere? Kagome? Kagome! Kagome! What're you doing here? Huh!? What about you? Me? Well err Kikyo! Is that girl more dear to you? Huh uh Wait, Kikyo! I! Inuyasha, do not forget.
My feeling when my lips were against yours was real.
Do not forget.
Kikyo H-hey! Don't come! What're you so mad about? You know, Inuyasha do you think you can find the Sacred Jewels alone? I don't think I can help you anymore.
What're you saying?! You're the only one who can see the Jewels.
Of course, you have to help! That's all, right? That's all you need me for.
What a thing to say.
Sorry! Forget I said that.
Maybe it's because I'm alone in this strange world.
I'm feeling Ionely.
I'm here! You have me, don't you?! Inuyasha I get it.
You couldn't see me, could you? Huh? I'm sorry, but I did see it all.
See it all? From the start to finish.
So, please leave me alone for a while.
H-hey! What's this about Start to finish?! Kagome! What did I do? Hey! Kagome! Tell me! Sit! Start to finish means everything! I saw everything! From a front row seat! I'm leaving.
What? You found her? Inuyasha! What're you doing here? Have you seen Kagome? I've seen that pose before.
It must mean that Kagome is just fine.
And that Kagome is full of energy.
Sister Kikyo! What's the matter, Kaede? Are you afraid of your own sister? N-no Since the day you fell from the cliff, I thought Yes, I am a dead woman.
But I guess I still long for this world.
Do you still seek Inuyasha's life? I just met Inuyasha moments ago.
And I barely missed killing him.
Tell me, Kaede.
Tell me everything you know about this Naraku.
My rotten spirit has some use after all.
Doesn't it look good? Don't you want to devour me? I want a body that moves freely.
In order to posses the Sacred Jewel and Kikyo.
Now eat me! And pass on power to me! Everything started from the evil designs of Onigumo.
He called forth the demons and was eaten by them thus was born the demon Naraku.
I see That wild robber.
He used to say that the Sacred Jewel grows in beauty when it is tainted.
He caused hatred between myself and Inuyasha then stole the Jewel that had been sullied.
My sister Inuyasha was seriously wounded by Naraku again.
So I just thought I should know the circumstances of my death.
By the way, Inuyasha has changed.
His face had a softness.
Back then, he trusted no one his eyes were cold.
Kagome is a strange child.
She has been able to slowly heal Inuyasha's heart.
That girl again She's the one who changed him.
If I had lived, I would have been the one to heal his heart.
My sister are you not able to break away from the past? We shall meet again.
How long will you linger Sister? She's gone.
Inuyasha, Kagome wasn't her usual self.
Just what happened with Kikyo? What you always do with women Huh?! You! You participated in such an act in front of Kagome?! Whaddya usually do?! Huh? Will Kagome come back? She seemed to be quite troubled.
Never a day went by without my thinking of you! I spoke the truth.
My feeling when my lips were against yourswas real.
And my words were real.
Is that girl more dear to you? Now then, what will you do, Inuyasha? Kikyo could not have gone far.
Will you go after her? Hey! Isn't Kagome more precious? Inuyasha, hurry and make up with her! What's the matter with me? I was in such a daze, I forgot all my things back there.
Hey, is anyone there? What will you do, Inuyasha? Who will you choose?! Now then! Well?! Can't I choose both? You two-timing! Well, it often happens with men.
However, no matter what happens, she must not find out.
If what you just said should ever leak out Sit! Yes, it's sit.
It means divine punishment for you.
Poor Inuyasha He wasn't being malicious.
We learn that a village nearby specializes in demon extermination.
Maybe we can gain information about the Sacred Jewel fragments.
It turns out we are not the only ones who thought along that line.
Chain-Scythes attack the fellow demon terminators! The village under seize! A brother and a sister trapped! Is everything arranged by him? Next on Inuyasha: "Enter Sango the Demon Slayer"! Don't miss it!