Inuyasha (2000) s01e31 Episode Script

Episode 31

Kirara are you in pain? Naraku's toxins are still inside your system.
An herbal antidote? Old Myoga, will Kirara recover if she takes it? Yes Supposedly, not far from here, is a village with an herb farm.
But this herb farm is protected by a demon.
I wonder if you can take the herb easily or not.
'Kay, this is where Inuyasha comes in.
Beat up this demon and get some of the herbs.
Kirara actually took a bite of Naraku.
Unlike Myoga, Kirara has gumption! It's the least I can do for her.
Unlike Myoga, we can count on Kirara's strength in battle.
She must make a full recovery.
Oh, guys! What're you saying? Old Myoga has been a big help to us.
For example Well H-hey! I let you do the talking and you all decide that I'm small and useless! Physical prowess isn't the only criteria for achievement! Give me some credit for having intelligence! I see Inuyasha went to get herbal medicine for me.
Yes, and I stayed back to protect you.
So put your mind at ease and rest.
Yes? I got the feeling it's even more dangerous here.
Don't worry, Sango.
Kagome told me to watch so Miroku won't do anything funny.
I'm here, too! I think it's faster if I went alone.
Old Kaede taught me how to pick the correct herbs.
I may hold you back a bit, but that's okay, isn't it if I came to see this herb garden.
Oh well then I'm counting on ya.
It's been so long since we were alone.
At first, just the two of us searched for the Sacred Jewel fragments.
But now we're all together.
Fighting the demons is hard work but it's nice to have lots of friends.
He's fallen asleep.
He must be exhausted.
I guessduring the battle with Naraku he was under so much pressure.
Let him sleep Be quiet Quiet Hey! Are you still upset that I dropped you from the bike? I said I'm sorry.
Will you pipe down! I said I'm not angry! Huh? What? Isn't it fun being with me? Huh? What're you saying?! You've been grouchy the whole time! Err Stupid! I was born like this! Just when we're all alone Huh? What's that? Huh? She's the third victim.
I wonder if it is the work of Jinenji.
Of course! That monster! We can't let him get away with this! B-but what'll we do? Is this Jinenji a demon? W-who are you?! A demon! Umm this person does fall into that category, but Huh?! No! He won't harm you.
We're just looking for a farm to get some medicinal herbs.
Medicinal herbs? From Jinenji's farm? That's the farm of the demon who killed the woman! Jinenji is a huge demon who lives with his mother on the edge of our village.
He has a farm of very effective medicinal herbs.
We used to go to get herbs once in a while But lately, Jinenji's gotten a hankering for human flesh.
That's Jinenji.
Doesn't he look fierce? He's just big, that's all.
Hey you are you really going to slay him? Yea in addition to getting the herbs.
- Kagome, wait here.
- Uh-huh.
Is that boy strong? Who cares? It's a battle between demons.
Doesn't matter which one dies.
I don't feel good about them Are you the cannibalistic demon? I'm gonna kill you, so prepare yourself! Huh? Hmm? He doesn't smell of human blood.
Huh?! - Hey Jinenji! - Prepare to die! Ma! Ma! Huh? Wait! Help! Why you! A mountain witch! How dare you make up excuses to take away my fields! The kid's down! So weak! What's with them? I don't know what those villagers put you up to but this child would never eat people! Never! Picking on him because he's a half-demon! Half-demon? You there Inuyasha? You are a half-demon, aren't you? Can you tell, crone? You're good-Iooking for a half-demon.
But no matter what, you're just half of one.
Half? I guess that's around here, huh? You can understand what it's like.
Just because my Jinenji is a half-demon how much we have suffered at the hands of those villagers.
You mean, he's bullied? Hah! They've tried to kill him so many times.
Sorry Ma they bully you cuz' of me.
What are you saying? We have done nothing wrong! Your father was a fine, good demon.
Such memories I have I sprained my ankle in the mountain and couldn't walk.
It was your father who saved me.
He was in the form of a handsome man but I knew immediately that he was a demon.
Because he was bathed in light.
And we fell passionately in love.
Just a minute, crone That means you're the human? What did you think I was? She's not a witch.
An antidote.
If someone is poisoned, prepare this potion.
How much do we owe? Never mind.
We're even now for the clubbing I gave him earlier.
Now go.
If you stay, you'll get caught up! Inuyasha is it okay to leave them? Whaddya mean? The villagers believe that Jinenji eats people.
Jinenji is big in size, but he seems very gentle.
That's why he's picked on.
When you're born a half-demon you need to be prepared and you need to be tough.
Gather every sword and spear in the village! This'll do! We can beat Jinenji with these! We must kill him before he kills us! Tonight! We'll settle it tonight! Just a minute! What? It's you! You intend to attack Jinenji? Of course! But you have no proof that he killed anyone! It has to be him! That hag and her son resent us! They're just getting back at us! Hey you you've been awfully cruel to Jinenji, haven't you? Huh? Well anyway, unless the real flesh-eating demon is caught this won't be resolved.
Real flesh-eating demon? You're gonna capture it? Inuyasha, I'm going back to the farm.
Kagome! So until Inuyasha returns, please don't attack Jinenji.
If I should get caught up and hurt this Inuyasha will wreak havoc in the village! Huh? What?! Why not? You'd better wreak havoc! You have to! W-well I guess I can What is this kid? He doesn't seem reliable.
The murdered woman had the smell of a demon on her.
I can smell it it's nearby! - The villagers did? - Yes.
So until Jinenji's innocence is proven, I'll help out here.
As you please.
I just pull out the weeds? Y-yes So many scars The villagers must have inflicted them.
Say, didn't you ever think about leaving here? This place is best My pa left us this farm.
I see l- I'm speaking to her For the first time in my life, I spoke to a girl! An earthworm! Thanks She's scared of earthworms, but she's not afraid of Jinenji? Look! Ahhis this what it's like to have fun? It's around here.
I'm sure of it.
The earth Are you beneath this?! Aw Ouch What is this place? These are eggs! And they've just hatched.
I see this is a demon's nest! No! The parent demon has taken her brood out! What'll they do? It's obvious! She's taken her newborn to teach them how to hunt humans! Kagome is in danger! Shall we do it? We needn't worry.
Only Jinenji eats human! We can't trust that other half-demon kid! What am I feeling? When I'm with this girl, I feel a warmth in my heart.
Come on out, Jinenji! We know you're the one who killed our people! You rotten half-demon! Old woman! Those men! Ma! Don't worry.
Stay put! Why you! You ingrate! After we let you live near our village! Stop! Are you all right? - Move, girl! - Why try to protect them?! Jinenji can't kill anyone! If you stayed with him, you'd see that immediately! Jinenji is a kind and gentle person! Never mind! Kill the girl too! She was in cahoots with that half-demon boy anyway! She's one of them! The hut! Why you! Tago's been seized by a giant demon! The larvae are eating Tago! They're gonna eat us! You see?! They're the one who ate the villagers! I have to do something! Anything! Jinenji, run outside! Stay with your mother! Ma! I got it! Stop! Jinenji! Jinenji! Hurry and get away! You were the only one who treated me like a human! If I let you die here I won't be able to live with myself! Jinenji! Jinenji! H-help! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Kagome! Where are you?! Inuyasha! Save Jinenji! Don't help him! Don't interfere! Jinenji must fight alone! Why?! Old woman So that's it.
What're you sneaking around for?! I see you were up to no good again, weren't you? W-we're sorry! - We'll never do anything again! - Please spare us! Please! Hah! You grovel before the strong Better say sorry to him, too! Jinenji! Show 'em just how strong you are! Amazing! W-we're sorry we suspected you! Please don't kill us! Well, now the villagers should behave Say! Everyone's shaking in fear! Good for them! No way are they gonna be friends.
So it's better to make it clear who's stronger.
But! Sorry! We'll never torment you again! Forgive us! Um Huh? You're all hurt.
This will help heal your wounds.
Jinenji! Aw man! Ma are you all right? Jinenji You! If this is how you want it, that's fine with me.
Will you really be all right? Yeah you need to take the medicinal herbs to your friend.
Hurry and be on your way.
Well then, Jinenji! We'll be going now.
A-all right Good bye.
Thank you for everything.
We're the ones who should be thanking you.
Okay, Jinenji.
Cheer up! We have to tend to our trampled fields.
Umm We'll help.
As you wish.
Say Huh? Did that happen to you, too, Inuyasha? Like what? Well like bullying Hah! Stupid! No way I'd have taken it lying down! Oh, you're right.
He was bullied.
I'm neither one nor the other.
Huh? I'm not a demon nor am I human.
I don't belong to either.
So I always believed that I had to create my place in life through power.
That's how I lived and then I realized I was all alone.
That was the only way I knew how to live.
Inuyasha I You've made me happy.
Happy?! It's the first time you've opened up to me.
I wanted to know about your sad times the rough times about your feelings and your thoughts.
I'm glad that you talked to me seriously.
That makes you happy? Uh-huh So sometimes, you can show me your weak side.
Hah! You make it sound like I was whining just now! So what? You're not alone anymore.
Not alone? Not alone? Yeah before I knew it and yet so naturally Kagome is by my side.
A strange mountain shrouded in a miasma.
The screeches of demons reverberate to the base of the mountain.
Inuyasha is pulled into the cave by some force.
Giant demons begin to fuse with each other! If Inuyasha keeps fighting like this he will become a part of the demon! Kikyo are you going to help Inuyasha? Next on Inuyasha, "Kikyo and Inuyasha, Into the Miasma!" Don't miss it!