Inuyasha (2000) s01e32 Episode Script

Episode 32

Oh boy At least we're still alive.
We're better off wielding hoes than swords.
I thought we'd all be dead, but we can go back home.
It's all thanks to that priestess.
We must be grateful.
Hey, he's conscious! Brace up, Yohei! The priestess's medicine worked! Priestess! Yohei is revived! Evil still seeks this man's life What's the matter, Priestess? Nothing.
He'll be all right.
He can probably get up tomorrow.
Does a priestess named Kikyo serve this temple? Are you the one who tends to soldiers injured in war regardless of which side they fought and who uses strange powers to bring back even those near death back to life? No strange powers Only knowledge of healing.
You can tell us at the castle.
Come with us.
Lord Kagewaki, master of the Hitomi Clan has been in delicate health since birth.
He recently became the head of the clan after his father passed away.
His condition has steadily weakened and yet, he won't let physicians near him, not even his own vassals.
No one may pass! The order is I have brought a priestess who will cure Lord Kagewaki.
However, the lord forbid entry to anyone! The lord refuses to see anyone! What is this castle? This shroud of evil? Hey! So this man is the lord? I sense no life in him.
As if he is dead from neck down.
Kikyo Forgive me, my lord! But she refuses to stay away! She claimed to cure your illness and forced herself! Calm down.
Leave! Yes sire! You there what is your name? Kikyo.
Kikyo is alive.
The woman I myself set up fifty years ago the woman who died, taking the Sacred Jewel with her is still alive.
This woman What's going on ?! W-what? This is awful! These, too.
All withered.
What's going on? There's no dry spell.
Suddenly this past month Huh? Rain? l-it's red like blood.
What's that?! Hmm So it rained pieces of demon carcasses? Yes it was so creepy! Our fields are ruined.
Not only our fields the elderly, the young and the weak so many of them have succumbed! I expect that much There must be a source for a very strong miasma near by.
I understand.
So we're gonna help again? Do we really have time for this? We have to find Naraku! Even if you apologize, I won't forgive you! About Naraku That arrow that Kagome shot should have caused a very deep wound.
As strong as he may be, Naraku would be out of commission for a while.
Besides I've already received a gratuity.
We must help.
When'd you?! Don't take it then! And don't you get gratuities after you do something?! After the fact, they usually give less.
You amaze me! You dirty priest! I am a monk.
Sango, what's the matter? I'm pretty sure the miasma source is over at the base of that mountain.
I was wondering if there is a demon other than Naraku who could create a miasma so strong.
Other than Naraku? Well Kikyo? What do you make of the Lord's illness? Well I think it may be beyond my skills.
I see I knew it was no ordinary illness.
So even you will abandon him.
I am merely a priestess.
Please permit me to leave.
Forgive me, but the Lord has forbidden you to leave.
We will have you stay here for awhile.
Kikyo is supposed to have died I can wait to kill her until after I discover her true self.
Tonight, my wishes will be fulfilled.
I've found an interesting woman.
Because of the miasma, not even a blade of grass grows here.
We'll soon be there What's going on in this mountain anyway? Huh? What's the cave? The miasma comes from Sango! Are you all right? You're still not fully recovered.
You must take it easy.
Sango and Kagome, you wait here.
It's only a demon-slaying no sense in all of us going in there.
Miroku, let's go.
Shippo, the miasma doesn't seem to bother you.
Watch over them.
Leave it to me! Be careful.
This miasma is pretty strong.
I can feel a strong whirling miasma.
Shall I go? Let me out.
And bring me a bow and arrow.
Sango, are you all right? The miasma is getting stronger.
Yes Kagome, how can you put up with it? Uh-huh for now.
What's this? Something's pulling me in! What's going on inside the cave? I wonder if Inuyasha and Master Miroku are okay? The miasma is getting stronger.
Hey, what're you doing, Miroku?! So hopeless! I have undergone training, so I have some endurance.
An average human would not stand a chance.
There's something Let's go.
What is that?! Demon remains? Demons fighting each other? Hundreds of demons have been fighting and killing each other here.
Those who lost and their debris showered the village.
These are the remains.
But why are they doing this? The last demon standing Merged its body with the other's! Why can't I get out?! The last demon standing was supposed to leave here alive?! It can't be that this is ?! Is there another demon here? You mean me? Wait, Inuyasha! Lemme go! If my hunch is correct No! This is bad! I'll fight you! They're taking too long! Let's follow them.
Not you, Sango! If you go in there in your condition, you'll die! Sango, let's get away from here.
It's bad for your health.
Kikyo Is Inuyasha inside? Kikyo? That priestess is Kikyo, isn't she?! Kagome! Are you following her? Yes! Shippo, you stay with Sango! Kagome, that woman That's Kikyo.
I don't know why she's here, but something evil is going on inside! Kirara! Take Kirara with you! Be careful, Kagome! Thank you! Later! The souls of the dead inside my body are trying to get out.
Are they drawn by the miasma in this cave? I can feel something other than the miasma Is it from the man in the castle ? Damn you! Next, the finishing blow! The wound is closing up! Hold back your sword, Inuyasha! Do not fight! Shaddup! If I don't fight, I'll get killed! Listen! This is just like the Fuko spell! The same method to create Kodoku! Fuko spell? Kodoku? What the hell is that?! With the Fuko spell poisonous worms and lizards are placed in one pot have them kill each other off.
The last one remaining alive then becomes a creature called Kodoku.
You can say that, but I will kill you! I will be the only one to live and get out of here! I have no choice, do I?! This is turning out bad.
Unless the spell cast in here is broken Inuyasha will Huh?! What's that? Inuyasha Kikyo! The souls of the dead are leaving me I see This miasma is from Kodoku Why?! Kikyo is here? Soon it will come out With my spell, I sealed countless demons in there.
One by one, they killed each other until only one remains victorious and that one will become my new body.
Kikyo! Damn! Kirara! Oh no! What ?! I sense the Sacred Jewel.
Not this fragment There's another.
Someone else with a Sacred Jewel fragment.
It couldn't be! The miasma is absorbing Kikyo's souls of the dead and getting thicker.
Miroku! Are you all right? Hang in there! Kagome! No, Kirara! Miroku what is this? This cave is under a Fuko spell.
Unless we stop Inuyasha he will become fused with the demon! Fused? I sense the presence of the Sacred Jewel! Is this a trap then? The strength of this miasma There's no mistaking it Naraku's behind this.
This woman is not human.
I will devour her! Do not touch Kikyo! Stay cool, Inuyasha! Get real, will ya! I will protect Kikyo! I will protect Kikyo! Kagome! Kagome! What're you doing?! I'm going to pull Kikyo up! Otherwise, Inuyasha will continue fighting for Kikyo's sake.
Inuyasha would never stand by and watch Kikyo's slaughter.
I'm a bit jealous, though Are you conscious? Can you stand? So foolish By your coming here, Inuyasha will lose you forever.
What're you saying?! Inuyasha is trying so hard to save you! Yet you! Kikyo No, Inuyasha! Don't kill it! Inuyasha! Kikyo! What?! The spell is broken! The miasma is disintegrating! Inuyasha! Kagome! Are you okay? Yes but Kikyo was! Look! Naraku! Since you destroyed his body, Kagome Naraku needed to create a new body for himself That's why he used the Fuko spell! So the mountain miasma lured you and you entered the cave upon which I had cast my spell.
Inuyasha you could have fused into this body, too.
Is this the woman who broke the spell? Thanks to her, I'm able to possess a new body.
Don't be stupid! The spell was broken so that Kikyo could save Inuyasha! It looks like this woman is Kikyo the one who followed you in death fifty years ago.
You bastard! Do not touch Kikyo with your filthy hands! Inuyasha! Damndamn it all! I don't understand If it's true that Kikyo wanted to save Inuyasha instead of breaking the spell why didn't she aim the arrow at the demon Kodoku? Instead, Kikyo broke the spell and enabled me to possess a new body Naraku now possesses a new body.
His renewed power seizes upon the dark side of our hearts.
Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo Miroku's weakness, his Wind Tunnel Sango, still troubled by Kohaku's phantom.
Kikyo, are you going to save us? Those are the Sacred Jewel fragments that we've gathered! What're you going to do with them?! Next on Inuyasha: "Kikyo, Captured by Naraku!" Don't miss it!