Inuyasha (2000) s01e35 Episode Script

Episode 35

So you found yourself another arm! This replacement arm can act as a shield against Tetsusaiga's barrier.
That's a dragon's claw! It'll be far stronger than some demon's arm.
But what does he intend to do with it? Hah! I don't give a damn if it's a dragon's claw! But just one thrust seems to have damaged it considerably! The Tetsusaiga is quite amazing.
Even without its true bearer a dragon's claw is no match against it.
However why doesn't it reveal its "Wind Scar" to the one it has allowed into its barrier? Tetsusaiga cut through the empty space! Reveal your true power! Sesshomaru is able to see the "Wind Scar"! Old man just what is the "Wind Scar"? Simply put, the secret to mastering the Tetsusaiga.
Slaying a hundred demons is impossible unless you can read the "Wind Scar.
" Sesshomaru is able to see it.
Then please teach the secret to Inuyasha, too! Right now! It's impossible to teach.
Inuyasha must discover it for himself.
If he cannot Inuyasha will die here.
Damn it! He's just using brute strength! Inuyasha! The sword is crying! Do you think Sesshomaru is only aiming for the Tetsusaiga? This is bad! He's hacking away at the peak of wave pattern of the sword.
Even the Tetsusaiga will snap if it's hit repeatedly like that.
What's with him?! Sesshomaru is fighting the Tetsusaiga! Inuyasha! Stop! Don't interfere! I will kill Sesshomaru with the Tetsusaiga! He intends to break the Tetsusaiga! As if I'd let him do that so easily! Inuyasha has been able to master the Tetsusaiga albeit one time.
Even if it was coincidence it still required the talent.
But if he can't use it right now, he'll be killed! Inuyasha! Why won't you roar, Tetsusaiga? Then you shall die with your master.
He protected his sword! I haven't broken in this sword yet and I'm not about to let it go! Damn! I can't see! A miasma! Demonic aura! a vortex of demonic energy! The smell of the wind scraping.
The fissure where the flow of demonic energy collides! No! The smell of the wind! Is right there! Is it over? So that was the "Wind Scar.
" You did it, Inuyasha! That's the secret to mastering the Tetsusaiga.
Did Sesshomaru die? Probably He received a direct blow from the Tetsusaiga.
What direct blow? All he did was swing his sword around because his eyes were hurting from the poison.
Whaddya say, OI' Man?! Now listen I will praise you for finally seeing the "Wind Scar.
" However, all it means is that you can do what Sesshomaru can.
Actually, he has become even more formidable.
What do you mean? In that battle, Sesshomaru's life was protected by the Tenseiga.
The Tenseiga protected him? Didn't Sesshomaru die? Inuyasha, I'll bet you didn't sense your attack hit Sesshomaru now did you? Is that true, Inuyasha? Yeah His presence dispersed with the light emitted by the Tetsusaiga.
I didn't blow him away.
It was more like he just suddenly vanished Amidst the light and power being released by the Tetsusaiga the Tenseiga protected Sesshomaru.
It acted on its own judgment.
Acted on its own? The Tenseiga is the sword of healing, to save life.
And Sesshomaru despised it.
However, when Sesshomaru's life was endangered without regard to its owner's will the Tenseiga saved Sesshomaru.
That's about it? So how will you defeat such a foe? I have no idea.
Well, I sharpened the sword.
Now, you just have to keep training to be able to defeat Sesshomaru and Tenseiga.
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were each given a sword by their father.
Tenseiga and Tetsusaiga.
This was their father's way of telling the brothers not to fight each other.
Oh well They'll learn it in good time.
Mind your own business.
I don't eat what humans eat.
I knew it! Rin! You're the culprit! You stole the fish from the fish preserve! You're an orphan so the village took pity on you and raised you! If you try this again, we'll beat you to death! Damn! What a creepy kid! Won't even cry! Can't be helped.
Her family was killed by brigands in front of her eyes and now she can't speak.
No thanks.
I told you I don't need anything.
What's with those bruises on your face? If you don't want to talk, that's fine.
What're you smiling about? I only asked a question.
What? Is this old hut yours? - Wolves! - Wolves! - Wolves! - Wolves! They've caught up already! Damn! I searched for you You thief! Now hand over the Sacred Jewel fragment you stole.
All right I won't run.
Thanks You're gonna lemme go? Fool! I just forgot.
All right! Work's done.
I'll going on ahead.
You can stay in the village and eat what you like.
What's the matter, Kagome? You've been so quiet.
Hmm It's very slight, but I can sense a Sacred Jewel fragment.
Is that true, Kagome?! In which direction? Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! Please answer! Where are you?! Lord Sesshomaru! Is it possible that Lord Sesshomaru was slain in one sweep by Inuyasha? In one sweep? Talk about one sweep At that time, Lord Sesshomaru without any hesitation, he drew his sword.
In one sweep! He mentioned that the Tenseiga was unable to kill, but could he really have been testing his sword on me?! Testing his sword Not Testing his sword Not Testing his sword Not Testing his sword He was testing his sword?! Lord Sesshomaru! Would you have let me die that time?! Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! Were you testing your sword on me?! Weren't you looking for me out of concern? Err well Lord Sesshomaru, I'm so glad to see you well Bloodand the smell of wolves.
The smell of this blood What is that? Oh She's a goner.
Must have been attacked by wolves.
She's been bitten to death.
Lord Sesshomaru, do you know this human? Lord Sesshomaru? I see I can see them They are from the netherworld? Should I try it? The power of the Tenseiga.
T-test it? Lord Sesshomaru, what did you just say? She's come back to life! Lord Sesshomaru did you save that girl with the Tenseiga? L-Lord Sesshomaru Lord Sesshomaru saved a human I'm almost in shock But didn't he just say that he was testing it? T-then did you really test that sword on me?! Lord Sesshomaru! I am so sad! I am so sad! So sad is Jaken! Lord Sesshomaru! You are so cruel! Huh? Lord Sesshomaru, please wait! Hmm Tenseiga, huh? It made me save a human.
What is this? Is anyone here?! The work of a wolf pack? These are wolf tracks.
And many of them.
Could this be from the Sacred Jewel fragment Kagome sensed? Probably.
Demons have to be involved in this! There! Man-eating wolves! Let's have it out then! Without the pack, they're helpless! I'll get rid of you all! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! They're howling! Calling their comrades! I sense Sacred Jewel fragment coming closer! And very fast! A man emerged from the wind! You Why did you kill my minions? He has Sacred Jewel fragments on his right arm and both his legs.
So you're their leader! A pack of wolves has attacked the village! Then a man with Sacred Jewel fragments appears from the wind! It seems that demons are fighting for territorial control here.
An ominous shadow cuts through the wind.
I sense Sacred Jewel fragments! On his arms and legs? No I sense it in the sky! The fragment is inside the bird-like demon! Next on Inuyasha: "Kagome Kidnapped by Koga, the Wolf Demon!" Don't miss it!