Inuyasha (2000) s01e36 Episode Script

Episode 36

Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! You Why did you kill my minions? Hehas Sacred Jewel fragments on his right arm and both legs.
Inuyasha, watch out! He! So you're the leader of the man-eating wolves! What of it? You killed my dear wolves! I won't forgive you! Shaddup! You reek of human blood! How many have you killed? I just let them feed.
Any complaints, you dog? You call me dog?! I hate the smell of dogs.
It makes me sick to my stomach! Well then, I'll slit that belly in two and let some air through! What?! - W-what! - He's fast! Inuyasha, watch out! He's using the power of the Sacred Jewel! His right arm and both legs! That woman! Damn! Why didn't you say so earlier?! That explains why you're acting so cocky! It's just the power of the Sacred Jewel! Hah! Stop whining like a sick dog! You have Sacred Jewel fragments and that's the limit of your power? What a laugh! Shut up, mutt! Back off, you stray wolf! Both of them are so uncouth.
He's one of the Wolf-Demon Tribe! You know him? I'm the young leader of the Yorozoku.
Remember the name - Koga! I've heard about them from other slayers.
They're demons who control wolves.
They disguise themselves as humans but their true nature is the wolf, and they're a wild bunch.
They're coming from this side, too! Kirara! They're running with their tails between their legs! Now it's up to Inuyasha! Look at you! You have your hands full just being on the defensive! The perfect chance to test my Tetsusaiga on him.
The flow of demon energy collides to create a fissure in the wind! This is it The smell of the Wind Scar! The true power of the Tetsusaiga Be known! Watch out! What?! Hey, retreat! This is dangerous! W-what the! He ran away! He makes up his mind quick.
Inuyasha were you testing the Wind Scar? Yeah But he just ran.
He's only talk.
I wonder What? That Koga wouldn't know the power of the Tetsusaiga.
If he knew instinctively that he was in danger It's not just brute strength that we're up against.
I think this is it.
Man All we do lately is make graves! I've gotten pretty good at digging.
I'm turning into a Good Samaritan! We followed Kagome's sense of the Sacred Jewel fragment and we came to this village.
Only to find the entire village annihilated.
The battle for the Sacred Jewel fragments has brought nothing but tragedy killing countless innocent villagers.
So? So while I feel that taking possession of the fragments before Naraku can is a good thing I cannot approve of your seeking the Sacred Jewel to use its power to become a complete demon.
That's all.
Hah! Not that again! You're persistent, aren't you? No matter what anyone says, I'm gonna become a full-fledged demon! You're wasting your time trying to stop me.
The power of the Sacred Jewel can be used for good or evil.
However, Inuyasha in all our travels together we've never heard of anyone finding happiness using that power.
I have to conclude the power of the Sacred Jewel is hungry for blood.
Do you know about the Wolf-Demon Tribe, too? They live in packs up in the mountains.
They think they're supreme Wolf-Demons and bully other demons.
Cute little demons like us all left the mountains because they claimed the territory as their own and control it ruthlessly.
You've never heard the name Koga? Hmm There are many tribes of Wolf-Demons.
He claimed that he was the new leader.
He must be some upstart kid who took control of a tribe.
Sango, I brought more firewood.
Thanks, that's plenty.
Kagome Have you seen Kirara? Kirara? Kirara was walking around outside with Inuyasha.
With Inuyasha? That's right She's been following Inuyasha around quite often lately.
I cannot approve of your seeking the Sacred Jewel to use its power to become a complete demon.
Damn! C'mon, concentrate! All right I can see the whirlpool of demonic energy.
When the vortex of demonic energies collide, the Wind Scar is formed.
If I cut through the Wind Scar with the Tetsusaiga I can defeat my enemy with its true power.
How about that, Kirara? Perfect form, huh? With you around, my training's been great! Let's go back and eat.
Kirara! What're you doing? C'mon, it's chow time! I knew it! That sword of his uses a weird magic.
Damn it! My hair is still standing on end! But I know what to do now.
Inuyasha! Watch out! He has fragments of the Sacred Jewel.
On his right arm and both legs! A woman who can see the Sacred Jewel.
I'll make her work for me.
All right! I got the wolf scent.
I'll follow the scent and get them without fail! I hate the smell of dogs.
Makes me sick to my stomach! That cocky bastard! Calling me a "mutt"! I don't blame him for getting upset at being called a "mutt.
" But he sure looks like one.
What?! Say that again, Shippo! He can hear me from that distance! Now that really is canine power.
Shippo! C'mere, so I can give you a hundred wallops! This area feels very weird.
Do you sense it, too? Kirara's also been very restless.
I feel a foreboding energy approaching Different from wolves.
Another demon is here then? You're too slow, Miroku! Where've you been?! Inuyasha! Do your nose and ears sense anything? Nose? Ears?! You're treating me like a dog, too! Damn! You piss me off every one of you! That's not what I'm saying! I'm just asking if you sense a different presence! Everyone, look up! Inuyasha! Sango! Miroku! Sango! Damn, what're they up to? W-what is that?! See ya, mutt! Inuyasha! She's mine! Kagome! Kagome! No, what?! With Sacred Jewel fragments in my legs this cliff is nothing! No! You're not reaching it! We're gonna fall! Shaddup! Stop screaming! I will scream! Damn! Let me go! W-what?! That show-off! T-they! That'll teach him! No one can keep up with my legs.
Of course not! You have Sacred Jewel fragments! When you cheat, you don't get bragging rights! What?! Just what is the meaning of this?! Kidnapping me! W-what?! A bird? But isn't it awfully big for a bird? If that's not a bird, then! W-what're they?! Those stupid birds are gathering to come after me.
Good timing Now look hard.
Do you see any among them with Sacred Jewel fragments? Sacred Jewel fragments? No None of them.
Do those demons also have fragments? So None of 'em have it, huh? Then I've got no use for 'em.
So long! Now scram! It's Koga! Koga's back! Hey, Koga! Yo I'm back.
Where is this? This is the Wolf-Demon Tribe's den! Damn! We were really washed downriver.
Koga's goal was to kidnap Kagome.
Kagome? So that's why the wolves separated me and then retreated immediately.
Looks like it.
Sango! What of Kagome? I almost caught up with them but I had interference.
Interference? What is this? A bird? Not just ten or twenty of them.
They covered the sky.
So this is the other demon energy we sensed.
It seems that these high mountains are all their territory.
Even you found them a challenge Now we have the Wolf-Demon Tribe and these birds on our hands.
Those are Shippo's warning signs! That reminds me I thought he was missing so he's been kidnapped with Kagome! They're pointing toward the mountains.
We can't waste any more time! Hey, Koga! Who's that woman? This place is full of man-eating wolves and skeletons! Hey, Koga! Tasty-Iooking prey! Lemme eat some of her! They'll eat me! This woman is not food! I'll kill anyone who takes a bite outta her! Scary Oh, I get it I'm able to see where the Sacred Jewel fragments are so he needs me.
At least they won't kill me right now.
Huh? Oh this Seems he stuck fast to my tail when I captured the girl.
Here You can eat him.
Kagome! Hey wait! You want my help, don't you? If you lay a hand on Shippo, I refuse to help you! Oh? That makes it easy.
Hey, move! Whoa You guys put on weight again! All of you are eating too much! Here! - Shippo! - Kagome! This Koga Maybe he's not that bad.
Move, move! We've got injured! Make way! What happened?! Hang in there! Get water, quick! Them again? They were suddenly attacked during guard duty.
Only these two managed to escape.
The others fell off the cliff.
Such terrible wounds You saw them earlier.
They call themselves Birds of Paradise but they're our natural enemies.
This is their doing.
They swoop down silently and capture our comrades with sharp talons.
Then what do they do? They eat them.
Wolf bones are scattered around their nests.
Even you're no match for them? That's just it The trouble is, one among the Birds of Paradise possesses a Sacred Jewel fragment.
He's faster than we are he even killed 20 of our wolves in one swoop.
They were never this strong before.
So it must be the power of the Sacred Jewel.
That's why you want me to find which one has the fragment.
We'll attack their nest and steal the fragment.
We won't make senseless sacrifices.
We'll attack that one bird with the fragment en masse.
Got it? You know what to do? All right, I'll do it.
If I can get out of this camp, maybe I'll see Inuyasha.
For now, it's safer to just do as they say.
Kagome! Just bear it for a while longer.
My mushrooms are sure to lead Inuyasha and the others here.
What's this? Can you eat it? Yuck! Stop picking weird stuff! My mushrooms! That was the last mushroom! Damn! Where'd Shippo go anyway? He's no use at the crucial moment! The smell of wolves is all over the place.
Even Inuyasha's sense of smell is useless.
All this wolf scent has overpowered Kagome's smell.
What's wrong, Inuyasha? It's not wolf but I'm starting to smell some ugly birds.
I have to rescue Kagome so don't bother me at a time like this! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! It's a showdown for the Wolf-Demon Tribe and the Birds of Paradise! Demon birds fly down swiftly and attack.
The Wolf-Demons and their wolves fight ferociously on the cliffs.
Inuyasha still has't come and Koga says things that don't make sense! This is no time This is no time for declaring affection! Next on Inuyasha: "The Man Who Fell in Love with Kagome!" Don't miss it!