Inuyasha (2000) s01e37 Episode Script

Episode 37

I have to rescue Kagome! So don't bother me at a time like this! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! This woman is off limits! I'll kill anyone who tries to take a bite outta her! Whoa Scary! Koga of the Wolf-Demon Tribe.
With Sacred Jewel fragments in his right arm and both his legs he battles Inuyasha with amazing speed.
The Wolf-Demon Tribe is fighting the Birds of Paradise and are planning to steal Sacred Jewel fragments which the Birds of Paradise have in their possession.
I was kidnapped because I'm able to see the Sacred Jewel.
But if this goes on some day, both Shippo and I will be eaten.
If I could only help Shippo escape.
Huh? Shippo? Stand! Stand up please.
I mean, stand! Hey, Koga.
Where're you going? I'm taking the woman out for some fresh air.
This place smells like animals.
Wow! Great acting! Hey, Ginta! Hakkaku! Accompany Koga.
What're you saying? Ginta and Hakkaku went out on patrol.
With Koga.
What?! Then who was?! Hey you! You fooled us! Shippo, hurry! Hold it! Ohh! We're trapped, Kagome! Shippo, you can expand and fly, can't you? Yes, but I don't know if I can fly with you! You won't get away! Shippo! Get Inuyasha! Hurry! Tricky woman! I'll devour you alive! W-who did that?! Hey! What did I say about eating her?! Koga! Koga, the little kid is way over there! Let us go after him, Koga! Let us make amends! Awright?! We're gonna be killed! Just to let your friend escape, huh? All right, decided! You're gonna be my woman.
Koga! Weren't you gonna eat her when you finished with her? Besides, she's human! Fools! This woman can see the Sacred Jewel.
Not only the Birds of Paradise have the fragments.
We can gather all the fragments in this region.
All the fragments? Then we'll be invincible! That's right.
So she's much more useful to us than some demon woman.
Kagome that's what you're called? From today, you're my woman.
Understood? S-say don't touch me, stupid! She slapped Koga! She's as good as dead.
Ou ch H-hey It's rude to claim a girl as your "woman.
" Besides, I already have someone I'm seeing.
Seeing? Not that mutt-face.
Yes, that mutt-face No! His name is Inuyasha! My sweetheart has a name, Inuyasha! Stop calling him mutt-face! Hmm You and that guy, huh? What am I saying?! Inuyasha is in love with Kikyo! I see, so that's it? Well, it's just as well.
Next time I see him, I'll kill 'im! And when this Inuyasha fella is dead, there won't be a problem.
Sango! Are they allies of the Wolf-Demon Tribe? I'm not sure.
Hey, Miroku! Get to work, will ya?! Inuyasha get captured by these birds.
What?! What're you thinking, Miroku? If this area is the hunting ground of these bird demons there should be bones and skeletons of wolves.
But there's not a single one.
So they're in alliance with the Wolf-Demon Tribe? That's what I suspect.
And so If I get captured, I'll get taken to their nest I'll be able to save Kagome and we'll live happily ever after.
Awright! Take care of the rest! Just a minute.
Hey, Miroku Why couldn't you be the one who gets captured? Hey Miroku! You tricked me! What are you saying? You are built much more sturdily than I am! Miroku, aren't we going to follow? We'll let some distance build between us.
Miroku! Switch places with me! I must hurry and get Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Has Inuyasha been captured?! I let him out of my sight for just a while.
If only I had been more diligent! Stupid! Hey Shippo! You're all right? Miroku! Sango! Look! Inuyasha's been captured! Strategy? We wanted that bird to take him to the den of the Wolf-Demon Tribe.
What are you saying?! The Birds of Paradise and the Wolf-Demon Tribe are bitter enemies.
Kagome is in the den of the Wolf-Demon Tribe.
I see.
And there's a mountain of wolf bones.
So the Birds of Paradise and the Wolf-Demon Tribe are enemies?! Inuyasha you heard? Damn! At this moment, I'm not angry at Wolf-Demons or you birds! Lemme go! Ouch The one I wanna kill right now is you, Miroku! Come down here and fight me, Miroku! Did you hear him? We must hurry and rescue Kagome.
Hey! Wait up! Miroku! Don't you dare leave me! Everyone, are you ready? Yeah! The Birds of Paradise nest in this mountain? Yeah.
Somewhere in this mountain is one who has the Sacred Jewel.
You must find him.
All right.
There is a Sacred Jewel fragment here in this mountain.
I must get the Jewel.
But Inuyashahurry! Huh?! They're on to us! Hey guys! I'm leaving the small fry to you! Let's go, Kagome! Kagome! Do you see the Sacred Jewel fragment? I can't look while you fight! There! I see it right before us! We've been waiting, Wolf-Demon brat.
You have Sacred Jewel fragments on your body.
We brothers have sought your fragments.
To think you'd come to us.
Hah! So we're both thinking the same thing.
Kagome, where's the Sacred Jewel fragment? The fragment is inside its mouth.
Exactly! If you want the Sacred Jewel fragment, you must come inside our mouth! Hey you! Koga? Protect Kagome! But what're you gonna do, Koga? I'll cut up its mouth with this! You're going after the fragment in its mouth? Impossible for you alone! Only I can take on that giant ugly bird! Here I go! Awright, Sis! We'll get you to safety.
Sis? You mean me? Of course! You're the boss's woman! Hey! What are you thinking?! Hey! It's coming your way! Sis, watch out! Sis! I have to save him! It's too late! He'll be taken to their nest and devoured! Sis! Please hit the mark! Bull's eye! I'm so glad! Are you all right? - Amazing! - Who is she anyway?! Thanks it's coming again! Kagome! Inu yasha! I was so scared! Kagome, are you all right? Sango! Miroku! Kagome! Shippo! Kagome, what's going on? The Wolf-Demons and the Birds of Paradise are fighting an all-out war.
We have to do something about the Birds of Paradise! All right.
I'll take care of them.
If you value your life stand back! - Amazing! - What was that?! That mutt-face what a time for him to show up.
I have no time to take you on right now.
I'll let you go for today.
So just go! Shaddup! You dared to kidnap Kagome and you're gonna pay right now! Kagome? Hey, mutt-face.
You can run away, but keep your hands off my woman.
Your woman?! A woman who can see the Sacred Jewel Now she's perfect for me.
W-what?! Kagome, did you hear what he said? l-It's a lie! He's just making it all up! W-why you! How dare you tell such lies?! I'm not lying! Kagome is my woman! I'm in love with Kagome! Kagome is better off with me! Much better than sticking to some weak mutt! So that she can make a clean break from you I'm gonna kill you one day! Then Kagome you'll be free to fall in love with me! What a forceful guy! Actually, I'm quite envious of his personality.
Why you.
Calling her Kagome, Kagome, Kagome Acting so familiar with her! Fool! I'm too busy, I said.
Go away! The Sacred Jewel fragment! Koga! It's up higher! W-what?! She's calling out to him?! Even higher? This is the peak! Take that! First, we'll tear off your right arm! Damn! The fragment on my right arm! It's coming back! It's after the fragments on my legs! Hey you! What're you doing here?! Shaddup and watch, you puny wolf! Bear witness to my true strength! Now we have two Sacred Jewel fragments! Brother! Power, we'll soon have more power! Now I draw out the true power of Tetsusaiga! The Wind Scar is there! He killed that giant demon in one swing! You've mastered the Wind Scar! Yeah well.
Now then.
We've gotten rid of the pesky birds.
So let's settle this once and for all! She's hugging him! Settle it once and for all?! This is no time for that! Koga is hurt! This is nothing! Koga, hang on! Why is she taking his side?! I can kill the likes of you with just my left arm! Are you still insulting me?! Prepare yourself! Inuyasha, sit! Make your escape now! Hurry! Oh okay! Koga.
Let's go! Hold it! You! Why'd you let him go? Well, he was hurt and besides, he wasn't all that bad.
Not bad?! Cut the jokes! Weren't you kidnapped and almost killed?! Well yes.
But he did protect me, too.
So you fell in love with him? Well, after he declared his love so boldly, how could she hate him? Stupid! Forget it! The Bird of Paradise had one piece Koga had the other one in his right arm.
Won't he come back for it? Probably.
When Koga and Inuyasha meet the next time will they start fighting again? Kagome, go and put Inuyasha's mind at ease.
He was so worried about you.
I pity him the way he is.
Oh Inuyasha.
I'm sorry I worried you.
Thank you so much for saving me.
Wouldn't you have preferred that I didn't save you? Taken in by his sweet words.
Sweet words? Because he said he loved me? Is that what's bothering you? What're you saying?! Nothing's bothering me! It is bothering you.
Let me make one thing clear.
I don't feel anything for Koga! Hah! I didn't ask that! Forget it! Let's not talk about it anymore! Say.
What really happened between you two? Inuyasha.
Just what are you suspecting me of?! Is that how you've been seeing me?! W-what're you scolding me for?! Because you've totally misunderstood! Shaddup! I don't wanna see your face anymore! Just go away! I see! Sango! What is it? Can I borrow Kirara? What're you going to do? Hah! Planning to go to Koga? I'm going back home! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Kagome is scary when she's mad.
l-I'm not scared.
I'm not scared at all, stupid! Since I started crossing between the present and the Feudal Era this is the first time I've gotten so angry.
I'll never forgive that Inuyasha! But something's strange as though I've forgotten something valuable.
My my youth as a ninth grader is supposed to be in the present time.
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