Inuyasha (2000) s01e38 Episode Script

Episode 38

Sis, please pass the soy sauce.
Stand up, then reach out and get it yourself.
Err I guess I don't need soy sauce today.
What's with this prickly mood in here? Kagome, I don't know what happened over there but it's been so long since we sat down to breakfast together.
So why don't you cheer up, and smile up, and talk up a storm? Gramps wrong move.
Excuse me! Oh boy, what's the matter with that girl? I wouldn't worry.
See an upright tea stem! It seems so long since I came to school.
Kagome! Oh! Yuka, Eri, Ayumi! Good morning! How can you be so carefree? There's big trouble! While you were absent from school with your economy-class syndrome Whatever is this "such-and-such syndrome"?! Gramps made up another new illness for me! Hojo! Hi! You see! She's only a seventh-grader! She's been following Hojo around lately.
And it doesn't seem as though Hojo minds the attention.
What'll you do, Kagome? Why? Nothing wrong with that.
Hey! If you ignore her, she'll steal him away! Your rival is a seventh-grader! Her skin is peachy smooth! Dreamy Hojo is easy prey for someone like her! But it's not like I'm going steady with Hojo.
Kagome are you I knew it! You are seeing someone else! I'm sure of it! That's the only reason you can be so nonchalant! So who is it? Who? Confess! Oh, stop! I don't even want to think about that guy! There is someone! That's why! Class is starting! I have to hurry! Kagome, wait! Hey, wait! Oh boy This is so awful! Inuyasha just what are you suspecting me of?! Is that how you've been seeing me?! W- what're you scolding me for?! Because you've totally misunderstood! Shaddup! I don't wanna see your face anymore! Just go away! I see! Sango! Hah! Planning to go to Koga? I'm going back home! Stupid! Stupid! Hmm it looks like an ordinary old well.
But this connects to Kagome's world? But the only ones able to cross through the well are Kagome and Inuyasha.
Inuyasha's the only one who can go get Kagome yet that stubborn dolt! Acting so proud! He's holding it all up! Damn! Someone out there's bad-mouthing me! Inuyasha, of course, people will criticize you.
Since you've done something really stupid.
What?! Hey, old hag! What's stupid about me?! Stupid is as stupid does! To find the Sacred Jewel fragments Kagome's spiritual power is essential.
Yet you got her upset and sent her running home.
Shaddup! She chose to go home herself! She said, "I'm going back home, stupid!" Inuyasha What?! Even your imitation of her is stupid.
So what?! All right, please line up.
Oh this is a fine palm.
You'll live a long life and have many children.
Is that really true, Master Monk? How about it? Won't you have one of my children? Oh, stop! Master Monk! You just asked me the same question earlier! It's something I ask every beautiful woman once.
However, you seem to be willing.
Now then can I satisfy both of you at the same time? Oh dear! Stop, Master Monk! What a lecher.
I see but it's no use for us to get too worried.
Until Inuyasha cools down, nothing will be solved.
He's such a fool! I've seen how headstrong Inuyasha can be.
In any case, you two Don't go near the well.
Why not? Think of Inuyasha's personality.
If someone is watching he won't go to get Kagome even if he wanted to.
Underneath that exterior is a cute, gentle side of him.
You can't always tell a person by his looks.
And someone else here is a prime example.
Awright No one's looking.
I can't forgive that Kagome! No way! I'm gonna make her apologize! Now then, you're not getting away today! Kagome what kind of guy are you seeing anyway? So it's a stupid creep! He's rough and moody and selfish! And he gets soooo jealous! But getting jealous must mean he cares about you.
Oh, then everything's going well with him.
Geez, I thought it was going to be juicier than this.
So it's okay then.
He really cares only for you.
I'd be happy if that were the case.
But he hasn't been able to forget the woman he loved long ago.
That's right! Now that I think about it Inuyasha still cares about Kikyo.
So why does he always get jealous over me? So Kagome, you're being chased with wild passion! I know! He even tried to kill someone who approached me! H-hey! What's with this guy?! Why are you seeing a fellow like that?! You must leave him! Don't ever see him again! Err but Mean and selfish, right? And he gets jealous, right? Err yes But he has good qualities.
He can be very gentle and he's strong and reliable.
Kagome Do you Iove this fellow? Love? Inuyasha? You must love this guy, Kagome.
I ? Ilove Inuyasha? What? She's not here! This room is filled with Kagome's scent.
Oh! Inuyasha! W-what?! Do you remember me? I'm Kagome's kid brother, Sota.
Hey! Did you come to visit? Well yeah.
I'm so glad.
You didn't have a fight then? Sis has been in such a bad mood.
What's the matter? So she's still angry? Man, can she hold a grudge! I'm so tired.
I'm home! It's Sis! Sis! Inu! Listen! Do not tell Kagome that I came! Uh-huh It's a promise, man to man.
A man-to-man promise? Awright! Sota! Hello! What're you doing in my room?! Oh well It's a man-to-man promise.
But now that I think about it Inuyasha had come to save me that time.
Yet I took Koga's side.
I guess I'm at fault.
Hah! That Kagome! I'll never apologize! Damn! Stupid! Why'd he go there anyway?! Such a troublesome guy.
Hey, Miroku! You told us not to go near the well! Oh no these things can be quite entertaining.
Higurashi! You're in school! Are you feeling better? A movie? Yes.
We haven't seen each other lately.
Oh shucks! I thought I should go over to the other time this weekend.
Is Saturday a bad day for you? Umm She's going, right Kagome? She wants to go.
Really? Hey! Then this coming Saturday, okay? Hey, why'd you do that?! An average guy like Hojo is just right for you! Yes! Someone stubborn and rough is not someone you should be seeing! Or your future will be ruined! Are they talking about Inuyasha? Now get this! You're going to the movie! Inuyasha is probably still mad at me.
He's the type to hold a grudge.
I never want to see you again! It's no good.
If I go back now, we'll only fight.
Sis has been in such a bad mood Inuyasha! Don't pop out at me like that! Just go and get her! Kagome will forgive you! What're you saying?! You sound like it's all my fault! It is your fault! Don't you still suspect Kagome!? Settle it once and for all?! This is no time for that! Koga is hurt! Kagome did indeed protect Koga and helped him escape.
Koga is your enemy.
And she was kidnapped by him and suffered! Yet she helped him! That's right, Kagome's the one who suffered most at Koga's hands.
So why did she take his side? Inuyasha Do you think that maybe Kagome really did fall in love with Koga! Don't ask me! If you're gonna try to reason with me get your facts straight first! Why don't you go someplace far away?! Hey, Inuyasha, I was wrong earlier.
And so Shaddup already! You're so persistent! I will not go after her! And that's that! Just hear me out.
These complicated things should be discussed with wise old Kaede who has lots of experience with life.
That's what I think.
None of your business! Don't worry.
I won't say your name.
I'll pretend it's a friend of mine.
Okay? Oh well if that's how you'll do it I don't mind coming along.
All right, let's go! Just for a while.
Got that? Actually I want some advice about a dog friend of mine.
Dog? Not me! And? What of this dog friend of yours? Well This dog likes this cat.
But, a wolf appeared! And fell in love at first sight with the cat.
Naturally, the dog and wolf fought each time they met.
One day, the wolf stole the cat from under the dog.
However demons who hated the wolf appeared.
And the wolf was hurt badly.
The dog who came to rescue the cat also defeated all the demons The dog wanted to punish the injured wolf, too but the cat protected the wolf and let it escape! The cat was only trying to help the injured wolf but the dog suspected that the cat had feelings for the wolf! So the cat got very angry and went back to her homeland.
So that's the story.
How can we get the cat and dog to be friends again? Hmm First, the dog must acknowledge his mistake.
Why?! Why are you so upset? Isn't this about Shippo's dog friend? Err well continue.
Probably, the cat is longing for the dog to come get her.
The dog and cat have misunderstood each other.
That's why nothing can be resolved.
First, they have to see each other.
Then they must talk it over well.
That's the fastest solution.
Sis, how long are you going to stay? Why? Can't I stay? I'm busy with my studies! I can't always be going to the Feudal Era.
But you always do.
That's because Inuyasha comes to get me.
Maybe he won't come anymore.
How can you say that?! Get out of here! You're always so angry, that's why he won't come! Because I'm always angry I'll just get up early and study.
I can't concentrate.
The bedding feels so good! I can't sleep like this over there.
I sort of can Inuyasha watches over me.
I wonder what he's doing now.
Shucks! She's asleep.
Inuyasha She's talking in her sleep.
Is she dreaming about me? Sit! This woman! What is she dreaming?! Just remember this! My alarm clock is gone.
Could it have been Inuyasha ? He was here.
Something urgent came up? Err so I won't be able to go to the movies on Saturday.
I'm sorry.
I see But really don't mind me.
You can take that seventh grader.
That girl I think she likes you.
Higurashi! So silly! Is that what you're worried about? I don't intend to see anyone else.
I see but I'm kinda happy.
Higurashi, you were jealous, huh? Err no I'll ask you again! 'Bye! Hojo, you're so resilient! I wish Inuyasha had your confidence.
K-Kagome I came back.
Inuyasha won't apologize.
If I say it first, then everything will be all right.
Say, Inuyasha.
Why're you looking like that? You're still angry, right? Uh no not anymore.
I'm sorta glad that you apologized so graciously.
Oh you sure? You apologized about breaking this clock? What else is there to apologize for? You are soo! - Kagome! - Kagome! Please calm down.
W-what're you doing?! Inuyasha is truly repentant! He went to get you twice.
And since you left, all he's done is sigh.
Two times? 'Nuff already! And you guys! How do you know I went over there?! Well Look, she came back.
Just apologize nicely.
Shaddup! Stop! Forgive us, Inuyasha! No way! We were just worried about you! None of your business, stupid! We were worried! Forgive him.
He's so excited.
He's happy that you've returned, Kagome.
- I'm not wrong! - This calls for Wind Tunnel! Try to suck me in! I feel the wind A ghostly wind.
The wind suddenly turns into fangs slicing through anything and everything.
At Naraku's castle, we come upon a mountain of corpses of Koga's Wolf-Demon Tribe.
The wolf pack rise up and attack Inuyasha! Stop, Koga! It's a trap! It wasn't Inuyasha who killed your friends! Next on Inuyasha: "Trapped In A Duel To The Death!" Don't miss it!