Inuyasha (2000) s01e39 Episode Script

Episode 39

Did you draw these, Shippo? You're very good.
Oh, what a cute cat! That's you, Kagome.
See the resemblance? And this is Inuyasha.
And this one's Koga.
It's the love triangle of a two-legged dog, a wolf and a cat who cried out, "I'm going home!" W-wait a minute, Shippo! Have you shown this embarrassing play to anyone else? I showed Old Kaede.
She complimented me that it was well done.
Old Kaede knows the reason why I fought with Inuyasha? Not only Old Kaede.
I wanted everyone to praise me so I showed them all in the village.
What about it? How embarrassing! I guess I can't go back to the village for a while.
It's not a lie! Kagome is my woman! I love Kagome! The Wolf-Demon Tribe I met Koga when we encountered the Birds of Paradise who tried to take the Sacred Jewel fragments.
Koga Kagome Do you love this guy? Huh? Love? I love Inuyasha? You must love him.
All right, that side was all clear.
That guy! The enemy! Where?! Where're the Birds of Paradise! What're you saying, Hakkaku! The Birds of Paradise are all dead! You looked like such a fool just now! Shut up! That was a dirty trick! Only because you slacked off and fell asleep! Damn They're from the northern caverns.
There's someone in possession of a huge Sacred Jewel fragment.
And he's the lord of some castle! This isn't a joke.
Let's combine forces, the northern and western caverns and take the Sacred Jewel from the castle.
We'll divvy up the fragments equally.
Well, Koga? Wanna join us? Sorry, but I'm not interested.
Hey! Why? I have something else I have to take care of first.
I see well, we won't force you.
Didja see? I think he's injured.
Are you sure about this, Koga? Turning them down? If we don't join them the northern clan will get all the Sacred Jewel fragments! Let them go it doesn't matter.
Well, I can't! I'm gonna go with them! Me, too! I'm not interested now.
If you want to go, I won't stop you.
We're gonna join up with the northern pack now.
Whoever wants Sacred Jewel fragments, join us! Yeah! Damn! Take this! First, I'll bite off that right arm! I never expected it that the demon bird would steal my Sacred Jewel fragment from my right arm.
I'll get the fragment back in time.
But before that comes that dog! With that huge sword, he killed the demon bird in one swoop.
That guy I won't be satisfied until I kill him with my own hands! This wound isn't healing as fast as I hoped.
This way, I'm sure of it.
I get a sense of Sacred Jewel fragments.
We really need Kagome, after all.
She's the only one who can sense the Sacred Jewel.
Yes, so Inuyasha, don't fight with her anymore.
Do not fight! Hah! A demon bear that terrorized the village.
That's what the villagers said.
At first, it was just a mischievous bear ruining the fields.
Suddenly, it grew huge and attacked the village.
Inuyasha? You seem displeased.
Of course! Sure, it's important to search out the Sacred Jewel fragments that Kagome senses.
But rather than a bear, I'm searching for a wolf! Koga We know that that skinny wolf-demon Koga still has two Sacred Jewel fragments in his legs.
If this mountain smelled more like wolf than bear I'd feel more like fighting.
So you want to say that butchering Koga comes first with you? Koga, his love rival? What're you doing?! Shippo, you don't bug Inuyasha and you won't feel his fist.
Bears! Don't worry.
They're ordinary mercenaries.
Ordinary?! You're pretty cocky, kid! From the looks of you, you have no money.
Well then, you can leave the women.
Hey you I'll give you a good piece of advice.
If you don't want to get hurt, better run away.
What?! How dare you! Kagome! Yes! I can feel the Sacred Jewel coming closer.
Get back! W-what's that! It's in his forehead! The Sacred Jewel fragment! Damn! What a huge bugger! But your head is still just a bear, right? Take this! Naraku's poison insects! Inuyasha! Look! They're taking the Sacred Jewel fragment! Is it a trap? Probably.
Fine with me! This time, Naraku won't get away! Dear, dear you've set your sights quite high this time.
Well, it's easier for me.
The Sacred Jewel fragment It makes demons even stronger an enticing opiate.
You plan to lure them here with this? What's this? You can't beat them without this thing? You're either careful or cowardly but you love traps, don't you my dear master? Here it is the castle full of Sacred Jewel fragments.
When the men of the castle appear, never mind! Just kill them all! Yeah! What's this castle? They don't even have guards posted.
There's someone! Go! Get 'im.
What? Only small fry.
Get him.
Someone more virile.
Hey! Keep quiet! What's up! What's the matter? - He went with the northern pack! - Yeah Hey, what's wrong? What happened? I got just one! It's a Sacred Jewel fragment! Hurry to the castle! If you don't, everyone will be killed! A Jewel fragment! I'm using it! Let's rest inside.
But you How did you make it back here with those injuries? He's dead! Naraku! W-what's this? Wolves Could they be wolf-demons? But why would they be here in this castle? On top of that What's that? They're still alive! I don't sense any life in these men.
They're zombies! You see? Even if they're put down, they revive immediately! They're supposed to be dead! How come they keep coming back alive! You can't cut them nor can you beat them.
And if you lop off their heads, they'll reattach right away.
That is my Death Corpse Dance.
Oh? Here already? I wanted to play a bit longer.
W-what?! W-what's this?! What now? They're all collapsing! Why that! Inuyasha! That's Koga of the Wolf-Demon Tribe! Koga? Inuyasha! How could you be so cruel!? Let me tell you one thing! When I got here, your comrades had all been killed! Shut up! You're covered head to toe in blood! You can't lie to me! Damn! It was a trap! Koga, you're wrong! We came here looking for someone named Naraku! Then! Kagome? When we got here, all the wolf-demons were lying here but then they all came alive and Kagome! Don't try to protect such a guy! You cur! Dead when you got here? That's bull! Koga We were trapped! It's Naraku's trick! We followed Naraku's poison insects to this castle.
The wolf-demons probably followed some clues here, too then were killed.
And Koga arrives to save his comrades.
Only to find Inuyasha covered in their blood.
The wrath of having his comrades killed won't be quelled.
They will fight to the death.
What? The blood has gone to Koga's head! As it is, they really will fight to the death! I have to stop them Butbut how?! I must stop them butbut how?! His arm's gotten stronger! Koga! You found another Jewel fragment for your arm!? You stole my fragment the last time we met.
This one's even better! That glow! It's not the light from the Sacred Jewel! It's black and the glow is warped! What is that fragment?! Stop, Koga! Please! Listen to me! This is a trap! The one who killed your friends is not Inuyasha! Shut up! I only believe what I see with my own eyes! Koga! Stop, Kagome! This hard-headed punk can't understand complicated things.
Fools like him can only be tamed with brute strength! The Wolf-Demon Tribe lives in packs and cherish their comrades.
Seeing so many killed at one time Koga's wrath won't be easily controlled! I thought he'd listen to you at least, Kagome.
I can't blame Inuyasha since Koga is attacking him.
There's no choice but to stop him with a duel.
Naraku is trying to make me fight Koga.
And he's watching us from somewhere.
Inside the mansion? I can smell Naraku! Hey, pay attention! Where are you looking?! What'll we do? Shall we help him? Inuyasha was looking for Naraku, the one who laid the trap.
Then is he inside the mansion? Charging into the enemy's trap is not a smart strategy, but But we have no choice do we? Who are you? What're you doing here?! My name? I am Kagura.
She's Sango and you're Miroku, right? Naraku's agent! Tell us! Where is Naraku?! He's not here.
But he left something for you.
He says this should keep you busy A demon puppet! Now then I'll go see what's going on outside.
Koga and Inuyasha, huh? Not my types at all so I don't care which one dies.
Koga and Inuyasha have begun their duel to the death! Naraku's goal is the Sacred Jewel fragment.
To get the fragments in Koga's legs rather than dirty his hands Naraku is trying to use Inuyasha! The Tetsusaiga has been repelled! Inuyasha's right arm is broken? Inuyasha faces one crisis after another but he will not lose to some female demon! Next on Inuyasha: "The Deadly Trap of Kagura, the Wind Sorceress!" Don't miss it!