Inuyasha (2000) s01e40 Episode Script

Episode 40

Naraku! What's this? By the time we got to Naraku's Castle the Wolf-Demons had been slaughtered.
W-what?! Why that! Koga! Naraku's trap! Koga went after Inuyasha believing that his comrades had been killed by him.
The glow in his right arm was not from a Sacred Jewel fragment.
With greater ferocity, Koga attacked Inuyasha! He says this should keep you busy.
As usual, the ape likes to make things complicated.
While those hotheads fight it out their way we get to take on a demon puppet.
He takes us lightly.
Don't let your guard down.
We're inside Naraku's castle.
Who knows what traps have been laid.
Damn these traps.
I've had just about enough! Shall we teach them? A measly demon puppet is no match against us! Damn! Where's he getting that brute strength?! Ooh! The roof's been blown off! The power of that right arm isn't normal! What'll we do? We have to stop them quickly! It's not Inuyasha who killed Koga's friends It was Naraku! Damn mutt! I'll never forgive you! Kirara! Kirara, good work! Thank you, Kirara! Kagome! Damn you! Jumping around, trying to escape! If Kagome is ever hurt, it'd be your fault! Naraku wants us to fight until one of us dies.
I don't intend to fall into Naraku's trap, but! You've pushed me this far I'm not holding back! Prepare to die! I'm avenging my comrades! He's fast! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! What?! Did I claw you just now? This is bad He smashed my arm bone.
This is the end for you! Inuyasha! He's dead Who are you?! Mr.
Wolf Man now you have no regrets, huh? Just who are you? I'm Kagura.
Now I'll let you have your last dance.
W-what?! What's happening?! Aren't they dead? They may be dead, but they want to dance.
They're so happy they can dance with you.
You! You're the one who killed my friends! Well I forget.
I'll kill you! I can't move What's happened to my body? The poison in the fragment in your arm is starting to work.
Well, I guess it's time to start.
Can't move, can you? The fragment you have imbedded in your arm It's a fake Sacred Jewel made from crystallized poison and miasma.
You jumped around so much it sped up the spread of the poison.
Damn! Now then, I'll have the real fragments you have.
So that's the sacred arrow? It's coming! Kagome, are you all right?! l-I think so.
Not impressive at all.
But I won't let you get in my way.
Huh?! Don't you dare lay a finger on Kagome I'll take you on! So you're still alive? Mr.
Wolf Man, you didn't complete your job.
Inuyasha Hah! As if I'd die from a blow from that puny wolf cub! You want to fight me in that condition? Lemme tell you this I'll show you no mercy! Bathing me in the blood of the Wolf-Demons and setting that fool on to me wasn't nice at all but what I can't stand more is the scent of Naraku that reeks from you! Naraku? Just the thought of Naraku enables me to move my wounded body! She thwarted the Tetsusaiga with such little wind power.
With just one arm, I can draw only half its power! I am the Wind Sorceress.
The wind in this castle is under my control.
Dance of the Wind Sword! Thisis her ghostly wind.
The point where the winds collide the Wind Scar! Where Tetsusaiga can attain its greatest power! If I cut it through I can destroy her! What's happening?! What's wrong? I can't see the Wind Scar anywhere around Kagura! I am the Wind Sorceress.
The wind in this castle is under my control! That means my wind is also under her control! Something's wrong with Inuyasha! It's like he can't move his right arm! This time Hit the target! Where is she aiming? Huh?! Kagome's sacred arrow! Kagura's ghostly wind is being blown away! All right! There is a way to create the Wind Scar! Stop dallying! Hurry and shoot! What are you thinking?! Inuyasha, if this arrow hits you even you could die! But I must have faith in Inuyasha! This arrow is purifying my ghostly wind.
I knew it! The ghostly wind has disappeared! Fool! Wind is easily created! When the two ghostly winds appear once more the Wind Scar will be created! Take that! The Wind Scar! What's that?! That scar?! The castle is disappearing! This castle was an illusion, too! Inuyasha! Are you all right?! Where's that woman! I let her get away I couldn't use my broken right arm so I couldn't deliver the finishing blow.
Koga! Are you all right?! The color in the skin is different.
The poison from the fake fragment is spreading! What'll we do?! We can't let him die! It's no use.
The barrier is too strong.
It deflected your hands, Kagome.
But we must do something quickly! Are you sure, Kagome? I tried to kill Inuyasha What are you saying?! You were just tricked by Naraku! Even Inuyasha has no desire to settle it like this.
Inuyasha? Since we both fell right into Naraku's trap if you only want to save his life, there's a way.
Hold out your arm! I'll chop it off with the fake jewel! No! Just wait, Inuyasha! There must be another way! That's right! We can't touch the barrier but Kagome, the sacred arrow can dissolve the barrier! Kagura who killed my comrades and Naraku with my own hands Someday I will kill them I wonder if Koga will be okay? He looks like a very proud man.
Better to let him be.
It's a funny way to put it but we're used to being tricked by Naraku.
Now then let's see how strong the other proud one is.
He's fast asleep.
He fought so hard.
Even Inuyasha must be exhausted.
We should let him sleep.
She had the same spider-shaped burn scar on her back like Naraku.
I wonder what that means? A woman who has the same scent as Naraku.
Naraku! Naraku, where are you?! Naraku Fifty years ago, in order to steal the Sacred Jewel Naraku tricked Inuyasha and Kikyo to battle each other.
Die, Inuyasha! He is gathering the Sacred Jewel fragments and his evil power is growing steadily.
Miroku has been cursed by Naraku with a Wind Tunnel in his right hand.
One day, the Wind Tunnel will devour Miroku himself.
He must destroy Naraku before that happens.
Sango's father and fellow demon slayers were killed before her very eyes.
Naraku had resorted to the dirty trick - of using her brother Kohaku.
- Kohaku! It was also Naraku who gave the deadly poison wasps to Sesshomaru and deceived Sango into fighting Inuyasha! He never dirties his hands a despicable coward! Someday, we'll get him! Naraku! Kagura so you came out of this alive.
Shut up! You tricked me, didn't you? You never told me about the power of that Inuyasha's sword! The sword that cuts through the Wind Scar.
I wondered just how powerful it was but if you can make it back alive I guess it wasn't much of a sword.
So you did trick me? How dare you! T-that's! Don't forget, Kagura.
Your heart is in my hands! Damn! It's simple to turn you back into what you were.
So Kagura do not forget.
In essence you were created from a part of me.
We met up with a girl named Koharu who is an acquaintance of Miroku.
What?! You asked her to bear your child when she was just eleven?! Miroku is definitely a pervert! We must leave this village quickly, for Koharu's sake! But something's wrong.
The villagers are attacking us! I'll bet that female demon is behind this! Next on Inuyasha: "Kagura's Dance and Kanna's Mirror!" Don't miss it!